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Now THAT is a shared moment...
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(0:03) "A relationship is the last thing I want right now"
(0:07) "Oh I totally understand"
(0:10) "That's good as long as you're ok with that."
(0:14) "I'm fine"

(1:53) "Hi, would you like to meet my boyfriend?"
(1:55) "Nice to meet you. How long have you two been together?"
(1:57) "Uhhh"
(2:13) "What the hell was that?"
(2:15) "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that. Are you mad?"

(3:03) "So, you're dating Amber huh?"
(3:06) "What? No. Who said that?"
(3:09) "Everybody"
(3:10) "What?!"
(3:11) "Yeah, that's pretty crazy, wouldn't picture you two together."
(3:15) "We are not together, so there's nothing to picture."

Stupid girls.

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I dont really know how to reply to this thread ? But if your trying to say your dealing with a chicken head. My best bet is too get her the fuck out of your life. Women like that are nothing but Trouble
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