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show start's with high light's of last week's raw clips of the eric and heyman joining forces and recreateing wcw/ecw
vince: eric heyman screw you YOU may have braught back ecw/wcw but you have to start from scratch all over again
vince: it's kinda funny when you think of it you're threatening me with a back yard wrestling promotion
fans:yay laughter mixed
eric: that's where your wrong vince we already have enough superstar's awaiting to join us and reform....
eric: and some of these are on you're show vince...
heyman: yea vince and i think you deserve to know one of them is standing right behind You haha..
vince turns around
king: vince is down this is bad
jr: that damn rhyno!
show went off the air

show begains....
jr: as you may not know vince will not be here tonight.. after the beating he took at the hand's of rhyno
king: yea we all wish vince a speedy recovery!
jr: but one other thing about tonight all the smackdown superstar's are here on raw along with the traitor's..

eric's music hits as he and heyman make there way down to the ring
jr: what the hell are these jack ass's doing here!
eric gets a mic
fans: asshole asshole asshole
eric: you forgot rich asshole!
fans: boo!
eric: but yea let's get down to business last week me and mr heyman here rebaught the wcw/ecw names but that's not all we baught...
heyman: you see linda thought we would have to start from scratch but she was damn wrong we have a line full of superstar's waiting to join us...
heyman: infact why dont you guy's come out right now
ecw\wcw pryo plays and out comes steiner bubba dvon rhyno dawn marie matt morgan nathan jones sean o'hair lance storm and johnny nitro
eric: new york city welcome the elite of the elite!
eric: and wcw ARE BACK!
eric: and im gonna do what i should of done along time ago put the wwe and vince mcmahon out of business!
fans: boo!!!
eric: and this is just the start of it we still have a number of wwe superstars we are interested in.. who will be joining us soon
booker's music hit's
heyman: booker im glad you have seen the light and are comeing to the new ecw/wcw!
bookert: you got it all wrong you see if you want the 5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time wcw champion to come back to wcw/ecw i want some thing
heyman: you can have any thing in are power
bookert: well since you baught ecw wcw back does that not mean you own the US title again.
eric: hes right! why did aint i think of that
heyman: yes i think i get your point but i cant just strip poor john cena of the belt oh no no so here's what we'll do tonight john cena v booker t No do dq for the title
eric: ya that's what im talking about! wait... a minute does aint that mean. we have controll of the old wcw tag belt's and the wcw belt!
heyman: yes!
eric: well then since the wwe champion eddie will be joining are company i think But the tag champions are not i think here tonight it should be
eric: rikishi scotty two hotty v bubba and dvon the dudleyz!
fans: yay!!
king: is this still the wwe or is it wcw ecw..
jr: they have taken over king and there's not a damn thing we can....
heyman: so austin you desided to join the dominant show
eric: alright!
austin enter's the ring shake's head and dives at eric
steiner booker t the dudleys attack austin now every wcw/ecw memmber in the ring start destroying austin all the memmber's back up austin gets to his feet
eric: put that redkneck son of a bitch in the hospital
jr: some ones gotta stop this king?!?!
jerry the king lawler runs down the isle only to be clothlined down by scott steiner eric gets some cheap kicks in
jr: damnit damnit damnit!
cena angle big show scotty two hotty rikishi hardcore holly and billy gun run the wcw/ecw members out the ring austin stumbles to his feet and limps to the back falling down a few times
show starts again
king is just putting his head phone back on
jr: thank god you're ok king you took a hell of a beating there
king: yea but ive had worse...
rvd's music hits as he makes his way to the ring
now christians music hits but no one comes out
jr: what the hell WAIT from behind it's christian!
christian attack's rvd from behind and the match begains irish whip into the ropse shoulder knock down on rvd christian controlls the match for about 2 minutes
irish whips rvd into the rope rvd jumps on the middle rope jumps at christian knocking him down rvd rolling thunder pin 1 2 no
rvd punch's and quick kicks to christian jumping kick christian falls out the ring
fans: rvd rvd rvd
christian grabs a steel chair and reenters the ring he runs at rvd van damninator! 1 2 3 rvd's music hit's then stops to be replaced by heymans music
heyman: well mr rob van damn have you thought of my offer yet once again me and you on the same show.. so what do you say buddy!
rob van damn: well we paul im happy where i am right now... no offence to you or any thing but i feel that the wwe is the place to be and im pretty cool here..
heyman: thats ok rob no hard feelings btw i would aint turn around if i was you
rob van damn turns around and gets leveled with a chair shot by christian heyman winks at christian and christian leaves the ring and goes to the back with heyman

