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No Way out booking

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Remember I am also Rosie&Jamal, here is my No Way Out PPv which correpsonds to my Raw and Smackdown thread's, check them for the card.

Match 1:
WWe tag titles
Los Guerreros Vs. Team Angle Vs. edge + Benoit (put this first cos Edge and Benoit would have a match later)
Great match, before the match starts Foley walks out.
I want great TV, which is why this match will be an elimination match! (3 people in the ring at any one time)
Great match. Near the end:
(Edge is ringside after a suplex over the ropes.)team A hits Guerreros with rope double team, Haas applies lock he does, Eddie reaches ropes. Eddie gets up and dodges a clothesline. He suplexes Haas and tags in Chavo, they double team him with a calf kcik/leg sweep and chavo gets a 2 count. Shelton runs in and superkicks Chavo, Haas also gets 1 two, Edge is back in and spears shelton, he then spears charlie and tries to pin him, gets 2 and 88/89ths of a count. he gets hit buy a forearm smash by Chavo and gets knocked out. While Chavo wotks down haas, Benoit tags himself in and rolls up Chavo and Haas at the smae time and eliminates both teams! Edge and Benoit are the new tag team champs!
Winners: Edge and Benoit. (Edge is now WWe champ and 1/2 tag champ)

Match 2:
Booker T Vs. Batista.
Good match. near the end:
Batista is in control until Booker hits a desperation 1/2 crescent kick. Both men get up at 7 and start brawling. Booker gains the advantage and hits Batista with a Booker spinebuster, he signals for the scissors kick but batista dodges and hits a huge clothesline, he suplexes him around and does spinebusters and overhead's, he then powerbomb's him but Booker kicks out! Booker gets up and avoids an attempted spear, does a bookend, but Batista kicks out! He then signals for the scissors kick again, but Evolution come to ringside and distract him, he fights them off until he gets out a lead pipe form a slot of his kneepad and hits steiner round the head with it, he then hits Orton and Triple H, but turns right round into another sit-out powerbomb, Batista gets the win. After the bell Evoltuion attack Booker and promise this is not the end.
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Match 3:
CW title (if smackdown guy wins, raw guys go to smackdown and vice versa)
Foley comes out and says that Hurricane is not in the building yet and he doesn't know how he is, if he is not here within 5 minutes he forfeits the match and will not compete for the title. Then Hurricane's music plays and the crowd cheers, but out comes matt hardy laughing!
The rest of the entrants come out and get in the ring, they start brawling and Matt pins Mysteri after a twist of fate in the first minute when Mysterio was dustracted by Kidman. Matt then rolls Spike up and eliminates him. Matt and Kidman then battle for 3 1/2 minutes and Hurricane's music plays! Matt looks at the titantron and Kidman rolls him up for the win, we see Hurricane running to the ring and he gets in the ring and starts fighting Kidman, Kdman gains the upper hand until hurricane hits the hurri-slam for the win. Hurricane holds up the title in victory but we see Matt on the titantron. Too bad Hurricane, you see you didn't get in that ring until 5 minutes and 12 seconds., looks like Kidman is still the cruiserweight champ, but don't worry, now your on Smackdown with me and I can beat your ass once a week, instead of whenever I see you at a PPV.
Winner and still CW champ: Billy Kidman.

Match 4;
World tag titles:
Tables match
Dudleyz Vs. Regal/storm
Good match, near the end:
Dudleyz just hit a 3-D on Storm. They signal for another 3-d on Regal through the table but the fired Sean Morely runs down and puts Bubba through the table, D-Von then attacks him and hits a flapjack through a diff. table on him. He gets another table and sets it up inside the ring, he then sets one up outside of the ring, near the announcers table, he drags Storm onto the table inside the ring and signals for his backdrop thing (saving grace) but Storm backdrops him out of the ring and on to the tbale below, but it does't break,

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inside the ring, Bubba is up and kills Regal (not literally) and notices that Storm is on the table with D-Von, he runs outside low blows storm and put him on the table, he gets him int he wassup headbutt position, D-Von climbs the ropes but storm pushes him off! Bubba sees what happens and pushes Regal off the table. He runs after Storm to the backstage where a camera follows them. inside the ring Regal storm and D-Von are up and D-von gets the upper hand after back bodydropping him, he geta another table and signals to put Storm through the table. OPn the titantron Regal and Bubba are shown fighting and bubba also gets the upperhand, he also signals to put Regal through a table in the back. (the next bit happens at the same time) D-Von goes for a suplex and Bubba goes for a bubba cutter, Regal grabs Bubba's legs and stalls the move, but Storm reverses d-Vons and puts him through a table with a neckbreaker at the same time as Bubba tries a second time and odes the bubba cutter to regal through a table! The match is declered a no contest by the ref.
No contest, still tag champs: Regal/Storm

