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I am reading around in this forum and I am starting anew thing where you pick 20 wwe superstars and make just PPV'S but tell how match came about and how it would end.

If anybody wants to join just post on this thread

My Twenty Superstars are

1)The Undertaker (Nuetral)
2)Chris Benoit (Heel)
3)Batista (Heel)
4)Randy Orton (Face)
5)John "Bradshaw" Layfield (Heel)
6)John Cena (Face)
7)Rene Dupree (Heel)
8)Shelton Benjamin (Face)
9)Sting (Nuetral)
10)Rob Van Dam (Face)
11)Booker T (Heel)
12)Charlie Hass (Face)
13)Mordecai (Heel)
14)Matt Morgan (Heel)
15)Nathan Jones (Heel)
16)Billy Kdman (Face)
17)Rey Mysterio (Face)
18)Paul London (Face)
19)Tajiri (Heel)
20)Ultimo Dragon (Heel)

WWE Title
United States Championship
WWE Tag-Team Titles
WWE Cruiserweight Title

First Pay-Per-View
WWE Ground Zero (April)

Cruiserweight Tag Team Match- Winners get Title shot
Paul London and Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon

Ending: Kidman gets thrown into London, they start to argue and Kidman turns around into the mist. London walks out and Dragon hits the Asai DDT.

Winners: Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon by pinfall

Finals of the WWE Cruiserweight Title Tournament
RVD vs. Rey Mysterio

Ending: Afetr losing a handicap match, Mordacei comes out and powerbombs Rey Mysterio then goes to clothesline RVD and RVD ducks then spinning heel kicks Mordacei outside of the ring.Then he frogspalshes Mysterio for the pin.

Winner: RVD

The Great American vs. The U.S. Championship
United States Cahmpionship
John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. John Cena

Ending: After Bradshaw goes for the Clothesline from Hel, Cena ducks and referee gets the clothesline and out comes Batista w/ a sitout powerbomb. Then Bradshaw getsa the pin fall. After match John "Bradshaw" Layfield joins the New Evolution.Batista announces that the third member of Evolution will be reveled tonight.

Winner: John "Bradshaw" Layfield

WWE Tag Team Championships
T.W.G.T.T.P. vs. Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones

Ending: TWGTTP hits double team splash and both pin Morgan @ the same time.

Winners: T.W.G.T.T.P.

Battle of the Best in WCW
Booker T vs. Sting

Ending: Booker T grabs the bat away from Sting and hits Sting w/ it and pins him.

Winner: Booker T

Shows Benoit talking to Batista and Bradshaw

Lead up to Main Event
Orton wins Battle Royal putting Benoit out last. Benoit thinks he deserves to get a title shot because he never lost the WCW or World Heavyweight Titles.

WWE Championship-No D.Q.
Randy Orton (c) vs. Chris Benoit (self proclaimed World Heavyweight Champion)

Ending: Benoit hits Randy Orton with a pair of brass knuckles and sets Orton on a table. Goes up to tope rope to do the diving headbutt. And out comes Batista and Bradshaw.Bradshaw moves Orton and Batista powerbowbs Benoit off of the tope rope throught the table, and Orton picks up the PinFall.

Winner: Randy Orton

Next PPV Tommorow: WWE Breakdown

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WWE Breakdown

Video package airs on Triple Main Event for the evening.

#1 Contendership for Cruiserweight Title @ Execution
Paul London vs. Billy Kidman

Ending: After five punches to the chest of Kidman by London, he puts him up on the top rope, being on the top rope they both start punching again to get an advantage and Kidman hits 2 uppercuts on London dazzing him. Then off the top rope a BK Bomb, goes back up on the top rope and a shooting star press for the 1,2,3.

Winner:Billy Kidman

Triple Threat Match-WWE Cruiserweight Title
Tajiri vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. RVD (c)

Ending:Tajiri hits the buzzsaw kick on Ultimo. RVD and Tajiri trade kicks back and forth, until RVD hits spinning wheel kick and then the rolling thunder.Rolls him over to the ropes and Hits the Five Star Frog Splash, then all of a sudden Mordacei's music hits, and ref is looking toward the entrance way, and Mordacei runs in from behind, and hits a crucifix on RVD, and Ultimo makes the cover for the 1,2,3.

