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Sorry that It's all messed up the other one

but I am going to restart all this with three rosters

Raw,Smackdown and IMPACT!

I will write Smackdown

I need a Smackdown and IMPACT writer Same Rosters.

Sledgehammerv2 can come back if he wants but as of now he is not writer anymore

After Wrestlemania there will be a Draft Lottery. But 10 picks for all rosters. They pick 5 from each roster. We will have some Trades,

Please Join as a writer

In IMPACT all TNA Guys are on it.

U can bring old tna guys to IMPACT! too like Jason Cross

Raw Champions

World Heavyweight Champion:Triple H
World Tag Team Champions: William Regal & Tajiri
IC Champion: Shelton Benjamin
Womens Champion:Trish Stratus

Smackdown Champions

WWE Champion: JBL
WWE Tag Team Champions: Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio
Us Champion: Orlando Jordan
Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero Jr

IMPACT! Champions

Universal Championship: Jeff Jarrett
Universal Tag Team Championship: America's Most Wanted
X Division Title: AJ Styles
Hardcore Championship: Vacant

Raw GM:Eric Bischoff
Smackdown GM: Theodore Long
IMPACT! D.O.A: Dusty Rhodes

Raw Roster

Anncouncer: Lillian Gracia
Commentator:Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
Interviewers: Todd Grisham & Maria

Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Nowinski
Eric Bischoff
Garrison Cade
Gene Snitsky
Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Jonathan Coachman
Khosrow Daivari
Lilian Garcia
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Mick Foley
Molly Holly
Muhammad Hassan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards
Stone Cold
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
The Rock
Todd Grisham
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal

Smackdown Roster

Anncoucer: Tony Chimmel
Commentator: Michael Cole and Tazz
Interviewers: Josh Mattew & [sometimes] Funaki

Al Snow
Big Show
Bill Demott
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
D-Von Dudley
Daniel Puder
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
John Cena
Josh Mathews
Kenzo Suzuki
Kurt Angle
Lauren Jones
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Michael Cole
Michelle McCool
Miss Jackie
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Rochelle Loewen
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Theodore Long
Torrie Wilson

IMPACT! Roster

Anncoucer: Jeremy Borash
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Interviewers: Shane Douglas & Scott Hudson

AJ Styles
Monty Brown
Amazing Red
Andy Douglas
Bobby Roode
Big Tilly
BG James
Cassidy Riley
Chase Stevens
Chris Candido
Chris Harris
Chris Sabin
David Young
Ron Harris
Don Harris
D-Ray 3000
Dustin Rhodes
Dusty Rhodes
Eric Young
Erik Watts
Christopher Daniels
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Jerrelle Clark
Jonny Fairplay
Johnny B. Badd
Johnny Devine
Kevin Nash
Kid Kash
Dallas (Lance Hoyt)
Michael Shane
Mikey Batts
Pat Kenney
Petey Williams
Elix Skipper
Ron Killings
Scott Hall
Shane Douglas
Shark Boy
Sonjay Dutt
Scott D'Amore
Sonny Siaki
Billy Gunn

Ok, It will start at March 10 that we get all three Writers, When Ever We actually start we will start from March 10

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If you want I could do a WWE show. You said you are writing SmackDown! and want a writer fo Impact and SmackDown! - Did you mean you are writing Raw?

If you need a writer for either WWE show I could do it but I can't do TNA as I don't watch it.

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Sorry I Mean't March 7th. My Mistake.

You just have to write the card by the time.



IMPACT!- Fridays

Edgehead you can use Wenesday night Xplosion as your small show but it's not ppv. Impact does have PPVs.

This Saturday. Jerry Jarrett (TNA Owner) was tired of NWA. So He decided to give back the NWA and NWA Tag Titles Back and took his superstars. The day after he arranged a meeting with Vince Mcmahon WWE Chairman and they have decided for the best of both of them. Jerry Jarrett will be WWE's Head Of Staff with a condetion of making a third show. That show would take place Fridays and it is IMPACT!. Stay tune to raw for Updates.

MSDavis try to get raw up soon as Possible.

I want to try to start this week.

EDGEHEAD200, Can you try to do Destination X Sunday

Current Card

"King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Champion AJ Styles defends against three other X Superstars in a one-night Ultimate X Competition for the X Division Championship!

Anything Goes: "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash vs. The Outlaw

"The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss

Dustin Rhodes vs. Raven

The Alpha Male vs. Trytan

Phi Delta Slam vs. The Disciples of Destruction

Also Make a Wrestlemania 1 contenders Match

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The RAW video airs and is follow by pyro.

J.R: Hello to all of our fans wherever you are. I’m Jim Ross alongside my broadcast partner Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler, and what a show we have for you tonight. We are deep in the heart of ‘Flair Country’, North Carolina.
Jerry Lawler: Yeah, as JR was saying, tonight is going to be very special. We already know that Batista will take on his former Evolution friend and hometown hero, Ric Flair. I can’t wait for Flair to teach Batista a thing or two and once Flair’s through with Batista, Batista may not even make it into his WrestleMania main event match with Triple H.
J.R.: Well, I’ve got to say that that is an arguable point, but in any event, we are going to start the show with 1-on-1 action, as Chris Benoit will take on Captain Charisma himself, Christian.

