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This is my first go of a Booker Company...:D

New Generation Wrestling!

No Brands, No GM's!
NGW is mostly combined of WWE Wrestlers, but also has former/current wCw/Indy and TNA wrestlers.
There is only 1 brand, and that is NGW itself. Only 1 true champion in all divisions!

H- Heel
N- Neutral
F- Face

World HeavyWeight Division:
Chris Jericho (F)
Kurt Angle (H)
Sting (F)
Kane (H)
The Rock (N)
Triple H (H)
Big Show (H) - Injured
Ric Flair (H)
Chris Benoit (H)
Shawn Michaels (F)
Undertaker (H)
Eddie Guerrero (F)

Intercontinental Division:
Lance Storm (F)
Charlie Haas (F)
Randy Orton (H)
Batista (H)
John Cena (F)
Edge (F)
Shelton Benjamin (F)
John Bradshaw Layfield (H)
Booker T (H)
Scott Steiner (H) - Unactive
Christian (H)
Rob Van Dam (F)
Sean O'Haire (H)
Rene Dupree (H)
Chris Kanyon (H)
Shane Douglas (H)
Buff Bagwell (F)

United States Division:
William Regal (F)
Rob Conway (H) - Unactive
Johnny Nitro (H) - Unactive
Rico (F)
Doug Basham (H)
Danny Bashams (H)
Al Snow (H)
Bubba Ray Dudley (F)
D'Von Dudley (F)
Tommy Dreamer (F)
Billy Gunn (F)
Tyson Tomko (H)
Rikishi (F)
Orlando Jordan (F)
Rosey (H)
Rhyno (H)
Mark Jindrak (H)
Test (H)
Sylvan Granier (H)
Johnny Stamboli (H)
Mike Awesome (H)
Eugene (F)
Garrison Cade (F)

Crusier-Weight Division:
Nunzio (H)
Akio (H)
Sakoda (H)
Matt Hardy (H)
Rey Mysterio Jr (F)
Billy Kidman (F)
Paul London (F)
The Hurricane (F)
Chavo Jr (H)
Grand Master Sexay (F)
Psychosis (F) - Injured
Spanky (F)
Shannon Moore (F)
Jamie Noble (H)
Ultimo Dragon (F)
Tajiri (F)
Lash LeRoux (H) - Unactive
Blitzgrieg (F)
Scotty 2 Hotty (F)

Womens Division:
Stacy (H)
Ivory (F)
Victoria (F)
Jackie Gayda (F)
Lita (F)
Torrie Wilson (F)
Nidia (H) - Unactive
Trish Stratus (H)
Dawn Marie (H)
Molly Holly (H)
Gail Kim (H)
Jacqueline (F)


Tag Team Division:
Charlie Haas & Lance Storm
Bubba & D'Von Dudley (Dudley Boys)
Danny & Doug Basham (The Basham Brothers)
Akio & Sakoda
Randy Orton, Batista & HHH (Evolution)
Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak
Christian & Tyson Tomko
Rene Dupree & Sylvan Granier (La Resistance)
Orlando Jordan & Garrison Cade
Billy Kidman & Paul London

CruiserWeight Tag Team Division:
Akio & Sakoda
Rey Mysterio Jr & Kidman
Billy Kidman & Paul London
Chavo Jr & Lash LeRoux
Grand Master Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty
Ultimo Dragon & Tajiri


Teddy Long (Managers: No-one as of yet)

Male/ Female Relationships:
Trish Stratus / Christian
Stacy/ NBT


Monday Night- Mayhem
Thursday Night- Rampage

-Eric Bischoff
-Vince McMahon (Behind Scenes)

Commissioner :

Mayhem- Jim Ross/ Jerry Lawler
Rampage- Tony Schivione/ Jonathon Coachman
PPV: Jim Ross/ Mike Tenay & Jerry Lawler

-Michael Cole
-Josh Matthews


January - Royal Rumble (Last Man Standing)
February - Nowhere To Run
March - WrestleMania (The All-Star Showdown)
April - Voltage Impact
May - Uprising
June - Bad Blood
July - Uncensored
August - Summer Slam
September - Bad Company
October - No Mercy
November - Survivor Series
December - Royal Bash

*Please Note: PPV Names are subjected to change...


NGW World HeavyWeight Championship
NGW IC Championship
NGW United States Championship (Euro Division)
NGW Tag Team Championship
NGW CruiserWeight Championship
NGW CruiserWeight Tag Team Championship
NGW Womens Championship

......Opening Show shall be next week!

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NGW Monday Night Mayhem, Monday 17th May, 2004

Madison Square Garden (New York City) hosts The Opening Night of 'New Generation Wrestling!'. Billy Gunn will take on William Regal for the United States Championship, while a 8-Man NGW HeavyWeight Title Tournament will begin on Mayhem. Also Matt Hardy fights Rey Mysterio. Plus a few suprises...
All this and more when NGW Presents Mayhem, on a special 3 hour edition at 8:30pm on ESPN!

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The results will be up tonight!

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Here is NGW's opening show. Its my first time writing a show! So please rate!

As you probably realise not all the matches are full matches. I don't have much time to write a full match, so from now on I'll just write the last 10 lines or something...
10 lines is better than no match :p

Please Rate...




