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I didn't start off well last time but I am going to try again

WWE = Kurt Angle
Intercontental = Chris Jericho
European = Vacant
Hardcore = Vacant
Tagteam = Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
Cruiserweight = Matt Hardy V.1
Womens = Trish Stratus


JR : Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WWE Raw. This is our first night without the Brand Extension.

King : Yes thats right Vince Mcmahon has set the WWE back to normal

First Match : Jeff Hardy V A-Train
Jeff comes to the rinng to a huge pop. A-Train is angry at the fans for chanting shave your back. Match starts with a huge clothesline by A-train. A-Train takes Jeff into the corner and gives him a huge knife edge chop then irish whips him into the other corner A -trsin runs straight into the whisper in the wind. jeff hits some quick moves he ddt's a-train and goes up for the swanton bomb but a-train gets up and throws jeff all the way across the ring.A-train powerslams Hardy for the 2 count A-Train gets up and goes for the baldo bomb but jeff counters and does the twist of fate then goes up top and and does the Swanton Bomb 1-2-Kickout. Jeff is stunned and backs the ref into a corner. He turns around and A-train kicks him and gives him the Train Wreck for the 1-2-3. After the match A-train goes out the ring and gets the table and baldo bombs Jeff Hardy right through it.
Winner = A-Train

King : Whats up with A-Train
JR :I guess he is making a statement
King : picked the right way to do it.
Jr : Well later on tonight in the main event we have a fatal 4 way elimanation match and the winner gets a shot at WWE Champion Kurt Angle at Judgement Day.

Triple H is shown talking to Ric Flair. Triple H was screeming why am I not in the main event. I am The best in the buisness I should be in that match I am That damn good. Yeh someone will have to pay for you not being in the fatal 4 way and i Know who.

JR : I wonder who is the man that flair thinks is to blame for triple h not being in the main event.

King : He should be in that fatal 4 way you know it I know it and so does everybody in this arena knows it.

Match 2 = 3 Minute Warning V Edge & Rhyno
Rosey & Jamal come out with rico to huge heat from the crowd. Edge & rhyno come out to huge pops. Edge & Rosey start the match. Rosey runs at edge he tries a clothesline but edge ducks and starts hammering away with right hands. Irish whip into the ropes by edge he gets 2 clotheslines he goes for a third but runs straight into a side walk slam then tag to Jamal. He immediatly goes up top for a big splash but edge moves. Edge gets the tag to rhyno. Rhyno runs in cleaning house with clotheslines but the numbers game gets to much and he makes a tag to edge. rhyno sets up Jamal for a gore but rosey pulled him out of the ring. Edge then hits the edgecution on jamal but Nathan Jones runs down and hits edge with a chair and powerbombs him the ref calls for the bell then Jones took his head off with a right hand then left.
Winners = by DQ Edge & Rhyno

JR = Nathon Jones attacking edge there but why
King = he can do whatever he wants do you want to ask him why he done it
JR = Well I see your point but coming up next folks is the hardcore title match to determin the New Hardcore Champion earlier today the Wrestlers that wanted a chance were to put their name down and there are to be to wrestlers drawing at random to wrestle for the Belt.

3rd Match Big Show V Crash
Hardcore Championship
Crash comes out to everyones suprise but to his suprise Big Show is his opponent. Match starts with crash hitting Show with a trash can lid to no effect. Big Show gives crash a thunderous headbut which sends him halfway across the ring.Big Show picks up crash and gives him the Chokeslam for the 1-2-3.
Winner = and new Hardcore Champion Big Show

The Rock is shown talking to vince. Rock asks vince to make the main event No DQ. Vince agrees and tells The rock to go for it.