The match begins with a test of strength, which Benoit gets the better of. He then backs Christian into the corner and chops him a few times to the delight of the crowd. Christian fights back but Benoit again backs him into a different corner and chops him a few more times. Benoit looks to do the same again but as Christian is in the corner, he puts his thumb to Benoit’s eye and takes over.

Finish: After 7 minutes of technical action, Benoit looks to put Christian away with the Sharpshooter, but Tyson Tomko jumps onto the apron and distracts Benoit, allowing Christian to hit Benoit with the Impaler. Christian covers, 1…2…but Benoit kicks out and tries for the Crippler Crossface, but Tomko again distracts him and Christian goes for the Unprettier, but Benoit counters into 5 German Suplexes. Benoit salutes for the Diving Headbutt and goes up top. Tomko again tries to intervene, but Benoit kicks him off and hits the Headbutt. He then locks in the Crossface and Christian has no choice but to tap out.
Winner via Submission – Chris Benoit

Benoit celebrates as Christian leaves with Tomko, but Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari show up on the titantron and Daivari says something in Arabic before Hassan says that Benoit is a typical American citizen and says that the Camel Clutch is much better than the Crossface. Benoit challenged Hassan to a match next week on RAW but Hassan declined, saying that he didn’t want to wait until then.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Hassan and Daivari attack Benoit from behind, and after a beat down, Hassan locks the Camel Clutch on an already worn out Benoit. Benoit doesn’t tap out but after a long struggle, he passes out due to the unbearable pain.

J.R: After an awesome match with Christian, Benoit is now put through this torture. And for what, Hassan could have accepted Benoit’s challenge to a match next week. But instead, he comes through the crowd, attacks Benoit from behind, and forces him to pass out.
Jerry Lawler: I’m no fan of Hassan, JR, but you’ve got to admit, he showed us just how heartless he can be by doing that to one of the most respected superstars on RAW.
J.R: He may have proved a point, but he’d have earned my respect much better if he had fought Benoit next week on RAW.

We go backstage, where Chris Jericho is interviewed by Todd Grisham.
Todd: Chris Jericho, last week you hinted at a match at WrestleMania between 6 superstars and a steel ladder. Can we get an answer as to why you said that?

Y2J: Well you see Todd, I have already main evented the granddaddy of them all, and I know what it is like to be in the showcase of the immortals. But I haven’t won at WrestleMania since 2001, and I will prove just how brilliant I am. What I’m proposing is that 6 superstars get ready for the biggest match of their careers, as I want a 6-way #1 Contenders Ladder match, with the winner getting a World Heavyweight Championship match at Backlash.

Edge swings by
Edge: Jericho, I’ve beaten you before and I deserve a World Heavyweight Title shot. As I have won many ladder matches, I should be in the match.
Christian then shows up
Christian: Edge, I was just as good in those ladder matches as you were, so I should be in the match, not you.
Y2J: You know what, next week, you two can team up to face the Tag Team Champions, William Regal & Tajiri, in a non-title match. If you two win, then you’re in the match, but if you lose, then bye bye daddyo.

Jim Ross: Wow, what an announcement just made. Former multiple-time Tag Team champs, Edge & Christian will team together next week, to face the current champs, Regal & Tajiri in a non-title match.
Jerry Lawler: Yeah, and if they win, they get to be in the #1 Contenders Ladder Match at WrestleMania along with Y2J and 3 other superstars, as of yet unknown.

Women’s Championship Match
Victoria controls early on, but Trish fights back and looks for the Chick Kick, but Victoria ducks and rolls Trish up, 1…2…no Trish kicks out. After the pace quickens, Trish locks in a headlock and the crowd get behind Victoria.
Finish: Victoria hits her standing moonsault but Trish manages to kick out at the count of two. Trish then successfully hits the Chick Kick, covers, 1…2…but somehow Victoria gets her shoulders up before the count of 3. Trish gets angry and Victoria then rolls her up only to get another close call. Trish then reverses the cover into a roll up of her own and uses the bottom rope for leverage, 1…2…3. Victoria is unhappy as Trish makes a quick retreat. Christy Hemme then comes out and throws Trish back into the ring where Victoria hits the Widow’s Peak and leaves with Christy.
Winner and still Women’s Champion – Trish Stratus

Shawn Michaels then makes his way out to the ring.
HBK: It seems to me that Kurt Angle only wants to face me when I’m down or right after I’ve competed in a career-shortening match. So I’m calling him out right now, to see if he is man enough to face me.
Eric Bischoff’s music plays, as the GM comes to the ring
GM: I’m afraid that Angle won’t be here tonight as I have banned him from coming anywhere near North Carolina. But if you want a match, Shawn, then here’s what I propose. You face Gene Snitsky right now.

Snitsky then makes his way out as Bischoff leaves

The two lock up in the centre of the ring and Gene overpowers HBK. After a few stiff rights from Snitsky, HBK changes to a face-paced, technical approach. He goes behind and trips Snitsky, and then works on the leg of the 300 lb man.
Finish: After an even contest, Shawn Michaels hits the Elbow Drop and starts tuning up the band. Snitsky gets up and HBK hits Sweet Chin Music. Suddenly, Kurt Angle’s music blairs out and HBK turns to find nobody. Snitsky is now on his feet and hits the Pumphandle Slam and goes for the cover, 1…2…but still HBK finds a way out. Snitsky goes outside and grabs a chair. He pulls it in the ring but Shawn ducks and Shelton Benjamin then hits Snitsky with the T-Bone Slam. The referee calls for the bell and HBK is disqualified.
Winner via Disqualification – Gene Snitsky

JR: Even after an attempt from SmackDown!’s Kurt Angle to throw HBK off his game, the plan didn’t work and Michaels might have won the match had it not been for Shelton Benjamin. I’m a huge fan of our IC champ, but what was his motive.