(The NGW Mayhem Video Clip/Intro plays)

Fireworks set off on the new set of New Generation Wrestling. As the sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden

JR: Hello and Welcome to the Opening Night of New Generation Wrestling. I’m Jim Ross and beside me none other than Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. We are live from New York’s own Madison Square Garden and we are being shown live across the United States and being shown across the globe from The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and more…

Lawler: JR, I’m excited to be here tonight to witness History in the Making! This should be a great night!

JR: Tonight we will begin the Road To The NGW World Heavy-Weight Title, as 8 men compete in a tournament set up by the Owner of NGW, Eric Bischoff…. (JR gets cut off)

*I’m Back* sounds around the Arena…..The Crowd have mixed reactions for the owner of NGW.
Eric Bischoff has a huge grin on his face as he walks down the ramp and into the ring. Bischoff grabs the microphone and begins to talk:

Eric Bischoff: Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen to New Generation Wrestling, here at NGW we will show you all that we are the New and Next Generation of Wrestling. Tonight we have one hell of a show for you, here in New York City! (Crowd Cheers)
On this night we will begin a 8-Man Tournament with some of the greatest talent here in NGW. Which brings me to the Main Event of this evening, as part of the Tournament, Eddie Guerrero will be versing Kurt Angle! (Crowd Cheer)
The Tournament will take place over two weeks, where the final will take place at NGW’s first ever Pay Per View, UpRising! NGW Uprising will be held at the Staples Arena in none other than L.A.
Now lets start the night with two great talents…. (Eric then leaves the ring as….)

*One Of A Kind* plays across the Arena, Rob Van Dam walks out of the curtain and down to the ring. RVD taunts to the crowd.

Christian’s Theme sounds, as he walks down to the ring with a cocky look. He waits half way down the ring, and faces the curtain when Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko come out from the curtain. Christian rolls inside the ring, Stratus and Tomko remain outside the ring. The Bell Sounds…

(RVD Vs Christian w/ Trish/Tomko)

The two grapple one another, RVD shows more strength and throws Christian back to the turnbuckle. Christian then ties up again with Van Dam, and once again RVD shows more strength. RVD taunts to the crowd, Christian doesn’t take kindly of Rob Van Dam and runs towards RVD. RVD takes Christian down with a Spinning Heel Kick. Christian stays down to the canvas. Trish Stratus climbs up onto the apron, the Referee goes over to Trish to tell her to get off the apron. During this time Tyson Tomko gets inside the ring and hits a powerful clothesline to RVD. The Referee turns around to see Tyson Tomko getting outside the ring. The Referee starts to yell at Tomko, and tells him to return backstage or else Christian will be Disqualified. Tyson Tomko argues but after a short time walks back up the ramp and returns backstage. Back to the ring, and Christian is giving RVD a few punches to the ribs of Van Dam. Christian lifts RVD for a suplex, Christian picks RVD up from the canvas and takes RVD down back to the canvas with a DDT…Christian pins….1…2…Kick Out.
Christian picks up Van Dam once again, and holds RVD in the DDT position, however this time RVD reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex ….1….2…Kick Out by Christian. RVD and Christian get back to their feet straight away, RVD attempts a clothesline, Christian ducks and takes RVD down with a clothesline of his own.
(6 Minutes Gone By…..)
After taking RVD to the canvas with a swinging neckbreaker, Christian climbs the turnbuckle, he taunts to the crowd before attempting his own version of a frog splash. But completely misses because of Rob Van Dam rolling out of the way. Mr Monday Night gets back to his feet, and awaits Christian to get back up, RVD smashes Christians head to the canvas with a Buldog. RVD then follows it up with a Rolling Thunder. RVD covers …1…2….Kick Out. RVD goes for another Rolling Thunder, but gets tripped by Trish. Trish then crawls up to the apron to distract RVD. Christian gets up and Christian gets RVD into the Impaler position, however RVD pushes Christian into Trish who is on the apron. Christian turns back around to receive a Spinning Heel Kick from RVD. RVD climbs up the turnbuckle and executes a 5-Star Frog Splash ….1….2….3.
RVD wins, he taunts to the crowd as NGW go to a Commercial Break….


William Regal is seen backstage preparing for his United States title match when Eugene walks up towards him.

William Regal: What do you bloody well want? I am no longer your manager so you have no need to even approach me anymore you Toe-Rag! I have a very important match and the last thing I bloody need is you causing trouble….(Regal walks away)


*Billy Gunns Theme* plays, Billy Gunn walks to the ring hyped up about his chance to win the United States Championship.

*William Regals theme* plays, William Regal walks down to the ring, looking very focused on the upcoming match. He makes his way up the stairs and onto the apron, before wiping his feet on the apron and entering the ring. The referee reveals the NEW US Championship and shows it to both competitors, the referee sounds the bell as the match gets underway.