4th Match Non title Kurt Angle V RVD
Kurt Angle comes out to the usual you suck chants.Rvd comes out to the biggest pop of the night. Angle attacks Van Dam before the bell rings. he stomps away at RVD in the corner. He picks up Van Dam and Snap suplexs him. Angle picks him up and whips him into the ropes angle tries a backdrop but van dam counters with a spinning wheel kick and another few kicks to even it up. Van dam picks angle up but angle low blows him and gives him 3 straight german suplexes hen the goes up for a moonsault but rvd moves. Vandam does a moonsault of his own for a 2 count. Rvd goes up top for a 5-star but angle gets up and does an over head belly to belly suplex for the 2 count. Angle picks Rvd up but he counters and tries a spinwheel kick but misses and gets angle slammed angle goes for the pin but he kicks out. Angle gets mad and gets a chair but the ref takes it from angle and they argue but when his back is turned from out of nowwhere Y2J hits Rvd with the Intercontinental Title. Angle Pins Rvd and gets 1-2-kickout. Then Kane comes running down the ramp and takes care of Jericho the ref orders them both to the back. When the ref is dealing with Jericho and Kane, Kurt Angle gets a chair but gets it van daminatored back in his face RVD goes for the cover but only gets 2.5. Van Dam goes up top Goes for the 5 -star frog splash but misses. Angle rolls up RVD and puts his feet on the rope to get the 1-2-3.
Winner = Kurt Angle

JR = What a match their and we have just learned that on smackdown Chris Jericho will defend his Intercontinental Title against Kane.

King = really
JR = Yes
King = its a conspiricy JR
JR = Yeah right well coming up next folks is the fatal 4 way elimanation match to decide the Number one contender for the WWE Title at Judgement Day.

Undertaker is shown getting put onto a stretcher a bloody mess ric flair and triple h are standing close by the game has a sledgehammer.

Main Event NO DQ Triple Threat
The rock V Chris Beniot V Brock Lesnar

Due to Undertaker being injured the Match is a triple threat.
Match starts with rock hitting Lesnar with the ring bell before the bell. Beniot and Rock exchange right hands beniot winning and starting knife edge chopping.The rock low blows Beniot then goes to get a chair. The Rock sets beniot up for a ddt onto the chair. But out of nowhere lesnar with a flying clothesline. Lesnar tries to F-five but beniot reverses it into a crippler crossface but the rock breaks it up. The Rock hits the rock bottom on beniot but he kicks out. Lesnar gets up and spinebusters the rock. Lesnar goes to hit beniot with a chair but gets rock beniot gives brock eight german suplexes. A-Train comes to ringside. The rock gives quick right hands to beniot followed by a ddt. rock turns around and gets the F-5 1-2-A-train pulls the ref out Lesnar sees a-train and the start brawling up the ramp. Beniot Goes up top for the Headbutt and hits it for the 1-2-3
Winner = the number one contender Chris Beniot

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Ok show. Promos need work.

Some matches are short some matches are longer than they should. Try and make it look good with the first matches begin short then move up and get longer.

Like the WWE back to normal thing with Hardcore and IC titles there aswel

Keep up the work

Grade =B

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Cole : Welcome to Smackdown what a pumped up show we have for you tonight

Tazz : Yeah thats right cole tonight both the tag team and intercontinental titles will be on the line tonight

No Chance plays and Vince Mcmahon walks to the ring with a mike

Vince : well I Know that you ( The crowd) and I are not the best of friends.

Crowd : WHAT

Vince : I have done two things that you will be glad about.
Crowd : WHAT
Vince : I have decided that for the time being I will leave the WWE

The crowd cheers
Vince : The second thing being I have appointed a commishioner to run things while Im away. And without further waiting here is your new commishioner MICK FOLEY.

Foleys Music hits throughout the arena the crowd all stand up on their feet and cheer.

Tazz : Oh my god cole I cant belive it.

Vince shakes hands with foley and leaves.

Foley : Its great to be back hear in front of all you fans hear in the WWE. And Vince has made the right decision appointing me commish as things are defaintly going to pick up around hear.

Undertakers music hits and out comes taker.

Taker : Last Monday night on RAW triple h attacked me from behind. Not only did he attack me from behind he attacked me with a sledgehammer. Costing me a chance at being number one contender. Now as your first act of commishoner foley what are you gonna do about it.

Foley : What am I gonna do. Am gonna be fair if you can beat rosey and jamal in a handicap with no interference you will get triple h on raw.

Crowd cheers

Cole : well what an awesome and unexpected announcement that was Tazz.

Tazz : To say the very least.

