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new wwe storylines

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me and my friend are doing new storylines...starting after wrestlemania 20. you can read and rate which show is better. u can aslo give us tips on what u would like to see.
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As said above, me and my friend are going to be starting new wwe storylines. We are going to pretend its the night after wrestlemania 20, and there was a fantasy draft, so it can "all begin again" the night after on raw. i will post the rosters me and my friend are going to be using. we took the current wwe roster and did a draft, taking turns picking until there was noone left. we will post them soon. You can read them, and if u do, it would be appreicated if u could rate the show on a 1 to 10 scale (not each match..just the whole thing). It would also be cool if u gave us tips and pointers on what u wanted to see. Now here are the rosters for raw and smackdown.....

World Champ: Chris Beniot
IC Champ: Randy Orton
Tag Champs: RVD and Booker T
Womens Champ: Victoria
Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Rock, Big Show, Bubba, D-Von, Mark Jindrack, Test, Maven, Rhyno, Regal, Spike Dudley, Charlie Haas, Moredaci, Chris Nowinski, Johnny Nitro, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, Tommy Dreamer, Steven Richards, Matt Capotelli (Tough Enough) Val Venis, Rico, A-Train, Matt Morgan, Lance Storm, Shane McMahon, Chuck Palumbo, Josh Matthews(Tough Enough) Mick Foley, Eric Bischoff, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Nidia. Stacy Kiebler, Miss Jackie, Gail Kim, Shanaquia, Ivory, Jazz.

WWE Champ: Eddie Guerrero
U.S. Title: John Cena
Tag Champs: Rikishi and scotty
Cruserweight: Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Triple H, Shawn Micheals, Edge, Shelton Benjamin, Bradshaw (JBL gimmick), Christian, Matt Hardy, Batista, Kane, Ric Flair, Rene Dupree, Rey Mysterio, Scott Stiener, Billy Gunn, Hardcore Holly, Tajiri, Ultimo Dragon, Rodney Mack, Hurricane, Rosey, Mark Henry, Garrison Cade, Orlando Jordan, Akio, Sakoda, Grand Master Sexay, Nunzio, Johnny "the bull" Stamboli, Shannon Moore, Sylvian Greneir, Rob Conway, Billy Kidman, Paul London, Paul Heyman, Stephanine Mcmahon, Lita, Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Sable, Jacqueline

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ok...because this is the first week...orton17 and myself have decided to do a special occasion,...and post our raw and smackdowns tonight. After this, raw's will be on monday, and smackdown's will be on thursday.

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Re: new wwe storylines (RAW)


RAW opens with a smiling Vince McMahon appearing on the titan tron.
The arena erupts in boos and Asshole chants

Vince: "Good evening everybody as you might know a draft has taken place today and the new roster for RAW has been posted for all you fans. Tonight is the first night with these new rosters and is the night after Wrestlemania XX where it all begins again!"

asshole chants grow louder!

"thats better. I am appearing to you fans here right now to promise you a new and better RAW and it starts tonight! In Tonights main event it will be new champion Chris Benoit defending his title against Y2J Chris Jericho! I hope you all enjoy."

Opening music video is shown.....pyro goes of and RAW is live on the air!

JR: We are here live at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford NJ for RAW!

King: Yeah JR and Mr. McMahon has promissed us a new RAW after todays draft has taken place.

Theme music that is unfamiliar to the fans starts to sound throught the arena ....its Randy Orton!

Orton:"I am just a little pissed off that Flair, Triple H, and Batista have all been drafted to Smackdown! I am the only memeber left here from evolution. Now i dont have a dam person here to watch my back! But do you know what? Thats ok because after last night I proved that i can make it here on my own when i pinned Mick Foley with an RKO at The grandest stage of them all wrestlemania XX. I Randy Orton will take RAW to new heights and there is no one that can stop me."........

"HERE COMES THE MONEY!......" the crowd goes crazy


King: what is he doing here?!!!!??!?!

Shane: For those of you that dont know who the hell i am. I am Shane McMahon and i know i havent been around for a while but im back for a special purpose and im going to be here for a while. My father has coined wrestemania XX as where it all begins again and since he hasent liked the direction Raw has been taken latley he has appointed me the CO-Genereal Manager of RAW. And as for you Randy Orton i have been watching you latley and i have watched what you have done to a legend of our company Mick Foley in recent weeks and i have come to the conclusion tha your coward and an asshole!

Randy Orton decks Shane with the microphone and starts to stomp on him

orton continues to verbally and physically abuse Shane when all of a sudden the lights turnout in the arena.........and the bell tolls

King: Oh No JR its the Lord of Darkness

The Undertaker with Paul Bearer entes the ring. Shane bails and makes his way to the back. Orton in fear goes to run but it is grabbed by the Undertaker. TOMBSTONE ON ORTON!!!!!!! Taker leaves an out old Orton lying on the canvas and makes his way to the back.

JR: What a wild way to start RAW King. I cant believe it Shane is the CO-GM and Taker just tombstned Orton



JR: We are back live here on RAW and i am still speachless

King: Well this next match shuld give us plenty to talk about JR.

tag team championship
(c's) RVD and Booker T vs The Dudleyz
Booker and Bubba start in the ring and begin the match with an agressive tie up. Bubba hooks in a headlock but is thrown into the ropes. Bubba coming back off the ropes rebounds with a clothesline and booker hits the mat hard. Bubba tags in D'von and both men excute a double suplex on booker. Booker gets up and hits a harlem sidekick on D'von for a two count. the crowd chants twoooooooo!!!! Booker hits D'von with another sidekick but this time tags in RVD. RVD opens up with multple kicks to the side and back of D'von. A suplex knocks him down and RVD nails him with a slingshot moonsault. 1...........2..........kick out. RVD goes to hit a rolling thunder but D'von moves. Bubba hits RVD with a right hand while the ref has his back turned and Booker storms the ring. Booker and Bubba go over the ropes to the outside. RVD runs and hits a suicide dive to the otuside on Bubba but also knocksdown booker. D'von follows to the outside and tosses van dam into the steps. He throws RVD into the ring and then into ropes to set him up for a 3-D but as D'von ges to lift him RVD reverses into a DDT.....booker pulls Bubba back out....the pin on D'von....1...............2...............3? no nearfall.
Bookend on Bubba on the outside. Booker gets back on the apron for a tag. He gets it. as D'von goes to get up Booker plants him back down with a scissrs kick followed by a spinarooni. the pin 1.............2..........bubba pulls booker off of D'von. D'von and Booker both go down with a double clothesine. RVD hits the 5-star off the top. D'von desperatly needs a tag. Both Booker and D'von slowly crawl and make the tag. RVD charges at bubba and goes for a clothlsine. Bubba ducks and hits the bubba bomb. 1.......2.........nearfall. Booker stands beind Bubba and goes for the sidekick. Bubba ducks and sends booker sailing over the top rope. D'von is back up. RVD slowly gets up turns around into the 3-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.............2..................3!!!!.....NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!

winners: new tag champions the dudleyz

JR: Wow what a match. that was a slobberknocker!

King: indeed it was JR. Those Dam Dudleyz arethe champs

RVD and Booker argue in the in ring and walk backstage seperatley

backstage- video footage is shown of trish stratus holding intrview auditions of wh she will manage next sicne christian has been drafted to Smackdown.

King: OOOH MY GOD JR LOOK AT THOSE PUPPIES! Mybe i should go back there and be interviewed!

JR: you stay right here King!


Womans Championship
(c) Victoria vs Jazz
Jazz runs right into the ring and attacks Victoria. Jazz grabs a handful of hair and chucks Victoria to the mat. Vitoria while on the ground trips up Jazz and catapults her into the turnbuckle. The roll up 1........2......kick out. Jazz gets up and clothleslines Victoria. She then follows it up with a scoopslam. She turns her over and hooks in the STF. Victoria is a great deal away form the ropes and screams in pain. Victoria crawls more and more towards the ropes as the pain intensifies and her resistance dwindles. She reachesou to grabs the rope but cant quite get there. She now raises her arm to tap and brings it down towards the mat. Just before she can hit the mat the stops herself and goes to grab the ropes one last time and this time she makes it. The ref tells Jazz to break the hold. Jazz argues with the ref and turns arond and hooks Victoria into and a fishermans suplex (perfectplex) but Victoria reverses it into a small package 1.....2...3. its over.

Winner- still champion victoria.

JR: What an effort by victoria as she pulls out th upset.

King: I thoguht she was going to tap JR

backstage- Trish is standing by with Josh Mathews.

Josh: "So trish hae you decided who it is that your going to be managing next?"
Trish: "Yes i have Josh" (she smiles at Josh and josh smiles back)
Trish:"And no josh its not you!"
Josh: "Well who is it?"
Trish:"Well im going to make you wait til his match with Maven tonight to find out. What i can tell you though is that hes big, rough, and will satisfie me both inside and outside of the ring"

crowd chants SLUT

King: WHo is it JR?!!!


GLASS SHATTERS!......Stonecold makes his way to the ring.

Austn: "Well Stonecold has noticed that there are two G.M.'S now. First we only had that little son of a bitch Eric Bishcoff but now we also have Shane McMahon. That just means there is more cans of whoop ass that stonecold can open as the sherrif of RAW and I came out here tonight to celebrate that by drinking a cold one or two. So hit my music.

Kurt Angle's music plays instead of Austins.