We are then taken backstage to the parking lot, where Shelton Benjamin shows us his car. It has been smashed to pieces and he says that he thinks it was something to do with Gene Snitsky.

Batista is shown getting ready for his match and Randy Orton comes in. he says that he has faith in Batista to become World champion, but he wants to prepare him for the reaction he may get from the crowd tonight, as he is in Flair’s hometown. Batista says he isn’t bothered.

Triple H is pumping Flair up for his match and tells him to work on the legs of Batista and weaken him before WrestleMania. Flair replies with a Wooooooo.

Simon Dean comes out and calls all of the women in NC fat. This brings out Val Venis, who says that the women in this town aren’t all fat, and they are all better looking than Dean. Dean challenges Val to an Impromptu match.

Val Venis dominates the opening seconds before Dean goes outside and grabs his weightlifting belt. He brings it in the ring but the ref confiscates it and Val rolls him up and the ref counts, 1…2…3. Val got the victory in a matter of seconds as a result of Dean’s weightlifting belt.
Winner: Val Venis

Kane is interviewed by Maria
Maria: Kane, what plans do you currently have for WrestleMania
Kane: There’s only 1 goal I have right now, and that’s winning the World Heavyweight Championship. I want to be in the #1 Contenders Ladder Match.

Edge then enters
Edge: Do you think that you are capable of winning the ladder match Kane
Kane: Edge, if you remember, I won a TLC match against 3 other teams all by myself in 2002. This will be a piece of cake.

Chris Jericho then joins the scene
Y2J: Kane, I think you are a worthy competitor. If you win a match against a returning superstar next week, then you’re in the match.

JR: King, did you hear that. Next week there’s going to be a match with Kane going against a returning superstar.
Jerry Lawler: I certainly did, JR, and next week is shaping up into a good night.
JR: You’re right about that, but coming up next, a match between two former Tag Team Champions, and more importantly, and match between two men who were the best of friends just 2 weeks ago.

BATISTA vs. RIC FLAIR with Triple H
Batista over powered Flair to begin with, but got distracted by the booing from Flair’s fellow North Carolina citizens. Flair used this to his advantage, but Batista soon regained the upper hand.
Finish: After Triple H climbed onto the ring apron, Batista pushed Flair into the referee accidentally, who got knocked into HHH, who fell off the apron to the outside. Batista then hit the Batista Bomb and the crowd booed him. He got agitated and yelled at them. Triple H then came to, and hit Batista with the Sledgehammer. Flair then locked in the Figure-Four, but Batista got to the ropes. After Triple H’s next entrance into the ring backfired, Batista hit a Batista Bomb on him and followed up with a Spinebuster to Flair and covered Flair, the ref made a slow count as he regained consciousness, 1……2……3.
Winner: Batista

Batista stood above both HHH and Flair as RAW came to a close.

Quick match results
Chris Benoit def. Christian
Trish Stratus def. Victoria to remain Women’s Champion
Gene Snitsky def. Shawn Michaels via DQ
Val Venis def. Simon Dean
Batista def. Ric Flair

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TNA Xplosion!

I'm posting this a day early because i'm going to a spring training game in Florida and I won't be able to post on Wendsday.Anyway here is Xplosion!

The show starts off with Dusty Rhodes in the ring with Tracy & Trinity.

Dusty: Tonight I have two huge annoncments.1. Tonight their will be a 30 minute Hardcore title match.The person who holds the title at the end of the time limit is the first ever TNA Hardcore champion! Number 2: Jeff Jerret you my freind will defend your title tonight vs. Kid Kash! but that's not the big annoncment this is.This Friday on Impact! you will defend your title vs. 5 men.These 5 men are: Jeff Hardy,Monte Brown,Kevin Nash,DDP,and the monster Abyss! In a steel cage match!

Jeff Jerret comes out with Scott Hall

JJ: Dusty you can't do this to me i'm the Universal champ.I might get hurt in there.Without me this company would be destroyed!

Dusty: Live with it champ!

Dusty starts to leave when JJ picks up his guitar and is about to swing at Rhodes when Dustin Rhodes comes in the ring and bulldogs JJ & Scott Hall.

Teney: Thank god for Dustin Rhodes.If it was not for him our D.O.A. Dusty Rhodes would have been another victim to Jeff Jerret's guitar shots.

West:Coming up next is A.J. Styles Vs. Chris Candido!

Match #1: Non-title match: A.J.Styles Vs. Chris Candido

The mach starts off with Candido hitting Styles with a powerbomb.A.J. kicks out at 2.Candido puts Styles up on top of the turnbuckle but Styles pushes Candido off.A.J. goes for a dropkick and connects.1..2..No! only a 2.A.J. then sets Candido up for the styles clash but Candido gets out off it and pushes Styles into the ref.While the ref is out Candido takes out brass knuckles and hits Styles.The ref wakes up and sees the cover.1.....2....3!