First Match : Team Angle V Los Guerreros Tag Team Titles
Eddie and Haas start. Match starts with armdrag takedown by Haas into the armbar but eddie counters with a neckbreaker. Eddie goes uptop and hits a cross body for the 2 count. Eddie picks up Haas and irish whips him into the ropes but haas runs and gets the sunset flip for the 2 count. Snap Suplex by Haas then tag to shelton. Shelton hits 3 quick elbow drops in a row then picks him up for a powerbomb. Eddie counters with a facecrusher then tags in chavo. Chavo hits a few right hands then tries a suplex but shelton counters and does a german suplex with pin but eddie breaks it up at 2. Shelton tags haas and they do a superkick german suplex double team move for the 2 count. Haas goes for the haas of pain but chavo counters with a small package for the two. Chavo gets upp and hits the brainbuster for the two he makes the tag to eddie who comes in and cleanes house. Eddie goes up and hits the missile dropkick to Haas 1-2-kickout. Shelton comes in and hits the Shelton kick Haas slides over 1-2-chavo breaks it up. Chavo gets rid of Shelton. Eddie goes uptop for a frog splash and hits it 1-2-foot on the rope. Chavo comes back in and hits the brainbuster ddt and puts eddie on haas.1-2-Shelton breaks up the pin.Shelton hits the Shelton kick on Chavo who falls through the ropes.Shelton goes outside and throws Chavo into the ring pole. In the ring Eddie is going up for a frog splash but haas jumps up and gives him the hurricanrana 1-2-eddie kicks out. Shelton slides Haas the tag belt then goes and distracts the ref. Haas hits eddie with the belt then applies the Haas of Pain Eddie taps out.
Winners = and still tag team champions Team Angle.

Highlights are shown from RAW Nathan Jones attacking Edge.

Rest of Smackdown to come

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Second Match : Matt Hardy V.1 & Nathan Jones V RVD & Edge
Matt and rvd start off. Matt runs at rvd but gets spin wheel kicked he tries again but to the same effect. Matt quickly tags out and in comes Nathan Jones. Jones backs rvd into the corner and starts delivering quick right hands. Jones brings rvd out of the corner and gives him the pumphandle slam but gets only the 2. Jones takes of the turnbuckle pad and slams rvd into the steel bolt. He tags back in matt hardy. Matt does a ddt 1-2-rvd kicks out. the crowd get behind rvd. Hardy goes for the twist of fate but rvd counters with a clothesline. rvd makes to the corner gets tag to edge , jones gets tag from matt. Edge and Nathan Jones go at it. Edge takes Jones down with quick clotheslines then the louthesz press and starts hammering away. Matt tries to break it up but edge gives him the edge o matic then tags rvd. Rvd hits the 5 star frog splash on Matt Hardy then goes for the cover but the ref tells him that matt is not the legal man.Edge delivers the edgecution and rvd gets the cover for the 1-2-3.
Winners = Edge and RVD

Edge is celebrating in the ring. RVD Leaves. Jones gets a chair and cracks it across edge's skull. Edge is busted open Jones gets the mike.

Jones : Im Challenging you edge to a match at Judgement Day.
Edge is to bloody to respond Jones goes to hit him with a chair again but rvd makes the save. Paramedics Deal with edge.

Cole : Wow what a night we have had so far.
Tazz : Without a doubt cole but coming up next Undertaker against Rosey & Jamal.

Scott Steiner is shown watching the monitor. He leaves a burger on his seat and goes over to get a bottle of water from his bag. He walks back over to see Stone Cold Steve Austin sitting in his chair eating his burger.

Steiner : What the hell are you doing ?
Austin : What
Steiner : I said what the hell are you doing ?
Austin : What
Steiner : That is my burger,my chair, my monitor. so why don't you get the hell out of Freakzilla's way.
Austin : What
Steiner : You're going to pay for this.

Steiner storms off.

Third Match : Undertaker V Rosey and Jamal
Undertaker starts off immediatly hammering both men. The Ref sends Jamal to the corner. Taker keeps on hammering Rosey then brings him out. Taker delivers the powerslam 1-2-Jamal breaks it up. Taker beats the hell out of Jamal. Rosey gets a chair but taker kicks it back in his face. Undertaker chokeslams Jamal then tombstones Rosey for the 1-2-3
Winner = Undertaker


Y2J : Mick you know since you are the commish now and you never booked this match it was vince does it really need to happen.
Mick : No it dosen't need to happen but if it doesn't Kane will be the new IC Champ
Y2J : Okay I'll do it.