Kurt Angle: You call your self the sheriff of RAW but your out here drinking instead of doing something about Jericho getting a title shot tonight and not me.I have asked Shane and Eric all night to do somehting about that and they havent so unforanetly your my last result. GIVE ME MY DAM TITLE SHOT!

Austin: If you want Stone Cold to not give Kurt Angle a title shot give me HELL NO

Crowd: HELL NO!!!!

Austin: Well do you know what im in a jovial mood here tonight. Thats right Stone Cold is feeling good tonight. So Kurt your lucky because i have an idea i am going to give this idea of mine to Eric so he can make the match.

Angle: What match?

Austin: Next week on RAW you will earn your titel shot. You will get your championship match Kurt only if next week in the main event you can beat THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!!....AND THATS THE BOTTEM LINE CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!!!!!

austin stuns Angle and the crowd goes crazy as e celebrates and drinks in the ring.


backstage- A pissed of Randy orton takes his bags and leaves the arena with an ice pack on his head.

Hardcore Match
Big Show vs Rhyno
Rhyno brings a chair into the ring but the Big Show boots it back into his face. Big Show then hits Rhyno with the final cut but Rhyno surprisingly kicks out. Rhyno low blows bigshow and then gores him through the ropes
to the outside. Rhyno grabs a video camera and tatoos him in the face with it. Big Show is busted open and then gags as Rhyno begins to choke him out with the camera cable. Big Show appears to blackout so Rhyno covers him...1......2...Big Shows throws his shoulder up. Rhyno pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up outside the ring. He also pulls out a fire estinguisher and hits Big Show in the head wiht it. He then pulls out another table. he sets this one up in the corner inside the ring. Rhyno rolls Big Show into he ring and leg drops him. 1....2...kick out. Big Show gets up and headbutts Rhyno down. He picks him up and attemps to chokeslam Rhyno through the table set up in the corner but Rhyno hits another low blow. Rhyno then runs back and GORES BIGSHOW THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!! 1.............2..........3....yes no!!!! wait a minute BIg Show kicked out at he last second. Rhyno signals for another Gore but Big Show hitshim with a big boot to the face. Big Show pulls Rhyno up but Rhyno in desperation hits a DDT. 1...2......kick out. Rhyno cant seem to beat the Big Show. Big Show gets up and clotheslines Rhyno down. The Big Show in a rare sight heads for the top rope. Rhyno runs into the ropes and crotches the Big Show. Rhyno climbs to the top and hooks Big SHow up for a superplex but he is too heavy. Big Show grabs Rhyno by the neck and lifts him and the drops him from the top rope to the outside thorugh the table and onto the floor. ( crowd chants HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!!!!!) The Big Show climbs down roles out and covers Rhyno.......1........2..........3

winner- Big Show

King: Rhyno looks like hes dead!

JR: This is serious King. We need some help out here. some EMTS

King: Big Show is a monster

JR: We are gunna go to a commercial break ladies and gentlemen while they help Rhyno out of here.


backstage- Shane walks into Bishcoffs office

Shane: Did you see what Big Show just did to Rhyno!
Eric: they are taking him to the hospital for x-rays...but he will be alrite.
Shane: This is why i am here on Raw eric to restore order. To make sure things are fair around here. As far as kurt vs Taker next week its on. Things are going to be different around here much different.

shane leaves.

Trish comes out

Trish: Listen up everyone i need your cooperation
Trish: you are calling me a slut and calling me dirty look at where you live. New Jersey is the biggest piece of trash i have ever seen!
Trish: Let me introduce you to my new prodigy someone who will learn the true definition of stratusfaction.........MARK JINDRAK!

Mark Jindrak vs Maven
Maven entered the ring and was met by a boot. Jindrak with a sideslam on Maven. 1...2..kik out. Maven hits Jindrak with a dropkick but jindrak bounces up and rebounds with a clothesline followed by a hard german suplex. Jindrak then picks Maven up and drills him with a powerbomb. Trsih yells not to pin him yt. Jindrak lifts Maven up and powerbombs him two more tims and then sitsout wit the third.....1............2................3.

winner- Jindrak

JR: that was a squash and jindrak is really looking impressive here. Now look King Jindrak and Trish are kissing in the ring. this makes me sick

Kng: HAHAHA this is great

JR: what a jezebel.


a Mordacai promo is shown............." the day of reckoning is in one week!"

Bashams vs Rico & Charlie Haas w/Miss Jackie
Doug starts in with Rico. Rico prances around the ring and smacks dougs ass. Doug angrily charges rico and shoulder blocks him down. Rico gets up onl to be shoulder blocked down again. Doug tags in Danny as Rico tags in Haas. Haas drop toe holds Danny and hooks in the Haas of pain. Doug makes the save before Danny can tap. The ref gets Doug out of the ring. Haas hits a german suplex but only gets two. Haas applies the haas of pain again but this time Danny is too close to the ropes and the ref is forced to break the hold. Haas ges to the top and hits a missle dropkick. Danny is out as Miss Jackie distract the ref. Rico sides haas brass knucks but as he goes to put them on Doug and Danny switch. Doug the fresh man is now in but hass thinks it is Danny. he goes to hit him with the knucks but doug ducks and superkicks haas the ref turns around. Rico grabs Doug and kisses him. A disgusted Doug is rolled up from behind by Haas.......1........2........3.

winners- Haas and Benjamin

King: that was gross JR

JR: This has to be the most dysfucntional tag team i have ever seen. But up next the title is on the line in the main event. Dont go away.


World Heavywieght Championship
(C) Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho
Both men enter and the ref raises the world title the prize these men will battle for. Hebner rings the bell. Benoit opens up with chops and Jericho responds. Loud WOOOOOS are heard through the arena. Benoit blocks a right hand and qucikly goes for the crosface but Jericho fights out. Jericho trips benoit down tries to hook the walls of jericho but Benoit punches out. Benoit snap suplexs Jericho and goes upsatirs for the headbutt but jericho knocks him off the ropes to the outside o the ring. Jericho on the outside backsuplexs Benoit against the guardrail. Jericho then hooks the walls of Jericho on the outsde. Benoit screams but Jericho breaks the hold realizing he cant win on the outside. he rolls Benoit into the ring. Jericho walks into the ring and sets benoit up for a powerbomb but it is reversed into the sharpshooter for a loud pop by the crowd. Jericho grabs the ropes and then hooks the crossface on Benoit. Benoit isnt about to tap to his own move so he slips his way out and grabs jerichos legs and hooks the walls of Jericho on Jericho. Jericho crawls and crawls and eventually gets to the ropes. Jericho gets up and walks into multiple german suplexes. the last one is a pin 1.........2..........NO!! kick out. Benoit argues with the ref. Jericho sneaks up and hits benoit wiht thr facebuster. He goes or the lionsalt but Benoit gets the knees up. Benoit now goes to the top and signals for a diving headbut. He launches himself off the top but there is no one home. Jericho moved. Jericho now goes off the ropes and hits the lionsalt. 1............2................nearfall. Jericho now argues with the ref. sunset flip by Benoit......1...........2......no...its reveresed into a pin by Jericho..........1.......2......reversed now by Benoit...1........2...kick out.....Jericho now trips up benot and rolls over him for the pin..1....2...Benoit with all of hsi elg strenght rises up turns and hts the backslide.........1......2...........nearfall....the crowd is going nuts....benoit hits another German and now goes up for th headbutt.........HE GETS IT!!!!......1..............2..................3 NO KICKS OUT....another close pin...
Jericho now on the attack hits a powerbomb with a pin...1.....2......nearfall...Jericho hooks in the walls of jericho .....Benoit screams hes gunna tap...we are gunna have a new champion....but here comes kurt angle.....he jumps up on the apron but jericho forearms him off...Angle crashes to the floor....Benoit back up but Jericho hooks the walls of Jericho again in the middle of the ring...Benoit sractthes his way to the ropes but is inches away and he taps...no he gets the ropes. Jericho thinking he tapped begins to celebrate and Benoit roles him up 1............2...
NO! h kicked out. Jericho hits Benoit with a heel kick and goes for the lionsault but Kurt Angle hits him as he comes off the ropes. Bneoit gets the CROSSFACE!!!! he lets go of the hold though he doesnt want to win that way. Angle comes into the ring and Benoit germans him. Benoit turns aroun and Jericho spinebusts him down and hooks the walls of jericho but Benoit grabs his arm and turns it into the crossface....Jericho battles towards the ropes but cant take the pain and he taps.

Winner- and still champ Benoit



benoit is celebrating in the ring with the belt wen jericho comes back in...they stare eachother down and then shake hands...they both celebrate when Angle comes in...Angle hits him both with the chair. Angle slam on Benoit....Angles music hits as he stands over Benoit holding the belt



Show fades out and ends

sorry if it was a little too long...please rate the show on a scale of 1-10 and feel free to include ideas and pointers

thanks for reading

hbkrulez4 will have smackdown posted....check back a week from tomorrow for RAW

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wwe beginning clip starts, and then from there the pyro hits. This is smackdown after the wwe's biggest event ever, WrestleMania 20. There has been a draft, so there has been alot of show switching.

