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New Jericho

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Rate & Thoughts plz
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According to something a certain someone said on a certain radio show, we won't have to wait long for his overdue push. ;)

The pics are quite old, don't know whether that was intentional or not. If so, cool. If not, uncool.

The rest is cool, nice swirly, fractal effect, sweet text, hott NDF-ish logo and good blending. Yep.

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M2M said:
10/10 Super.
Don't spam.

ShadyV1- Love the banner. The colors are great as is the text. The effect is nice, but yeah, don't like the usage of semi-oldish pics for the abnner. Maybe should've used something newer, but if its what you were aiming for then, great. Phenomenal banner, your second best IMO. 9.8/10

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purpleplayer said:
too blue, you cant tell what the hell is going on...

Maybe you can't tell what's going on.

As for the banner, It's pretty good. The colour is nice, the only problem is the big white gapness thing in the corner. Overall it's decent, and better than most of yours..
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