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Hey all u maniacs well it's time, i'm looking for someone to make a new Hulk Hogan banner for me. Heres what i would like it to be:
-I would like it to say "Hulkamania Forever"
-also somewhere in the banner my name, Hoganfan4life
-I would like pics of him from his new era of Hulkamania when he returned in 02' in the red and yellow.
-also I would like a pic from either wrestlemania 21 him ripping his shirt, or a pic of him from his match at Backlash 05' or him posing during his return to RAW in 05'
-sorry if i'm a jerk and really specific but i'm guessing people who do banner requests r specific.
-and ofcourse as whoever's banner I like i'll add rep but if i like all the banner's made i'll add rep to everbdy.
-Good luck!!! :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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