Cole: Welcome everyone to smackdown. I'm Micheal Cole and this is my partner tazz. And tazz as you know there was a huge draft that took place after Wrestlemania last night, and we will see what General Manager Paul Heyman has to say about the matter.
Tazz: Last night was a great night cole, and i am looking foward to see some of the new superstars here on Smackdown, but i was kind of hoping that Raw would end up picking you.
Cole: Thanks for your support Tazz. But now its time to see some clips of the great main even between WWE Champ Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle

The clips of the match are being shown on the screen, and the crowd is really pleased to see Eddie rolling up Angle for the pinfall.
Cole: It's Eddie, Eddie Guerrero is here, I cant wait to see what he has to say on an impressive win last night
Eddie's music is still playing as he comes out one of his shiny new low-riders. He hops out and stands on the roof, holding the title around his waist. He proceeds into the ring and grabs the mic. "EDDIE" chants are booming throught the rafters, but they soon give Eddie a chance to speak.
Eddie: Wats up homes, i am glad to be here tonight. The only thing i am dissapointed about is that little American Whiner Kurt Angle is not on smackdown anymore, so i can kick his ass again!

"EDDIE" chants begin to ring throughout the crowd again, but they are soon interrupted by HHH's theme music
Tazz: uh-oh Cole, things are defnitely about to pick up now, HHH doesnt look to be in a happy mood tonight
Cole: yea, he seems pretty mad about losing that triple threat match last night at wrestlemania.
HHH madly walks out to the ring, the "YOU TAPPED OUT" chants begin to get louder and louder, and HHH cant even get a word in
HHH: Shut up!! Shut up!! Dont you realize that i am the game! I am still the greatest wrestler in this business, on Raw or Smackdown. I'm going to throw aside the fact that i lost to that one hit wonder Chris Benoit last night for a little while, knowing that i can get my hands on the title here on smackdown, the inferior brand, with an inferior champion
HHH and Eddie get in each others faces, the crowd wants to see a fight.
Heyman's music hits, and he appears at the top of the titantron
Cole: Hey, what is he doing here! He has no business in this.
Tazz: What are you talking about cole, he is the general manager, he has every right to step in and break this up. Now shut up he is about to speak
Heyman gets into the ring and grabs a mic.

Heyman:Eddie, Triple H, lets be reasonable, i know that you two are both exausted, and are in no mood to fight each other. HHH then grabs the mic forcefully out of heymans hand
HHH: shut up Paul, stop making excuses for me not to kick his ass! i want a title shot! and i want one now! i can beat him anytime, anywhere!
Heyman: Fine Triple H, I was going to be nice and give you both the night off. But it seems that you both want to fight really badly. So Triple H, i will give u a 1 on 1 match tonight against any person you want.
The crowd goes wild

Cole: What? That isnt fair. We know that he is gonna pick Eddie and have a title shot tonight
Tazz: How do you know for sure cole, Heyman said that it can be against anyone, we still have to see who Triple H picks.
HHH: well Paul, thanks alot for the offer. So tonight, 1 on 1, i choose to fight.....
HBK'S MUSIC HITS, AND THE CROWD ERUPTS AGAIN! HBK walks down to the ring and takes the mic from Heyman
HBK: HHH, i know that you want a title shot really badly. But i am also looking for a fight, and i suggest that if you dont pick me for that match, i can guarantee that you will leave here in an ambulance before you step out of this ring. Triple H thinks about it, and says the he will fight HBK here tonight. The crowd is very happy, and Micheals leaves the ring. Triple H has says that if Heyman doesnt give him a title shot soon, Smackdown will pay, and he says he has more important things to do and walks out of the ring and into the back. It is now Eddie and Heyman in the ring and Eddie is about to leave.
Heyman: Hey Eddie hold on, your not getting off that easy. Tonight you are still going to defend your title. And this person is hungry. Hungry to get back in the ring and make an impact, and his name is...EDGE!
Cole: Wow! what a great match that is gonna be! we havent seen Egde for a long long time, i cant wait to see if he can get right back in the ring and wrestle for the title.
Tazz: But you have to remember cole, he could still be favoring that neck. We have to see if Edge has any ring rust on him, and if Eddie can take advantage of that mabye still tender neck.
Cole: All in all Tazz, this is a great way to kick off a brand new smackdown! We will be right back


When we come back Christian is in the ring. and he doesnt seem to be in a happy mood. Everyone is chanting "CLB", and Christian is about to throw one of his fits.
Christian: Ok Ok, as you all know, me and trish were going along great on raw. But now because of this stupid draft, i am now on smackdown, away from trish. But i heard how she is looking for another man, so i can dump her just as quick. And i know just the girl. Lita, if you could, please come out. Lita's music hits and the crowd cheers
Tazz: Hey its lita. We havent seen lita on smackdown before. This is great. New wrestlers, and a few new hot divas added to the show, how could we go wrong.
Cole: Yea tazz its great, but what does Christian want with Lita?

Christain goes on to say how he always liked lita more than trish, and how he thought that she was always a hotter diva and a better person to be around. He is still smooth talking her, but lita gets fed up with it and slaps Christian in the face. The crowd cheers, but then Christian gets mad and hits her back, and has her in the setup for the unpretteir....
Cole: Hey what is this! He cant do this to innocent Lita. Someone help her!
All of the sudden Matt Hardy's music hits and he runs into the ring, and begins to attack Christian. Lita gets out of the ring, and out of nowhere, a referee hops into the ring and the bell sounds.
Tazz: Hey great! they are going to make this a match! What a great match to kick off smackdown.

Matt Hardy vs. Christian
The match continues with back and forth brawling, and soon christian gets the upper hand with an unprettier.
Cole: There it is. The Unprettier! Thats the match!
The ref counts..1....2....no! kick out
Tazz: WOW! I cant belive hardy kicked out of that
then Christian is about to go for another one of his unprettiers, but hardy pushes out of it and sends christian into the ropes. Hardy runs the opposite way and they both have the same idea as they collide in the middle of the ring after doing a clothesline to each other.
Cole: The refs count is at 7....now....8..
Tazz..One of them has to get up for this match to continue
But after 9 both men start to stir. They get on their feet. Christain swings at Matt Hardy, but he ducks and hits the twist of fate. He goes to the top rope for a Hardy Leg Drop, but Christian moves out of the way. He gets up and knocks Hardy to the turnbuckle, where he hits a swinging DDT...
1......2.......NO! another kickout
Then Christian wraps up Hardy in a pin near the ropes, and proceeds to put is feet on the rope
Cole: No way! he is going to cheat his way to victory
1....2....he gets out of that
Tazz: Wow cole! Matt Hardy is good. He wont be put away by Christian.
Christian begins to throw a tantrum, and he goes outside to get a chair, the ref notices, and grabs it out of his hands. The referee takes it, and turns his back and gives the chair to the ring announcer. Christian's back is turned away from the ramp way, because he is argiung with the ref about the chair. He doesnt see lita run her way into the ring and low blow Christian. He goes down, and Matt Hardy stirs and then puts the icing on the cake with a twist of fate. The ref gets back in and counts a quick 1....2.....3....
Cole: Matt Hardy pulls this one out! all thanks to the help of lita. What do you think about that one Tazz?
Tazz: I think the CLB got what was coming to him cole. And here comes the fit.
We see Christian throwing a fit after in the ring after the match.
The next match is about to start.

Then backstage we see Rikishi and scotty greet back grand master sexay. He is happy to be back and is ready for a six man tag coming up next on Smackdown.
The next match is between Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Grand Master Sexay, vs Tajiri, Akio, and Sakoda.

The crowd is happy to see rikishi scotty and grand master back together
Tazz: all i have to say is i feel sorry for whoever gets the big but of Rikishi in their faces. ugh. im having nightmares thinking about that.
Tajiri, akio, and sakoda enter the ring, and the match begins

It is Rikishi and tajiri. Tajiri tries to lock up with the big man, but the big kish is too powerful. he throws tajiri into the ropes and is beating on him. then soon after Tajiri begins to land his furious kicks to the big Rikishi, and he begins to wear down. Rikishi tags in Grand Master, and there is a huge ovation, They both attack with quick headlocks and suplexes, and there are nearfalls galore. Tajiri tags in Akio, who aslo goes speed for speed against Grand master. Akio soon gets him into their corner, and they begin to triple team him for a while. There are a few wear down locks applied to slow down the match, but the crowd gets behing grand master to make a tag.
Cole: Grand Master Sexy needs a tag tazz. and the crowd wants it to happen
Tazz: I dont think he can get it cole
But soon after he does, and he tags in rikishi again. Rikishi goes for a clothesline, but akio ducks and goes into the ropes and gets a swinging ddt to rikishi. He is out...and akio goes to the top, But scotty hits him and he falls and flips into perfect stink face setup
Tazz: o no cole! here it is! what i was dreading. i have to close my eyes.
Rikishi stirs and stares down akio. he is about to get the stink face but sakoda gets in the ring. He gets a kick to the face. Tajiri drags im to the turnbuckle, and tajiri tries to break it up, but grand master sexay clotheslines tajiri over the ropes and they both go out. Rikshi gets the stink face, and then grabs out akio and puts him near the center of the ring. he tags in scotty, and scotty starts to build up steam and gets the crowd going.
Cole: Hey! it looks like we are about to see the worm Tazz!
Tazz: Its better than the stink face
Scotty hits the worm, and then he looks over to his turnbuckle. Grand master is back on the apron, tajiri is out on the outside. He tags in grand master and he goes to the top for the dancing leg drop. 1.......2........3....and too cool wins!
They throw out sakoda from the turnbuckle..and give the crowd their moneys worth with a dance in the middle of the ring