Winner: Chris Candido

Teney: Styles was screwed!

West:Your right but that Candido he's a damn genius!

Teney: Well coming up next is the Universal title match The King of the Mountian Jeff Jerret defends his Universal title VS. Kid Kash!

Match#2: Universal title match Jeff Jerret (C) W/ Scott Hall Vs. Kid Kash W/Lance Hoyt

Both men coming out to serious heat.Kid Kash got more of the pop.During the match Kid Kash gave JJ the Superplex off the top.He covered JJ for a 2.Kid Kash went to the top and attemted the frog splash and hit it.1....2.....No! Scott Hall pulled the ref out of the ring.Lance Hoyt gave Scott Hall a powerbombon the outside.Back in the ring JJ hit Kid Kash with the title and hit the Stroke on the title as well.The ref got back into the ring.1...2.....3!

Winner and stll Universal champ Jeff Jerret!

Teney: Another screwjob here on Xplosion!


In the ring JJ & Hall are beating the crap out of Kash and Hoyt! JJ gets a microphone.

Jeff Jerret: I'm am the greatest wrestler ever.I'm better than A.J. Styles.I'm better than HBK Shawn Micheals.Hell I'm even better than the Immortal Hulk Hogan!

JJ starts to leave the ring when Hogan's music starts to play.

Jeff Jerret: What the Hell!?

JJ and Scott Hall leave the ring.

Teney: Well coming up next is the Hardcore title match.

Hardcore Title Match: Raven Vs. Erik Watts

Raven brings down his little toys like he used to do in the WWE.He hits Watts with a trash can lid and pins him!

Winner and the first ever TNA Hardcore champ: Raven! with 21:17 left!

When Raven tries to leave Watts cokeslams Raven and pins him to become the Hardcore champ!

New Hardcore champ: Erik Watts! with 20:16 left

Watts tries to leave but JJ hits Watts wih a guitar.He is the new champ!

New Hardcore champ: Jeff Jerret with 18:01 left!

Backstage: JJ & Scott Hall are leaving the arena when the limo driver rolls up JJ and is the new champ!

Winner and new Hardcore champ: JJ's Limo driver with 8:17 left!

Just seconds later Scott Hall gives the Limo driver an Outsiders edge and is the new champ

Winner and new Hardcore champ: Scott Hall with 7:59 left!

JJ & Hall are in the limo when Abyss jumps out of the backseat and attacks Hall! JJ escapes put Hall gets the black hole slam.Abyss pins him as time runs out!

Winner and new Hardcore champ: Abyss with no time remaining!

Well that's it.I'll post IMPACT this Friday!

Quick resuts

Chris Candido pins A.J.Styles
JJ pinned Kid Kash
Abyss is the new Hardcore champ!

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I don't think I will be on tonight so, I will give you the results right now

[Smackdown opens with footage of JBL hitting Cena with the wwe title causing him to lose his US title to Orlando Jordan. The Opening Credits plays as smackdown theme plays. The scene scan around in the crowd as Pyro goes off. It goes to Michael Cole and Tazz.]

Cole: Hello folks, We are live from Ottawa, Ontario. Hi I am Michael Col and this is my partner Tazz last week Orlando Jordan won the Us title because of JBL hitting Cena with the WWE title. After Orlando was told this.

[scene shows footage of JBL and the bashams about to go into the limo as JBL says to Orlando that he can't go with him and the bashams because he has a match with Cena and If he doesn't win the us title he is out of the cabinet. footage stops.]

Tazz: Cole, We had no clue that they would return.

Cole: JBL and His cabinet played a trick on Cena.

Tazz: I just was informed that Vince Mcmahon made a Tag Team Match between Eddie Guerrerro & Rey Mysterio Vs The Basham Brothers.

Cole: Is the bashams win the cabinet has all the titles accept the cruiserweight title.


*Theodore long's Music plays as The Smackdown GM makes his way to the ring with a mic.*

Cole: Wait a minuate why is Theodore out here. I wonder what he is going to say.

Tazz: Well listen cole.

Theodore: If you are wondering were Carlito is he is outside digging snow again.

Tazz: Looks like Carlito is bring cool to a new level.

Cole: Looks like Carlito has a new job here.

Theodore: Now last week Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns fought after they lost against Mysterio and Guerrero. So I am putting them one on one and I thought how about a special guest referee match, Playa. And the ref for this match will be their mentor. Kurt Angle!

*Crowd Cheers as Suddenly Kurt Angle's music plays as Kurt Angle comes out with Jindrak and Reigns on his sides.*

Kurt: Theodore Long, This is a out rage. My Teamates don't want to fight and I don't want to ref for them.

Theodore: Well I am not so sure about that.

Kurt: What you mean your not sure.

Theodore: I didn't choose this match. It was requested by Mark Jindrak.

*Crowd Cheers as Kurt Angle looks shock, Jindrak has a smile on his face and Luther looks mad. Jindrak take the mic from Angle's Hand and walks down the ramp then turns and look at Angle and Reigns.*

Mark: Kurt, I requested this match because I am tired of Luther attacking me when we lose. So I am going deal with it. Since were all here how about the match right now.