eddie is seen bumping into eric a argument breaks out over eddie refuseing to leave the wwe eric end's it saying eddie will defend his title against a mystery man later in the evening

benoit's music hit's followed by tripleH's

tripleH and benoit go back and forth for about 20 minute's till tripleh nails the pedagree
no push up!
benoit starts fighting back irish whip back drop runs to the ropes elbow to the face of the game tripleH strait back up goes for the clothsline cross face!
fans: yay!!!!!
when suddenly nathan jones and matt morgan run i and attack benoit tripleH gets to his feet when GORE GORE by rhyno who came in as well
heyman enters the ring
heyman: thats what you get benoit when you dont join the best out there now id like to show you some thing titantron show's austin limping to his truck
austin opens the door when fire shoots out
jr: omg what the hell
kane comes out the truck chokeslams austin on the hood of the car kane gets on top of the hood and chokeslams austin threw the glass
fans: holy shit holy shit
king: so kane's just left us! omg jr i cant i cant...
jr: i know king this is shocking
heyman smiles and leaves the ring

show starts with steiner challengeing any one from the wwe to come out no one apear's steiner makes a comment on how the wwe is full of nobodies and is about to leave the ring when..
GONG.... GONG..... GONG....
fans: yay!!!!
the undertaker's music hits he makes his way into the ring steiner looks shocked undertaker walks upto steiner kick to the groin area tombstone
undertaker rolls eyes back and leaves the ring

tripleH is shown storming into evolution's locker room screaming why did aint you help me only to see all 3 memmbers laid out

john cena v bookerT

cena's music hit's he enters the ring and is about to a cut a rap when from behind Lex luger comes in clothline's cena down lex luger pulls cena to his feet into a pedagree type of possesion lift's cena up over his head and sit down powerbomb
fans: boo!!!!!!
bookerT gets in the ring bell rings bookerT makes the cover
cena gets a shoulder up bookerT has his mouth wide open cena gets to his feet BOOK END
new us champion bookerT

up next mick foley v rhyno
and also tonight shawn micheals v scott steiner
eddie v v mysterman

foley's music hit's as he walk's down to ring side
foley grabs the mic you know ive been haveing some little problem's recently with a guy named randy orton and we all know in 2 weeks time it's me v him no dq hardcore match
foley: so i think that tonight I should show rhyno how extreme i can get in this match for the ecw title so i think ill just go out side the ring and uh get my lil friend
foley goes out side the ring and is about to grab barbie when frombehind orton with a steel chair 3 times over the back of foley foley stay's on his feet he turns around sickening shot to the skull
rhyno's music hit's rhyno mick foley get's to his feet rhyno Spear!
rhyno spit's at mick foley and begains with a sick laugh But wait foleys back to his feet foley grabs barbie smack to the skull of rhyno now mick foley hits him on the back 8 or 9 times till oficals try and drag him off
steiners music hits as he enters the ring steiner does a promo
steiner: now that wcw/ecw is back and on top like it should be im gonna go back to been on top my self cus we all know theres nothing finer then scott steiner
OH SHAWN hbk music hits as he runs into the ring
clothline by steiner no hbk ducks into the rop clothlines steiner down hbk drop kick steiner looses his balance but stays on his feet hbk clothlines steiner over the top rope
hbk jumps over the top rope to be caught by steiner and thrown threw a table ring the bell DQ
steiner puts a chair around the neck of hbk and does a type of submision with it kind of cammel clutch like pulling on the chair
fans: boo
jr: some body's gotta stop this
mick foleys music hits he runs to the ring and attacks steiner mick and steiner fight to the back where mick is attacked by randy orton who hits mick with a frying pan smashing it over his head
orton spits on foley then batista powerbombs him threw a table and they leave
main event

