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Now that you watched Wrestlemaia XX what do you have to say about my Wrestlemania XX?

Notes- First of all no more roster split after the rumble and Chavo vs Eddie never happened.
This is my way so, the champions heading into Wrestlemania XX aren’t currently champions in real life.
The WWE only needs to hire Scott Hall, Ultimate Warrior, ken Shamrock, Randy Savage, and Jeff Hardy. Other than that all the superstars are currently in the WWE. And the WWE wouldn’t have fired Kevin Nash they would just give him time off.

Sunday night heat-(starts at 6 and ends at 8 to hype up the matches)
7:30 Chavo vs Eddie- With this match starting at 7:30 it gives enough hype for the matches and also gives enough time for the match. This would be on heat so that Wrestlemania could start off with a bang and people who aren’t planning on ordering the PPV for $50 they might reconsider. Eddie would still become Champion ofcourse, later in the year at SummerSlam i would choose him to win the title because that is one of the WWE's biggest PPvs and i feel he should win at one of them.

Wrestlemania XX
1.RVD(champ) vs Rey Mysterio-Intercontinental title match

2. The Outsiders(Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) vs The Dudlyez(champs) vs Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs The Hardy Boyz- Fatal Four Way, Undisputed World Tag Team Championship

3. Ultimate Warrior vs Big Show

4. John Cena(heel) vs The Macho Man Randy Savage(face)

5. Kurt Angle vs Ken Shamrock- Submission Match

6. Chris Jericho vs Christian(champ)- U.S Championship, Steel Cage

7. Cruserweight Open- Cruserweight Title

8. Rock n Sock Connection vs Evolution(Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista)

9. Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar- Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

Bret Hart Farewell Speech

10. Undertaker vs Kane

11. HHH(champ) vs Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels- Triple Threat Ladder Match, Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship

1. Rey vs RVD(champ)- I would pick rey to win this one seeing that while he has been in the WWE the only title he has ever held is the cruserweight title. And RVD has held the intercontinental title quite a few times and i would put him into World Title competition. This match is a contender to steal the show.
Winner- Rey Mysterio

2. The Outsiders(Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) vs The Dudlyez(champs) vs Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs The Hardy Boyz- Fatal Four Way, Undisputed World Tag Team Championship- I picked this match because the fatal four way matches at mania sucked both of them but if there was teams people really wanted to see it would be more entertaining. Winners- would be The Outsiders and then they can have brutal battles with the alot of teams until they eventually lose it to the hardy boyz.

3. Ultimate Warrior vs Big Show- It would be great to see the warrior back in the WWE for one last run. It would also be great to see him at wrestlemania xx because the ultimate warrior had grueling battles at wrestlemania in the past. I would put him up against the big show, to get the big show on the card and because the warrior stated he would love to wrestle big show in a match. Plus we have seen Cena vs Bigshow a few times before mania so it was nothing special.
Winner- Ultimate Warrior

4. John Cena(heel) vs Randy Savage(face)- Randy savage has also had some grueling matches at wrestlemania so it would be great to see him be there and for one last run. I put him against Cena because he is the future of the WWE and savage is the past. They both are rappers so that could lead to some great hypage towards the match. Winner- John Cena, to show that he really is the future of the WWE

5. Kurt Angle vs Ken Shamrock Submission match- I can see this match being very similar to Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin at wrestlemania 13. This match could steal the show and would be very hard fought. I said how macho and warrior should have one last run but i also think ken shamrock should as well.
Winner- Kurt Angle, seeing that he will probably have to give up wrestling due to injury. You obviosly dont want shamrock to look weak either so I would make it a similar ending to the bret hart stone cold match.

6. Chris jericho vs Christian(champ) Steel Cage- I picked the steel cage because we havent seen one in awhile and they can make awesome matches when the right superstars are in their. This could also be a show stealer. I would tell christian to do an unprettier off the top of the cage to the mat on y2j and i would tell them to take other high risks as well.
Winner- Christian, with help from trish i liked that whole ending.

7. Cruserweight Open- This would be alot longer. Also seeing that chavo and rey wont be able to compete in the match i would add Spike Dudley, Pual London, and The Hurricane. Rey was probably in the cruserweight open no more than two minutes any way and the same with chavo so it wouldnt be that big of a loss. Billy Kidman entertained me the most especially with that shooting star press to the outside. Winner- Billy Kidman because he definetly deserves more matches on T.V and a better push.

8. Rock n Sock Connection vs Evolution(Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista)- I loved how they hyped this match and I think it was one of the better matches of the night.
Winners- evolution, these guys would win to show their dominance in the WWE and also so that at backlash foley can kick Randy Ortons ass 1 on 1. Possibly with The Rock as one Ref and Ric Flair as another at backlash.

Bret Hart Farewell speech- This would definetly be one of the greatest moments at wresltemania and it would be great to see him and thank him for one last time.

9. Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Special Guest Ref Stone Cold Steve Austin- I would tell each man to get the match started quickly and make it intense no running into each other and crap, and it could be a goood match.
Winner- Brock Lesnar, so he can leave the WWE with his held high and maybe. But ofcourse he is going to get stunned after the match.

10. Undertaker vs Kane- Undertaker would come out with Paul Bearer but the Undertaker would were his old costume. The one with the ripped sleeves and the purple gloves and socks. Also without a huge cowboy hat but his deadman one. Also he would have longer hair. Winner- Undertaker

11. HBK vs HHH(champ)vs Chris Benoit Ladder Match- This would be an awesome match seeing that most ladder matches are. This could also show the fans that HBK could have a good shot at winning seeing that he beat razor ramon ten years ago in the same kind of match.
Winner- Chris Benoit who celebrates in the ring and is lifted up by fellow superstars in the back just like Bret Hart was at WrestleMania 10. At backlash Chris Benoit will face hhh and retain his title making HHH tap then instead of Mania.

Please rate out of 10. Tell me what you thought of the matches and if you think this card is better than the real ppv that happened. Note all of the matches on my card have a shot to steal the show.

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1. RVD Vs Rey for the IC title. It would be a good match.

2. Fatal 4 way tag. I would never put those 4 teams i na match where there would definitely be a winner, bc each team was the best at their time. Outsiders were the best when they were in WCW, Dudleyz were great in both ECW and the WWE the Hardyz were phenomenal, and the WGTT had the potential to be one of the greatest of all time. So you cannot have an outcome to make one team the best.

3. Warrior Vs Big Show would be cool, but they did that in WCW one time and it sucked.

4. Cena Vs Savage would be good, but u need to reverse the face/heel part of it.

5. Angle Vs Shamrock would be good in a submission match, but I would say a 3 stage of hell match (1st being regular match, 2nd being a lions den match, and the last being an ultimate submission match[or switch the 2nd and 3rd])

6. Jericho Vs Christian- good pick but no title on the line

7. Crusier open- good pics Id say either Ultimo or Kidman out of ur choices. (side note Rey was in there longer than 2 mins)

8. Rock N Sock Vs Evolution- Good choice

Bret speech good call

9. Goldberg Vs Brock should have been intense and No DQ

10. Undertaker Vs Kane- good call, but different entrance than what was used. Have the Casket wheeled out to the entrance and have Paul Bearer put one urn labeled the Undertaker on the casket and hold another in his hands. Lighting stikes the urn and it shatters. Then have the druids come out with the torches and lead a path. Undertaker burst open the top of the casket in hold school undertaker clothes and walks to the ring.

11. World title match-perfect ending and match type
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