*Theodore leaves*

Mark Jindrak Vs Luther Reigns/ Special guest ref: Kurt Angle

The match starts with them exchanging hands. It's a pretty fair match. Jindrak takes control but Luther fights back. 5 mins later Luther Reigns hits Jindrak with a big boot then goes for a pin. Angle counts 1....2.... Suddenly Angle stops and shakes his head no. Luther looks shocked. Luther gets up and ask him why did he stop. He turns around and Angle lays a angle slam to Luther Reigns. Out of no where a man wearing all black with a black mask on comes into the ring and swanton bomb. The man helps up Jindrak. Angle puts Luther on the corner. Jindrak grabs regins and does a mark of excellence off the top rope. He pins. Angle counts quick 1..2..3. Angle raises Jindrak's hand and grins.

Winner: Mark Jindrak

*Angle grabs a mic and walks onto the ramp with Jindrak and the Mystery Man*

Angle: Well, Luther you asked me why I didn't count three. I couldn't take you anymore. So I replaced you. With this man. Take off your mask.

*The man take off his mask and reveals he is Sean O'Haire.

Angle: Sean O'Haire.

*Jindrak and Sean O'haire shake hands.*

Cole: Glimps of WCW when they were together as Natural Born Thrillers.

Tazz: I can't belive what just happened.

*Angles Music plays as Angle,Jindrak and O'Haire walk to the backstage*

*Suddenly music of crows or ravens plays as Raven comes onto the stage with a mic.*

Cole: Tazz, that's Impacts Raven.

Tazz: I know who he is but why is he here?

Raven: Tazz, I have a offer for you.

Cole: He here to talk to you.

Tazz: I am not deaf.

*Tazz gets up & grabs a mic*

Tazz: What is your offer Raven?

Raven: You haven't wrestled in a while but how about at WrestleMania. We have a Interpromotional ECW Hardcore elimination match. With Some of the best from ECW. That will Include Me, Sandman,Sabu, New Jack , You and anyone else that wants to from ECW. So What you say.

*Fans Chant E-C-W, E-C-W..*

Tazz: Well Raven, Your On!, I am in.

Raven: Good because I talked to Vince and He said it was a great Idea. See you Mania


Cole: Were back folks and if your just tuning in then you missed alot. Jindrak fought Reigns with Kurt Angle as Special Ref. When it looked like it was over. Kurt Angle stopped counting and shaked his head. He got mad and turned around and Angle did a angle slam to him. Then a mystery man came and did a swanton bomb onto him. We found out that it was Sean O'Haire and He will be replacing Luther Reigns.

Tazz: Well Cole that's not all they missed. Impact's own Raven came here and made a Mania Match. For anyone who was in ECW. And guess who accepted. Me.

Cole: Tazz, I can't wait untill you get back into the ring at Wrestlemania 21 at Hollywood on Apirl 3rd.

Tazz: I can't wait either. To get my chance out of this anncounce table and in the ring.

Cole: Wait a minuate Tazz. I am getting news from Theodore Long. He says If you want Tazz then you can face the Orlando Jordan in a Hardcore title match for the US title.

*Tazz thinks. He stands up takes off his suit and reveal he has his old wrestling attire on*

Tazz: I am going to have to accept this one.

Cole: Well your match is now.

* Scene goes backstage with Orlando Jordan and the cabinet. Suddenly a man runs to them*

Man: Hello, Orlando Jordan.

Orlando: What do you want? Who are you?

Man: I am Corry Underwood, I am Mr. Long's new assistant sir.

Orlando: Oh, What does he want now.

Corry: He got a match for you against a mystery opponent with the cabinet banned from ringside.

Orlando: Damn it he wants me to face Cena.

JBL: Listen Punk, Tell Mr. Long that. My Chief Of Staff Orlando Jordan isn't fighting Cena.

Corry: First of all, I am not a punk and second it's not Cena. He also said If he doesn't fight. This guy he will strip Orlando from the Us title and You JBL of your WWE title.

*JBL and Orlando get mad.*

Corry: So you better go there now.

*Corry is about to leave but he turns back*

Corry: One more thing. If any of you four people Interferee in this match your all fired!

*Corry leaves with them all pissed.*


*Come back with Kurt Angle in the middle of the ring with a mic*
Cole: Well, Tazz. Kurt Angle is in the ring with the security and his gold metal. So looks like were going to have the kurt angle Invitational before your match.
Tazz: That's alright it give me time to get ready.
Kurt: Before my challanger comes out tonight. I will like to send a message to Shawn Michaels. If you want to make this match big how about we make it a Hardcore 30 minuate Iron Man Match. I want to see your answer on Monday. So now I would like my challanger to come out.

* Music plays as a man wearing Shawn Michael Shirt and Blue Jeans comes to the ring and goes infront of Angle's Face*

Kurt: I see your a Shawn Michaels fan. That will just get your ass kicked worse. So Kid what's your name and where you from?

*Kurt Angle puts the mic near the man's mouth*

Man: My Name is Michael Cross and I am from right here in Ottawa, Ontario.

Kurt Angle Vs Michael Cross

Kurt Angle dominates this match for one and a half minuates and he locks in Ankle Lock and Michael tries not to tap. He is about to tap when Shawn Michael's Music plays as Kurt Angle looks at the ramp. Michael does a lowblow when ref is not looking then rolls him up. 1...2.....3, Angle gets mad as Michael Cross takes the Olmpic Gold Metal with him. Crowd Erupts.