eddies music hit's as he makes his way into the ring
fans: eddie eddie eddie
a crow is shown on the screen huge pryo with wcw is shown then a baseball bat... STING
jr: omg its sting!
fans: YAYYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sting and eddie lock up in the ring sting controll's for around 3 minutes eddie back suplex eddie drop kick eddie irish whip sting ducks eddie goes flying over the top rope
king: smart move typical sting lowering the ring ropes so eddie went strait over them
eddie and sting fight back and forth on the out side match continues in the inside eddie goes up to sting pushes the ref in the way ref's out
they battle back and forth finally eddie knocks sting down eddie walks to the turbuckle when bradshaw apears spins eddie around and him and eddie start brawling for around 2 minutes
eddie does the treble suplex on bradshaw turns around sting's with the chair No eddie drop kicks it into stings face eddie turns around clothline from hell
ref starts to move both men get to there feet the ref is just about to get up when from behind
sting makes the cover
fans: boo!!!!!!
all the wcw/ecw make there way into the ring followed by micheal cole and tazz the new wcw/ecw anouce team
kane grabs jr and drags him into the ring and tombstones him as show goes off the air
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make your matches longer,spelling needs to be corrected plain all u need to improve badly 6/10

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sorry about spelling im from israel is this one any better? rate pls

wcw pryo play's followed by ecw as the show begains
wcw/ecw IS LIVE
show begains
eric and heyman brag how wcw/ecw is top and biggest in the industry
and how they are unbeatable he says tonight the us champion
booker T defend's against lex luger
and the wcw world champion sting v goldberg!!!!!
tazz: goldberg's here this is why you tune into wcw/ecw for the greatest wrestlers alive!
cole: thats right tazz what the hell
kane's music hits
kane: eric.. heyman.. you make a world title match with out INCLUDEING ME.
kane: i did aint come here to be a midcarder like in the wwe i came here to destroy every single wrestler you have and be the world champion
eric: kane.. you listen here
kane: eric You speak once more and you'll be joining austin!
heyman: wowowow kane kane kane calm down tonight you got a match and if you win you're against the winner of goldberg sting next week ok?
kane: im listening.
heyman: ok so tonight it's kane v billy kidman number one contender's match
show starts with
rhyno and tommy dreamer ecw tittle on the line
rhyno kick to the mid section scoop slam rhyno in controll for 2 minutes set's up the gore No miss he smashes into the turbuckle dreamer roll's to the out side and gets a table out and 3 dumpsters throws them into the ring but sets the table up on the out side
rhyno goes for the gore Strait into the trash can dreamer covers
no kick up
dreamer slams rhyno onto the 2 trash cant and now dreamer goes for a powerbomb onto the 3 no reversed over the top rope dreamer strait threw the table
rhyno rolls to the out side cover 1 2 3
winner and still ecw champion rhyno!
Here comes the monney here we go here comes the monney
shane runs strait down to rhyno clothlines him down rights and left's on rhyno
shane mcmahon grabs the 3 trash can put's it on rhynos head shane goes coast to coast
shane covers
fans: YAY!!!!!!!!
cole: NO DAMN NO!!
tazz": omg But hes vince's son damn this cant be good
eric is seen back stage with heyman both screaming at what's just happand
the dudleyz and scott steiner and billy kidman run down to the ring and chase of shane who leaves via the crowed

the coach is seen backstage bumping into the big show
coach tell's the big show it's him against lex luger
the big show chokeslams coach threw the table

