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No draft this year?

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With the cancellation of WWE Superstars as well as many as 14 Superstars being "future endeavored", there will reportedly be no draft this year. Instead, several Superstars are expected to be traded in the coming weeks in order to refresh the rosters. Let's face it, the WWE Draft was necessary back in 2007 with three brands and over 100 wrestlers but now with around 50 wrestlers (after the cuts), it's hard to shake things up.
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The link doesn't work. Is this your opinion or fact?

Personally, I was look forward to seeing what WWE was going to do with the draft since feuds are already starting to get reused. But if WWE are going to switch the wrestler's around anyways, I can live with it.
Plus, not having a draft saves the WWE some money.
If the site is blocked here then it's probably bullshit.
does the draft even matter in 2011. The brand extension means nothing now guys go between shows every week so whats the point of the draft now
There will be a draft this year, most people look forward to it so I doubt the WWE will ditch it.
Well at least cody won't get buried on Raw now.
i cant belive people still pyas atention to racheltrol we need to make a poll do you want rachel to be shaved or what? lol meh better not she could enjoy that.
With Tough Enough giving WWE three hours of their programming weekly on USA, I doubt we will see a draft anytime soon.

To be honest I don't know why they don't unify the brands already. After they release the rumored 12 to 14 superstars after Wrestlemania they'll probably have around 50 to 55 active guys.
does the draft even matter in 2011. The brand extension means nothing now guys go between shows every week so whats the point of the draft now
I agree with this. There is no point to the draft.
...You do realize that most of this "rumoured 14" will be FCW talent and referees? There's no way they are going to cut 14 main roster talents at once. At most, it'll be about 5 maybe.
Using an Episode of Raw for the draft isnt really needed. They should just advertise it on Raw and smackdown for like 2 weeks that a draft will be taking place on WWE.com and you can follow the results on "given date".
Just out of curiosity, does anybody think a brand-reunion could work with only 50 or so wrestlers? I haven't been on here long enough to know the consensus on such an issue.....
They announced the draft for April 18 but it was removed from their website.
no reason for it this year all the superstars are going to smackdown and raw as u can see del rio has been on raw cena has been on smackdown taker has been on raw kane big show those superstars are on smackdown i think they are just letting them gop to either show they want
If I remember correctly draft has good ratings, and is very anticipated every year, and they could easily do it in a normal lenght episode.
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