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Opening day roster:
AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
Austin Aries
Brian Kendrick
Buff Bagwell
Chris Hero
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
Claudio Castignoli
D'Angelo Dinero
Desmonde Wolfe
Douglas Williams
Gregory Helms
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jesse Neal
Matt Hardy
Mr. Anderson
Robbie E.
Robert Roode
Roderick Strong
Samoa Joe
Scott Norton
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
Tyler Black

Owner: Eric Bischoff
General Manager: Kurt Angle
Commentary: Mick Foley and Jeremy Borash
Ring Announcer: SoCal Val
Back Stage Interviews: Don West, Christy Hemme

Championship Belts:
EWO Word Championship Belt
EWO USA Championship Belt
EWO Tag Team Championship Belts
EWO Platinum Division Championship Belt


This BTB assumes that TNA fails miserably in the few weeks after Bound For Glory 2010, and Bob Carter pulls the plug on TNA. Bischoff buys company off of Dixie Carter, (who won’t sell to McMahon) for a low amount. Bischoff gets GNC as a corporate sponsor (who were once interesting in becoming a TNA Sponsor) and gets a deal with Spike TV to cover costs for a 3 month trial on TV, on Impact’s old slot. If the company does well Spike will renew EWO, (Bischoff can’t choose another station if Spike wishes to keep them) but if they do poorly after 3 months Spike will pull the plug. TNA officially goes out of business after the November 11 edition of Impact. This gives Eric Bischoff about 2 months to negotiate current TNA contracts, and bring in new faces, as the TV deal starts on January 6, 2011, and will be live from the new home of the company, the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC.

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Interesting Background, I will give a more in depth review once I see your first show.

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EWO: Rampage: Episode 1: January 6, 2011 - The Beginning

Pyro starts the show, and a view of the entire Hammerstein Ballroom is shown, which is jam packed, with fans who don’t know what to expect. Mick Foley welcomes viewers to the show and Jeremy Borash introduces himself. Mick Foley says he has no clue what is going to happen today, but says that Eric Bischoff promised that this would be the best wrestling on television every week. Borash comments that Bischoff and Commissioner Angle were extremely secretive of all areas of the company, from the roster to the Belts, to the matches that would happen.

Eric Bischoff comes out to a generic rock song, and waves to fans that are cheering for him. He goes to SoCal Val and grabs a microphone and gives her a hug. The camera focuses on four boxes that are on a platform next to SoCal Val. Bischoff gets inside the ring. He begins to speak, but the crowd chants bring back wrestling. Bischoff stops speaking and lets them keep chanting. He continues speaking, where he begins by saying that is in fact what he intends to do. He says this is an important moment for him, and talks about always dreaming to own his own wrestling company. He says that a lot of work went into this, and says he had some help. Bischoff asks that Commissioner Angle come down to the ring.

Angle’s TNA music is played, and Angle comes down to the ring wearing a suit. The fans give him a humongous cheer, as he makes his way to the ring. He grabs a microphone from So Cal Val, and makes his way into the ring. He shakes Eric Bischoff’s hand and then goes in for a friendly hug. The crowd chant “Best management ever.”

Eric says he just wanted to thank Kurt for the hard work he has put into this company, and says that he won’t be around every week as he is very busy in headquarters. He says he knows Kurt will be an excellent Commissioner and that is why he has the responsibility, and control of booking, along with himself. He says that is all, and this is a wrestling show so let’s tell these people what they are buying into, and get out of here so they can see some action. Kurt thanks Bischoff for sharing the spotlight as they introduce the belts, and address the fans, and vows to do his best. Bischoff asks So Cal Val to bring the four boxes to them, and she puts each box on the side of the ring.

Angle grabs the first belt, which is the EWO Platinum Championship. Bischoff explains that this is a belt that professional wrestling has never seen before, and that is why it is of platinum class. Bischoff explains that the Platinum Championship must be defended every 14 days, compared to all of the other belts that must be defended every 30 days. He says that the Platinum Championship Division shifts shape based on the current champion. He continues by explaining that while the belt must be defended every 2 weeks, the champion gets the luxury of choosing the stipulations to every title defense, therefore giving him a small amount of booking power.

Bischoff and Angle than continue by showing off all of the other championship belts, and briefly explaining the meaning of each of them, which are standard belts that every company has. After showing off all belts Bischoff says that the only thing left to do is crown the four champions tonight. Kurt says that the Main event will be a World Championship Title match between Desmonde Wolfe, and a good friend of his. He puts over Desmonde Wolfe and says that Wolfe pushed him to his limits a few years back, and deserves the first shot at the title, and his opponent is going to raise the “standards” of the roster. Both Angle and Bischoff leave together and shake hands as they exit.

Mick Foley says that he is surprised that Bischoff is not going to be around every week, and he is even more surprised that Angle and Bischoff pretty much have equal powers when it comes to booking matches. Borash agrees that it is not a very characteristic move of Bischoff, but says this is the first time Bischoff has had the responsibility of owning an entire organization, and he seems to be taking it seriously. Mick Foley announces that the first match will be for the Platinum Championship. Borash says that he is excited for this, and calls it an interesting concept for a title.

