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My last request was 4-27-05
I think thats a month and a half if not I'm only off by a little.

LK or Shady Please. But if you're good feel free to have a go.

Theme: John Cena
Size: 400x200
Color Scheme: orangy-yellow
text 1: 3VK(upper left of benner)
text 2: The Champ Is Here
(flip horozontal)
(Please don't include OJ just Cena)
This one the main Cut.
Also please: Avatar using the the main cut, same color scheme. Text 3VK
I tried to be as specific as possible. Thanks in advance.
And of course the useless rep will be given(esspecially if it's LK who makes the banner)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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