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I had an idea andknow I am going to do it,but the idea is to my own NWA:TNA and they will have two weekly shows and one ppv a month and I am going to start later today.Also the champions stay as they are.How do you post pictures on ot post.

Weekly shows:
Wednesday(FX)NWA:TNA Revolution
Friday(Fox Sports Net)NWA:TNA Impact

First PPV:Scars and Stripes[July,18 2004]
Baltimore,Md/1st Mariner Arena

The first weekly show will be in a couple hours.

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NWA:TNA Revolution
[June 30,2004]
(Tallahasse Civic Center/Tallahasse,FL)

We are shown highlights of NWA:TNA and told that a new revolution of wrestling will start tonight.

Then a dark theme song is played and the Revolution logo shows on the screen and we are shown the arena and a firework display goes off in the arena.

Mike Tenay:We are starting a new revolution of wrestling tonight as TNA will now have two weekly shows and one pay per view per month.

Don West:But this might as well be a PPV because of two big tag matches we have tonight. One match is "The Fallen Angel" Chris Daniels and Primetime vs. Kazarian and Michael Shane.And we also have a Tag Team Title match tonight between AMW and The Naturals.

Mike Tenay:We have something shocking going on backstage lets go to it now.

Backstage Jeff Jarrett has a guitar and is trapped in a room with Vince Russo
Jarrett:Make the match or you will meet this guitar again like a couple of weeks ago.
Russo:"Okay I will announce it after the next match."

Don West:I wonder what match that will be I guess we will find out after the match next which is the Tag Team Title Match.

Commercial Break

NWA Tag Team Championships
America's Most Wanted vs. The Naturals(c)
Ending:Harris clotheslines Douglas over the top rope being the legal man,and Storm and Stevens starting to fight inside of the ring trying to distract him from the two fighting outside of the ring and the ref watching the action in the ring.Scott D'Amore runs out their and snags the american flag and pours some liquid on it and puts it in the face of Harris and Douglas slides back into the ring and the ref sees Harris knocked out and counts him out.

Winner:The Naturals

Commercial Break

When we come back Russo is walking to the ring to tell the match that Jarrett made him make and Russo starts to talk:"Jarrett asked me if I could make a match to benefit him and I am going to make it right now.We are going to have a Triple Threat Match with Konnan, Ron Killings,and B.G. James,but to also benefit them the winner will get a title shot @ our next ppv "Scars and Stripes".

Tenay:What a match was announced what a first couple of shows we are going to have because @ Impact we are going to have a 6 Man Over the Top Battle Royal with the winner getting a X-division tile match @ Scars and Stripes.

Raven vs. Shark Boy
Ending:Shark Boy is about to get a raven effect and Shark Boy reverses into a fisherman suplex for a 2 count.Then Shark Boy ducks under a Raven clothesline and hits a spinning wheel kick and then does a rolling thunder and the goes to the top ropeand Raven is dazed getting up and hits the rope and then climbs to the second rope and hits the Raven Effect,and gets the pin.


Raven talks after the match:Sabu why will you not accept my challenge I will do something so brutal that you will have no choice but to accept,so watch all of this weeks Impact and I guarentee that you will want to have a match with me.

West:What do you think that he is going to do this week @ Impact and coming up next the exciting X-Division plus the announcement of the 6 man in the Battle Royal Next Week.

Commercial Break

X-Division Tag Team Match
Triple X vs. Micheal Shane and Kazarian
Ending:Michael Shane and Chris Daniels start to fight in the ring again and Kazarian then jumps over the rope after being tagged in by Shane,then he whips Daniels off the rope and dropkicks Daniels and that also sends Primetime into the ring and Shane tries to hit a dropkick off the middle of the rope and Primetime catches him and does the hurricarana off the top rope whcih sends Shane to the outside of the ring and the Kazarian tries to the same thing and Prime time does the hurricanrana again and Daniels hits a moonsault and pins Kazarian.

Winners:Triple X

Russo walks out again to announce the six men in the battle royal next week.
"The 6 man that will be in the Battle Royal are Kazarian,Michael Shane,Amazing Red,
Christopher Daniels,Primetime,and someone to be announced at a later date.

Tenay:Coming up next the Triple Threat Match for a Title Shot.


Triple Threat Match for NWA Heavyweight Title Match @ Scars and Stripes
Konnan vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings vs. B.G. James
Ending:All three athletes are getting back up very weak and K-Dogg and James start to both punch Ron and then they send him over the top rope.And K-Dogg and James fighting in the ring, Ken Shamrock jumps over the railing and locks on the ankle lock until Killings passes out.And as K-Dogg and B.G. James are fighting Jarrett runs down and hits Konnan with a guitar and that dazes him and James hits the Pumphandle Drop and pins Konnan.

Winner:B.G. James

Russo then walks out mad about the match being ruined and announces if Shamrock wants Killings then stop interfering and face him @ Scars and Stripes.And that next week on Revolution it will be B.G. James & Ron Killings vs. Jeff Jarrett & Ken Shamrock.


Preview for NWA:TNA Impact
Who will be the sixth man in the X-Division Battle Royal and who will face A.J. Styles @ Scars and Strips,and will any thing happen with 3 live kru and Shamrock,Jarrett.Plus what will Raven do to guarentee a match with Sabu.Find all this out @ Impact.

Updated Card for:
Snickers presents NWA:TNA Scars and Stripes
[July 18,2004](Baltimore,Md/1st Mariner Arena)

NWA Heavyweight Championship
B.G. James vs. Jeff Jarrett(c)

Ken Shamrock vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings
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