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New England Pro

Current Branches
Euro Tour
League of Their Own;Lowell, Massachusetts
New England All Pro; Orono, Maine
Northern Heights Wrestling; Manchester, New Hampshire
Society C; Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Former Branches
Backyard X
New England Masters
New York Wrestling Alliance
North American Wrestling United
Pro Wrestling Alliance

N.E.P Titles
Heavyweight Champion - Samoa Joe
Flyweight Champion - Petey Williams
Top Team Champions - Desmond Wolfe & Magnus
Transcontinental Champion - Sean Morley
Australasian Champion - Samoa Joe
European Champion - D'Angelo Dinero
New England All Pro Champion - AJ Styles
North American Champion- Bryan Danielson
North American Tag Team Champions - British Union
Junior Division Heavyweight Champion - TJ Wilson
Division 1 Womens Champion - Lisa Marie
Division 2 Womens Champion - Gail Kim

Defunct Titles
Golden Opportunity Championship
Ironman Championship
Magnum Championship
King of Gore Championship
Ignition Championship
Full Moon Championship
UK Championship
South Pacific World Championship
Masters Championship
Submission Championship
Hard Knocks Championship
Loose Cannon Championship
Zero Gravity Championship
No Limits Championship

Notable Appearances
"The Phenominal" AJ Styles
Al Snow
Amazing Red
Amy Dumas
Angelina Love
Austin Aries
Billy Kidman
"The American Dragon" Bryan Daneilson
"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels
Christopher Nowinski
Claudio Castagnoli
CM Punk
Colt Cabana
"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero
Dave Taylor
Desmond Wolfe
D'Lo Brown
Elix Skipper
"Showtime" Eric Young
Gail Kim
Ken Anderson
Kid Kash
Lisa Marie
Mason Ryan
"The Bluerprint" Matt Morgan
Matt Sydal
Melina Perez
Melissa Anderson
Nick Dinsmore
"Sick" Nick Mondo
Nicole Raczynski
Orlando Jordan
"The Ripper" Paul Birchall
Petey Williams
Robert Roode
Ron "The Truth" Killings
"The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe
Sean Morley
Shawn Daivari
Spike Dudley
Takeo Yoshida
Taylor Wilde
TJ Wilson
Tyson Tomko
Ultra Mantis Black
Velvet Sky

Other Employees
DDP [Manager of Kid Kash]
Fit Finlay [Manager of British Union]
Jim Cornette
Karen Angle [Valet of New England Mafia]
Mr. Fuji [Manager of KAMISAMA]
Scott D'Amore [Manager of Team Canada]

Desmond Wolfe & Magnus
Team Canada - Elix Skipper & Petey Williams
British Union - Dave Taylor & Paul Birchall
Broadway Heights - Al Snow & Sean Morley
Homicide & Joker
New England Mafia - Tyson Tomko, Orlando Jordan, AJ Styles & Eric Young
Sonjay Dutt & Shawn Daivari
Second City Saints - CM Punk & Colt Cabana
Hard Heads - Nick Mondo, Kid Kash & Spike Dudley
The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple - Ultra Mantis Black & Delirious
Sky Love - Angelina Love & Velvet Sky
KAMISAMA - TAIJIRI & Takeo Yoshida

Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli
Team Canada vs. British Union
Second City Saints vs. Desmond Wolfe & Magnus
Amazing Red & Matt Sydal vs. Robert Roode
Sean Morley vs. Samoa Joe
Ken Anderson vs. D'Angelo Dinero
Lisa Marie vs. Melissa Anderson
Melina Perez vs. Gail Kim
Sonjay Dutt vs. Austin Aries
Takeo Yoshida vs. Spike Dudley
Ron Killings vs. AJ Styles
Mason Ryan vs. TJ Wilson
Kid Kash vs. Delirious
Nick Dinsmore vs. Matt Morgan
Homicide & Joker vs. Christopher Daniels

NEP Blog
New England Pro's head booker and agent is the well respected and experienced Craig Owens. Each week, Owens uploads a blog to New England Pro's official website, updating the fans of NEP and it's branches of news and other information relevant to NEP.


Overview of NEP
New England Pro was established in by veteran professional wrestlers Allen Sarven & Rober Howard, under the guidance of Jim Cornette. NEP invites professional wrestlers from across America to appear in monthly shows. At these live monthly shows there are titles that can be defended or challenged for. If a wrestler wins that title, they are subject to certain rules. If that particular star doesn't attended a NEP live event within the next 30 days, that title is vacted. There is no contederships for any titles, challenges may be made by any invited wrestler or by the champion, that can be declined or accepted; and whatever decision, whether accepted or decline, MUST be honored by both parties, unless otherwise overruled by Jim Cornette.

During it's 8 years as a professional wrestling promotion, NEP has hosted many different "branches". At the moment there are 5 current branches of NEP, which operate at least one show a month with no specific roster.

Euro Tour
Established originally as a twice a year event; Euro Tour was set up to tour Europe for 21 days with a 20 man roster wrestling over 8 countries. In 2008, it was decided that Euro Tour would become a quarter yearly event; touring to 10 countries over a month. The current (and only) champion of Euro Tour is D'Angelo Dinero.

