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(Back on the street corner. At a time where most men sleep, Colton sits in its leather chair, because sleep was a rather elusive thing. Most nights he found himself here, no background noise of a car or people, pure silence filled the streets. His eyes were staring at the camera, but in his mind things played over and over again.)

“It's far from over, despite what many of you want to think, the wheels have only just begun to turn. All those that count me out, that go on and on trying to convince themselves that I'm finished, that my losing streak was going to serve as the nail in my coffin? Your rants are mere illusions of hope, that's the reality you want to live in, it's another lie you want to believe with all your heart. Yet it's been weeks since then, and here I sit, more motivated than I've been in a long time. Everything you've tried to convince yourself to be true, all that effort you've all done trying to fool yourselves was all for nothing. One loss is not going to break me, it's going to take more than that to lay me down for good. You see the fact that I'm here now, you look into my eyes, and you see all you need to see. You see that over these past few weeks, I've discovered something that I've been lacking for far too long... Motivation. I allowed myself to grow complacent; I allowed to get sucked into the idea that what I needed was a belt that recognized me as the best in this industry. I fell into the trap that all of you people did from your earliest days, I was driven by greed. I wanted the material things, I wanted that gold and leather because I thought that was the only thing that would grant my words credibility. When in reality all I did, was stray from the very things that once made me the dominant force I once was. I let the greed control me, it blinded me and for that I suffered.”

(Colton shifts his weight in the chair, sitting at an angle.)

“Well no more, I'm honestly quite happy I didn't earn a spot in the main event of Date with Destiny, content to not challenge for that championship. Instead, I've been placed in a Primetime Championship match, a match that's going to allow me to back up my claims much better than any championship could ever hope to do. When I walk into that ring, it's not just about victory; it's going to prove that I'm far from finished with this business. When I leave that unfortunate soul in the ring, his illusions of paradise shattered under the weight of his own body hitting that canvas. You all are going to understand that he did not fight a man, but he stepped between those ropes and danced with a monster, he is going to look the destroyer in the eyes and call it fate, call it an act of God if you want to be ignorant, but really it'll just be lucky if he is able to continue chasing his worthless dreams.”

(Colton flashes his cocky grin and sits towards the front of the chair, elbows on his knees, ready to strike.)

“People like Dren, have no doubt fallen into the mindset that it's the championship that makes you the best, that if you have that championship whatever you say is validated by that single object. It's because you're no different than the rest of those people, you act and think the exact same way, you share their foolish hopes and dreams. When you heard about this match, you no doubt hoped that I was finished; because the alternative to that scared you didn't it? If it did, then you might have some hope of surviving because you at least understand how grim your situation is. If you didn't realize there was another side to the coin, if you were certain that things were going to play out in your favor from the get go. Well, when I stomp out your foolish hopes underneath my boot, when I've destroyed that glimmering light in your eye and you feel that cold embrace, you'll feel hopeless, you'll beg for the pain to end, you'll cry to the heavens to take you back to a better time. Only thing you'll see when you look up however, are the eyes of the monster that just shattered everything you've ever believed in.”

(The cocky smile along with the cold gaze never straying away from the camera. He's seen it countless times, watched as his opponent realized just what they've lost, the cold reality setting in that everything they once believed, what they held dear, gone. In a matter of moments the very foundation of who they are would be stripped away and cast to the side; it was he spent his entire career doing to the unprepared victims placed before it. No matter how many fell, the next was always determined, always hungry and believed that they wouldn't be next. And then they'd fall, the chain would go on and on, and it has until this day.)

“But it seems my opponent has very different outlooks on life. Dren, oh how I've heard so many of those speeches before, how watching you wrestle is seeing the future of the business. In fact, many of those came from the critics for me, but the difference between us Dren, I actually can back it up. I'm not just saying it because I want to try and sound intimidating. See you're a man who really seems to have his own view on how things should go, some could call you a visionary, I just see you as another lost soul that consistently lies to themselves. You want to try and predict the future, tell me where my career is headed, Dren? If you want to be right, you're going to have to go to your dark locker room, pull out that lighter and little baggie and light up.”

(Colton sits back and starts to pick at the leather chair’s arm.)

“People like you Dren, you want to believe you've got this all figured out, that you're something better than what you actually are. I don't see a man worthy of the arrogance, I see a man that wants to make himself into a superstar, but doesn't understand how to do it. It's very simple Dren, you can't make yourself a star, no matter how flashy or drugged up you are. You're a man, Dren. You're a man and that is your greatest weakness, you cannot change what you are and that flaw will haunt you until your final breath. You're a man that suffers from that wretched little thing called hope.”

(Colton looks back towards the camera.)

“You wrap yourself in it; you let it comfort you to sleep at night because for a man, hope is the only thing this world leaves you with sometimes. I guess that's why I'm here; to take away that one thing that this world leaves you with, to take away something no amount of money can buy back! Once I've destroyed your hope, I've destroyed you, and everything you ever thought you were. Your ignorance will blind you to the truth in my words, I spent more time than I'd care to admit surrounded by ignorant fools. They sit around and believe that their unstoppable, that they're better than the rest of the world, but those same people? Not one of them is around; they've all fallen because their ignorance destroyed them, because that light in their eye was suffocated by the darkness. I've reduced men to shells of what they once were, watched them drag their feet through the rest of their life because they had no idea what to do once I destroyed their hope. It's what awaits you Dren, you don't get to decide my fate, I'm going to decide yours. I will not hear your cries for mercy in that ring; I will not take pity on you when I've beaten you to the point where you can't even drag yourself back to your feet. This match is going to end when I say it ends and not a moment sooner.”

(He pauses for a moment.)

“Dren, oh how pathetic the lengths men will go to latch onto fleeting fame, the only problem is your fame was no fleeting, it was dead a long time ago. For whatever reason, your client has made the poor choice of asking you to guide her career. Even those people, blinded by their own ignorance at least know that this is the year 2011. You on the other hand, seem to be about forty years behind the times, which leads me to wonder just how someone that can't get themselves out of the past, is supposed to have a successful future. You haven't even succeeded in making yourself relevant now; do you really think you're the person that should be trying to make it in this business?”

(He shakes his head; he really found his selection of opponents this week rather pathetic.)

“As for the one person in this company who is living on borrowed time: Skye Silverhawk, I am coming for you and I will paint the canvas with your blood. When I strike however, you won't know until it happens. I am tired of being overlooked. I am tired of being being the one in the corner being ignored. You will learn to quit ignore us.”

(There's another cocky smile before the scene cuts away to static.)
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