Mideon and visera enter the ring and make a case of how they deserve/want a contract
heyman comes down to the ring
heyman: since wcw/ecw is the land of opertunity you got achance if you can beat the dudley You got you're selfs a contract
cole: wait from behind it's the dudleyz
both dudleyz hit the reversed 3d on visera and start the attack on mideon
bubba and mideon in bubba irish whips mideon into the rope back drop mideon gets dominated for 2 3 minute's till he tags in visera who clear's house
visera goes to the middle rope SPLASH no dvon got out the way bubba get's a steel chair shot to mideon
a hearse drives down the ramp the dudleyz throw a bloody mideon in and now destroy visera drag him to the out side and throw him in the back of the hearse
dvon and bubba go to the front bubba trys to open the door but find's it's locked
OH YEA!!!!
tazz: its him! its paul
fans: yay!!!!!!!!!!
the undertaker walks down the ramp dvon runs for the attack kick to dvon chokeslam on the cold steel bubba run's for an attack kick TOMBSTONE
GONG yay the undertaker enter's the hearse and they drive of
cole: what the hell was the undertaker doing here this aint right!
show restarts with scott steiner in the ring
steiner goes on and on ending the promo with there's nothing finer then scott steiner when suddenly the cat's old music some better call my mamma
and out comes the hippydog
cole: who the hell is this!?!?!
hippydog enter's the ring
hippydog: YAW YAW YAWWWWW!!!!!!
hippydog: i think it's time you realised there is stuff better then scott steiner the hippydog has got sick and tired of your shit
hippydog: and quiet frankly the hippdidly do has had enough
steiner: hipdidly do? what the hell is that who the hell are you
hippydog: steiner some one call ya mama! hippy dog hit's a low blow and deliver's his finisher the scrapler (basicly the fu)
hippydog: Now bring out the puppies! terrie walks onto the stage and remove's her top No bra.
fans: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
hippydog: eric, heyman, vince, linda, that's one good reason you should give me a contract
fans: hippydog hippydog hippydog
cole: what in the world....
tazz: i like this guy eric!
promo of goldberg is aired
billy kidman is already in the ring as kane enter's
billy runs at kane big boot by kane billy get's up only to be chokeslamed kane pins 1 2 no kane releases and picks up billy tombstone
kane goes to the out side and chokeslams the ring anoucer and gets a mic
kane: AUSTIN next week while you're sat in you're hospital bed you can watch me destroy sting or goldberg or who ever it is and become the next wcw/ecw champion hahahahahaha
kane: and austin that's the bottom line cus kane said so.
fans: BOO!!!!!!!!!
booker T v lex luger promo play's
both men are in the ring test of strenth luger easily win's luger irish whips booker into the rope clothline match goes back and forth for around 5 minute's
bookerT hit's his move newly named the kick
bookerT run's into the rope's and off lex luger put's his head down kick into luger's skull book end 1 2 NO
booker t lift's lex up and LEX out of no where hit's his finisher
nathan jones attack's lex luger
nathan jone's lift's lex up and powerbomb's him
match end's via dq
up next
goldberg v sting
sting's music hit's
fans: sting sting sting sting sting sting!!!
sting enter's the ring to a huge reaction
pyro play's it begain show's goldberg's first match huge wcw pyro on what goldberg did for wcw now it say's it's back
fans: goldberg goldberg goldberg
goldberg's music hit's as he walk's down the ring
fans: yay!!!!!!!
cole: it's goldberg!!!!
tazz: goldberg is here!
goldberg enter's the ring and stares at sting
fans: yay!!!!!!!!!!
match starts both men delivering blow's goldberg get's the better close match for around 15 minute's some great moves finaly goldberg knock's sting down and set's up for the spear
he goes for it Sting drops to the floor grab's the knees SHARPSHOOTER!!
fans: YAY/BOO
cole: mixed reaction from the fan's
tazz: who care's this has been a great match
he keep's the sharp shooter on for over a minute just as it look's like goldberg's gonna tap the light's go off
the light's return on sting is looking down the ramp he turns around SPEAR by goldberg both men are laid out
both men start to get to there feet goldberg first who gets in the corner he's about to hit the spear light's go out and BOOM kane's music hit's goldberg look's shocked and is on the apron calling kane down
but from behind roll up by sting goldberg push's sting off who hit's kane off the apron
sting turn's around goldberg goes for a spear but sting dodges and he end's up hitting the ref he turns around ddt sting goes to the out side and set's up a chair as tho he's going to sit on it
cole: what's sting going to do to goldberg Oh no wait from behind
kane grab;s sting from behind and chokeslams him threw the chair
fans: wholy shit wholy shit
goldberg make's the cover a ref run's down
and new wcw champion goldberg
kane reenter's the ring and chokeslam's goldberg kane now leaves down the ramp with a sick look on his face
show end's