League of Their Own
League of their Own is one of the most controversial and brutal wrestling promotions known to man. Originally created by veteran wrestler Nick Mondo as a backyard wrestling promotion, LOTO aided the help from NEP to increase support. In 2007, LOTO and NEP finalized their partnership; fuzing LOTO with Backyard X wrestling.
LOTO has earned the highest parental guidance rating over NEP history, rating MA on average, and on many occasions breaking the R barrier. LOTO pride's themselves on being 100% pure wrestling, with no storylines or fake moves. Only serious wrestlers are invited to LOTO, and they are strictly protected by NEP & LOTO management. Due to the high risk of LOTO, it is run strictly once a month; no more, no less.
If a wrestler appears in LOTO, they are strictly prohibited to appear in any other NEP branch for 2 weeks. This is to limit the risk of serious injury.
There are currently no championships strictly for LOTO since the Ironman Championship became vacated indefinitely in 2009.

New England All Pro
New England All Pro is the initial wrestling promotion established by NEP and currently the longest running, and most popular of the five NEP branches.
NEAP secured a TV deal with MyNetworkTV in early 2009, and have since had a monthly episodic show every 3rd Saturday of the Month at 9:30pm.
All championships across NEP are able to be defended on NEAP, excluding the European Championship. The current World Champion of NEAP is AJ Styles.

Northern Heights Wrestling
Originally established in Queensland, Australia by Australian native Mason Childs; NHW asked for the aid of NEP to gain viewers in USA as well as increase views in across the rest of the globe. Signing a partnership with NEP, NHW moved their headquarters to New Hampshire, however continued to host shows throughout Australia, whilst hosting a show once a month in Manchester, NH.
NHW is the third highest rated NEP branch (second to NEAP & LOTO), and currently is in negotiations with MyNetworkTV in securing a deal similar to that of NEAP.
NHW, like LOTO & NEAP, are able to have any titles defended on one of their shows; excluding the European & NEAP Championships.

Society C
Society C (Formerly known as Canada Society X) was established by Canadian Professional Wrestling Legend Steve Corino in 2001. CSX fuzed with NEP's second highest rated branch at the time Pro Wrestling Alliance in 2003 to create Society C.
Since its conception in NEP in 2003, Society C has grown to be one of Canada's highest rated wrestling promotions; securing a TV deal with The Score Television Network in 2008, Society C became the first branch of NEP to appear on Television on a weekly episodical rate until mid 2007 when they reduced their shows to fortnightly, then to monthly in January 2008.
Society C has 2 titles strictly defending only on it's shows; those are the North American Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships; owned by Bryan Danielson & The British Union.



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New England Pro Weekly Blog
Written by Craig Owens; September 3 2010
This week I am pleased to update you on our next show which is this sunday in Orono, Maine. New England All Pro will be appearing in the Alfond Arena. Remeber all you NEAP fans to tune into our show on MyNetworkTV this sunday to catch all the action if you can't be there!

We can confirm to you all that a challenge has been made to AJ Styles for his championship by Ron Killings; which AJ accepted, so as of two nights ago, the main event will be "The Truth" versus "The Phenomenal One" for the New England All Pro Heavyweight Championship. I extend the best of luck to both parties in what will truly be a clash of the titans.

The rest of the card as we know it so far is as follows;

Ken Anderson w/ Melissa Anderson versus CM Punk w/ Colt Cabana

Non Title Match
Team Canada w/ Scott D'Amore versus Desmond Wolfe & Brutus Magnus

New England Mafia versus Amazing Red, Matt Sydal & Kid Kash

Title Match
Nicole Raczynski versus Lisa Marie versus Angelina Love

Homicide w/ Joker verus Christopher Daniels

There has also been a challenge made to Sean Morley for his Transcontinental Title by Sonjay Dutt which has yet to be accepted or rejected.
Unfortunately I have no news on NHW's negotiations with MyNetworkTV about running a show; but I will get back to you all on if they come to an agreement or not.

Also I can confirm that after your immense amount of support for the potential signing of Christian Cage and Shelton Benjamin, that they have both been invited to appear on NEP within the next 6 months. We are still yet to receive a reply from either men about their potential appearances. Fingers crossed!

Any questions, comments or suggestions, please leave a comment below or send an email to [email protected] with your name and state.

Thanks guys, see you next week!​


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New England All Pro September Card
Sunday the 5th of September
Alfond Arena, Orono, Main @ 1900AST; televised on MyNetworkTV @ 2130AST 18th September 2010

Opening Match
Stipulation; Nil
"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. Homicide w/ Joker

Second Match
Stipulation; Nil
Ken Anderson w/ Melissa Anderson vs. CM Punk w/ Colt Cabana

Third Match
Stipulation; Three Way Dance for the Division 1 Womens Championship
Nicole Raczynski vs. Lisa Marie (c) vs. Angelina Love

Forth Match
Stipulation; Nil
D'Lo Brown vs. Nick Dinsmore

Fifth Match
Stipulation; Transcontinental Championship Match
Sean Morley (c) vs. Sonjay Dutt w/ Shawn Daivari

Sixth Match
Stipulation; Three Way Dance
Mason Ryan vs. Delirious vs. Robert Roode

Seventh Match
Stipulation; Non Title Match
Desmond Wolfe & Magnus (c) vs. Team Canada w/ Scott D'Amore

Eighth Match
Stipulation; 6 Man Tag Team Match
New England Mafia vs. Amazing Red, Matt Sydal & Kid Kash

Main Event 1
Stipulation; Non Title Match
Samoa Joe vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Main Event 2
Stipulation; New England All Pro Heavyweight Championship Match
Ron "The Truth" Killings vs. AJ Styles (c) w/ Karen Angle


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