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No Way Out:The Return Of Edge!

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Highlights of how Edge first got into this predicament are shown.
Edge comes out to a huge ovation!

Edge listens to the crowd for about 5 minutes while his music plays.
Edge goes for his speech.

Edge: It sure feels great to be back! (Crowd Screams with hype!)

Edge: You know while i was away i wasnt quite "away". I was writing for wwe.com and i was signing autographs. But the one thing that i missed the most was going out their every single night for smackdown and entertaing you fans. (Crowd Screams with hype!)

Edge: You see when my neck first caved in and broke, i thought that this was it. When i was in the locker room last year at this exact event No way out i fell to the ground and i thought my career was done it seemed to me that entertaing you fans was over for Edge. I was away for one year but now im back and the first thing im going after is the WWE Championship! (Crowd yells with Hype!)

Kurt Angle's music hits.

Kurt Angle: Edge, while you were away from the wwe, i was winning my fourth WWE Championship! (Crowd Boos)

Kurt Angle: Now im not going to go into how i won the olympics with a broken neck. instead im gonna do one better. Im gonna tell you how i competed and nearly won at Wrestlemania last year and how i came so close to retaining my title. I fought Brock lesnar with a broken neck and it only took me two monthes to come back! Two monthes! You were out for one whole year!

Edge: you know kurt i would love to keep this discussion going with you but i rather just kick your ass!

Edge and kurt angle start fighting where angle and edge exchange some punches but angle gets the upper hand and throws edge into the ropes but edge ducks as angle tries to clotheline edge and bounces off the second rope and spears kurt angle! The crowd screams! Edge chants start! Edge leaves kurt lying in the ring. Edge as a huge smile on his face as he greets fans in the audience with handshakes.

So what did you guys think of how i think edge's return will turn out? Did you like my post or not? What are your opions on my post and would you like to see edge return this way? Thanx