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Odds for the upcoming TNA PPV (No Surrender) can be posted here.

Also, a quick question - in an event with multiple outcomes, is it possible to pick more than one outcome as a winner?

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Ummm it is possible yes. What match are you speaking of?

World Title Tournament Semi-Finals
Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy

Angle 1/2
Hardy 7/10

World Title Tournament Semi-Finals
The Pope vs Mr. Anderson

Anderson 1/2
Pope 3/5

Tag Team Titles
The Motorcity Machine Guns (c) vs London Brawling

MCMG 1/2
London Brawling 7/10

TV Title I Quit Match
AJ Styles (c) vs Tommy Dreamer

AJ 1/2
Dreamer 7/10

Falls Count Anywhere
Abyss vs Rhino

Abyss 1/2
Rhino 7/10

X Division Title
Douglas Williams (c) vs Sabu

Douglas 1/2
Sabu 3/5
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