Backstage we see HHH is greeting Batista and Flair, who are both on smackdown too. When they all appear there are loud boos and "evolution sucks" chants
cole: even though they are missing one memeber, evolution can be dangerous here on smackdown tazz.
tazz: yea. but all you have to do is stay out of their way, and they wont bother you. i think hbk hasnt hearned that lesson yet cole.
HHH: its good to see you both, and i just wanted to let you two know that we all need to be on the top of our game here on smackdown. We dominated over on raw, and lets dominate over here on smackdown. Then Triple H goes on to say that he has booked a match with HBK, and Batista and Flair promise they will be there.
Cole: this looks as if this is going to be a 3 on 1 match here tazz
Tazz: good, mabye shawn micheals will finally get the lesson he deserves here tonight


when we come back, John Cena is in the ring. He is pumping up the crowd, and he is still excited after his big Wrestlemania 20 win. He says that he will be a fighting champion, and would fight tonight if he has to.
We then see a big shiny white limo appear in the rampway, and who looks to be Bradshaw comes out.
Tazz: Hey cole, who is that? is that Bradshaw?
Cole: i think so. we are always used to see him playing cards and drinking beer in the back, but he looks different in that suit and tie.
Bradshaw gets out of the limo and goes to the ring.
Bradshaw: your that punk John Cena arent you? Well, my name is John Bradshaw Layfield, and i think that you need a lesson on how to be a well proper american.
The crowd responds in boos
Bradshaw: all these jerseys, and these backward hats, and that chain, you dont know the meaning of being an American. I, on the other hand, have my own show, i have stocks, i have money, i am the definition of an American.
Tazz: What the hell is bradshaw talking about. this is a new side of him we havent seen before
Cole: yes defnitely. i dont know why bradshaw is acting like this.
All of a sudden we hear Heymans music hit again, and he walks out to the ring, and more and more boos are being yelled now. He grabs a microphone
Heyman: Bradshaw, your right, this punk doesnt know the meaning of an american. I have never liked you John Cena, and now, i have someone on my side. And we will make sure your stay on smackdown is a living hell. Him and Bradshaw shake hands in the middle of the ring.
Heyman: Bradshaw, to reward you, i will give you a United States title shot next week, and to make sure that John Cena is not 100 percent, he will have a match tonight against...KANE!
the crowd boos and heyman and bradshaw laugh. Cena stands there unphased
Cole: Hey this isnt fair at all. Now that bradshaw has this new side to him, Heyman agrees with everything he says
Tazz: Yea, i dont know where this came from out of bradshaw, but whatever it is, its got heyman fooled bad

Bradshaw and heyman walk out of the ring, and Cena prepares for kane to enter
Kane comes down and the match begins
John Cena vs. Kane
Kane is on a rampage, throwing Cena around like a rag doll. Cena attempts to get some hits in, but nothing seems to phase Kane. He begins to battle back, and whips him into the ropes. he hits a running clothesline, and then begins to pound away at kane. Cena is on top of Kane punching him, but then Kane wakes up and grabs his throat. He gets up, and then chokeslams Cena. Then the ref counts, 1....2....No kickout by cena. Kane goes to do it again, but Cena kicks him in the gut and runs into the ropes behing kane and jumps over him...hitting the throwback
Tazz: there it is cole the throwback, one of cena's best moves, this can be it
1....2...No now kane gets the kickout. they are slugging some more...Cena gets him on his shoulders, and is going for the f-u. But Kane slips behind, and then he goes for another chokeslam, but Cena pulls out a brass knuck out of his pocket when the ref wasnt looking, nailes him with it, then he then takes kane by the arm, hoists him on his shoulders, and then hits the f-u successfully.
Tazz: wow its over! Cena beat out Kane using the brass knuckles. He cheated, but it worked!
Cole: this is not good for kane. Mabye he still has the undertaker on his mind, but it does seem as if kane is on a losing streak. I hope he can rebound, or smackdown is i serious trouble. But when we come back its time for a title match


Next is the title match.
Eddie Guerrero (champ) vs. Edge
Eddie comes out in the low-rider. the fans are very happy to see Eddie again. Next we see the fog appear the the beginning of the rampway. Edge's Rob Zombie music plays and Edge runs out on the ramp, and he is pumped. The crowd his going wild.
Tazz: this should be a good match cole. We havent seen Edge in over 12 months, and he is excited to be back
Cole: We are in for a big treat tazz. and we still have the HHH and HBK match to have next!
Edge runs into the ring. Eddie goes for a clothesline, but Edge ducks and runs into the ropes. He is going for a spear, but Eddie leapfrogs and Edge stops himself at the ropes, they then lock up, and egde begins to wear down eddie. Eddie punches out of it..and the gets the heel kick. Then he hops to the top rop and gets the flying head scissors. he pins him...1...2...no egde get out. he gets up and flattes eddie with a clothesline. he picks him up and begins to chop away at him in the corner. Soon after Eddie begins to respond back, and now they are both chopping away. Edge goes for one final chop, but eddie ducks, and gets a dropkick to the face. he then begins to go for the neck, using a camel clutch. Egde battles out. he gets up to a vertical base, and slips behing and gets a backbreaker on eddie. edge begins to go for the legs. using a ankle submisson
Cole: it looks like Egde saw how much damage angle did to that ankle last night
Tazz: but eddie was working on the neck aslo
After a few minutes of the hold, eddie rolls out and gets a small package,
1....2...o another close nearfall. egde gets up, and backs eddie back into the corner with some punches and kicks. He then backs up....and runs at eddie with a spear. Eddie ducks and edge his the post hard with his shoulder. he rolls up edge, and has a grip at his tights, 1.....2....o my god..edge just kicked out after having his tights pulled by eddie. they both get up, and eddie goes for a big right hand, but egde ducks and his the egde-a-cution.
Cole: The match has to be over. We could have a new champion!
1....2....thr..NO! eddie got out.
Tazz: this is crazy cole, we havent seen a match like this in a while.
then edge drags eddie to the side..and begins to climb to the top rope, but just as soon as that eddie hops and and runs to the top rope and flying arm drags edge back down to the ground. NOW BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!
Tazz: now we have to wait for the refs 10 count cole. I hope at least one of them can get back up
The ref gets to a near 10 but eddie and egde both roll up, and they both swing for a punch at each other...edge ducks, and lands the edge-o-matic. 1....2....AND AGAIN, we see a kick out by eddie. Now egde singnals for the final blow. He picks a lifeless eddie up..and goes for another edge-a-cution. But eddie blocks it, and he blocks it again, and then at the third time he gets it reversed into a suplex. Then he gets him up for another suplex, then another. Now the crowd is crazy
Cole:The triple suplex, this can spell the end
Eddie hops to the top, and lands his Five-star frog splash
Cole: YES YES YES! eddie pulls through and remians champion
Tazz: yes im suprised that eddie didnt have to cheat to win that one. it was a great match though

Triple H vs. Shawn Micheals
HHH enters first, and there are alot of boos and "you tapped out" chants. he is still mad as he enters the ring. Next to enter is Shawn Micheals. The crowd is cheering, and they want to see HBK pull one over here on HHH

They lock up, and micheals gets the upper hand he whips hhh into the ropes and gets a big back body drop. hhh charges again, but is taken down by an arm drag. He gets up again to be clotheslined over the top rope, hbk goes over too, but hangs on and skins the cat. Now the crowd is going crazy, and HBK is getting to HHH. HHH bids a little more time, and then gets back in. He jestures for another lock up, but then hits micheals with a cheap eye gouge. He gets micheals and scoop slams him to the mat. HHH wants to slow the pace and keep micheals off his feet. He begins to wear down at the back, using a few backbreakers and back body drops. he gets a suplex on hbk, and then drags him up and gets a high knee. Triple H thinks he wore micheals down enough 1...2...no micheals gets the shoulder up in time. HHH picks him up, but micheals begins to punch him. he punches him into the ropes and whips him in. HHH comes back and micheals gets a hurricanrana on HHH. Micheals follows that up with a dropkick as HHH gets to his feet. He then works on the legs. He gets a figure four like move in on HHH in the middle of the ring. HHH is going crazy, and the fans begin a "you tapped out " chant again. HHH gets a few punches in and attemps to turn the move over. After a while, he does, and now micheals is the one in pain. After a few attemps, HBK grabs the rope, and HHH has to break the hold. Both men get up, both seemed to be stunned, and HHH lands some big rights to the face of HBK. He picks him up and gets a kick to the knee. Micheals lands on the mat, and HHH slams that knee down on the mat. Then he drags it over to the rope, places it on the rope, and jumps on it twice. He then drags HBK over to the center of the ring and pins him. 1......2......no HBK gets that shoulder up again. He picks up HBK and whips him into the ropes, micheals ducks but as he comes back HHH puts im down with a high knee. He picks up micheals and clotheslines him down. Picks him up by the arm, and does it again, then he tries it one more time, but HBK ducks and he runs into the ropes and hits that flying clothesline. He then decides to go up to the top rope, and he hits the flying elbow drop. 1......2....no now HHH gets the shoulder up. this time HBK picks up HHH, he runs into the ropes..going for clothesline, but he ducks and HBK goes over the top rope. HHH goes outside and irish whips him into the steps. He drags in back into the ring. HHH calles for the pedigree. He has the arms hooked. But as he is about to get it HBK crawls under his legs, HHH turns around in time to be clotheslined in the face. He nips up, and goes for the turnbuckle. He begins to tune up the band..but he misses the sweet chin music and nails the ref. then HHH gets the pedigree. But the ref is out. he is dragging and tugging the ref around for a while, but he turns around right into a sweet chin music. Then as micheals is going for a the pin. Ric Flair comes out to the ring. He is on the outside, distracting HBK, but then Edge runs to the aid of HBK and spears Ric Flair. The battle on the outside, but what HBK doesnt realize is that Batista is in the ring. He sitout powerbombs HBK, and then goes to help Flair. HHH gets up and nails the pedigree
Cole: No! No! it cant end like this!
Cole: no HBK was screwed tazz, that wasnt fair at all
Tazz: well mabye if he kept his mouth shut this would have never happend. He got what he deserved

Now HHH Batista and Flair stand over a beaten HBK. they are all raising each others hands, and it slowly blackens as Tazz and Cole keep arguing.

