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No Way out booking

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Remember I am also Rosie&Jamal, here is my No Way Out PPv which correpsonds to my Raw and Smackdown thread's, check them for the card.

Match 1:
WWe tag titles
Los Guerreros Vs. Team Angle Vs. edge + Benoit (put this first cos Edge and Benoit would have a match later)
Great match, before the match starts Foley walks out.
I want great TV, which is why this match will be an elimination match! (3 people in the ring at any one time)
Great match. Near the end:
(Edge is ringside after a suplex over the ropes.)team A hits Guerreros with rope double team, Haas applies lock he does, Eddie reaches ropes. Eddie gets up and dodges a clothesline. He suplexes Haas and tags in Chavo, they double team him with a calf kcik/leg sweep and chavo gets a 2 count. Shelton runs in and superkicks Chavo, Haas also gets 1 two, Edge is back in and spears shelton, he then spears charlie and tries to pin him, gets 2 and 88/89ths of a count. he gets hit buy a forearm smash by Chavo and gets knocked out. While Chavo wotks down haas, Benoit tags himself in and rolls up Chavo and Haas at the smae time and eliminates both teams! Edge and Benoit are the new tag team champs!
Winners: Edge and Benoit. (Edge is now WWe champ and 1/2 tag champ)

Match 2:
Booker T Vs. Batista.
Good match. near the end:
Batista is in control until Booker hits a desperation 1/2 crescent kick. Both men get up at 7 and start brawling. Booker gains the advantage and hits Batista with a Booker spinebuster, he signals for the scissors kick but batista dodges and hits a huge clothesline, he suplexes him around and does spinebusters and overhead's, he then powerbomb's him but Booker kicks out! Booker gets up and avoids an attempted spear, does a bookend, but Batista kicks out! He then signals for the scissors kick again, but Evolution come to ringside and distract him, he fights them off until he gets out a lead pipe form a slot of his kneepad and hits steiner round the head with it, he then hits Orton and Triple H, but turns right round into another sit-out powerbomb, Batista gets the win. After the bell Evoltuion attack Booker and promise this is not the end.