(William Regal Vs Billy Gunn - US Title Match)

Billy Gnu runs towards William Regal and clothesline him. Regal falls, and gets up straight away. Billy starts giving Regal a few right hand punches, takes regal to the ropes and and irish whips Regal. Billy Gunn Knee Smashes Regal, Regal is dazed. Billy Gunn does for the Fame-Aser early however Regal moves out of the way, and low blows Billy Gunn. William Regal covers….1….2….Kick Out
.....4 Minutes go by…
William Regal hits a big impact Full Nelson Suplex’, William Regal locks on the ‘Regal Stretch’, The Referee looks for Billy’s tap… Billy Refuses to taps, Billy slowly makes it to the ropes. But before he can……Eugene runs down the ramp and grabs the NEW US Title. He puts it on as the crowd find it funny. Although Regal does not. Eugene jumps inside the ring with the Championship and gives it to Regal. Regal releases Billy from the Regal Stretch. The referee and Regal both tell Eugene to get out of the ring, Billy Gunn slowly gets up and pins Regal with a Roll-Up, Although the Referee does not realise the pin. William Regal still has the US Title, and when Billy and William get back up to their feet. Regal hits Billy over his head with the US Title. William Regal pins as Eugene gets outside of the ring, The referee then realises the pinfall…..1…..2……3.

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match…..And NEW United States Champion….William Regal!

William Regal picks back up the United States Title, and buckles it around his waist. As NGW Mayhem takes a Commercial Break…


William Regal is walking backstage with his newly won United States Title, when Terri approaches him.
Terri: Congratulations William on becoming the New United States Champion, and the first US Champion in New Generation Wrestling!
Regal: Its Mr Regal to you!
Terri: Sorry Mr Regal. Don’t you think Eugene was the reason you have that championship around your waist?
Regal: Of course not! Eugene did nothing but cause trouble, I was the one that got the 3 count, not Eugene. I earned this championship single handily!


JR: Welcome back to Mayhem, and right now we have some Women’s Tag Team Action!

King: I’m really looking forward to this!

*All The Things She Said* by Tatu sounds around the Arena, Victoria makes her way down the ramp with her tag team partner Lita

*Stratusfaction* blasts over the P.A as first out comes Molly and Trish follows her out with a smirk on her face , She looks into the crowd and then heads to the ring

(Victoria/Lita Vs Trish/Molly)

As molly and Trish slide into the ring lita and Victoria attack the two stomping them to the ground , Victoria and lita double team molly ... they whip her off the ropes molly holds onto the ropes but lita and victoria hit a double clothesline on molly who goes over the ropes and flops to the outside area Victoria goes to the tag area as lita goes to work on trish , She picks her up by the arm and and hits a shoulder block and then another , Lita props and whips trish across the ring but trish comes back with a spear to lita , Trish crawls over to molly and tags in , Molly now goes to work on lita with kicks to the midsection while lita is on the ground , then for no reason molly falls to the ground holding her head the referee goes over to check what happened to molly .While this is going trish attacks Victoria with a steal chair hitting her in the middle of the back causing her to fall off the ring apron to the ground below , Trish now gets in the ring with the steal chair and the referee still distracted trish stalks lita waiting for her to turn around when she does when she does ....... BANG ! Trish hits a devastating chair shot to lita causing her to slump to the ground , With this molly rolls over and covers Lita
Cover, ....1........ 2.........3

Announcer : Your winners Trish and Molly

While the referee is raising the winners hand trish lays the chair in the middle of the ring , when she goes over to congratulate molly she hits a DDT on molly onto the steal chair

JR : What was that about , Why did trish DDT her own partner


*Medal* plays, as the crowd chant ‘You Suck’ to the Gold Medalist. Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring with a microphone in his hand…as he begins to talk:

Kurt Angle: Now first of All I don’t suck. But I don’t really care what a bunch of low-life New York people think of me. You people shouldn’t be booing me, I won Gold Medals with a freaking broken neck. I am a hero!
But enough about you scum, and onto the Latino Scum…Eddie Guerrero!
I have my chance to become the first ever New Generation Wrestling Heavy-Weight Champion, and believe me I will have that title around my waist sooner or later, Oh It’s True, It’s Damn True!
And Eddie Guerrero will just be another stepping stone, for yours truly…..Me!

*I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal* sounds on the PA, Eddie walks out from behind the curtain as the crowd chant Eddie’s Name. Eddie at the top of the entrance ramp, and begins to talk:

Eddie Guerrero: You know what homes…… why don’t you stop talking your trash. Because tonight may not be as easy as it seems. Tonight will not be a walk in the park for you esse! I will prove to not only you, but to all the people that said to me along my wrestling career, "Hey Eddie, You will never have that world title". I will prove them all wrong!
We just have to see after tonight what you have to say, because I will do whatever it takes to win!

*Eddie walks backstage as Mayhem goes to a commercial*


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Chavo is making his way down to ringside when ESPN returns to NGW Mayhem. Chavo Guerrero, takes a seat next to Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross.

*Live for the Moment* plays, and Matt Hardy walks down to the ring, he the ‘V1’ to the crowd.

*Rey Mysterio’s theme* plays, as the crowd cheer for one of the most entertaining Cruiser-Weights in NGW. Chavo is watching Rey making his way to the ring, with a not so he pleased look on his face.
Rey jumps over the ropes and inside the ring, as the match begins…

(Matt Hardy Vs Rey Mysterio)

…4 Minutes Into the match…..

