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New RAW theme

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If the new theme song for RAW is Tonight is the night by Outasight then I'm going to pull of a Benoit.
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I agree with OP. If the theme is what they were playing throughout the night though, especially during the Punk/Cena match card thing, then I guess I'd be alright with it.

Does anyone know what song they played during the Austin/Mcmahon tribute promo?


Starting at around 1:38:17....
They said during the broadcast that it was the official theme for the 1000th episode. I doubt it's going to be the theme for Raw. Would male no sense.
they didnt even show the intro so i guess we'll find out next week
They're going in this shitty pseudo-dubstep, poppy, hip-hop, "I'm gonna be rich and famous one day" direction with their genre choices for PPV themes, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's as bad or worse than tonight's theme.

I imagine in 3 weeks, we'll be praying for "WE'RE GOING OUT TONIGHT... HEY!... TO KICK OUT EVERY LIGHT... HEY!"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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