Fourth Match : Chris Jericho V Kane Intercontinental Title
Jericho apparently comes to the ring with a kane mask on. As soon as Y2J gets in the ring He gets chokeslammed. The mask falls off Kane goes for the cover but comes off at two. Kane leaves the ring and begins staring at the ramp. While in the ring Y2J comes out from under the ring and switches places with the person in the ring. Kane goes back in and goes to pick up Jericho But gets low Blowed and Jericho rolls up Kane and gets the 1-2-3.
The man that Jericho switched places with was none other than Christian. They celebrate the win over Kane then go to the back.
Winner = and still Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho.


Foley you think you two got away with it wll think again on Raw its you two against Kane & RVD.

Cole : Well what an annoncement on RAW Y2J and Christian against Kane & RVD as well as Undertaker V Triple H.

Tazz : Yeah cant wait for those two matches

Cole : Up Next is Stone Cold against Batista

Fifth Match : Stone Cold V Batista with Flair triple h orton
Match starts with Austin attacking as soon as Batista gets in the ring. Austin runs into the ropes but flair distracts austin who then walks straight into a powerslam by Batista 1-2- Austin Kicksout. Batista throws Austin outside then distracts the ref. HHH and orton beat up austin then flair hits him on the back with a chair. Batista goes for the cover 1-2-kickout again by austin. Batista gives Austin 3 backbreakers in a row. Then Batista delivers the sidewalk slam 1-2-kickout by austin. Batista takes the turnbuckle pad off. He goes to slam Austin into it but he reverses and austin slams batista into it followed by the Lou Thesz Press. Austin is Hammering away on batista. Flair jumps up on the apron but gets decked by austin. Then the stunner to Batista 1-2-kickout by Batista. Triple H and Randy orton were almost in the ring there. Orton comes on the apron triple h disracts the ref Orton hits austin with a chain rapped round his fist 1-2-kickout by austin again. Batista gives Austin the sitout powerbomb 1-2-kickout again. Scott Steiner approches ringside with a pipe. Batista tries to clothesline Austin but gets the ref batista gets stunnered again. Scott Steiner gets in the ring and assaults austin with the pipe. Batista gives Austin the sitout Powerbomb again then revives the ref 1-2-3. Scott Steiner join the evoulton then puts a bloody austin in the steiner recliner undertaker runs down and makes the save.

Cole : Damn them now steiner joins the evoultion
Tazz : yeah thats the last thing we needed to happen.
Cole : Up next in the main event Kurt Angle & A-Train V Brock Lesnar & Chris Beniot

Main Event : Kurt Angle & A- Train V Chris Beniot & Brock Lesnar
Lesnar and angle start off. Angle starts with quick right hands but Lesnar explodes with a huge clothesline. Angle runs at lesnar who picks him up for the F-five but Angle counters with a German Suplex. Angle tags in A-train. Brock immediatly opens up on a-train who fires back. Brock tags in beniot who takes A-Train into the corner and gives him knife-edge chops but a-train fires back with a huge clothesline then gives him the baldo bomb 1-2-kickout by beniot. A-train tags in angle. Angle starts working on the ankle of beniot with chop blocks. Angle hits the angle slam but lesnar breaks it up at two. Beniot gets up and delivers german suplexes hitting 3 in a row. Beniot goes up for a headbutt but angle gets up and does a superplex to beniot 1-2-kickout. Beniot battles back on angle and gets the tag to lesnar. Brock powerslams angle then a-train. Beniot pulls A-train out of the ring. Angle tries to hit lesnar with the WWE Title but misses and gets the F-5 but Lesnar goes up top and hits the shooting star press for the 1-2-3.
Winners= Brock Lesnar and Chris Beniot

Smackdown goes off the air

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JR : Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to RAW tonight what a night we have in store for you.

King : Yeah thats night and one things for sure we wont get through tonight without something big happening.

JR : Tonights main event is Undertaker V Triple H as we found out last week on Smackdown. And earlier today Commishioner Mick Foley made the match no Interference and flair or any other superstar is barred from Ringside.

King : We are going to start it off with some cruiserweight action.
JR : Yeah thats right a tournoment to decide the Number One Contender to the cruiserweight title at judgement day.