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rather than next week...the next raw and smackdown will be posted tomorrow night...and again please rate each show...rate smackdown and raw individually

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i love the shows i would rather put these two in charge of the wwe draft lottery

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Opening video is shown and the pyro goes off …RAW is live and on the air

JR: There is electricity in the air and the crowd is hot in anticipation of Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker as we welcome you here tonight live for Monday Night RAW at the Hartford Civic Center.

King: Jericho and Benoit have to be livid JR after the way RAW ended last week what’s going to happen between them and also RVD and Booker T get their tag team title rematch right here tonight. This is going to be crazy JR.

Trish and Jindrak make their way towards the ring

JR: Well if there is one thing to spoil my mood its that jezebel Trish.

King: how can you say that JR? Just look at her.

Trish: Good evening everyone and incase you forget what happened last week Mark totally destroyed that tough enough winner Maven. Well I have something to get off my chest here tonight


Trish and jindrak begin to kiss

JR: will someone get these two a room!

King: quite JR Trish has something to get off her chest

JR: What her bra?

Trish: What I wanted to tell you all is that since Mark is the next big thing. Forget all that Brock Lesnar stuff from two years ago because that was an obvious fluke. Well anyways since Mark is the REAL next big thing I was able to use my ways on Eric Bishcoff and force him to give Mark an I.C. title shot next week. I just wanted to let you people know so you can get used to seeing gold around our waste.

Tests music hits

Test vs Mark Jindrak
Test runs into the ring and immediately attacks jindrak. Test pounds and kicks away at Jindrak as Trish jumps up onto the apron. The ref tries to get her down but Test grabs a hold of her. Jindrak hits test from behind and knocks him to the outside. Jindrak tosses Test into the steel steps and the red tries to hold Jindrak back as trish kicks and slaps Test. Jindrak rolls Test in the ring suplexs him and then hooks in a sleeper hold.

King: Jindrak is totally dominating this match

JR: It wouldn’t have anything to do with Trish at ringside would it?

King: Of course not!

Test battles out of the sleeper and backdrops Jindrak. Test goes for the pumphandle slam but Jindrak athletically slips out and rolls Test up. ……1……..2……nearfall. Test gets up and scoopslams Jindrak..1….2..kick out. Test kicks Jindrak down and goes upstairs for an elbow drop but Trish trips him up. SUPERPLEX by Jindrak 1……..2……..kick out. Jindrak goes for the spiral bomb but Test back body drops out of it. Test signals for the big boot and goes for it. Jindrak catches his leg and low blows him. He hits the Spiral bomb 1……..2……..3 its over. Wait no its not Test had his foot on the ropes. Jindrak thinks he won. Test from behind charged and nails the big boot. 1………..2………..NO JINDRAK KICKS OUT! Test goes for it again but Jindrak ducks. Jindrak rolls up Test puts his foot on the ropes and trish holds them for extra support….1……….2………3.

Winner: Mark Jindrak



JR: Well there is another stolen win for the jackass and the jezebel.

Backstage: Jericho and Benoit both at the same time barge into Bishcoffs office

Jericho: I am a little pissed off about what Angle did to me last week Bishcoff and I want a match with him tonight junior. That assclown needs to pay!

Benoit: Don’t listen to him I want Angle tonight.
Bishcoff: well you two should both know he has a match with Undertaker tonight and if he wins that match you will get him Benoit at backlash. But as of the both of you for tonight you are unbooked. So I am going to change that right now. The both of you will be a tag team tonight against a mystery team of my choosing.

Jericho and Benoit stare each other down.


backstage during the break- Shane McMahon arrived and Josh caught up with him.

Josh: Have you heard the tag team match Bishcoff just made?

Shane: yes I have and I know exactly who the mystery team is and I don’t like it one bit. But I don’t care right now because I have a blockbuster announcement to make tonight and I must get prepared.

JR: Wow a blockbuster announcement what can it be king?

King: I have no idea but Shane also knows who the mystery team is…why don’t these two G.M’s just come out and spill the beans on these topics?

JR: Well right now we have a match to call King.

Maven vs Steven Richards
Both men tie up and get backed into the corner. The ref breaks the tie up. Richards quickly pokes Maven in the eye and hooks in a hammerlock. Maven slaps his shoulder and quickly spins behind and hooks his own hammerlock. Richards grabs Mavens leg and trips him down. Richards hits a snap suplex and follows it up with an inverted atomic drop. Maven down on the ground is unbeknownst of the top rope leg drop Richards is about to hit him with. Richards hits it and makes the cover…1…….2….Maven surprisingly kicks out. Richards continues the assault on Maven with repeated stomps and elbow drops to the ribs and lower back. Richards whips Maven into the ropes and lifts him up for a backbreaker. The cover…1..2…kick out again. Richards hooks in a camel clutch and screams at Maven “TAP DAM IT TAP”. Maven makes his way to the ropes and Richards breaks the hold. He turns to the crowd “ I’LL SHOW YOU YOU’LL SEE!” he turns around but Maven is up. Maven dropkicks Richards in the face and hooks a boston crab. Richards looks as if he is about to tap but he gets to the ropes. Maven climbs the top rope and comes down with a flying crossbody block. Richards roles through it and hooks the legs…1……..2……..NO kick out. Maven runs off the ropes and hits a twirling elbow smash right into the face of Steven Richards. Maven then continuously bashes Richards face into the top tunrbuckle. The crowd counts 1..2..3..4..5..6..7.8..9…….and …10. Maven rolls up a wobbly Richards for a two count. Richards is back up but right back down into a sunset flip…1….2….nearfall. Maven tosses Richards to the outside and suplexes him on the floor. Maven climbs up onto the barricade and goes for a diving attack but Richards hits him with a superkick as he comes down. Richards rolls him into the ring and covers him….1…..2……nearfall. Richards goes for another superkick but its caught by maven…maven spins Richards around and goes for a clothesline but Richards ducks that… SUPERKICK. Richards this it in the middle of the ring…1…..2…….3.

Winner: Steven Richards

Backstage: Booker T and RVD are bickering and arguing about last weeks tag team match

Booker T: Yo man I am sorry that I didn’t make the save last week when you were hit with the 3-D….so why don’t we forget about it go out there and win those belts back?…now can you dig that?

RVD: Do you know what I can dig you shut the hell up and save my ass out there every now and then and be a real partner.

Booker T: tell me you didn’t just say that?

RVD: I did Booker…and I am sick and tired of you running your mouth and costing me matches.

Booker T: As much as I want to beat your ass now sucka I am going to use that anger on the dudleyz and as for you …you better do your part…im out.

Booker walks out


Booker T and RVD enter separately just like they did last week. The dudlyz come out and the bell sounds.

(CH) Dudleyz vs Booker T and RVD
RVD and Booker T stare each other down when all of a sudden Rob Van Dam hits Booker T with the Van Daminator. The crowd boos loudly. The Dudleyz beat up on Booker T as RVD comes off the top rope and hits the 5-star frog splash. Dudleyz hit the 3-D …1…..2…..3. Its over after an RVD skrew job.

Winners: and still champions RVD and Booker T.


King: we have just witnessed a skrew job at its finest JR…hahhaha

King: Oh NO!

Dreamer and Spike hit the ring but start to beat up Booker instead.


Rob Van Dam grabs the microphone.

RVD: As you look into the ring you may see a familiar sight. Yes you are probably thinking what I am. Three letters and no its not R….V….D. This time it is E…C…W.



RVD: Ever since ECW went out of business and we came here to WWE we have gotten shit. Bubba and D’Von were monsters in ECW even Spike was a championship competitor. Now he’s lucky if he gets a match on Sunday Night Heat. Me RVD had the Television title for over a year. I come here and I have been scrapping at mid-card level for dam near 3 years now. Tommy is another under used talent. All of us are ECW at heart. All of us were breaking tables, taking names, and risking our bodies night in and night out for you fans! Long before guys like John Cena, Randy Orton, and even Kurt Angle came into this business, and what do we get? Nothing!! Its time for a change…its time for us to get our due in this company. From here on out we are going to take WWE to the EXTREME!!!!!

RVD’s music hits and they all walk out.

JR: I honestly don’t know what to say King

King: These men are pissed off JR and they are going make all of us pay

JR: We have definitely have had one surprise here tonight but what is that mystery team?. and what does Shane McMahon have to say?…plus Taker vs Angle and its all here tonight!



JR: Well here comes shane and who possibly knows what he has on his mind
King: I don’t know if I can take anymore surprises after what we just saw.