*Kurt Angle grabs the mic again*

Kurt: Shawn, You cost me my metals. At Wrestlemania you will pay!

*Kurt drops the mic as Out of no where Shawn Michael hits Angle with a Sweet Chin Music and he runs through the crowd.*


*Scene comes back in a dark place with what looks like a cage. Suddenly you see Undertakers sitting on a steel chair with his head down. Then he raises his head with his eyes rolled back. His eyes go back to normal*

Undertaker: I am looking for a match for Wrestlemania and Randy Orton. You said you wanted to make yourself look big in this business. Then you looked at the smackdown mag and put on the table and it was me. Well, I am giving you a chance that no one ever has done and that is beat me at Wrestlemania. That's right I am challanging you at Wrestlemania 21. Because I never lost at Wrestlemania even in Handicap matches. My Record is 12-0 in Wrestlemania. So I am Challanging you to a Hell in the Cell match.

*He points up to see that the cage is a hell in the cell as Scene goes to the arena*

Tazz: Oh My God. Will Orton accept?

Cole: We will have to see Tazz. Your match is next.

Tony:The Following Match is a Hardcore match for the Us Title.

*Orlando's Music Plays as Orlando comes out and waits for his opponent. Then Tazz's Music plays as Tazz come behind Orlando. Orlando is shocked*

US Title/Hardcore Match
Orlando Jordan Vs Tazz

Orlando tries to beg Tazz to not fight him. Tazz doesn't care and fights him. Tazz Over takes the match. After 5 minuates. Suddenly Raven comes out with a chair. He pushes Tazz to the corner. Raven tells Orlando to do a move to tazz on the chair. Orlando goes to get tazz but Raven turns him around and gives him a raven effect onto the chair. Raven walks up the ramp. As Tazz does a Tazzplex to Orlando then pins him. 1....2...3

Winner and New Us Champion: Tazz

Cole: Oh My God, Tazz did it. And why did raven help him?


*Scene comes back to Cole and Tazz. Tazz has the Us title spinning on his shoulder*

Cole: Were back and what a amazing night it is.

Tazz: Yeah, Cole. I am the new Us Champion.

Cole: That's Right and your also going to Wrestlemania for a ECW Rules Elimanation Match.

Tazz: Cole, I have been thinking about getting back in the ring and finally I got my chance.

Cole: Well Champ, Next is Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio vs The Basham Brothers

Tazz: For the WWE Tag Team titles. Can't wait

*Scene goes backstage with JBL and the Basham Brothers mad*

JBL: I can't believe Theodore Long. And That stupid Idiot Raven. He is a IMPACT guy not a Smackdown guy. Maybe he forgot his show was tomorrow. Well I guess were going to Impact tommorrow.

Doug: Boss, We'll take care of him.

Danny: No problem, JBL, We can't handle him.

JBL: I know that we can. We will beat the living pulp out of him. Guys lets go to the ring for your match.

*Scene fades to Comercial*

*Scene comes back*

Long Horn plays as JBL's Limo to the ring. Bashams and JBL get out of the Limo. Bashams go into the ring. JBL stands outside.

Tony:The Following Contest is for one fall and is for the WWE Tag Team titles. Introducing the challangers accompanied by The WWE Champion JBL, They are the basham brothers

Latino Heat Plays

Tony: And there opponent they are the wwe tag team champions Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysteriooo.

Eddie and Rey come out in a red truck low rider and get out and slide into the ring

WWE Tag Team Titles
Latino Heat (c) Vs The Bashams

They have a even fight for 6 minuates. Ref falls after Basham accidently hits the ref. Eddie tries to cheat by JBL won't let him out of the ring. JBL hits Eddie with the title. Ref gets up. Doug goes for the cover 1...2.. Eddie kicks up. Eddie takes over Doug for 2 minuates untill suddenly JBL goes into the ring and does a clothline to hell to Eddie. Ref calls for a DQ.

*Suddenly some kinda music plays as a man with a mic comes on stage.*

Man: Whoa ref. This match isn't over because this match is a No DQ match. Who said? Me the new Smackdown Comissioner. Mcmahon didn't make this match. I did. That's why cole you got. Vince made the match.

Cole: Wait that's Vince Russo

Tazz: Is he really new smackdown comissioner?

*Suddenly Vince Mcmahon come on the jumbtron.*

Vince: Welcome the new Smackdown Commissioner Vince Russo!!

*the Jumbtron goes back to normal*

Russo: Now Ref, let the match continute.

*Orlando Jordan runs down the ramp and attacks Mysterio.*

[Match Continute]

Bashams do a double half boston crab to eddie after 10 seconds Eddie has no choice but to Tap. Ref gets them off and raises their hands.

Tony: Here is your winner and New WWE Tag Team Champions, The Basham Brother

*The Bashams get their titles with a big smirk on their faces. Russo laughs they all leave. Eddie and Mysterio are in the ring. Eddie is laying on the rope. Suddenly Mysterio runs to the ropes and does a 619 to Eddie*

Cole: Oh My God. What is happening

Tazz: I guess Rey doesn't like losing either.

*Rey grabs a sledge hammer and hits eddie in the kidneys then in the ribs. Then he hits him in the head. Eddie is out cold. Rey Leaves as his music plays*

Tazz: I guess, He listened to Chavo.