After Mysterio had controlled most of the match, Rey took Matt Hardy down with a head scissors takedown. Matt slowly crawled over to the middle rope, Rey signals the 6-1-9. Mysterio runs to Matt Hardy and hits the 6-1-9. The impact is heard around Madison Square Garden. Rey stands up on the apron ready for the ‘West Coast Pop’. However Chavo Guerrero takes off his headset, and jumps out of his seat at the commentary table. Chavo goes over to Rey, but Rey notices Chavo and hits a Asia Moonsault to the outside and onto Chavo. Mysterio rolls back inside the ring, Matt Hardy Version.1.0 gets back to his feet, He kicks Rey in the mid-section before attempting a ‘Twist Of Fate’. But Rey Mysterio counters it and jumps on the shoulders of Matt Hardy. Rey executes a hurracurana, as he then pins Matt Hardy…1…..2…..3.

Announcer: The Winner Of The Match……Rey Mysterio!

Chavo runs inside the ring and starts assaulting Rey. Hardy gets up, and Chavo and Matt go on a two-on-one attack on the defenseless Rey Mysterio. Suddenly Kidman comes running down the ramp. He slides inside the ring and Chavo and Matt escape the ring as quickly as possible. Kidman helps Rey up, as Matt and Chavo walk back up the ramp with a grin of their faces!

ESPN goes to a Commercial Break…


*Haas and Storm are seen backstage*

Lance Storm: We have a big important match coming up next, our chance to capture the NGW Tag Team Titles. We will dominate the Tag Team Division here in NGW, and we will Dominate Tonight!
Lets get out there!

*Haas & Storm walk out of their Locker Room, as ESPN have another Commercial Break…


Announcer: The following contest is for the NGW Tag Team Championships…..

*RIP it up by 28 Days* blast on the PA, as Charlie Haas and Lance Storm make their way down the ramp. As soon as the two get inside the ring……….

*Drop The Bombshells* sounds around Madison Square Garden, as the Dudley Boys rush down to the ring.

(Dudley Boys vs Haas/Storm - NGW Tag Team Title Match)

…….6 Minutes Into the match……
Storm & D’von are the legal men in, when Lance Storm goes for a superkick on D’Von. D’von catches Lance’s foot. D’Von turns Lance around and lifts him up, and Bubba helps executing the 3-D on storm. The fans yell ‘3-D’ as Lance hits the Canvas. Two men come running down the entrance ramp all of a sudden.

Lawler: Are they who I think?

JR: Yep, one of the most dominate tag team in wCw….Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire!

O’Haire & Jindrak belt down both the Dudleys and Storm/Haas. O’Haire goes to the turnbuckle and finishes D’Von Dudley with a Seanton Bomb! Jindrak & O’Haire taunt to the crowd as they get mixed reactions then go back up the ramp…

JR: It seems like the team of Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire have made a big impact here in NGW. But we still don’t have tag team champions…..

ESPN Cut to a Commercial Break


*Evolution is a mystery....* plays! Batista walks down to the ring, and awaits his opponent........

*Shelton Benjamin* music sounds, Shelton runs down the ramp and the match begins....

(Dave Batista vs Shelton Benjamin)

(5 Minutes Into the match)

Batista gets knocked to the canvas by a calf kick from Shelton. Shelton rushes to the turnbuckle, he climbs the turnbuckle. He waits until Batista gets back to his feet and jumps across the ring for a dropkick, but however Batista shoves the referee in front of him......Shelton accidently knocks down the referee. Batista goes to the outside to grab a steel chair, Batista rolls back into the ring with chair. However Shelton dropkicks the chair into Batista's face and covers him, however the Referee is down...Shelton goes over to the referee to help him up.
As Shelton is doing so, Randy Orton runs down to the ring and slides in.
He stands behind shelton, Shelton hasn't noticed yet, Shelton turns around to Randy Orton and Randy Orton connects a Huge RKO to Shelton.
Randy helps the Referee back to his feet. Batista picks up Shelton Benjamin, and slams him down with a Spinebuster, Dave Batista pins Shelton...1....2....3

The winner of the match.....Batista!

Batista and Randy Orton shake one anothers hand, and taunts to the crowd, who boo the two members of evolution. NGW Mayhem go to a Commercial


Terri is backstage, as Shawn Michaels is walking past her.....

Terri: Shawn, you have an important match coming up....

Michaels: Yes I do Terri, it is important. I need to be victorious tonight to get my title shot at the upcoming PPV. I take on the biggest Giant of them all tonight....The Big Show, He may be a 7 foot giant, but however he is not one thing..... He isnt....Me! And he isn't the Heart Break Kid, or even the ShowStopper!
I am! And i will live up to my name 'The Show-Stopper' and I shall steal the show tonight......

(Michaels walks off as the cameras cut back to JR and KING)

JR: What a match it should be tonight! Our first of our quarter-final matches of part of the NGW Title Tournament that Eric Bischoff announced earlier tonight! NGW continues to bring the big matches, when later this week NGW Present Rampage!
We have two huge matches, Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho, and Kane vs Triple H.
Both matches are part of the 8-man tournament, they should be great.

KING: I can't wait JR...