Shane: Well before I get to my announcement, my blockbuster announcement containing Backlash, I have one more announcement about Backlash. I just saw what took place before the commercial break and it gave me an idea. RVD says his new ECW faction will take WWE to the extreme well in that case he will have his chance. At Backlash it will be one on one Booker T vs RVD in an ECW Rulz match. No holds barred and falls count anywhere in the arena. We will see how extreme you can be RVD. Well with that all cleared up it comes down to my blockbuster announcement. An announcement that will guaranteed drop bomb shells within the WWE. About 7 years ago a certain wrestler was forced and skrewed out of this company by my father Vince McMahon. He was thrown out of this company without being paid the respect he deserved or the proper departure and retirement a legend like him so rightfully deserved. It is a travesty that a man of this magnitude that changed our business today was driven out without the proper departure. That’s why for one night at Backlash I have invited this legend to show up in Canada and leave the correct way and retire the right way in front of all his fans in his native country. If you do not know who I am talking about you are not a true fan of this business. At Backlash we will see the one night return of BRET THE HITMAN HART!!! Thankyou very much

The crowd erupts into Bret chants

JR: I am shocked and once again left speechless King!

King: What Will Mr. McMahon think of this?!


JR: We are back here live on RAW and in case you have just joined us Shane McMahon in maybe one of the most controversial moves in our history has invited Bret Hart back to retire properly in front of his fans

King: Yeah! Without the consent of his father too!

Benoit and Jericho enter the ring ready for their match

King: Who is the mystery team!

Jericho and Benoit are standing in the ring when all of a sudden a voice is heard from the arena “HEY YO!”

JR: Oh my god king it’s the Outsiders!

King: Nash is back and he has brought Scott Hall with him!

Hall: That’s right Chico the Outsiders are back in town
Nash: We are for life!..and the ass kicking me big sexy Kevin Nash and The Bad Guy Scott Hall are going to give you is going to be just toooo SWEEEET!

Nash and Hall hit the ring and the match is underway.

Benoit and Jericho vs The Outsiders
Benoit opens up the match with chops to Scott Hall. WOOOOOO! Is heard form the crowd in the civic center. Benoit hits a quick snap suplex and a right hand that knocks Nash off the ring apron. Nash tries to come into the ring but the ref sstops him. Hall fires back at Benoit with rights and lefts. He then hits a scoop slam followed by an elbow drop into the sternum. 1…2….kick out. Hall tags in Nash who hits a walking sideslam for a two count. Nash tosses Benoit into the turnbuckle and hits multiple elbow and knee strikes. Tag back to Hall. Hall comes in and right away hits a vertical suplex. Benoit squirming in pain tries to make a tag but he is pulled away by Hall. Tag back in to Nash. Hall and Nash double flap jack Benoit. Nash goes to clothesline Benoit but Benoit ducks under and rolls to make the tag to Jericho. Jericho quickly hits right hands and follows it with a facebuster and a lionsault…1…2…Hall makes the save. Jericho clotheslines Hall to the outside and hits a missle dropkick from the top onto Nash..1….2…kickout. Hall runs in with two chairs and drops one on the ground. With the other he goes to hit Jericho but the ref grabs it. As the ref takes the chair and goes to put it to the outside Hall grabs the other one and clocks Jericho in the head with it Nash knocks Benoit down and makes the cover…1…2…nearfall. Nash hits the Jackknife on Jericho. The cover 1……2….Benoit makes the save. Jericho goes for a tag but Nash pulls him away towards Hall. Tag to Hall. Hall sets up Jericho for the razors edge but Jericho back drops him to the outside. Jericho tags in the fresh man Benoit. A pumped Benoit runs in and starts to chop away at Nash. With a great burst of strength Benoit german suplexes Nash. Hall comes in multiple german suplexes on Hall. Benoit goes to the top rope. He hits the diving headbutt…1….2…3? no. The match continues. Nash runs in and Benoit hooks the crossface. Hall goes to break it up but Benoit hooks him in the sharpshooter. Nash clonks Benoit in the head with a boot. Jericho comes into the ring and clotheslines both Nash and Hall. He hooks the walls of Jericho on Nash and as Jericho has the walls of Jericho Benoit hooks the crossface. Nash is tapping but he isn’t the legal man. Jericho leaves the ring and throws Hall back in. Benoit tags in Jericho. But Nash dives at Jericho knocking both men to the outside. Jericho hits a running enziguri on Hall and goes for the lionsault but he see Angle on the rampway. Jericho with his attention diverted at Angle gets rolled up Hall. Hall has a handful of tights..1…2…3.

Winners: The Outsiders

JR: That’s the second match in a row that Angle has cost Jericho

King: Angle did nothing he has the right to watch that match up close…its not his problem Jericho took his attention away form Hall.

JR: He had no business with that match!


Backstage- Stonecold finds Angle

Austin: It seems that your dumb ass don’t learn Kurt. This is the second consecutive week you broke Stone Colds law. So Next week you will go one on one with Jericho in a street fight! And that’s the bottem line…WHAT!…because Stone Cold Said SO!!!!

Intercontinental Championship
(ch) Randy Orton vs Val Venis
Orton opens up with a dropkick and starts to pound away on Venis. Orton whips Val into the corner and hits him with the ten punches. He chucks him down and heads to the top. Diving cross body block misses and Val Venis takes advantage with a Russian leg sweep. Venis hits Orton with a belly to back suplex for a two count. Val Venis scoop slams Orton and heads to the top for the Money Shot. Orton croches him and tosses him off the top. Orton runs into the ropes but runs right into a fishermans suplex….1….2….kickout. Val goes for the money shot again but as he comes down Orton catches him in an RKO..1…2….3.

Winner: Still champion Randy orton.

---- commercial---

Smackdown rebound is shown- clips of Eddie beating edge are shown…and Evolution standing over Michaels after his match with Triple H. Don’t miss Smackdown next week as John Cena will defend the U.S. title agains Bradshaw!

Big Show vs Chris Nowinski
Nowinski tries an ariel assault on Big Show but Big Show catches him and powerslams him to the mat…1…2…nearfall. Big Show hooks the chokeslam but Nowinski battles out. Nowinksi goes to pick up Big Show but he can’t. Big Show boots Nowinksi down. He then hits sideslam followed by a giant headbutt. Nowinski battles back and hits a low blow. Nowiniski then hits Show with a DDT…1…..2….near fall. Big Show gets up and spine busts Nowinski. A dazed Nowinski gets up right into a Chokelsam….1….2…..3.

JR: Big Show just made short work of former tough enough competitor Chris Nowinski.

King: He is a monster

Winner: Big Show

A Mordacai promo is suddenly shown…” The Day of Reckoning is Now!”

The lights go out and and lights on the rings tunr bright white as Mordacai stands behind Big Show and hits him with a Diving clothsline and then a DDT. Big Show rolls out of the ring as it fills with smoke. The lights go back on the smoke clears and Mordacai is gone!

King: What the hell was that JR


King: This night is full of surprises

JR: That it is King but up next it is Angle vs Taker don’t go away!


JR: Well King the time has come. Will Kurt Angle win a shot at the title or will the dead man reign supreme here in the main event?

King: The one thing I know JR is that Kurt Angle will have to be at he top of his game in order to defeat the Undertaker.

The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle
The Undertaker stares down Kurt Angle as he rolls his eyes into the back of his head. Angle frightened by the sight of the Undertaker doesn’t know what to do so he runs out of the ring. The ref counts 1….2…..3…..4…..5….6….7…8…9 Angle builds up enough courage and reenters he ring. Taker charges at Angle and clotheslines him. Angle gets up and Taker hits him back down with a throat thrust followed by another huge uppercut. Taker whips Angle into the ropes and follows up with a flying clothesline and almost flips in mid air. Angle gets up and throws rights and lefts at the phenom but they don’t phase him at all. Taker grabs the neck of Kurt but Angle kicks out and dropkicks Taker over the top. Undertaker lands on his feet and pulls Kurt Angle to the outside. Taker picks up Angle on his shoulder and drives him head first into the ring post. Angle is busted wide open in the early going of the match. Taker rakes at the cut and punches at it to open it wider. Angle is screaming in pain but he kicks Undertaker in the groin. Angle overhead belly to bellies Taker right into the steel barricade. The crowd cant believe the feet Angle just achieved in belly to bellying The Dead Man. Taker sits up instantly but Angle attacks him again. Angle rolls into the ring and back out to restart the count. Angle goes into the ring and The Undertaker follows. Angle heads to the top rope and hits an axe handle smash but Taker just stands there it had no effect. Angle ducks behind Taker and germans him for a close tow count. Taker sits up. Angle goes for a cross body but Taker catches him and he puts him in position for a tombstone. Angle slips out and grabs Taker’s ankle.
JR: It’s the ankle lock King can Angle make The Undertaker tap!
King: Are you kidding me JR I have never seen the Undertaker tap nor do I think that I ever will.
The Undertaker immediately reverses the ankle lock into an athletic enzeguri. Taker whips Angle into the corner and sets him up for some old school! Angle kicks the ropes and Taker goes tumbling to the outside. Paul Bearer lifts the urn and Taker sits up. Angle grabs a steel chair but the ref intervenes. He grabs the chair but as he is walking away he is accidentally caught with an Undertaker big boot. Angle picks up the chair again and smacks Taker right in the cranium.
JR: You could here that crack throughout the arena!
King: Yeah and look the Undertaker is still standing
Taker walks towards Angle only to be met with another chair shot to the head but he still standing. Angle then hits the Angle slam on the outside. Angle lugs Taker back into the ring. Taker sits up but Angle hits the Angle slam again…the ref slowly rolls in 1…….2…..3 Angle has done it!…but the ref is signaling two!
King: That was a three!
JR: It was not King it was a two count but it was dam close. This match is a slobberknocker and Angle is going to have to go through hell and high-water if he is going to win this one.
King: Kurts bleeding like crazy and Oh My God look JR The Undertaker just sat up.
Angle goes for another Angle slam but Taker slips behind and chokeslams Angle…1…..2….NO so close. Taker signals for a tombstone but Angle fights back and whips Taker into the ropes. Angle puts his head down and Taker comes back with a strong DDT….the pin…1…2…ANGLE KICKS OUT AGAIN! ..Kurt is busted opena dn dazed but he wont stay down. Taker goes for Old School again but this time he hits it. He picks Angle up. TOMBSTONE!!!!!! But wait a minute it is Randy Orton!…Orton grabs the urn from Paul Bearer and runs. Taker follows in hot pursuit. The ref counts 1…..2….3…..4….5….6….7…8….9…and 10. The ref calls for the bell Taker has been counted out. He is chasing Randy Orton who just stole the urn. Angle is confused as his music hits he doesn’t know he has won or where he is. He moves on to Backlash to face Benoit for the title.

