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I think that to bringback that special something wwe need to recall back to what boosted the sports entertainment industry, start the push nearer to the edge.

#1 Bring back the Hardcore division (single & tag)
#2 Extend the shows (TV & PPV)
#3 Stop not showing the blood scenes, or freezing the footage when some one gets put through the tables/ hit with a chair & looking at the crowd.
#4 Whats the point in repeating all the story lines of the past.
#5 Restart inter-promotionals (All japan, AAA,)
#6 A good one would to bring back ECW but have it workig under WWE so the people can see what other tallent there is. & this would bee very good for future "Taboo Tuesday(s)" as then the people can vote for what matches they want & who can fight in them.
#7 Start a "war" with the back yard wrestling promotions

Anyone have a thought?

Thank you for reading my thoughts, this has been another point of view from the cWo (Chunk World Order) President.

Stephen M T CLark

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That's 4 n00bs that have put a thread in the wrong section. Hey buddy tell this to all your n00b friends: THIS IS FOR BOOKING SHOWS, NOT YOUR IDEAS ON HOW TO MAKE THE WWE BETTER! POST THAT IN THE WWE SECTION.
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