Winner:Ultimo Dragon

Handicap Match
The Undertaker vs. Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones

Ending: The Undertaker has Nathan Jones choking him with the ropes,and out comes Booker T with a bag of powder, Undertaker looks @ him and Booker throws the powder into the eyes of the Taker.Then Taker blinded turns around and gets a double chokeslam and Jones makes the Pinfall.

Winner:Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones

Start of Triple Main Event

Batista vs. John Cena

Ending: Batista after not having alot of offense versus Cena during the match, htis a low blow on Cena and then a Sitout Powerbomb. Frustrated Batista goes outside of the ring and gets a steel chair,gets back in the ring goes to hit Cena and Cena ducks hitting the ropes instead,the chair comes back and hits Batista in the face. Cena hits the FU on a dazed Batista, and pins him.

Winner:John Cena

Triple Threat Match-United States Championship
John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Charlie Hass vs. Shelton Benjamin

Ending:Hass gets Bradshaw on his shoulders and Benjamin hits a clothesline (Vengeance 2003).Hass covers Bradshaw and Shelton pulls him off.Hass and Benjamin get into an argument and Hass hits Benjamin and walks out. Bradshaw gets back up and Shelton is yelling at him when he turns around BOOM! The Clothesline from Hell and pins Benjamin for the 1,2,3.

Winner:John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Video package with clips from the Battle Royal,and the match @ GroundZero.

Steel Cage Match-WWE Championship
Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton (c)

Ending:Benoit hits the Diving Headbutt off the top rope,both men busted wide open.Benoit then goes to climb the steel cage and out comes Bradshaw and Batista, Bradshaw distracts the referee and Benoit at the top of the cage,Batista hits him w/ a steel chairand Benoit falls back down on the turnbuckle.Orton climbs to the top rope and hit the RKO off of the top rope, and pins him in the cage.

Winner:Randy Orton

Announcement:Next PPV(Execution) (Later Today or Tommorow)

Please rate both ppvs and matches

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WWE Execution (June)

Video package on the fued between Evolution and Benoit/Cena and Taker and Morgan/Jones

Rene Dupree says the best Cruiserweight in the WWE could not beat him

Opening Contest
Rene Dupree vs. Rey Mysterio

Ending:Mysterio hits with punches after punches and Dupree gets mad and runs toward and Mysterio does a trip into the ropes, and he hits the 619 and then runs back into the ring and puts him on the top rope and Dupree uses his flag to hit Mysterio and then he hits a Spinebuster off of the second rope to Mysterio for the 1,2,3.

Winner:Rene Dupree

After Mordecai trying to cause him the cruiserweight title twice Mordecai says RVD is commiting the worst sin which was greed.

Rob Van Dam vs. Mordecai

Ending:RVD goes for a spinning heel kick and Mordecai ducks and it connects with the referee.Then he hits it on Mordecai and he rolls out of the ring, and grabs a steel chair and when he gets back in the ring Van Dam hits a Van Daminator on Mordecai and then a spinning leg drop, and then the rolling thunder.He lays down the steel chair and puts Mordecai on top of it.The referee is starting to get up and Mordecai hits a low blow and then a Crucifix on a steel chair and pins him.


WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
Billy Kidman vs. Ultimo Dragon

Ending:Ultimo Dragon hits a big kick on Kidman and ref checks on Kidman and Dragon uncovers a turnbuckle, Kidman not knowing that he did it runs toward Dragon and Dragon moves sending Kidman into the turnbucklechest first then Dragon htis the Asai DDT on Kidman for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Ultimo Dragon

Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Hass

Ending:Never fixing the turnbuckle from the last match the two almost have an all out wrestling match all hit there regular moves.Benjamin whips Hass into the exposed turnbuckle then goes for the stinger splash and Hass moves sending Shelton into the exposed turnbuckle the he hits a german suplex with a brige into a pin forn the 1,2,3.