Match 5:
ladder match
place in intercontinental ladder match at wresltemania
Great match featurnig classic RVD ladder action, another MOTY candidate as both men put on a great show. Near the end:
RVD is on top of the ladder and sees jericho on the floor, he goes for the 5* but Jericho moves! Jericho then gets up but by the time he is at the top of the ladder RVD is half way up the other side, Jericho is touching the contract but RVD punches him they start rawling until Y2J puts the walls on RVD on the top of the ladder!, RVD manages to stay on and does a flippowerbomb all the way to the mat! Both men eventually get up and RVD grabs the ladder and charges towards Jericho, he oves and dropkics RVD into the ladder, RVd then jumps on top of the propped up ladder and does a slit-legged moonsut onto Y2J who is on the floor from the dropkick. Both men get up again and RVD hits all his trademark moves in one-run, Y2J then lowblows him and hits all he's trademark moves in a roll. RVD manages to battle back and hits jericho with a vandaminator, he climbs the ladder and Jericho does a s well, RVD then does a mexican stretch buster off the top and the crowd goes wild. RVD then climbs the ladder and wins the match.

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Match 6:
last man Standing
Undertaker Vs. Big Show
great match that does not finish! as Undertaker and Big show battle to the street and Show gets in a limo and drives off, Taker than calls for a cab and chases after him, the cameraman then gets in his won car and follows the cab!, we then see Nathan Jones via a different camera who gets ina semi-truck and chases them! (this will come up in my next Smackdown booking)

Match 7:
Rock vs. Hogan
Good match. Near the end:
Hogan hits the big boot and leg drop after fighting out of a sharpshooter, he pins the rock but he kicks out!rock rock Bottom's Hogan numerous times but then Hogan kicks out! hogan then gains the upper hand again and 5 minutes later he is still in control. He hits the BB/LD combo again but Kevin Nash runs down to ringside and gives him the Jackknife resulting in a DQ, Rock and Nash celebrate by beating on Hogan some more and leave together.

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Match 8:
ladder match
place in ladder match for intercontinental title at Wrestlemania
Jeff Hardy Vs. Shawn Michaels
great match, near the end:
Jeff Hardy does a swanton from the turnbuckle but Michaels moves, both are up at 8 and start brawling. HBK getts the upper hand and does a german suplex. He signals for the sweet chin music but jeff ducks and hits a dropkick, He picks up a ladder and bashes Shawn round the head with it, he climbs the ladder but Michaels pulls him down with an electric chair drop. Michales then starts too climb but Hardy hits a sit-out powerbomb while HBK is on the ladder, both are down but het up at 7, a few minutes later Michales has the upperhand until he signals for the SCM and Jefff gets a chair and swings at HBK, knocking him down, Jeff then goes mental and will not stop hitting HBK with the chair, he beats him down for over a minute with just the chair until the ref convinces him to stop hitting HBK with a chair, Jeff then gets a ladder and beas him up with that! non stop for another minute, Jeff than climbs the ladder and wins.

Match 9:
World title:
Kane Vs. Triple H
Good match, better than their other one at No Mercy (I think, correct me if I'm wrong), near the end:
Triple H is in control and hits a high knee, he signals for the pedigree but Kane backdrops him, Kane then signals for the chokeslam but Trips low blows him, Trps then its the pedigree but Kane kicks out of the pin attempt. kane does his suddenly sit up thing and goes after trips, he hits a stalling suplex and a side walk slam and signals to go up top, he hits the flying clothesline and is about to chokeslam him when Evolution run down and start beating on Kane, Triple H then pedigree's him for the win. They continue the beat down until Booker T and RVD run down and clear the ring of Evolution, except for trips. They start beating down on him and do all their special's to a standing ovation form the crowd. Eventually they leave.

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Match 10:
WWE title:
Street fight
Edge Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Kurt Angle Vs. Rhyno
Great match, near the end:
All four men are down after they all dot ehir finishers on each other. Edge is the first one up and goes after Angle, he hits a Belly to belly and continues to beat on him while chris benout and Rhyno fight, Benoit locks on the crossface but Edge breaks it up and gets right back to Angle, he spears him but does not pi himl, he gets the anke lock on Kurt but Kurt rolls through and locks on his ankle lock, Edge reverses it and locks on his Edgucator submission and Angle is about to tap when Benoit breaks it up, Benoit then puts the crossface on Angle but Edge spears him, and he turns round into a gore by Rhyno, Rhyno then gores Benoit and then Angle and tries to pin him but Angle kicks out, he Benoit to the rampway and signals for a gore but Benoit moves and Rhyno goes through a glass panel, Benoit goes back to the ring as EMT's check on Rhyno, in the ring, Kurt puts the ankle lock on Edge but Benoit breaks it up, Benoit then puts the crossfcae on Angle and Edge puts on the anklelock, Kurt taps out! but the ref can't say who won. Mick Foley then comes out and says that on Thursday it will be Edge Vs. Benoit for the title.

No Way Out goes off the air.
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