Announcer: The following contestant is the first match of the Quarter-Final Match-Ups…

*Sexy Boy* sounds around the arena! As the showstopper ‘Shawn Michaels’ makes his way down the to the ring with a huge cheer! He taunts as the fireworks blast down the entrance ramp, HBK slides in the ring as he awaits for his opponent…

*"Well……..Its The Big Show"* plays, as the fireworks blast across the set! Big Show walks down to the ring…As the match begins…

……8 Minutes Into The Match…..

Big Show grabs HBK’s neck, for a chokeslam. Shawn Michaels kicks the 7 Foot Giant in the groin. Big Show feels the pain, and slowly falls to the knees. Shawn Michaels connects a ‘Sweet Chin Music’
to the face of Big Show. The heart break kid covers Big Show….1…..2…..3..

Announcer: The Winner of the match, and qualifying to the Semi-Finals of the Road to the NGW Title….The Heart Break Kid….Shawn Michaels!!!

JR: Shawn Michaels wins! He is just one more step closer to the New Generation Wrestling Title!

We Cut to Eddie Guerrero walking out of his locker room and down the corrider for his match against Kurt Angle

JR: Eddie Guerrero takes on Kurt Angle next!


*’I lie, I cheat, I steal’* plays, Eddie strolls down to the ring. He is walking down the ramp when he sees a ‘Kurt Sucks’ sign. Eddie goes over to the fan and grabs the sign showing it to the crowd! Eddie drops the sign as he climbs on the arpon and enters the squared circle…

*Medal* hits the PA…..The crowd chant "YOU SUCK", Kurt comes out behind the curtain, but tries to ignore the crowds chant. Kurt slides inside the ring, as the Referee rings the bell for Mayhem’s Main Event!

………10 Minutes Into the Match………

Kurt Angle takes Eddie down with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex, Kurt locks on the Ankle Lock. Eddie counters, and he kicks Kurt Angle in the face with his other foot. The American Hero is dazed, Eddie gets up and runs towards Kurt. Kurt out of nowhere plants a ‘Angle Slam’. Both men are down on the canvas……Kurt Slowly crawls over to Eddie and covers him….1…….2………At the last second….KickOut!
Kurt can’t believe it! He gets up furious and complains to the referee that it was a 3 count, during this time Eddie crawls over to The Gold Medalist and gets him in a roll-up….1….2…..Kick Out!
Eddie then jumps on Kurt, and mounting punching him. Eddie picks Kurt Angle up for multiple suplex’s. Eddie signals a Frog Splash is coming. Guerrero climbs the turnbuckle. Kurt suddenly gets up and knocks Eddie from standing up on the Turnbuckle, Eddie falls on his groin on the Turnbuckle. Kurt Angle climbs to the 2nd Rope of the Turnbuckle. Out of nowhere he slams Eddie to the canvas with a top rope Angle Slam! Eddie is knocked down, Kurt hurts himself as well with the impact! Kurt slowly makes the cover as the referee counts ….1…..2…….3!

Announcer: The Winner of the match, and advancing to the Semi-Finals for the NGW Championship…Kurt Angle!!!

Jerry Lawler: What a match!
JR: It sure was! What a great night it has been! NGW can only get better, we will see you next week............

(NGW Mayhem fades out, as Kurt Angle is taunting on the Turnbuckle to the crowd)

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Great show. I thought all the promos were good and the matches were good as well. I like the possible Cruiserweight Tag feud between Hardy, Chavo, Mysterio and Kidman as well as Eugene and Regal. Keep it up because this is good.

Overall Grade: 9.5/10


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It was a cool show. Eugene is my idol. 9.5/10 for the show.

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Thanks for the comments guys. Cheers!

NGW Thursday Night Rampage, Thursday 20th May, 2004

Live From Conneticut....

Rampage continues the final 2 matches of the quarter-finals for the NGW HeavyWeight Championship. Kane will battle The Game, as Canadians Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho take on one another which shall be a great encounter!

Also we will crown a NGW Women Champion, and Regal & Eugene will team up to verse Stamboli & Nunzio.....All This And More On ESPN @ 7:30pm...The Home Of The NGW!!!

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(The NGW Rampage Video Clip/Intro plays)

Fireworks blast on the set of NGW Rampage!

Tony Schiavone: Welcome to New Generation Wrestling! And welcome to NGW Rampage. Live on ESPN every Thursday Night at 7:30pm. I'm your ring announcer, Tony Schiavone at ringside and beside is is Jonathon Coachman

Coach: The Coach is here, and NGW is here from Conneticut.

JR: We have the final 2 Quarter-Final matches tonight. And also the womens championship will be up for grabs!

*Who’s that jumping….* plays around the arena to start off NGW Rampage, As Rey Mysterio comes out from the curtain, and Billy Kidman follows. The two make their way down to the ring.

*La Rasa…* hits the PA, as Chavo and Matt Hardy V1 walk down to the ring to begin the opening match of NGW Rampage.