Winner:Charlie Hass

Handicap Tag Match
Sting & The Undertaker vs. Booker T,Matt Morgan, & Nathan Jones

Ending:Booker T on the top rope about to do the Huston Hangover Sting runs and pushes him off the top rope,hitting the rail on the way down.The Undertaker sits up and all hell breaks lose wit Jones, Morgan,and Sting all running into the ring,all of them fighting.Sting whips Jones into the turnbuckle and hits the Stinger Splash and then throws him to Taker for the ChokeSlam,and with Morgan running towards Sting he does a double leg takedown and puts on the Scorpion Deathlock and Morgan taps out at the same time that Jones gets pinned.

Winner:Sting and The Undertaker

Video package showing Clips from the Matches from GroundZero and Breakdown

Evolution talking about the sole purpose of the EC is for Orton to still be champion.

5 Man Elimination Chamber-WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Batista vs. John"Bradshaw"Layfield vs. Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton(c)

1)John Cena
2)John "Bradshaw" Layfield
4)Chris Benoit
5)Randy Orton(c)

Eliminations:1)Batista by John Cena [JBL going for CFH and Cena ducks he hits Batista]
2) John Cena by JBL [Cena distracted by Orton turns around and get the CFH]
3)JBL by Chris Benoit [Whipped into glass(breaks) then turns around for CC]

Ending:Orton goes for RKO and Benoit pushes him off and that makes Orton mad and runs to do it again but Benoit locks on a Crippler Crossface and Orton never taps but passes out. The Benoit gets up on one of the chambers and does a diving headbutt off of the chamber,and pins Orton.

Winner:Chris Benoit

Next PPV: Fully Loaded

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My Roster's name Is WWE Knock Out.

My roster consists of:

1. Triple H (Heel)
2. Undertaker (Heel)
3. Eugene (Face)
4. William Regal (Face)
5. Rock (Face)
6. Randy Orton (Heel)
7. Kane (Heel)
8. John Cena (Face)
9. Shawn Michaels (Heel)
10. Billy Gunn (Heel)
11. X Pac (Heel)
12. Road Dogg (Heel)
13 Steve Austin (Face)
14. Gangrel (Heel)
15. Edge (Heel)
16. Christian (Heel)
17. Bubba Ray Dudley (Face)
18. D-Von Dudley (Face)
19. Spike Dudley (Face)
20. Mordecai (Heel)

D Generation X (heel)
- Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X Pac, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg

The Brood (Heel)
- Gangrel, Edge and Christian

Ministry Of Darkness(heel)
- The Brood, Kane, Mordecai and Undertaker

Paul Heyman - Mordecai & The Ministry Of Darkness
Paul Bearer - Undertaker & The Ministry Of Darkness
Stephanie McMahon - Austin
Sable - The Dudley Boyz

Interviewers: Michael Cole, Dr.Tom Pritchard,Todd Grisham & The Coach

Commentators: J.R, King & Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan

Referees: Earl Hebner, Brian Hebner, Timmy White, Joey Marrella

Ring Announcers: Howard Finkel & lillian Garcia

Comissioner: Mick Foley

Trainers: Fit Finley, Dean Malenko & Arn Anderson

General Manager
- Shane McMahon
- Vince McMahon
Head Of Board Of Directors
- Linda McMahon
Board Of Directors
- Sergeant Slaughter, Eric Bischoff, Ted turner, Vince Russo

-WWE Heavyweight Title, WWE Intercontinental Title, WWE U.S Title, WWE Cruiserweight Title, WWE Light-heavyweiight Title, WWE Tag Team Titles, WWE Hard-core Title, WWE European Title

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My first Pay Per View is called WWE UNLEASHED (may)
UNLEASHED starts with the usual pyro show and then the first match starts:

WWE Cruiserweight Title tournement Semi-Finals
Christian VS XPac Joey Marrella(r)

Finish: As both men battle it out for a place in the final for the Cruiserweight Title, The Brood come down to ringside with Mordecai to interfere in the match but d-x come down and make the save which brings about a massive brawl on the outside which distracts the referee and from underneath the ring comes a masked man with a steel chair who clocks Christian With it and then runs to the outside.