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ummmm space it out just coz u r from israel doesnt mean u cant spell i m from bangaldesh hey u get wrestling in isael sweet

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Show begins.

TripleH's music hits. Triple H enter's the ring and grab's the mic.

Triple H: So there's 1 week until Backlash. 1 damn week and as it stands it's Benoit v Eddie v the World Title. WELL THAT'S NOT DAMN RIGHT. It should be me the game v..

HBK's music hits.

Shawn Michaels: Triple H you come out here running your mouth about how you should be in the title match but the fact is you're not and since you're not... how about HBK vs. HHH No Disqualification.

Shane McMahon's music hits.

Shane McMahon: I regret to inform you Backlash has been put back a week. So how about here tonight HBK vs. HHH.

The fans cheer.


JR: Were back live *cough cough*

King: Are you ok JR, after what Kane did to you you're in that neck brace and...

JR: I know King, I don't feel well, but I have a job to do and I'm going to do it and I hope that sick monster rots in hell.

Edge's music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Charlie Haas's music hits.

Edge vs. Charlie Haas

Haas and Edge do a stare down and lock up. Haas gets the better of it they try again. Edge drop toe holds Haas into the ropes. He runs off
into a drop kick from Haas. Back suplex by Haas. Haas controlls for 7 minutes and occasionaly Edge gets back into it. Haas Irish whips Edge into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Edge ducks, turns and hits the spear. Kickout at two. Edge goes for the DDT but Haas throws him over into a northern lights suplex keeping the leg hooked. 1, 2,

King: What a move! HE GOT UP WHAT THE

JR: Can you beleive the courage in this kid.

Edge get's back to his feet clotheslines Haas down. Edge builds momentum. Edge suplexs Haas onto the top ropes and now grabs the head DDT time.


Brock Lesnar attack's Edge from behind and hit's the F5 on Edge.

Winner via disqualifcation: Edge

Now Lesnar goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair. Haas makes a quick exit. Lesnar smack's Edge on his broken arm 4 times. He now drags him to the outside and deliver's two F5's into the post.

JR: Some body stop this, come on help some body.


Fans cheer.

Gong, gong, gong.

Lesnar runs through the crowd to his escape.

The Undertaker walks down just behind that evil Paul Bearer, Viscera and Mideon. Mideon has a eye in a tube. The Undertaker is back in his dark cloak.

JR: What in the world...

Undertaker: I've come back to do what I started some years ago, and that is to lead my Ministry to complete control. Creatures of the night they will be a sacrifice and I have someone very special in mind. Soon I'll reveal the newest member of my Ministry but for tonight I've got my self a match against Rob Van Dam.

RVD's music hits and he gets attacked on the ramp by Bradshaw, who slams RVD on the steel delivering kick's and a powerbomb. Bradshaw then Irish whips him into the steel steps and throws him in the ring match begins.

Undertaker vs. Rob Van Dam

Undertaker lifts RVD up and drops him head first into the turbuckle. RVD turn's around to a boot to the face. Undertaker chokeslams RVD picks him up delivers the tombstone. 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Undertaker

Paul Bearer asks if there going to sacrifice Rob Van Dam. The Undertaker says no because hes to weak.


Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit vs. Bradshaw and Billy Gunn

The match goes back and forth for around 5 minutes until Eddie is Irish whipped into the ropes. Blind tag by Benoit. Bradshaw hits the clothesline from hell and covers but he's not the legal man. Bradshaw gets suplexed by Benoit. Billy Gunn runs in and he gets suplexed. Benoit hits some suplex's and a back suplex. Benoit goes up top and hits a headbutt onto Billy Gunn. Bradshaw lines him up for the clothline from hell. Benoit locks in the crossface and Bradshaw's about to tap when Billy Gunn knocks Benoit off. Eddie is up top and hits the frog splash, hitting all 3 competitors. Benoit's arm is still over bradshaw 1, 2, 3 .

Winners: Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.

Benoits music hits as Eddie celebrates. Benoit gets up spins Eddie around. Right hand to eddie. Eddie hits back. Eddie and Benoit have a fist fight until officials separate them.

Chris Jericho is on his Highlight Reel and makes lots of jokes over WCW and he's about to introduce his first guest when...

Sid Vicious enters the ring from behind wearing a WCW/ECW shirt. Kick to Jericho and then powerbomb. Sid continues this and delivers 2 more powerbombs.

Fans now boo.

Linda McMahon's music hits as she enters the ring and makes some inportant anoucements.

Linda McMahon: First I'd like to say how sorry I am to all the WWE fans after selling the names back to Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman. How ever I think some good things could come from this. I have managed to bring back one WWE superstar. But first the reason this show is 25 minutes longer than usual is because on live TV The Rock will sign a brand new WWE contract. Not many of you know his old one expired last week. The Rock has promised to give up his movie career and sign for us on live TV today. But I can't hold the suspense any longer, with out further a do welcome HULK HOGAN!

The fans cheer HOGAN HOGAN HOGAN

Hogan makes his way to the ring with his old I am a Real American music.

Hogan: Hulkamainia is still alive brother!

The fans cheer.

Eric Bischoff's music hits.

The fans now boo.

JR: What the hell! What is this egomaniac doing here, this ain't right damn it.

Eric grab's a mic.

Eric Bischoff: Well Linda you're more stupid than I thought you were. You think bringing Hogan back is going to make you're ratings higher than us. Hogan is inferior to anyone in WCW/ECW.

Linda McMahon: Is that so Eric? Or are you just saying that because he signed for us and not you?

Eric now laughs.

Hulk Hogan: Listen up Eric, you think I'm an old man, I can be beat huh? There's no one in WCW/ECW who can beat me. Well how about at Backlash you get one of your best superstars to take on me.

Eric: Ok Hogan your on. It'll be you against this man.

Titontron shows Randy Savage who gives a promo on his hate for Hogan.

The fans cheer.

Eric Bischoff: Oh and Linda you might be wondering why I'm out here. Why Shane let me out here that is because well we took care of Shane, have a look.

Titantron show's Shane walking out of his office when GORE strait through the wall.

Heyman comes up laughing and stomps on Shane with Rhyno.


Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

Both men are in the ring. HBK and Tiple H stare each other down. There about to go at it when Evolution's music hit's
From behind Randy Orton attacks Shawn Michaels. Michaels and Orton go at it. Flair and Batista start kicking at Shawn Micheals, who is on the floor. Matt Morgan and Johnny Nitro run into the ring and attack Triple H. Orton, Flair and Batista turn around. Morgan and Nitro stop and Triple H gets to his feet and walks over to Evolution. Triple H smiles when Morgan smiles back Triple H turns around RKO by Orton.
Evolution continue kicking on Michaels and Triple H until Batista brings in 2 steel chairs, one on Triple H's leg and one on Michaels. Orton and Nitro both go to the top ropes when Foleys music hits as he races down into the ring only to be beaten down. It looks as though they will hit the move this time when Kevin Nash and Scott Halls music hits.

The fans cheer.

JR: Oh my King, its, its, its

King: Kevin Nash and Scott Hall!

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall run into the ring and clear house. Standing over the fallen Michaels, Triple H and Foley.


Show re-starts with Vince McMahon already in the ring.

