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Nexus vs. The Corre? Are you kidding me?

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This match should not happen at Wrestlemania. I'm not fans of Nexus as I feel the storyline run its course a long time ago and is one of the most horribly booked stables in history. Now Smackdown has "The Corre" and my feelings are almost the same as my feelings about the Nexus. Personally I feel this match would be a waste of space and that some of the stars involved in these stables can be used better. And by some I mean the only ones who actually have a future chance and some who had some degree of talent.

Who the hell wants to pay 60 dollars for a card that has David Otunga in it? The guy is horrible in the ring and to make things worst he is just as bad on the mic. Husky Harris and Michael McGullicuty are awful. And Mason Ryan has Vince completely blind and I'm not talking about Daredevil blind.

The Corre on the other hand have Heath Slater who is horrible on the mic and I'm not a fan of his ring work either. The guy will NEVER recuperate from that Wendy's joke. Now the rest of the team isn't that bad but how the hell do these barely under average teams face at Wrestlemania?

I think The Corre can be used better and are much more talented than the Nexus (kind of obvious). How about this? WWE wanted to give WCW a tribute so why not use the Corre for this purpose.

Here's what I would do:

1) Kick Heath Slater out of the group and put Skip Sheffield in his place. Sheffield makes the group look even more intimidating.

2)Have The Corre jump on Big Show for weeks until Nash and Booker T make the save.

3) Barrett, Sheffield & Zeke go up against the WCW team of The Giant, Kevin Nash and Booker T.

4) Book Gabriel to face Kofi for the IC Title at WM. One of the keys to a successful stable is to have guys have their own story outside of the stable.

5) Have The Corre go over at the show and all the sudden you have a strong stable.

Now assuming Taker/Sting doesn't happen. Barrett can simply switch places with Gabriel and face Taker. Kofi can simply defend his IC Title against someone else or be in MITB.
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I sure as hell don't want to see it and I'm going to be there live. You can bet your ass I'll be going for something to drink or to buy some merch while that crap is on. I just don't care about Nexus and hope Orton punts them all...in......the SKULLLLLLLLL.

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remember when Swagger was held off Wrestlemania 25 cause they thought he was too green? And now they want to put not one, but as many as 6 or 7 green guys in one Wrestlemania match? Ugh.

Hopefully they do Nexus vs Corre at Elimination Chamber.

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I agree, the utter silence during their brawl at the start of the 'Rumble match, with the fans going into Default Mode by chanting "C-M-PUNK!" was kind of funny. Nobody really cares about seeing two heel factions full or rookies fight each other, and you'd be wasting at least a couple guys who actually deserve to be elsewhere in the card by going through with it.

Corre should continue their feud with Big Show. Corre keeps beating Big Show up, so he calls in reinforcements with Nash and Booker T. Slater/Gabriel/Zeke/Barrett vs. Booker/Nash/Show, a 4-on-3 handicap match. It'd be easy to get there, and people would care. And Booker and Nash could do a few spots and call it a night/career, and they could end it like Evolution vs. Rock & Sock at WM 20 with the heels going over (Barrett pins Show) for the rub. Easy as pie.

Meanwhile, guys like McGillicutty are only useful as cannon fodder for Orton in the Punk feud for a Wrestlemania program.

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Judging from the post I can sense that You guys are old fans like me, and I really cannot agree more when you say that this match may suck.

Honestly, I would like to give this match a chance. Faction to faction matches can be awesome given that they can be built up to something BIG.

I'll give some pros and cons that the factions are facing now why they cant be that big, for now...


Nexus used to be so big deal until CM punk took over, why?

-All of them used to show attitude, their primary goal is to have these "green" guys put themselves on the map by showing they can... until WWE screwed it and make a "monkey superman" destroy them to bits...now it is worse with CM punk hogging all the glory, making other members a background.

-I have this picture of Wade slapping scheffield on his chest, commanding "YOU FIX THIS!!" during a 10 or 12 man tag match during summerslam, now would you disagree that they are not THAT big before???

-I remebered Cena teasing a Heel turn after joining Nexus, until WWE recognized that the sales will drop because Orton doesnt make that enough sales, Now thats lame!!!

-Orton is showing aggression now that Cena cannot give(because he is a children's model). Somehow, this makes it interesting, we just need to hope that Nexus wins this time.(making them more intimidating)

-Title hog for Nexus can be out of the way for now since Miz is getting a good feedback, until Cena wins the gold or Miz turns face, Nexus cannot prove anything...yet

-More mic and wins for Nexus please, Nexus is now a stupid cult for faith, I am just begging they return to their old selves.


For now, their music still sucks when I hear it, maybe just give it some time.

-Same for Nexus, title hog will be out for a while now that Alberto might win the gold. Why am I thinking of this? Simply because of the "youth movement" WWE is talking about, and everyone in the locker room is agreeing to it now that the Kliq is out of action.

-Mic skills and presence is a good thing for the Corre, I think somehow this will put them on top, let us just give them some chance. Slater....I just wanna give him a chance, but if he wants to have a rockband attitude, then at least dress like one.

-Intimidation is now a good thing for the Corre, feud with the whole locker room might help them more, now that WWE decided to giv a little more muscle to Big Zeke.

-The Corre is showing unique attitude for each members, I remember nWo, only with "green" members. polish them a bit more and it should do fine.

Well, like what i said, I want to give this match a chance, let us just hope WWE decides to do the right thing.

and... I will be siding with Corre on this one.

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zeke needs to be on the WM card in someway so i wouldn't mind it too much. can't see him being on it unless he's in a tag like this.
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