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The WWE was fired lot of Wrestlers (theese on the roster).Then they are established a new company called ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling).And some TNA Superstars signed a contract with ECW too...Shane McMahon was the first volunteer who was donate a lot of money on account of ECW,and he became the first ever Chairman of the ECW.ECW has got one wheekly show called ECW on Syfy...



-Shane McMahon (Chairman)- (face)
-Todd Grisham (Commentator)- (face)
-Matt Striker (Commentator)- (face)
-Savannah (Ring Announcer)-(face)


Main Eventers

-Christian (face)
-Big Show (tweener)
-Ezekiel Jackson (heel)

Upper Midcarders

-Tommy Dreamer (face)
-Shelton Benjamin (heel)
-Kofi Kingston (face)


-Hurricane (face)
-Zack Ryder (heel)
-Tyler Reks (heel)
-William Regal (heel)
-Vladimir Kozlov (face)
-Jeff Hardy (face)
-Chavo Guerrero (heel)
-Matt Hardy (face)
-Finlay (face)

Lower Midcarders

-Mark Henry (heel)
-Yoshi Tatsu (face)
-Goldust (face)


-Jimmy Uso (heel)
-Jey Uso (heel)
-Titus O'Neil (heel)

Managers and Womens

-Hornswoogle (face)-(Finlay)

-Kelly Kelly (face)
-Natalya (heel)
-Velvet Sky (heel)
-Eve (face)

Tag Teams and Stables

-Tyler Reks and Zack Ryder
-Ezekiel Jackson and William Regal
-Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu
-Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy)
-Finlay and Hornswoogle
-The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso)
-Hardcore Justice (Tommy Dreamer,Christian and Hurricane)


-ECW World title (Main Event title,cururrent holder:Christian
-ECW Hardcore title (Midcard title),current holder:Jeff Hardy
-ECW Tag Team titles (Midcard title,current holder:Tyler Reks and Zack Ryder
-ECW Womens title (Womens title,current holder:Velvet Sky

Weekly Shows and PPVs

Weekly Shows

ECW on Syfy (Tuesday)


ECW Battle Royal (January 30th 2011)
ECW Chamber of Horrors (February 27th 2011)
ECW Hardcore Mania (April 10th 2011)
ECW Nowhere to Run (May 22nd 2011)
ECW Welcome to the Jungle (June 26th 2011)
ECW To Hell and Back (July 31st 2011)
ECW The Great Revolution (August 28th 2011)
ECW Nothing to Lose (September 25th 2011)
ECW Apocalypse (October 16th 2011)
ECW Bad Blood (November 13th 2011)
ECW Christmas Clash (December 18th 2o11)

Sory for my bad English...I will post Title History later

EDIT:I forgot to put the tag team The Usos...
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ECW on SyFy (January 4th 2011,New York; Uniondale – Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum)


-Christian (c) vs Ezekiel Jackson (Extreme Rules match for the ECW Championship)

-Velvet Sky and Natalya vs Kelly Kelly and Eve

-Vladimir Kozlov vs William Regal

And much more...
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