(Rey Mysterio/ Kidman Vs Chavo Guerrero Jr/Matt Hardy V1)

(4 Minutes In The Match)

Kidman & Matt Hardy are the two legal men, Kidman plants a variation of the ‘Sky High’ on Matt Hardy, Kidman covers ….1…2…Chavo Guerrero breaks the pinfall. Chavo continues to stomp on Billy Kidman, Rey from the Apron… jumps on the ropes and hits Chavo with a Spring Dropkick. Chavo rolls out of the ring. Rey Mysterio climbs the turnbuckle closest to Chavo, Mysterio jumps from the turnbuckle and hits Chavo with a cross-body to the outside of the ring. The two continue to fight up the ramp.
….While inside the ring Kidman plants Matt Hardy down with a Powerbomb into a Facecrusher. Kidman signals the Shooting Star Press and places Matt Hardy in the right position, before climbing the turnbuckle. Matt Hardy quickly gets up and hits the rope to cause Billy Kidman to smash his groin on the turnbuckle. Hardy climbs to the 2nd rope, and gets Kidman in the position of the ‘Twist Of Fate’. However Kidman counters it, and pushes Matt down to the canvas, Matt is in the perfect position for the Shooting Star Press. Kidman stands up on the turnbuckle and gains balance before hitting Matt Hardy with a ‘Shooting Star Press’….Kidman Pins…1…2….3!

Announcer: The winners of the match….Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio!

Rey rolls back in the ring to celebrate the victory with Kidman as NGW Rampage go to a commercial


*I’m Back* sounds around the arena, Eric Bischoff walks down to the ring, and takes the microphone from the NGW Announcer:

Eric Bischoff: Let me just say… New Generation Wrestling Mayhem was a huge success! And things will only get even better!
Tonight we have two huge matches as part of the NGW Heavy-Weight Tournament, Kane will battle The Game Triple H! And Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho will square off in this very ring!
And since we are only 10 days from the first NGW PPV…Which will be named…NGW Uprising, lets make our first match. Since there has been a lot of heat between Chavo Guerrero Jr and Rey Mysterio and since we have a vacant Cruiser-Weight title…at Uprising we will have a Fatal 4 Way Cruiser-Weight Title Match. However tonight I will only announce two competitors, who will be Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero Jr!!!
As for the other two challengers, one will be determined in a singles match next week on NGW Rampage, and the other is a mystery!
But not only that….At Uprising we will crown a NEW Intercontinental Champion!
And were going to do it in a 10-Man Over the top Battle Royal…

(Eric Smiles as he drops the microphone and walks back up the ramp)


Chris Benoit is seen entering the arena……

Tony Schiavone: Well there he is, Chris Benoit who will verse Chris Jericho for a place in the Semi-Finals

*William Regal’s Theme * plays through-out the arena as walks he down the entrance ramp waving to the crowd with his newly won United States Championship. Eugene follows Regal down to the ring, Eugene and Regal both enter the ring.

The FBI’s theme plays, as the crowd boo Johnny Stamboli & Nunzio! The two climb the apron and enter the ring to start the match….

(William Regal/ Eugene Vs Johnny Stamboli/ Nunzio)

(4 Minutes Into the Match)

Eugene/ Nunzio are the legal men. Eugene gets nailed down to the canvas with a tigerbomb from Nunzio. William Regal rushes in the ring, but is still the illegal man, he knocks Johnny off the apron before giving a Regal-Cutter to Nunzio. William Regal drags Eugene over Nunzio …1….2….3!

Announcer: The Winners of the match.....Eugene and William Regal!

Eugene slowly gets up, and then realises he won the match. He celebrates by hugging William Regal. NGW Rampage go to a Commercial Break


*Can You Dig It….SUCKAAA* plays…Booker T walks out behind the curtain while walking down the ramp, he taunts and his pyro goes off!
Booker T rolls inside the ring and grabs the microphone off the NGW Announcer…

Booker T: Booker T is here in New Generation Wrestling! I am still the 5-Time wCw Champion! And wouldn’t it be great to add a NGW Title to my name! And what could be a better title, than the IC Championship…that’s Right, I’m entering myself in the 10-Man Battle Royal at NGW Uprising!

But there is something else..…I’ve realised something…The fans here in New Generation!
I have been to many promotion and different federations over my wrestling career, and the fans have always been half decent, but it’s a whole different story here in New Generation Wrestling. I….Booker T gets treated like dirt!
Like dirt! A 5-Time wCw Champion does not deserve that!
I don’t need the fans, I am better off without the fans. I have more of a future here than anyone in this entire arena!

Suddenly….*WORD LIFE* plays, as John Cena gets a huge cheer from the Crowd. He walks from behind the curtain and stays at the top of the entrance ramp, with a Microphone…
John Cena: Booker T, tell me you just didn’t say that! (Cena Smiles as the crowd cheer Cena)
Tell you didn’t say you have more of a future than everyone in the entire arena, so that would be including me. Lets see who the fans think have a better future!
(Fans chant "Cena, Cena, Cena…")
Well the fans have spoken!
As I am speaking, at Uprising you will not be the new IC champion, because if you want to get it you got to get through the Doctor of Thuganomics!
See you later Booker……

(Cena walks backstage….Booker T can’t believe Cena just walked out on him)

Booker T: Tell Me you didn’t just walk out on me!

(Booker seems frustrated as NGW go to a Commercial Break)


*"Perfect Strangers" by Deep Purple* plays around the arena, as the crowd await who is to come out…

Tony Schiavone: Oh My God! Would you believe this? The Franchise ‘Shane Douglas’ is here in the NGW!