First Match : Cruiserweight title tournoment semi final 1
Rey Mysterio v Billy Kidman
Both men get good pops from the crowd. Match starts with with rey and kidman exchange right hands rey getting the better of Kidman. Rey whips Kidman into the ropes then dropkicks him. Rey picks kidman up and does a hurricanrana followed by a spinning wheel kick. Rey goes up top but kidman shakes the ropes. Kidman then ddts Rey Mysterio from the middle turnbuckle 1-2-kickout by rey. Kidman goes up top but rey catches him and gives him a top rope hurricanrana 1-2-Kidman kicksout. Rey tries a powerbomb but kidman counters with a face crusher 1-2-kickout by rey. Kidman gives rey the Kid crusher and gets 1-2-shoulder up by rey. kidman tries a second kid crusher but rey counters it and drop toe holds kidman into the middle rope. Rey does the 619 and goes for the west coast pop but Kidman catches him and gives him a powerbomb 1-2-rey kicks out again. Kidman goes up top but rey quickly jumps up they fight on the turnbuckle Kidman then gets bulldogged from the top turnbuckle 1-2-kickout. Kidman gets up first and hits a ddt on rey then goes up top for the shooting star press. he hits it but can only get the two count. Kidman picks up rey but rey fights back and gives him the brainbuster. Rey Mysterio goes up top and nails the 450 splash 1-2-Kidman gets the shoulder up again. Rey places Kidman on the turnbuckle then tries another top rope hurricanrana but Kidman counters and hits a top rope powerbomb 1-2-rey kicks out again.
Kidman goes up top and hits a moonsault for the 1-2-rey gets his foot on the rope. Kidman throws rey outside the ring and goes up top and hits a diving cross body. Kidman tries to throw rey into the steel stairs but rey reverses it. Rey tosses kidman back in the ring kidman is using the ropes to pull himself up but Rey Hits the 619 and then jumps up on the ropes and does the West coast pop for the 1-2-3. Both men shake hands after the match and walk to the back.
Winner = Rey Mysterio

JR : Well what a match those two superstars put on their

King : Yeah I Barely had time to Catch my breath during that match.

JR : Well Momenterely we have to go to the back were the coach has an interview with Edge

Coach : Edge after everything Nathan Jones has done to you in the past week we just wanted to know will you accept his challenge for a match at judgement day.

Edge : Damn right I accept Nathan Jones challenge and I intend to get revenge on Jones plus a whole load more because paybacks a bitch.

Second Match : A-Train V Edge
A-train is furious as usual at the shave your back chants coming fom the crowd. Edge comes out to a huge pop. Edge starts the match of with quick right hands ducking and dodging A-trains. It takes edge three huge clotheslines to knock A-train off his feet. Edge opens up with right hands on the A-train. Edge picks up A-Train and tries the Edgecution but A-train counters and drops Edge onto the ropes then delivers a huge clothesline. A-Train picks Edge up and Body slams him back down for the 2 count. A-train picks edge up but edge fires back again with right hands.
Edge hits the edge o 'matic for the 1-2-kickout by a-train. Edge goes up top and hits the missile dropkick on a-train for only the two. Edge sets a-train for the spear but gets the turnbuckle. A-Train then gets the baldo bomb on Edge but he kicksout at 2. A-train sets edge for the train wreck but edge counters and tries to spear a-train but gets the ref. Edge then gets the edgecution on A-train but there is no ref to count the pifall. Edge tries to revive the ref but there is no response. He turns around and gets a huge scissors kick to the face. A-train goes to get the chair. He brings the chair into the ring. He hits Edge in the back with the chair and delivers a sidewalk slam the ref gets round to count the fall Edge kicks out at two. The ref is using the turnbuckles to get up. A-Train tries to whip eddge but he reverses it and sends A- Train into the ref. Edge gets the spear on A-train but Nathan Jones comes running down edge sees him they start fighting in the ring edge knocking Nathan Jones outside. But Edge turns around and gets the Train Wreck from A-train who covers him. Another ref runs down to count the 1-2-3.
Winner = A-Train

JR : Well once again king Nathan Jones getting one over on Edge this time costing him his match.

King : Yeah thats right JR I can't wait to see their Match at Judgement Day.

