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NJPW New Japan Cup & 51st Anniversary Discussion Thread: 3/5 - 3/21

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Other than the Fantastica Mania tour, which most here don't usually care about, NJPW is done until 3/5 when the New Japan Cup starts.
This year's tour looks pretty interesting. There is no old guy except for Ultimo Guerrero and Okamura and they are mostly involved in tag team matches.
Mistico vs Atlantis Jr, Soberano Jr vs Hechicero, Volador Jr vs Templario and Soberano Jr vs Titan should be very good matches.
I'm surprised that Rocky Romero isn't involved, he recently ended Volador's reign of over 4 years with the World Historic Welterweight title and he wants to avenge the loss by taking Rocky's hair.
Also I'm disappointed that they don't mix Los Ingobernables de Japon with Los Nuevos Ingobernables.
Do you guys see some follow up on Okada vs Kiyomiya or just one and done? Honestly I don't remember Okada ending a match with a top guy like that. They told a good story but I do feel very sorry for Kiyomiya.

Muto and NJPW certainly helped Noah a lot, they were able to showcase their product in front of a much bigger audience. I think not even WK drew so many people in the Dome. Now it is up to Noah to keep some of those people interested. This year's Cyberfight Festival could be a checkpoint.
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KENTA and Goto are worth mentioning for NJ Cup so good shout on that fellas. I'm going to stick with either Cobb, Shota, or Narita winning though with honorable mentions to EVIL and KENTA.
I think KENTA winning would be the right choice and it will give us a fresh new opponent for Okada. Even though the title match result is predictable, the match itself should be great.
I'm looking at the brackets and I see a potential way to win the Cup for KENTA which involves beating Sanada, Naito, Ospreay and Shingo. Anyone who can defeat these guys in a row is more than qualified to challenge Okada for the World title.
If this is going to happened I can see KENTA making his legendary full time return to NOAH and reclaim the GHC Heavyweight title at the Cyberfight Festival.
He could easily have the greatest GHC Heavyweight title reign in over 10 years. He can face old friends/rivals like Marufuji, Sugiura, Shiozaki, Nakajima and also fresh new faces like Kiyomiya, Kenoh, Thatcher, Hideki Suzuki, Jake Lee, Jack Morris etc.
If Kojima was able to have a GHC title reign in 2022, imagine what a 10 years younger guy and absolute NOAH legend like KENTA can do in 2023.

decided to get the Battle in the Valley PPV instead and that was good and well worth the $20
I absolutely agree, by comparison I've just checked CMLL's site only to find out that they charge $99 for some random episode of Viernes Espectacular...
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