WWE Tag Team Titles:
Edge & Gangrel VS The New Age Outlaws(c) Timmy White (r)

Finish: Edge & Gangrel look as if they are about to win the titles when the same masked man came out of the crowd with another masked man with him, they both have chairs and they take out the brood the ref however sees this and dq's the outlaws.

Winners: Brood

Cruiserweight Title Final
XPac VS Eugene W/Regal Brian Hebner(r)

Finish: HHH comes out to interfere but when he goes to put Eugene in the pedigree Regal nails HHH with the brass knucks then Eugene scores the roll up and gets the win and once Eugene leaves the lights go down when they come back we see that the brood has got some revenge by giving XPac a blood bath but to the rescue is HHH,Billy Gunn & HBK but again they get beat down with steel chairs by the brood but then from behind comes Road dogg and the two masked men who take out the brood, then the masks come off and it turns out to be road doggs partners from nwa:tna ;ron the truth killings and konnan who appear to have joined d-x.

Winner: eugene

I.C Title, no Dq:
HHH VS Mordecai (c) w/Paul Heyman Timmy White(r)

Finish :Mordecai hits his finisher when the ref gets dragged out of the ring by Billy Gunn who then hits him with the fame asser but then kane comes out and attacks mr.ass then another ref runs down as Mordecai goes for the pin again but hhh kicks out then out of no where comes the pedigree which earns him a three count and the I.C Title. But when Hunter and mr.ass left the referee that counted the three count,Brian Hebner was put on the undertaker's symbol as a sacrifice by the brood, kane and mordecai.

Winner: HHH

U.S Title, Ladder Match:
HBK VS John Cena (c) Timmy White (r)

Finish: Both men were climbing the ladder when it swayed to the side luckily for Shawn he jumped off before Cena and cena went to the outside through four stacked tables which completely wiped him out then shawn capitalised on the oppertunity by climbing the ladder and winning the gold.

Winner: HBK

WWE Heavyweight Title,Hell In A Cell Match:
Taker w/Paul Bearer VS Austin (c) Earl Hebner(r)

Finish:perhaps the most gruesome match ever was this one the end came when taker hit stone cold right between the eyes with the urn while on top of the cell then he chokeslammed him through the cell to the mat and then finished him off with a tombstone.

Winner: The Undertaker

Note: Please can Someone rate this PPV for me and tell me how i did.

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for Old Skool's PPV id give it a 6.5/10
probably because it is a bit confusing with all of the happenings between the brood and DX, however the booking of the matches was great and the more times i read it i will probably understand it more.
Keep it up it should be interesting continuing the DX and Brood feud and im sure ill enjoy seeing how it turns out!

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WWE Fully Loaded (July)
The Final Stop

Highlight of the WWE Fully Loaded Title Tourneys

Semi-Final of WWE Title Tourney
Randy Orton vs. John Cena

Ending:John Cena hits 10 punches in the corner and then puts him into the FU,but Orton lands on his feet and grabs Cena's brass knuckles and hits him in the face,and covers him for the 1,2,3.

Winner:Randy Orton

Semi Final of WWE Title Tourney
Chris Benoit vs Batista

Ending:Batista gets him up into the Sitout Powerbomb,and Benoit gets out of it going into the ref knocking him out.Then Benoit ducks out of the way and Batista goes outside of the ring.Batista then grabs the belt and runs in and gets a crippler crossface.Then lets it go and hits Batista with the belt.Puts the belt under the head of Batista and Benoit goes to do the Diving Headbutt,and Batista moves.The Ref gets back into the ring and Batista hits the Sitout Powerbomb and pins Benoit.


United States Championship
Shelton Benjamin vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield(c)

Ending:Bradshaw and Benjamin are throwing punches back and forth and then Bradshaw clotheslines Benjamin over the top rope,and Bradshaw trying to go to the outside of the ring distracts the ref,and out of the crowd comes Kurt Angle and he AngleSlams Benjamin outside of the ring,and Benjamin gets counted out.