Cole: I can't believe this. Well, That's all folks from Ottawa, Ontario. Watch Smackdown next week. Good night from Me, Michael and.

Tazz: The Us Champion, Tazz. Good Night

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Hardcore title match: Abyss(C) Vs. Trytan
David Young Vs. Primetime
X division title match: A.J.Styles(C) Vs. Chris Candido
Tag title match: AMW(C) Vs.Team Canada
Universal Title match: Jeff Jerret(C) Vs.Abyss,Kevin Nash,Jeff Hardy,Monte Brown,and DDP
In a steel cage!

-Also a WWE superstar makes a one time apperence!

- B.G.James & and the New Age Outlaw have a confrintation!

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Teney: Tonight is a great night! 5 matches 4 title matches! Tonight will be awesome!

West: Like tonight The Universal title is on the line tonight as well.In a 6 person elimanation steel cage match!

Teney: Well coming up right now is the first of 4 title matches tonight.Abyss defends his Hardcore title Vs. Trytan!

Match#1: Hardcore title match: Abyss(C) Vs. Trytan

Abyss starts things off with a powerbomb.He covers Trytan for only a 2.Abyss then goes for a steel chair.He brings the cheir into the ring,and swings at Trytan.Trytan ducks and dropkicks the chair right back into Abyss's face.He covers for only a 1 count.That pissed Abyss off and Abyss killed Trytan for 10 minutes.He got the 3 when he hit the Black hole slam on a steel chair.

Winner and still Hardcore champ:Abyss

Teney: What a great match!
West: Yea.
Teney: In the main event Abyss is part of the 6 people involved in that steel cage!

West: Coming up next is David Young Vs. Primetime!

Match#2: David Young Vs.Primetime!

Not much to say about this match.Just David Young getting pinned.Here's how it happend.Young went for a piledriver put Primetime rolled up Young for the 1..2...3!

Winner: Primetime!

Teney: Again David Young has lost!
West: Yea he must be really pissed!

- David Young leaves looking very pissed.

Teney: Well coming up next is the X division title match A.J. Styles Vs. Chris Candido

- Video is shown from Xplosion on how Candido used the brass knuckels to pin Styles

Match#3: X division title match: A.J.Styles(C) Vs. Chris Candido

This was the only good part of the match.Candido on purpose pushed Styles into the ref.He then took out the brass knuckles and hit Styles with it.He pinned Styles.The ref saw the cover.1....2.....NO! only a 2.Candido got so pissed off he pushed the ref and got a DQ

Winner and still X division champ Via DQ: A.J.Styles

-After the match Candido tried the beat the crap out of Styles put Styles gave Candido a low blow and a Styles Clash!

Teney: What a Match!
West: I agree with you.To bad It had to end in a DQ
Teney: Coming up next is the Universal tag title match.AMW defending against Team Canada!

Match#4: Universal tag title match: AMW(C) Vs. Team Canada W/Scott D Moore

Things started off with AMW getting the advantege.Later in the match D Moore distracted the ref allowing Bobby Rhode to hit a low blow on Chris Harris.Harris taged in James Storm when he hit a double DDT on Bobby Rhode and Eric Young.But the match was almost over.When Eric Young and Chris Harris was fighting outside the ring with the ref distracted Johnny Devine hit James Storm with a hockey stick.Bobby Rhode pinned Storm to win.

Winners and new tag champs: Team Canada

Teney: Damn!
West: Darn!
Teney: I can't believe It!
West: Mean neither!
Teney: Thanks to that Damn Johnny Devine we have new tag champ!
West: Well coming up next is the Universal title match
Teney: Just annonced next week here on IMPACT! A.J.Styles will defend his X Division title VS.Chris Candido in a Street fight!
West: WOW!

Match#5: Universal title match: Jeff Jerret (C) Vs. Abyss,Jeff Hardy,Monty Brown,DDP,And Kevin Nash! In a steel cage!

Things started off very competitive.With JJ getting his face slammed into the cage about 10 times by Abyss.JJ was busted open!When JJ was going for the stroke on DDP he reversed it into a diamond cutter.1...2....3! JJ was elimanated.Or was he? The ref counted the 3 for Jeff Hardy when he got hit with the pounce by Monte Brown.JJ survived that one.

Remaining people

Kevin Nash
Monte Brown

After 20 minutes went by everybody was busted.The next elimanation came 21 minutes after Jeff Hardy was elimanated.Kevin Nash hit the Jacknive Power bomb on DDP for the 3.

Remaining people

Kevin Nash
Monte Brown

The next elimanation was only 5 minutes later.Abyss gave Kevin Nash the Black Hole slam for the 3.

Remaining people

Monte Brown

The next person to fall was the monster.After fighting 2 matches in one night Abyss's night came to an end.He got the stroke by JJ for the 1...2....3...!

Remaining people

Monte Brown

Match#6: Universal title match: Jeff Jerret (C) Vs. Monte Brown in a steel cage.You can win by pinfall,submission or by escaping the cage!