JR: no King Randy Orton has beaten the Undertaker. Taker had Angle pinned. He is still out in the middle of the ring

Undertaker catches up with Randy Orton at the top of the entrance way Orton has a coffin behind him. Taker grabs Orton but Orton nails Taker in the head with the urn. Taker falls in the coffin and Orton bolts it shut. He poors gasoline on it and lights it on FIRE!




RAW fades out with the casket on fire and orton standing over it.

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WWE clip hits, and then the smackdown intro hits and the pyro goes off. The crowd is going crazy

Cole: Hello everyone, I am Michael Cole, and here along side me is my partner Tazz. And tazz as you saw last week, Evolution screwed Shawn Michaels. We will have to see what those cheaters have to say on the matter.

Tazz: What do you mean cheaters. They had nothing to do with the outcome of the match. It was Triple H’s pedigree that cost HBK the match. It is about time some justice was served to people who don’t keep their mouths shut.

Evolution’s music hits, and they all walk out together. The crowd boo’s and chants “ you tapped out” They all walk to the ring and HHH grabs the microphone

HHH: What did I tell you all? Last week on smackdown I showed all of you people that I am still the best in this business, and there is not a person on earth that can compete with my talent and skill. I am still that damn good, and commissioner heyman also agrees with me. He says that Batista and Flair will get a tag team title shot here tonight on smackdown between Scotty and Rikishi for a reward for last weeks match. He has also said that I get a special match. I get to make another victim of the one man that bothered me in last weeks match. And that man is..Edge. But don’t be surprised to see if there is a change in evolution before this night is over.

Cole: what does that mean, and wow what a great match that is going to be, HHH and Edge. But how do they deseve it. They cheat to win a match, and they all get matches in reward. This isn’t going to be good

Tazz: what are you talking about. They deserve every bit of it. They showed what happens to someone who cant keep their mouths shut. This will be a great smackdown, all you have to do is get rid of that crappy shirt and it will be perfect. Stay tuned fans as there is plenty more tonight here on smackdown. And you keep talking bad about evolution cole and I will talk to them about smacking you around too.


The first match is Chavo Guerrero w/ Chavo senior vs. Rey Mysterio for the Cruserwieght Title

It starts off as Chavo goes to attack Rey, but he ducks under and hits a dropkick. Chavo gets up and Rey hits another dropkick. Chavo gets up again and rey hits an arm drag. Chavo rolls out of the ring, he is dazed over rey’s quick start. Chavo gets in the ring, and they lock up. Chavo goes behind and gets a backbreaker. He picks him up again and gets a snap suplex. Chavo whips rey into the ropes but Rey reverses. He goes to run at chavo for a monkey flip, but chavo pushes him away. He then gets rey up, runs into the ropes and hops on his shoulders..they battle for a bit but chavo gets the upper hand and gets it into a victory roll….1…2….no rey gets out. He gets rey up do to it again..but rey hits a devastating electric chair drop on chavo. He goes to the top for what seems to be a top rope 450.

Cole: it could be the 450 here tazz. This might be the crowning of a new champion

Tazz: lets see if it pays off.

It doesn’t as chavo gets out of the way. He then drags rey to the edge of the ropes and applies a leg lock. When the ref isn’t looking, he grabs chavo senior’s hands and the ropes as more and more pressure is applied. The ref soon sees what happens and tosses chavo senior form ringside. Chavo goes to the outside of the apron to argue, but gets dropkicked to the floor from behind by Rey Mysterio. Rey then runs into the ropes and comes back at Chavo with a swanton over the top rope

Tazz: wow cole. That’s why I love these cruserweight matches. You never know whats going to happen next.

Chavo gets dragged into the ring and rey sets up for the 619. He swings on the ropes, but chavo ducks and low blows rey. He hooks the legs on the ropes…1…2…no rey gets out. He gets rey up for a brain buster ddt. He connects. 1…..2..no rey gets up again. He sets rey up and runs at him, but rey gets the drop toe hold, calls for the 619, he gets it, but as the goes for the leg drop, chavo makes a brilliant reversal into a hurricanrana and rey lays lifeless on the mat. Chavo ends it with a five star and gets the count..1…2…3 and chavo retains the title

Cole: that was a great match and I am surprised to see that chavo didn’t cheat to win.

Tazz: that was a great reversal by Chavo. Lets see that on replay. Wow what great athleticism there by chavo to get the hurricanrana in mid air. Stay tuned fans as we now head backstage and see that HBK is now arriving.

HBK goes back into eddies locker room. He says that he wants a title shot now that HHH has his hands full with edge here tonight. As eddie is about to accept, Paul Heyman walks in, and the crowd boo’s. Heyman says he gave them both the night off, and he says for both of them to rest, as next week it will be HBK and Eddie Guerrero for the WWE title. The crowd cheers loudly.

Next Christian comes out, he says that he has talked to Vince Mcmahon over the past week. He said that Vince allowed him to have one of his escorts and one of his best women, due to the fact that Christian was moved to smackdown and does not have a girlfriend.

Christian: Now I would like all of you to meet my new girlfriend, striaght from Vince McMahon....Sable!!

Tazz: wow is Christain a lucky guy or what. Sable now gets to escort around Christian. Vince is a great guy. I wonder if he has a women left for me.

Christian goes on to say that commissioner heyman has let Christian and Sable have an intergender tag match between them and Matt Hardy and Lita. Christian and Sable lock lips in the middle of the ring and they are interrupted by Matt Hardy’s music, and him and Lita walk out. The match starts.

Christian and Sable vs. Matt Hardy and Lita

Matt and Christian start in. Matt lands a few punches, and gets a big back body drop. He picks Christian up, and gets a gutbuster on him. He whips him into the ropes or a big flying clothesline. Matt is pumped. He picks up Christian again, and goes for a back suplex, but Christian flips out of it and gets a neckbreaker. He picks up matt and stomps in back to the mat. He picks him up again and then and gets a backbreaker on Matt. He picks him up and goes for a suplex, but Matt blocks it and pushes Christian into his corner. He tags in Lita. Matt throws down Christian, Lita hits a tope rope leg drop, and Matt hits a legdrop to the groin. Lita goes for the cover. 1…..2…no Christian gets up and starts to get to his feet. Lita charges at him, and gets a dropkick, she tries again, but Christian throws her down hard with a clothesline. He scoop slams her and tags in Sable. Sable tosses her down by the hair. They begin rolling around in the ring, and the ref tires to break it up but cant. Lita gets the upperhand. She picks up Sable and gets a hurricanrana. She goes for the pin, 1…..2…no she gets out

Cole: Wow tazz I thought that was going to be it

Tazz: yea me too cole, but I have to hand it to these chicks, they are tough

Lita hoists herself up on Sables shoulders for another hurricanrana, but Sable reverses it into a sable bomb. She gets the pin…1…2….and just barley Lita gets out. Both women dazed tag in their partners, and Matt charges and hits Christian. He goes for another, but Christian ducks and locks the unprettier. 1……2….no matt gets out. He goes for another, but Matt reverses and whips Christian into the ropes and locks in the twist of fate, but Chrisitan pushes Matt into Lita, and she goes tumbling to the floor. As Matt turns around, he gets hit with a unprettier and Christian gets the pin holding on to the tights. 1…..2….3 yes Christian cheats and wins.

Cole: Hey Christian cheated. That wasn’t fair at all.

Tazz: o shut up cole. There was no way Matt Hardy was going to kick out of that unprettier anyway. Christian locked the tights for good measure. He had it in the bag. Anyway, whenever your done whining, we have a great US Title match between John Cena and Bradshaw next.


We come back to John Cena’s music. The crowd is cheering. The next thing we see is a huge white limo. The crowd boo’s as Bradshaw comes out with his suit and hat. He enters the ring and the match starts.

Cena starts out with huge rights and lefts to the head and gut of Bradshaw. He backs him into the turnbuckle, and the goes up for the 10 punch on the turnbuckle. He gets him out of the turnbuckle and whips him into the ropes and gets a hip toss. He picks him up and gets a back elbow running off the ropes. He goes to clothesline Bradshaw but he ducks and gets a scoopslam on cena. He picks him up and clubs him back down to the ground. He picks him up and then gets a big back body drop on Cena. He goes for the pin…1…2…no Cena pushes him off at the last second. It looks as if Bradshaw is about to run into the ropes and hit the clothesline from hell, but Cena ducks and hits a throwback on Bradshaw. He picks him up and gets an atomic drop on Bradshaw, and then decides to get him up for a f-u. Bradshaw battles off his shoulders and picks up cena for a fallaway slam. 1….2…no Cena kicks out. Bradshaw then decides to pick up Cena, bring him up all the way to the top rope, and land a super fall away slam. 1….2…no cena manages to get out again. Bradshaw gets up set. He whips him into the rope and gets John Cena with a big boot. 1…..2…no Cena at the last second manages to get the shoulder up. Bradshaw is getting closer and closer. Bradshaw then goes for the clothesline from hell. He goes for it, but Cena ducks and then Bradshaw nails the referee. Then Cena quickly runs to the bottom turnbuckle where he kept his padlock chain. He nails Bradshaw with that, and now he is out. But then there is a huge surprise. Batista is now inside the ring, and he nails a sitout powerbomb.