The Franchise walks down to the ring as he grabs he microphone off the announcer…

Shane Douglas: The Franchise Is finally here!
First off I’d like to Thank, Mr Bischoff in giving me a chance to work for him once again!
Earlier tonight Eric Bischoff announced that at the next NGW Pay Per View, there will be a 10-Man Over The top Battle Royal! All that for the Intercontinental Championship.
All you fans are looking at the future IC champion!
Because I am entering the battle royal. However I am a bit rusty in the ring, so I need a challenge, so if anyone wants to get franchise come down here right now….

(Franchise Awaits a challenge, but nobody replies)

Shane Douglas:
So it looks like nobody………

Shane Douglas gets cut off by *‘One Of A Kind’ by Breaking Point*.
RVD walks down the ramp, with a microphone in hand…

Rob Van Dam: I’ll Challenge you! Because I’m Rob Van Dam (Crowd cheers)
As for that 10-Man Over the top Battle Royal Match, you can count me in!

RVD Runs to the ring and rolls in as the match gets underway

(Rob Van Dam Vs Shane Douglas)

(4 Minutes Into the match)

Shane Douglas attempts to lift RVD up for the Pittsburg Plunge, however RVD repeatedly connects a few short kicks to the ribs of The Franchise. He then takes Douglas to the canvas with a spinning heel kick. Douglas is in position of the Rolling Thunder, RVD Runs to the ropes and hits a ‘Rolling Thunder’ on Douglas….1….2…Rope Break. Franchise put his foot on the rope at the last second to break the pinfall.
Douglas gets up, and RVD runs over to Douglas to connect a running spinning heel kick, but Douglas ducks it, and RVD accidentally knocks the Referee down to the canvas.
RVD tries to help up the Referee….during this time Franchise goes to the commentary table to get a steel chair. He rolls back in with the chair, and runs towards RVD with the chair.
RVD out of nowhere takes Shane Douglas down with a VanDaminator on the chair, hitting Shane in the skull.
Shane falls to the canvas, Rob Van Dam looks up to the turnbuckle and smiles. RVD climbs the turnbuckle, and taunts before jumping to the other side of the ring to hit a 5-Star Frog Splash onto The Franchise, RVD covers, as the referee slowly gets up, …………1………….2…………………..3!!!

Announcer: The winner of the match……Rob Van Dam!

Rob Van Dam celebrates the win, as Rampage go to a Commercial Break.


Announcer: The following contest is for the NGW Womens Championship…

*Molly Holly’s theme* plays, she walks down to the ring as the crowd boo her down to the ring.

*All The Things She Said by Tatu* Blasts throughout the arena. Victoria walks down the ramp and into the ring to begin the match…

(Molly Holly Vs Victoria)

(3 Minutes Into The Match)

Molly Holly takes Victoria down to the canvas with a snap suplex, she goes to the top turnbuckle to finish off Victoria with a Molly-Go-Round, but at the last second Victoria ducks the Molly-Go-Round. Molly hits the canvas hard.. Victoria then quickly goes for a roll-up ……1…..2……..3…!

Tony Schiavone: Victoria Wins!

Announcer: The winner of the match and New NGW Womens Champion…….Victoria!

The referee gives Victoria her newly won title, and Victoria Celebrates her Victory!

*Commercial Break*


Rampage comes back on the air where Garrison Cade is in the ring, ready for his opponent…

*Can You Dig It Sucka…* Plays, as Booker T walks down the ramp with his pyro blasting. Booker T enters the ring, as the match begins…..

(Booker T Vs Garrison Cade)

(5 Minutes Into the Match)

Booker T climbs the turnbuckle to hit Garrison Cade right on the chest with a missile drop kick. Cade falls to the canvas. Cade gets back to his feet and gets knocked back down to the canvas with a ‘Harlem Sidekick’. The 5-Time wCw champion looks as his glove on his right hand……Booker is about to do the Spin-A-Ronni, Until….

*Word Life* Plays through the PA, and John Cena suddenly walks out down to the ring. Booker T stops the spin-a-Ronni. John Cena is teasing Booker T with his glove taunt. Suddenly without Booker realising, Cade grabs Booker T’s tights and gets him in a roll-up……1…..2……..3!
Cade quickly rolls out of the ring, Booker T can’t believe what happened! While John Cena is laughing at Booker T!
Booker T is furious at Cena, as Rampage goes to a Commercial Break!



Trish Stratus is seen backstage walking into Eric Bischoff’s office. Where Eric is sitting at his desk…

Eric: What can I do for you Trish?
(Trish bends over the table, giving Eric a good view of her breasts)

Trish: I was wondering why it wasn’t me in the Womens Title Match tonight?

Eric: Well…….(Eric is sidetracked at Trish’s Breasts) why don’t I make it up to you. In 10 days, NGW presents Uprising on Pay Per View live from Michigan. How do you like the sound of this…
Victoria versing Trish Stratus for the New Generation Wrestling Womens Championship!

Trish: I like it very much Mr Bischoff….Thanks!

(Trish walks out of Eric Office as on her way out Eric takes a long look at Trish’s a**)

Tony Schiavone: Welcome back to NGW Rampage, and we have the 3rd NGW Tournament match coming up…

Before Tony can say anymore……

Red Pyro Blasts from the entrance ramp, as *Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven* plays through-out the Arena.
Kane walks down to the ring, he walks up the stairs at ringside and onto the apron. Kane climbs over the 3rd Rope of the ring….

