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Ok this is mah first attempt at fantasy wrestling it will only be one match for the newfound cruiserweight tag titles... here goes...

Tazz: Well now its time for tha main event tonight, the crowning of our first ever cruiserweight tag team titles
Cole: That's right Tazz, and General Manager Stephanie MacMahon had just annouced that it will be a TLC match! How exciting is that?
Tazz: Very exciting Cole, the TLC match is one of the most brutal, demanding matches is the history of the WWE!
Cole: That's right, and its about to get underway

OOHHH YEAHHHH!!! Blares across the speakers as Matt Hardy V1 and his MF'er Shannon Moore walk towards the ring hoping that they can pull off a win against Rey Mysterio and a Mystery Partner...

Chk chk chk chk chk chk blares across the speakers and all of a sudden two jets of fireworks shoot from the stage and Rey Mysterio is launched 7 feet high off the ground.. after going through his opening entrance rountine he waits for his partner to arrive...

Suddenly bass and guitar riff blare! and the crowd is on their feet! Could it be?! YES! IT IS! The return of Jeff Hardy to the WWE ring!

Tazz: Oh my god I never thought I'd see Jeff Hardy On Smackdown! Its a miracle!
Cole: I'm as shocked as you are Tazz!

Jeff flies down the ramp in his glow in the dark paint and goes on the top turnbuckle doing his trademark team Xtreme hand signs, and is meeted by camera flashes... he bounches down from the rope to go eye to eye with his brother, who is in major shock...

the bell rings and they are underway!

Tazz: Jeff Hardy automatically goes after his brother with right hands to the face!
Cole: Meanwhile Mysterio goes after Moore by whipping him into the ropes and delivering a hard clothesline! Mysterio quicky hits a standing moonsault splash to Moore as well!
Tazz: Jeff has worked his brother into a corner, oh wait! Matt reverses and it is now Jeff in the corner, getting punched by his brother
Cole: Jeff and Matt Hardy, veterans of TLC, but now they are not on the same team but facing eachother for those tag team titles. Oh look at Mysterio!
Tazz: He going for the ladder!
Cole: Mysterio throws the ladder into the ring and quickly sets it up, with Moore still suffering frm that standing moonsault splash.
Tazz: it looks like Rey is going to steal one! He's almost halfway up the ladder!
Cole: But wait! Look at Moore! He's up and he just pushed the ladder that Mysterio was climbing! Mysterio is now outside the ring, and it looks like he's been hit hard!
Tazz: Jeff is now out of the corner and tried to hip toss his bother out of the ring, but Matt just landed on the apron. Jeff just headbutted him, leaving Matt stunned.
Cole: The daredevil in Jeff sees the ladder that was knocked over and laying like a teeter totter on the ropes, near Matt. He ran and just jumped onto the ladder, sending it into Matt's face!
Tazz: Watch out Jeff! Moore's waiting just behind you!
Cole: Oh! and with a brutal dropkick to the face fom Shannon Moore, Jeff is laying dazed on the side of the ring.
Tazz: If Moore can sumhow get the ladder up and take the titles, it would be a HUGE upset!
Cole: But Mysterio is back up on his feet, and has grabbed another ladder, the same height, from under the ring! Sliding it under the bottom rope Mysterio manages to trip Moore! Moore landed in between the first and second rope! You know what that means Tazz!
Tazz: Right Cole! Mysterio's gonna fly!
Cole: Mysterio now has ascended to the top turnbuckle, and as he leaps off he leg drops Shannon Moore on the head, like a modified guillotine!
Tazz: I think thats it for Shannon Moore... he looks unconcious!
Cole: and look at Mysterio too! He didn't quite land where he wanted and looks in bad shape
Tazz: I think its between the Hardy Bros. who's gonna win now Cole!
Cole: I think you're right
Tazz: Now Matt and Jeff are back in the ring exchanging right hands, Cole: But wait! Matt counters and..
Cole: I was about to say that Tazz..
Tazz: Sorry Cole
Cole: Anyways, this could be a major chance for Matt Hardy! Grabbing the ladder that Mysterio used to trip his Mattitude follower, he sets it up and starts to climb!
Tazz: But look at Jeff! He's up and climbing after his brother!
Cole: The brothers are exhanging punches once again, and wait! Its Jeff turn to counte! and....

Cole the proceeds to hit Tazz over the head with the announcer's monitors till he is out cold!

Cole: Well now that is over with... Jeff Hardy is now at the top of the ladder and has claimed the Cruiserweight Championships for him and Rey Mysterio... Well Thank You for watching Samckdown! tonight and...
Tazz: Ughnnn...
Cole: (kicks him hard in the face) This is Michael Cole saying goodnight!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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