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Tell me what you think of this card for RAW's No Mercy.

HHH/Y2J/Flair/Orton vs. Goldberg/HBK/Nash/RVD
Winner: Goldberg/HBK/Nash/RVD

Kane vs. Shane McMahon
Winner: Shane McMahon

Booker T vs. Test - Steel Cage Match
IC Title Match
Winner: Booker T

La Resistance/Lance Storm vs. Dudley Boyz/Spike Dudley
Tag Team Title Match
Winner: Dudley Boyz/Spike Dudley

Christian vs. Scott Steiner
Winner: Christian

Gail Kim vs. Molly Holly - Last Woman Standing Match
Women's Title Match
Winner: Gail Kim

Goldust vs. Rico
Winner: Rico

Rosey/Hurricane vs. Mack/Long
Winner: Rosey/Hurricane

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The Card is crap. IMO there will not be a brand only PPV when the championship of that brand is not defended because that would be one more reason not to buy the pay per view. And Im Out. Ya Heard?

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Yah Raw has unforgiven not No Mercy. I dont really care for your card that much. The 8 man is no good on a brand only ppv, it should always be a title match IMO or it makes the belt look like crap. Kane vs SHane o mac will prbably happen at SS so a re-match would be a bit pointless. Plus Kane should win not SHane O Mac. Kane has busted his ass and Shane O Mac ahs no real career he just makes an occasional match. Maybe if he was a consistent wrestler it owuld be ok but still A guy whos supposed to b a monster hsouldnt lose to a part time wrestler. Booker Test doesnt do much for me, neither are all that good and niether really deserve the belt. The Tag Match is ok but nothing special. Christian vs Steiner is bad, no real point to the match plus it would probably be really bad. i dont think women could put on a very good Last Man Standing match eitehr. Rico is too terrible to be on a ppv. Hurricane/Rosey vs Mack/Long is no good, Mack would be in the whole time and I really dont think that they could put on that great match together. Sorry man but If I had to rate it I would give it a 2/10.
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