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1. RVD Vs Rey for the IC title. It would be a good match.

2. Fatal 4 way tag. I would never put those 4 teams i na match where there would definitely be a winner, bc each team was the best at their time. Outsiders were the best when they were in WCW, Dudleyz were great in both ECW and the WWE the Hardyz were phenomenal, and the WGTT had the potential to be one of the greatest of all time. So you cannot have an outcome to make one team the best.

3. Warrior Vs Big Show would be cool, but they did that in WCW one time and it sucked.

4. Cena Vs Savage would be good, but u need to reverse the face/heel part of it.

5. Angle Vs Shamrock would be good in a submission match, but I would say a 3 stage of hell match (1st being regular match, 2nd being a lions den match, and the last being an ultimate submission match[or switch the 2nd and 3rd])

6. Jericho Vs Christian- good pick but no title on the line

7. Crusier open- good pics Id say either Ultimo or Kidman out of ur choices. (side note Rey was in there longer than 2 mins)

8. Rock N Sock Vs Evolution- Good choice

Bret speech good call

9. Goldberg Vs Brock should have been intense and No DQ

10. Undertaker Vs Kane- good call, but different entrance than what was used. Have the Casket wheeled out to the entrance and have Paul Bearer put one urn labeled the Undertaker on the casket and hold another in his hands. Lighting stikes the urn and it shatters. Then have the druids come out with the torches and lead a path. Undertaker burst open the top of the casket in hold school undertaker clothes and walks to the ring.

11. World title match-perfect ending and match type
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