This match only lasted 10 minutes.But it was great.JJ hit the stroke on Brown but Brown kicked out at 2.JJ hit another stroke he pinned Brown for only a 2.Then JJ hit another Stroke.When JJ Turned around let's just say he heard sweet shin music!That's right HBK is on IMPACT for one night only.Hulk Hogan came into the ring and gave JJ a legdrop! Monte Brown covered JJ for the 1.........2...............3! Monte Brown has won the universal title!

Winner and new Universal champ: Monte Brown!

After the match HBK got a microphone

HBK: Hey king of the moutain really you not the king anymore now are you! Planet Jerret has been destroyed and I The HeartBreak Kid has broke your heart!

He hands the microphone to Hogan.Hogan chants are heard in the crowd.

Hulk Hogan: Lestin brother you never insult HBK and the hulkster by saying your better than them.

Dusty Rhodes comes out and says that next week on IMPACT! It will be HBK,Hulk Hogan,and Monte Brown Vs. JJ,Scott Hall,and a partner of Jerret's chosnen!

Brown,HBK,and Hogan celebrate as IMPACT! goes off the air!

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SmackDown! Preview

What will happen as Smackdown now has a comissioner, Vince Russo.

JBL and his Cabinet said they were going to IMPACT! but they didn't actually go. We will see why on smackdown.

As Tazz as the New Us Champion what will happen?

We will hear a responce from the big show to the challange of akebono.

Kurt Angle's Invinational ended because of Shawn Michaels. We will see angle's responce on thursday

The Natural Born Thrillers will face luther reigns and a partner of his choice

Comfirmed Matches

No DQ Match
Booker T Vs Heidenreich

Natural Born Thrillers Vs Luther Reigns & ?

Cruiserweight Title
Chavo Guerrero Vs ?

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I thought SmackDown! was good and am looking forward to seeing what happens with Raven and also the Tazz angle. Good performance. Also, EdgeHead I read your shows but won't be able to say how good they were as I don't know anything about TNA. Looked good anyway though

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I know it's Velocity is tommorrow but I will give it to you early

[Velocity Credits Open as It scans around the crowd and goes to Josh Mattews and Paul Heyman]

Josh: Hello Everyone, Welcome to Velocity, I am Josh Mattew and this is my new partner, Paul Heyman.

Paul: Well, Vince made the right decision by replacing me for that spanish guy. Josh watch how you say partner because I don't know about you but I don't go that way.

Josh: I didn't mean it that way. Anyways, This week on smackdown, Impact's own Raven issued a challange against one of your favourites Tazz. In Paul, your fourmer company rules. Thats right a ECW rules elimination match at Wrestlemania

* Shows Footage of Raven's ECW Elimination Challange *

Paul: I can't wait for that match.

Josh: Well up next we will have Rene Dupree against Hardcore Holly.

*Rene comes out followed by Hardcore Holly*

Rene Dupree Vs Hardcore Holly

Even match for 4 minuates untill Rene hits a Michinoku Driver and covers for the three count


Josh: Folks were back and there is a major anncouncement for tonight. Tonight we will have a Cruiserweight Battle Royal to decide who will face Chavo Guerrero at Wrestlemania.

Paul: But Josh, Tazz was put in a match with None other then the US Champion Orlando Jordan see what happened

*Footage of Tazz fighting Orlando and suddenly Raven comes out of no where with a chair and pushes Tazz into a corner. Raven puts the chair down and tells Orlando to attack Tazz but Raven does the Raven Effect to Orlando on a chair and covers for the win*

Josh: What a great victory after a long time out of the ring.

Paul: I am proud of Tazz fourmer ECW champion.

*FBI's Music plays as Johnny Stamboli comes out as a newcomer in the ring named Mikey Michaels.*

Johnny Stamboli Vs Mikey Michaels

Quick Match after 2 minuates Johnny does a hard clothsline to Mikey and pins him for the win.


Josh: Well, Last Thursday we found out we would have a new comissioner on Smackdown.

*Footage of Vince Russo introducing himself and Basham winning Tag titles*

*All Cruiserweights but Chavo get into the ring. Chavo sits at the anncounce table*

Akio Vs Paul London Vs Scotty too Hotty Vs Rob Van Dam Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Shannon Moore Vs Nunzio Vs Billy Kidman Vs Funaki
* Nunzio - 1:39
* Scotty Too Hotty- 2:07
*Rey Mysterio- 3:24 (Eddie Interferees)
*Funaki -4:14
* Billy Kidman- 4:23
* Rob Van Dam- 5:53
* Shannon Moore- 7:23
* Akio- 10:20

Winner and Wrestlemania Cruiserweight Number one contender: Paul London

Josh: What a amazing match for Paul London.

Paul: This kid deserves a shot and he proved it.

Chavo: Oh, He deserves it and he will get what he deserves

*Eddie takes Rey into his low riders trunk*

Josh: What is Eddie doing to Rey Mysterio?

Paul: I don't know but I think it's revenge

*Paul London celebrates as Chavo gets up and slides into the ring. Chavo is just about to hit London with the chair when he turns around and dropkicks him in the face with the chair. Paul London then grabs the cruiserweight title and raises it in the air and then puts it on Chavo. as the Show ends*

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Great show! Better than the average Velocity! He's my Xplosion Preview

Matches: A.J.Styles VS Lance Hoyt
Kid Kash Vs. Chris Candido
Montie Brown Vs. Scott Hall

- The confrintation bettween B.G. James and the Outlaw

More to be annonced on Xplosion
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