Vince McMahon: As I said just before WCW/ECW returned it is time to shake up the WWE! I need to bring back some of the greatest superstars, I need to make more matches, new wrestlers thats what we want. But talking of wrestlers returning, at Backlash not only will it be a WWE/WCW/ECW PPV but I'm bringing back someone very special to the WWE. His name is Bret 'the Hitman' Hart!

The fans cheer.

Vince McMahon: Oh but thats not all... also at Backlash KURT ANGLE will return from a neck injury!

The fans cheer.

Vince McMahon: And as of right now its Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and MickFoley vs. Evolution

The fans cheer.

JR: Can you believe this? What will Vince do next?

Eric Bischoff's music hits as he and Heyman enter the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Well, well, well. It seems Vince thinks bringing old has beens back is going to up the ratings. You will never, never, never, never be at the level WCW/ECW IS YOU SON OF A BITCH.

Vince McMahon: Eric, Eric, Eric you did not let me finish.. Theres one more match I'd like to make. How does this sound it's a 2 on 1 match.. In one corner Vincent Kennedy McMahon in the other corner... Paul Heyman and you Eric!

The fans cheer.

Eric Bischoff: hmm the answer is NO.

The fans boo.

JR: That son of a bitch Eric, he's to scared to go against Vince one on one.

Eric Bischoff: But I'll tell you what, you pick one WWE superstar who's not in a match at Backlash and I'll pick one WCW superstar who's not in a match at Backlash and if yours wins you got me and Heyman NO DQ. However if our superstar wins we get to put you in any match against any one. What do you say vince?

Vince McMahon: Ok, I accept and my superstar will be Shelton Benjamin.

Heyman: Can I choose Eric? I got some one special in mind... Nathan Jones!

The fans boo.

Vince McMahon: oh yes well who said to wait until Backlash. Why dont we...
IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLL What The Rock is cooking.

the rock makes his entrance into the ring

Rock: The Rock has sat back long enough, listening to all this bull crap. Vince, Eric, Heyman my mind was already made up! I knew where I was going. I've quit Hollywood for Wrestling and you all knew where I'd go. The place I belong, I've been whooping ass for years. I've beat The Undertaker, Stone Cold, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan, you name it I've done it.

Vince McMahon: Hell yeah, so its sorted then The Rock to the WWE!

Eric: .......

Rock: I've done it all but never in WCW/ECW. Vince looks at The Rock shocked. Rock kicks Vince ROCK BOTTOM.

The fans boo.


Rock then locks in the Sharpshooter.

The fans now chant Bull Shit and You Sold Out.

JR: SOME BODYS gotta do something. He's gonna break Vince's legs.

King: I should go up there

King takes of his head set when Hulk Hogan runs down the ramp into the ring. Rock, Heyman and Eric make a quick exit. Hogan grabs the mic.

Hulk Hogan: You know something brothers, it seems to me the rockajabroni is back. With the forces of evil this time and I'll be damned if Hulkamainia is just going to sit back and let this happen.

Hulk Hogan: So how about it Rock? At Backlash Rock vs. Hogan 3 No Disqualification.

The fans cheer.

Rock: Oh, you want some of me, come get it big boy oh yeah its on!

Rock and Hogan stare each other down.

Show ends.

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First of all PLEASE space your show out, it makes it a lot easier to read.

Bad Things:

Not spaced out.
Fans wouldn't say Yay, infact I don't know anyone who would.
No capital letters.
JR would not say Bastard.
Backlash wouldn'tbe put back a week.
Use full stops.
Edge wouldn't wrestle with a broken arm.
Edge wouldn't lose to a Northern Lights Suplex (so JR wouldn't have to comment).
Sid Vicious can't wrestle now due to a broken leg.
Things happen straight after another.
No backstage segments.
JR wouldn't call Bischoff a donkey ass.
Eric Bischoff wouldn't call Linda a cow.
People were out of character.
Too many interferences.
Too many No DQ matches.

Good Things:
The idea is good.

Overall: 5/10

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