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One day Vince McMahon decided to announce that he's selling his company to anyone. Eight months later. Video of mysterious masked man comes on the titantron. He says in a distorted voice, "He is the new owner of WWE. He wants everyone from 205, SMACK-DOWN, RAW, NXTUK AND NXT to make an impact in the wrestling world. I'd already sent you guys what your mission! If you do this I'll unmask myself for the world to see. This the only time I'll let everyone use each others' finishers! Now Go!"

The Email address show up: [email protected]

On the rival shows like ROH, AEW, Impact wrestling and NJPW. WWE Superstars show up in the first row with hoods and masked on them but their hoodies have the WWE Logo on them.

After the main events of all those rivals. The WWE Superstars jumped over the barricade and attacked the superstars in the ring. They spray paint the letters: NOOW on the canvas of the mat and the aprons. They got the microphone and said, "THE NEW OWNER OF WWE Strikes! He dares anyone to come to his shows!" The voices were distorted

People were shocked about all this. Owners of the rivals companies showed up on RAW. They were all in the ring. The lights go out. When the lights came back on. The Rivals saw all the WWE Superstars were hanging up like puppets. Then the New Owner of WWE appears on the titantron. He said, "I'm here to make a business offer to all of you. I want to make a video game called, 'The Wrestling World'. It only comes out every two years. If you agree with me. I'll let you unmasked me."

The Rivals agreed to this. The New Owner of WWE appear next to the WWE Superstars and cut the strings that they were free of their own characters. He ordered the WWE Superstars to take him to the ring and the Rivals unmasked the New Owner of WWE. The Rivals asked, "Who are you?" The now unmasked Owner said, "You can called me, Daniel Grubberg!"
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