JR : Well coming up next fans the Tag Team Titles are going to be on the line in a table match as Team Angle defends against Bubba ray and D'von

Third Match : Team Angle V Dudley Boyz Tag team title table match
Team Angle come out and attack the dudleyz on their way to the ring they try to put the Dudleyz through tables early but both of them avoid elimanation. Bubba ray pumples haas in the corner and turns around. Shelton tries the Shelton Kick but bubba blocks it. Bubba scoop slams Shelton and shouts WHAAAAAAAAAAZA and they deliver the it. But Haas hits Bubba with the tag belt and delivers the 3 handled credenza to D'von. Haas gets a table and brings it in the ring. He sets the table up and tries to suplex D'von through it but bubba moves the table. Bubba hits the Bubba bomb on Haas. Then Shelton tries to Shelton Kick bubba but he moves and gets the ref. Bubba Clotheslines Shelton over the ropes. The Dudleyz 3-D Haas through a table but the ref didn't see it. When the dudleyz are celebrating Shelton moves Haas away from the broken bits of wood. D'von turns around and gets Shelton kicked he then falls into the bits of wood. Bubba Ray gets clotheslined over the rope. Shelton picks up the ref who rings the bell to elimanate D'von.

Elimanated : D'von

Shelton goes outside the ring he slams Bubba into the barricade. he gets a table and sets it up in the ring. Throws bubba back in the ring. D'von has been told to get to the back d'von tells the ref he hasn't been threw a table but the ref isn't listening so d'von goes to the back. Haas and Benjamin double team bubba. They try to double suplex bubba through the table but he hits a Double Low Blow. Bubba then powerbombs Shelton Benjamin through a table. This time the ref does see it and orders him to the back.

Elimanated = Shelton Benjamin

Haas then attacks Bubba but bubba fires back and hits the bubba bomb followed by the bubba cutter. Shelton Benjamin comes running back down to get him. but bubba opens up on him with right hands. D'von comes running down. They 3-D haas and benjamin. Then Bubba pushes D'von he shouts D'VON GET THE TABLES!!. D'von gets the table they set it up in the ring. 3-D to charlie haas through the table.

Elimanated = Charlie Haas

When the Dudley Boyz are celebrating lights go out you here thumping in the ring. The Lights go back on and both Dudleyz as well as Team Angle are all through tables. And Standing at the top of the ramp are Brian Adams and Brian Clark Kronik.
Winners = and new tag team champions The Dudley Boyz

JR : Well new Tag Team Champions in the Dudley Boyz but Brian Adams and Brian Clark the tag team called Kronik joining WWE.

King : Yeah thats big news JR and they are already after the tag team titles.

JR : Well coming up next fans Y2J and Christian will take on Kane & RVD

Highlights are shown from Smackdown were Chris Jericho defeats Kane to retain the Intercontinental Title.

Fourth Match : Chris Jericho & Christian V Kane & Rob Van Dam
Jericho and Van Dam start the match. They walk up to each other and talk trash. Jericho slaps rvd then rvd kicks Jericho in the face.Rvd hits a series of kicks on Jericho. Jericho low blows rvd then he tags christian. They double suplex rvd then christian picks rvd up and hits a double arm ddt but only gets two. Christian hammers away at rvd in the corner. Rvd fires back and takes christian into the corner he monkey flips him out of the corner followed by the rolling thunder 1-2-christian gets out of the pin. Van Dam crawls to the corner to tag kane but Jericho knocks him right off the apron. Kane tries to get in the ring but the ref is stopping him Jericho and Christian make a quick exchange behind the refs back. Jericho kicks away at Van Dam. He picks rvd and tiger bombs him but only gets 2. Jericho argues with the ref because he thought it was 3. Jericho taunts the crowd then turns around he gets spinning wheel kicked by Van Dam who then goes up top and hits the split legged moonsault. 1-2-jericho gets the shoulder up. RVD tags Kane. Kane cleans house and hits the chokeslam on jericho 1-2-he gets the shoulder-up. Christian takes off the turnbuckle pad for Jericho. Kane calls for the tombstone but jericho counters and hits kane off the steel bolt he rolls him up and puts his feet on the rope 1-2-kane kicksout. Jericho tags christian and kane tags rvd. Rvd immedialy gets the better of christian. he hits a ddt and goes up top and hits the 5-star frog splash. When Van Dam rolls after hitting the 5-star. Jericho hits the lionsault but isn-t legal. Christian picks up RVD and sets him for the unprettier. Jericho puts the belt in and Christian unprettiers RVD onto it for the 1-2-3
jericho and christian celebrate their victory while kane chokeslams RVD for losing.
Winners = Chris Jericho & Christian

JR : Well Jericho & Christian pick up the win their but they had to beak the rules to do it.