Winner:John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Fatal Four Way-WWE Cruiserweight Title (If Dupree wins the CW title is gone)
Rene Dupree vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidman vs. Ultimo Dragon(c)

Ending:The whole match being like a 3 on 1 handicapped match against Dupree.Mysterio then Dragon then Kidman hit their finishers and all pin him at the same time.

Backstage:Batista talking to JBL
B-"I did something that Randy couldn't do by himself and that is beat Benoit,and now I am going to do a first for me and that is win the WWE Championship

Triple Threat Tag Match-WWE Tag Team Title Tourney Final
Nathan Jones & Matt Morgan vs. Sting & The Undertaker vs. Charlie Hass & ???
After all the entrances out comes out Hass's tag partner Kurt Angle.

Ending:Sting fighting Hass and Angle on the outside of the ring,Jones and Morgan come in and try to double clothesline The Undertaker but he ducks underneath them and they turn around and get a double chokeslam and Taker pins them both.

Backstage:Randy Orton talking to JBL
Orton-"The whole purpose of this tournament was for me to win the WWE Title back and I hope Batista knows what to do."

WWE Championship Match-Must be a Winner
Randy Orton vs. Batista

Ending:After a grueling 20 minute match and both men hitting their finishers.Randy goes for the RKO but Batista pushes him off and Orton knocks out the referee.Both men taking advantage of the ref being out and go and get a steel chair and out comes JBL also with a steel chair,and they are about to hit each other w/ the chairs,and they then both look at JBL and he hits both steel chairs back into both of their faces and he makes them pin each other.


End of Show:JBL holding the belt at the top of the ramp

Next Show:WWE Evolution (6/5/04)

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WWE Evolution (August)
The Evolution of Wrestling is upon us....

Video package of the End of Evolution @ Fully Loaded

Grudge Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Mordecai

Ending:Mordecai having control of the whole match and then hitting RVD in the chest twice and puts him on his shoulders for the cruicifix,and then walks over to the ropes and is about to do the crucifix and out comes Rey Mysterio and does the 619 and RVD gets a steel chair and hits Mordecai with it and then does the frog splash.

Winner:Mordecai by D.Q.

Triple Threat Match-WWE Cruiserweight Title
Ultimo Dragon vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidman(c)

Ending:Billy Kidman trips Ultimo into the ropes and Rey Mysterio does the 619 then they both clothesline Dragon over the top rope.Then they stare down each other and Kidman runs toward Mysterio and he trips Kidman into the ropes and as he is going to do the 619 and in runs Mordecai and he does the Crucifix to Mysterio and Kidman covers Mysterio.

Winner:Billy Kidman

WWE Tag-Team Championships
Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones vs. Sting and The Undertaker(c)

Ending:Choas breaks out and all four men are fighting in the ring Matt Morgan is holding Undertaker and Jones goes for the Big Boot and Taker ducks which makes him hit Morgan.Jones turns around and gets a chokeslam then gets back up and gets the Stinger Splash and rolled up for the pin.

Winner:Sting and The Undertaker

Triple Threat Match-#1 Contendership for U.S. Title
Kurt Angle vs. Charlie Hass vs. Shelton Benjamin

Ending:Angle knocked down.Hass goes for the Clothesline and Benjamin ducks and Superkicks Hass over the top rope and not knowing Benjamin is taunting Hass and gets the Angle Slam and then passes out from the Anklelock.

Winner:Kurt Angle

Triple Threat Two Fall Match-1)Normal Match 2)Ladder Match
WWE Championship and United States Championship
Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Ending: (1st fall) Bradshaw getting up from a powerbomb,and Batista dazzed Randy goes for the RKO on Batista and Batista pushes Orton off and Orton gets the Clothesline From Hell.And Batista lets him pin Orton.

Winner of 1st Fall for United States Title:John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Ending: (2nd fall) Bradshaw sets up the ladder and as he is gets to the top rumb of the ladder Orton low blows him and does a RKO from the top of the ladder.Then Orton starts to climb the ladder and Batista catches him climbing and climbs to the 2 rumb and does the sitout powerbomb from the ladder.And climbs and gets the belt.

Winner of the 2nd fall for WWE Championship: Batista

Next PPV:WWE Brawl for All
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