Cole: No what does this mean? Could this have been what HHH was talking about

Tazz: I am not really sure, but this could mean that Bradshaw is the newest member of evolution! Bradshaw just has to pin Cena for the win and a new champion.

Just as we think its over, Shelton Benjamin runs into the ring from out of the crowd and nails batista with a chair. He whips him into the rope and splashes him. He turns around a nails bradshaw. He turns back and nails batista as both men go over the top rope. Bradshaw is still on the ground, and the ref rolls into the ring as Cena rolls over and lays an arm over.1…….2……NO now bradshaw manages to kick out. Cena gets him on his shoulders for the f-u, but Bradshaw battles out and runs into the rope for a clothesline from hell. Cena ducks again, but this time he grabs the arm and swings him back into the f-u and locks up the pin. 1……2…..3 yes what a great match and Cena retains. But Batista gets back in the ring and whacks Cena in the head with that chair Benjamin brought in. He looks over Cena with Bradshaw, both men raise arms, they go to the back with Cena in the ring and Benjamin laid out on the outside.

Cole: wow tazz what did we just see!

Tazz: I think that we just saw evolution get stronger with the addition of Bradshaw

Next is the tag title match

Rikishi and Scotty enter the ring. Batista goes to get Ric Flair and then the music hits as both men walk down to the ring. They are getting boo’ed heavily, espically after what happened only a few minutes ago.

Batista and Rikishi start off. Rikishi challenges batista to see if he can pick him up. Batista tries once, but he cant do it, twice, he cant, but on the third time he steps back into the ropes and comes off with a clothesline that makes rikishi spin like a top. He picks him up and lands down a spinebuster

Cole: now we see the raw power of Batista start to kick in tazz

Tazz: he picked up Rikishi like he was nothing. He is a powerful guy that batista.

He then proceeds to tag in ric flair. He chops rikishi a few times, and there is a large group of WOOOOO chants

Cole: wow tazz listen to those knife edge chops. They have to hurt no matter how big you are

Tazz: I agree cole. It looks like Rikishi’s chest is like a raw piece of meat. Those chops are dangerous.

Ric runs into the ropes, but Rikishi catches him into a samoan drop. Rikishi gets up slowly and he goes into his corner and tags in Scotty. Scotty is pumped, as he hits ric with a succession of back body drops and arm drags, but he then turns around into a powerful batista clothesline, The ref gets Batista out of the ring as both men are down near the center of the ring. Ric gets up, and lunges for Batista. He gets the tag, but Scotty goes for Rikishi, but Batista gets him by the legs and tosses him back towards the center of the ring. Batista gets some backbreakers on Scotty, and he is weakened now. Scotty is whipped into the ropes but he ducks and comes back and hits Batista with a face planting Bulldog. He stands over Batista, and he starts to wave his arms around pumping up the crowd. But before he can start to hop around and hit the worm, Ric Flair comes in and chop blocks Scotty and sends him down. This makes Rikishi come out of his corner and go after Ric Flair. The ref is trying to get order back in the ring, as now all four men are up and they are battling. Rikishi knocks down Ric Flair in the corner, and is getting ready for the stink face, in the other corner, Batista sees what is going and and runs over and belly to belly suplexes Rikishi before he can complete the stink face. Flair scampers out of the ring and back to his corner. Rikishi rolls out of the ring and the two legal men are now back all alone in the ring. Batista turns around to see Scotty on the top rope. He attempts to do a flying cross body, but Batista turns it in mid air to a spinebuster. He then gets Scotty up as high as he can, and forcefully drops him down in a sitout powerbomb. Rikishi is still on the outside, and he is trying to come in…1……2….3…no Rikishi couldn’t make the save.

Cole: Oh my god tazz we have new tag team champions. Riksihi couldn’t come in the ring in time and make the save and it cost them the tag titles.

Tazz: a ha I love it cole. Cena and Benjamin laid out before, and now batista and flair leave Scotty and Rikishi and Scotty in a heap of destruction. It seems as Evolution gets stronger as the weeks go on.


Cole: This is what we have been waiting for Tazz. It’s the main even between Triple H and Edge. This is going to be a great match

Tazz: o please cole, this wont even be a match. HHH is going to man handle Edge just like he man handled HBK last week

Cole: what are you talking about? HHH need interference to win that match last week

Tazz: whatever cole, all I know is that this should be an easy win for the game

HHH comes out, and there is a huge mass of boo’s and jeers towards HHH. It doesn’t even seem to phase him as he walks out with waterbottle in hand. Then we hear the Rob Zombie music, and Edge comes out pumping up the crowd. He gets in the ring and the bell sounds as the main even is underway.

HHH and Edge start out in a normal lockup, with Triple H winning and whipping him into the ropes, but edge comes back and hits a diving clothesline. He gets up and runs at HHH for the spear. HHH takes him and throws him into the turnbuckle pole. He then takes Edge and spinebusters him. He tries to get the pin in the early going…1…..2….no Edge gets out. He takes Edge’s arm, twists it, and then runs at Edge with a powerful clothesline. He picks him up and then lands a high knee to the face. He then crouches over Edge and starts to pound away at the face of Edge. He gets off him and lands the falling knee drop to the face. He picks him up and bangs his head into the turnbuckle.

Cole: It seems that HHH is working on that head of Edge

Tazz: That’s why they call him the best in the business. He picks a part and begins to wear it down. And I think I am seeing blood spouting of Edge’s head.

Blood begins to spout out as HHH gets a headlock in the middle of the ring. He is doing a great job wearing down Edge. HHH has him almost down to the pin, and he does…1….2…no he cant keep him out. Edge begins to bang his feet on the mat, looking for support for the crowd. He gets to vertical base, and elbows out of the sleeper, and then he runs into the ropes and he lands a desperation spear. 1…..2….no HHH now just gets the shoulder up. He picks up HHH and gets a suplex, then after that he decides to get HHH in a submission move of his own, locking the edge-u-cator in the middle of the ring. HHH is now screaming in pain, and after a while gets Edge to the ropes and kicks him through. He goes out and drags Edge to the tables on the outside. He picks up Edge and proceeds to pedigree him on the table

Cole: look out tazz! Wow edge was just pedigreed on the table here on the outside. I think we will need some EMT’s out here.

Tazz: what did I tell you cole. This was gonna be a walk in the park for HHH. HHH then goes for the timekeepers bell. He brings it in the ring, and sets it down in the middle of the ring, he then goes to the outside to get Edge, but he gets away and whips HHH into the steps. He goes inside the ring and grabs the bell. He waits for HHH to get in the ring, he now has a crazed look on his face, he is gushing blood.

Tazz: hey ref get that bell out of here! He is gonna use it.

Cole: good it is what HHH deserves. Give it to him Edge.

As Edge goes to use it, the referee grabs it out of his hands, and then from nowhere HHH turns him around and drills him with the pedigree.

Tazz: Yes Yes! Its all over. Look at what happens when you mess with Evolution.

1….2….NO WAY…Edge got out. The crowd is going beserk. This is one hell of a main event. Triple H then signals for another pedigree. He picks him up, but Edge back body drops out of it, he is feeling the raw emotion as he charges into the ropes, hoping to land the spear. O NO! in mid-spear HHH takes the spear and hooks the arms and plants yet another Pedigree on Edge

Tazz: now that one was it. Put him away Triple H

1….2….NO NO NO….Edge is out again. Triple H is going crazy as he goes over and argues with the ref. He turns around to see Edge charing at him for the spear. He moves and nails Edge hits the turnbuckle. He then takes the ring bell and that the ref put at the turnbuckle corner and places it in the middle of the ring. He then Pedigrees Edge on the bell. The referee calls for a disqualification, but Paul Heyman comes out

Heyman: Ref, I want you to count this pin or you will be fired from Smackdown

The ref reluctantly gets to his knees and counts…1…..2….3 its over.

Tazz: Now that is what I call a beatdown by the best damn wrestler ever

Cole: Edge could have fought back if HHH didn’t cheat, and to top it all off, Heyman made the ref count the pin that should have been a disqualification

Tazz: it doesn’t matter cole, a win is a win. BUT WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!

John Cena runs in the ring and F-U’s HHH, but soon after Bradshaw, Batista, and Flair run to the ring and help out the game. As they are beating up on Cena, we see HBK, Eddie and Shelton Benjamin charge out to the ring. The good guys out number Evolution, as there is a huge battle in the ring, referees and backstage crew trying to break it up. We also see Edge getting carried out on a stretcher. Mayhem is in the ring as the WWE logo appears on the bottom of the screen and it fades out, WHAT THE HELL WILL HAPPEN NEXT WEEK!!!

NOTE- Even though this is posted by me ORTON17 it was 100% written by HBKRulz4 so full credit should be given to him....and again please rate each show individually on a 1-10 scale...thankyou....next editions will b friday or saturday i will let you know

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next raw and smackdown will probly be done by monday night....if not tuesday
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