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New Sig/XMas Banner

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I actually found that same pic you used, but decided to use a different one. OZ, you can't "suck" and have people "copy" you. Pick one and stay with it. No, I didn't copy it. Mine is blended into the background, and your's is part of the text. What else would I use? A tree? A snowman? A whole Santa? The options are limited, dude.

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GP hates you.

GP says:
Screw OZ and his "you stole my hat" bullshit. Ban him
Cody says:
Dude, get over it. He was joking.
GP says:
I hate OZ.

OMF see? PROOF:eek:

Seriously though, my little Christmas area in my sig ownz both of your Christmas banners.
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