*The Game by Motorhead* plays, as Triple H walks down the ramp with a bottle of water. He takes his time walking down to the ring, he climbs up on the apron before doing his trademark spit as thousands of cameras go off around the arena. HHH climbs through the ropes to enter the ring as the Referee rings the bell…..

(Triple H Vs Kane - NGW Heavy-Weight Championship Quarter Final Tournament Match )

(10 Minutes Into the Match)

Triple H throws Kane to the ropes, when Kane comes back to Triple H, he connects a Knee Smash to the Forehead of Kane. Kane falls to the floor, but rises back up like ‘The Deadman’. Triple H can’t believe in what he saw, he goes outside the ring to grab his ‘Sledgehammer’. The Game gets back inside the ring, but before he can use the Sledgehammer, Kane Big Boots Triple H causing Triple H to drop the Sledgehammer. Kane then awaits HHH to get back to his feet, and gets ready for a Chokeslam. Kane grabs Triple H’s neck, Triple H, pushes Kane into the turnbuckle where the Referee is standing. The referee gets knocked, but still remains to his feet. The referee is a little dazed.
Triple H quickly grabs the Sledgehammer from the floor, and smashes it over the skull of Kane. Kane falls to the canvas, The Game picks up Kane and plants ‘Pedigree’ on Kane….As the Referee becomes un-dazed Triple H covers Kane……..1………2………3!

The Referee rings the bell, and holds up Triple H’s arm in victory…

Announcer: The winner of the match……and advancing to the Semi-Finals……Triple H!


Tony Schiavone: Well here is the main event of this evening. Y2J taking on The Rapid Wolverine!

Coach: It would be a better Main Event if the two men could at least wrestle a decent match…

Tony Schiavone: What are you on about? Jericho and Benoit are talented and great wrestlers. Don’t mind coach Viewers…..

Announcer: The following contest is the quarter-final match of the NGW Heavy-Weight Championship Tournament!

*Whatever by Out Lady Piece* sounds around the arena, as the crowd cheer on the Rapid Wolverine! Chris Benoit walks down to the ring……….Chris Benoit awaits Chris Jericho….
Chris Jericho is nowhere to be seen…..
A Backstage worker runs down the ramp, and whispers something to the Referee and Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit runs from the ring to a backstage corridor, where Chris Jericho is lying flat on the ground unconscious.

Tony Schiavone: Oh My……What has happened here? Chris Jericho has been knocked unconscious, who would have done such a thing. We were looking so forward to the match…

Coach: Well I guess Chris Benoit advances to the next round.

Tony Schiavone: Yes, Chris Benoit does. This is unfortunate for Chris Jericho. We will see you next week on Mayhem, hopefully we can find out the culprit behind this tragic and selfish act.
Good-Night everybody…..

Footage of Chris Jericho knocked out on the floor as Benoit and Emergency Trainers surround Jericho as Rampage goes off air!


Quick Results:

Rey Mysterio/ Kidman def Chavo/M.Hardy via Pinfall
William Regal/ Eugene def Nunzio/ Johnny Stamboli via Pinfall
Rob Van Dam def Shane Douglas via Pinfall
Victoria def Molly Holly via Pinfall - Womens Title Match
Garrison Cade def Booker T via Pinfall
Triple H def Kane via Pinfall
Chris Benoit def Chris Jericho via No Show

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Awesome Rampage.

Good things: Eugene, Eugene and more Eugene.

Bad things: None.

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It was a good show. Nothing really bad about it. Uprising is looking good with Trish/Victoria, Chavo/Mysterio, the World Title tournament final and the IC Battle Royal.

Overall Grade: 9/10


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Cheers Guys!

Just a question:
Who do you think attack Y2J?


NGW UpRising Current Card:

NGW Womens Championship
Victoria © vs Trish Stratus

NGW HeavyWeight Championship Tournament Final Match
Triple H or Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle

NGW Cruiser-Weight Championship Match
Mystery Man vs Chavo Jr vs Rey Mysterio vs Qualifier..

10 Man over the top IC Title Battle Royal
So Far Includes:
-Booker T, John Cena, Shane Douglas, RVD


The NGW Insider!

News & Rumours:
- The Rock is currently out of action, he is currently starting filming for his new movie.
- A Rumoured Storyline...There is talk backstage on a storyline involving Shelton being jealous of Charlie Haas and his new tag partner, Lance Storm.
- Big Show has injured his lower back, after his match on a house show last Friday. Doctors say his injury will cause him to be on the sidelines for about 2 months.
- A Few Suprises and Returns are set to happen, no wrestlers or suprises have been confirmed at this stage. However, Rick Steiner was seen talking to A NGW Personal last month.
- Ric Flair has not had any air-time lately, because the NGW Storyline Writers have yet to delevop a storyline for him.

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NGW Monday Night Mayhem, Monday 17th May, 2004

Who Attacked Jericho last week? Does Jericho know who did it? And why did they Do It?
Also both Semi-Final matches will take place tonight... Triple H will face HBK while Benoit and Angle battle it out. We also have a #1 contendership match for William Regal's US Championship.
All this and more....Tonight on ESPN!
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