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In the bleak midwinter ....
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:garrett NFL MAFIA :garrett

Welcome to Monday Night Football!

The time for talking ... is over. The time for action ... is now! Sick of the sight of the same players taking home the plaudits year in year out, the jobbers, nearly mean, journeymen and also rans of the NFL have banded together as a makeshift alliance to take on the might of the best. However, they didn't become the best for no reason, their teamwork and skill is unmatched ... and they are on a quest to make it into Canton, and no one will stand in their way ...


- Most important, have fun!
- No unnecessary flaming please, I like some edge to the game but not to the extent that we lose players. That helps no-one
- Play to your win condition. I shouldn't have to specify this but we live in strange times
- Do not post or copy your role PM into the thread, non-compliance will result in your death and your alignment being punished. Paraphrase when claiming
- Flavourspec is not a thing. I have been intentionally inconsistent with the level of effort I have put into the various PMs. Hunting off flavour won't end well for you
- On the topic of flavour, usual conventions regarding fakes apply. They have been provided, but I'm not going to confirm the level of detail. Play the goddamn game
- Town Alignment is NFL Aligned
- Mafia Alignment is Cantonbound Aligned
- There is a certain level of subjectivity in this game. Just have fun ffs
- Town's win condition has been Poyserproofed. If you are in a position where you cannot achieve a lynch even if all of your resources work together, you lose. Good day sir! The onus is on town to rid themselves of Mafia, not the other way around
- Do not, under any circumstances, distribute the dead QT once youre out of the game
- Day 1 will be 36 hours, Night 1 will be 18 hours. Subsequent days/nights will be 24/12 hours. Deadlines will be enforced, no exceptions
- Standard WF action resolution applies
- Blocked shots DO NOT get refunded

Players Alive (7)

2. Curry
3. Denny
8. Doddsy V2
17. Big Man
19. Rugrat
21. Barry
22. ACP

Dead Players (15)

V. Skybox was Jameis Winston, Skitzo, lynched Day 1
Jam was ???, killed night 1
Skybox V2 was Joe Flacco, GOATslayer, killed Night 2
Doddsy was Eli Manning, Miller & Even Night Tracker, killed Night 2
LC was Matt Stafford, 3x Bodyguard, killed Night 2

Gambit was Aaron Rodgers, Roleblocker, 2x Ninja, Backup GOAT, lynched Day 3
Phenom was Nate Peterman, WOAT, killed Night 3
TKOK was Carson Wentz, 3x Watcher, killed Night 3
NotGuilty was Ben Roethlisberger, Even Night Poisoner & 1x Strongman killed Night 3
Zane was Blake Bortles, VT, lynched Day 4

Magic was Andrew Luck, 3x Cop, killed Night 4
CamillePunk was Cam Newton, 4x Vigilante / Self Protector, killed Night 4
Smarkslayer was Andy Dalton, VT, killed Night 4
Laughable Chimp was Drew Brees, 3x Jailkeeper & 1x Janitor, lost a duel Day 5

Pez was Von Miller, Blitzer, lynched Day 5


Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4



It is now Day 5.

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Ok if you would all plz post in the exact same style you did in the Buffy game, I would greatly appreciate it :)


Got you at last you fucks. Am I missing anyone? :armfold

Ok new game.......

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