King : You do What you have to do to win JR and they just showed it.

JR: Well coming up next Eddie Guerrero V John Cena. The winner of this match gets a spot in the WWE Title match at Judgement Day.

Fifth Match : Eddie Guerrero V John Cena
Cena attacks guerrero as soon as he comes in the ring. Cena opens up with right hands on Eddie. Cena knocks Eddie out of the ring. He slams him into the barricade. He then throws him into the ring pole. He picks up the stairs and throws them at him. Cena throws eddie back in the ring. Cena chops away at eddie but eddie fires back with chops to the chest. eddie hits three snap suplexes in a row. Eddie applies the STF. Cena struggles but eventually gets to the rope. Cena low blows Guerrero. Cena sets eddie for the Death Valley Driver but eddie counters and rolls up cena but he kicks out at 2. Cena tries to clothesline guerrero but gets the ref. Cena then clotheslines guerrero. Cena gets a steel chair and repeatedly hits eddie with it. Cena then picks up Guerrero and gives him the death valley driver. ref gets back up and counts the 1-2-3.
Winner = John Cena

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Cole : Welcome to Smackdown what a night we have for you. Tonight the WWE title will be on the line its Kurt Angle V Eddie Guerrero.

Tazz : Can Eddie Guerrero finally win the WWE Championship we will see tonight.

Cole : We have video footage to show you recorded earlier today by Commishioner Mick Foley.

Foley is staring into the camera.

Tonight we have new rules here in the WWE we are relaxing the DQ Rules starting tonight. There are no count outs pinfall must count in the ring. The only way there can be DQ's are. 1.Deliberatly hitting the Ref
2. Not breaking a submission after 5 count if person is in the ropes.

Also starting Monday Night on RAW the European Championship tournoment. The New European Champion will be decided at Judgement Day

The matches are

Jeff Hardy V Sean O'Haire
Eddie Guerrero V Shelton Benjamin
Matt Hardy Version 1 V Test
Big Show V Billy Gunn
William Regal V Booker-T
Christian V Rhyno
Charlie Haas V Chavo Guerrero
Goldust V X-Pac ( returning )

And at Judgement Day Stone Cold Steve Austin can get his revenge on Scott Steiner. And Undertaker will take on triple H winner gets a title shot at Bad Blood. Tonight The peoples champ the rock will take on Scott Steiner.

First Match : John Cena V Rikishi
An even match between these two until Big Show comes in the ring and Chokeslams Rikishi allowing Cena to get the 1-2-3. Big Show then puts Rikishi through a table. Brock Lesnar's music plays and he makes the save.
Winner = John Cena

Second Match : Nathan Jones V Jeff Hardy
Jones destroys hardy. Hardy manages to get quick moves on jones nearly getting the swanton bomb. Jones chokeslams Hardy for the 1-2-3.
Winner = Nathan Jones

Third Match : RVD V Kane
Van Dam gets lots of kicks in. Kane chokeslams rvd but only gets 2. A-train runs down and gives RVD the Train Wreck. A-Train and Kane beat on RVD until Jericho runs down and makes the save. Jericho takes a-train out while rvd hits the 5 star for the 1-2-3.
Winner = RVD

Fourth Match : The Rock V Scott Steiner
The Rock finishes steiner with the peoples elbow 1-2-3. The Evoulotion beat up rock until austin makes the save.
Winner = The Rock

Main Event : Kurt Angle V Eddie Guerrero WWE Title
Very close match angle only escaping with the victory via the roll-up with his feet on the rope guerrero stunned that he hadn't won.
Winner = Kurt Angle

Show goes off air

had to post short matches there but RAW will be in full detail.

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You shouldn't post 3 times in a row (or 2 for that matter) and I wouldn't mind doing a show with you. I won't be able to do a continous shows one after the other (GCSE's coming up in like 5 weeks)

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Just want to remind you i will post RAW tommorrow

Latest Backlash Matches are

Stone Cold V Scott Steiner

Undertaker V Triple H

WWE Tag Team Championships
Dudley Boyz V Team Angle V Kronik

Edge V Nathan Jones

Cruiserweight Title
Matt Hardy V Rey Mysterio

WWE Championship
Kurt Angle V Chris Beniot V John Cena or Brock Lesnar
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