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Night of Champions Proves How Deficient WWE Commentary Has Been

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No disrespect to Lawler, but Bradshaw is exactly what we need as a commentator. He is an excellent heel commentator who was a great foil to Cole's babyface commentary tonight. Cole is a terrible heel and much better as a babyface. I know JBL is not sticking around for too long and I would love for WWE to make some kind of change of the broadcast team for Raws and PPVs. I hope they either turn Lawler heel, get a third commentator who is a heel, or replace Lawler.
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JBL was great, he was putting over both the faces and heels yet remaining a heel himself.

That's what commentators should do, put over all the talent. He even put over the divas big time. Lawler just kept pandering to the faces, and refused to put over the heels whatsoever. Cole pandered to the heels and usually completely buried the faces.
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