So Cal Val announces that the match will be a 10 man over the top rope battle royal to crown the first champion. She says that wrestlers will come out at 1 minute intervals, and that 2 men will start in the ring.

Match 1: 10 Man Over the Top Rope for EWO Platinum Championship

An instrumental version of Welcome to the Jungle is played, and Stigma comes to the ring first. The crowd doesn’t seem to know him very well, but he shakes a few hands. He appears to be a Face, as he is being polite to the crowds, and introducing himself. Next up is some familiar Classical music and Brian Kendrick comes out. He runs to the ring and immediately starts beating up on Stigma. He quickly grounds him and tries to rip off his mask. Stigma pushes Kendrick away, and makes sure his mask is on securely. Kendrick hits Stigma with a running clothesline and goes for the mask again. The two men are rolling around, Kendrick struggling to rip off the mask of Stigma. Techno music is played, and Robbie E. comes out accompanied by Cookie. The crowd boos him heavily, and he waves them off. He gets into the ring where Kendrick is still trying to rip off the mask of Stigma. Robbie E. tries to intervene which makes both of the men pause and look at Robbie E. Stigma delivers a quick drop kick to Robbie E. and Kendrick gives him a kick to the head as he is on his way down. Cookie is on the outside of the ring screaming that they are cheating. Kendrick points at Cookie and picks up Robbie E. and throws him out of the ring and just waves at Cookie. He turns his attention back to Stigma as the music of Ink Inc is heard and Jesse Neal comes to the ring. Before he makes his way to the ring Brian Kendrick almost rips Stigma’s mask off, but Stigma kicks him in his mid section and jumps over the top rope, eliminating himself as he fixes his mask. Brian Kendrick screams in the ring that it isn’t over between them. The commentators talk about how weird Kendrick is and wonder why he is so fascinated with the mask of Stigma. In the ring Jesse Neal and Brian Kendrick are trading blows, with Jesse Neal having the clear advantage, because of his size. Brian Kendrick quickly realizes he can’t out Neal, and begins to use his speed advantage. Jesse Neal becomes frustrated, and goes for a quick Gore on Kendrick, but he grabs his Mohawk and guides him over the top rope, eliminating Neal. The song Manson is heard, and Christopher Daniels makes his way to the ring. The crowd seems to like this surprise as he gets a decent sized pop from the crowd. Kendrick and Daniels feel each other out, and Kendrick makes the first strike. Daniels counters with a drop toe hold, and awaits Kendrick getting back up. The music of Jeff Hardy (Modest) is played, and no one comes out at first. From the crowd Gregory Helms comes out, surprising the crowd. He makes his way into the ring where Daniels and Kendrick are evenly matched. The two men seem to be too concentrated on each other, so Helms stands in the corner and lets them wear each other out. The fight remains a mostly even matchup, with a very slight edge going to Daniels. The music of Jay Lethal is heard and he makes his way to the ring. He stares at Helms, and begins to brawl with him. On the other side of the ring Daniels is now handedly beating Kendrick. Kendrick seems to be dazed after a knee to the face from Daniels, and Daniels tosses Kendrick to the floor. He turns his attention to Lethal and Helms and catches them off guard and throws both of them out. The music of AJ Styles is heard, and he makes his way to the ring. The crowd is skeptical of what we will be seeing from Styles, after his time with Flair. He has a bag with him, which he opens to reveal some EWO t-shirts. He tosses them to people in the crowd and shakes hands, confirming that the old baby face AJ Styles is back. In the ring Daniels is smiling and clapping, and seems to be excited to go 1 on 1 with old friend AJ Styles. He gets in the ring and the two shake hands and hug. They each get in a corner, giving a time to get ready. Styles rushes in for a drop kick but Daniels anticipates it and moves out of the way. Styles rolls over quick gets up and counters Daniels drop kick attempt. The two get up and Styles goes for a kick to the side of Daniels but Daniels catches the leg of Styles, but Styles brings his other leg around and connects with Daniels head. They both get back up, grapple, and Daniels gets a snapmare suplex on AJ Styles. Styles pops up before Daniels and gets a German suplex. The music of Ink Inc. is played again and out comes Shannon Moore. When he gets to the ring, AJ Styles and Daniels look at each other, smile, and quickly throw out Moore, than continue trading maneuvers. The two fighting see’s a bunch of reversals, counters, and anticipation of each other’s moves. The crowd is behind each man equally, and each move gets a pop from the crowd which is noticeably into it. The music of Douglas Williams is played, and he makes his way out. He points to his head, and goes slow on purpose. Both men in the ring get tired of waiting for Williams, so they continue fighting. Daniels gets irish whipped by Styles, but Williams grabs the top rope, causing Daniels to fall out of the ring and onto the floor. He gets over top of Daniels, grabs his wrist to do his signature taunt, and smiles. He begins kicking Daniels in the skull, while looking at Styles. Styles screams for Williams to get in the ring, but Williams replies that he is busy. Williams gets on top of Daniels and begins punching him, and Daniels is starting to bleed a little. The crowd is booing loudly and screaming Williams sucks. AJ Styles catapults himself out of the ring and onto Williams, pulling him off of Daniels. Williams gets away and slides into the ring. AJ goes to follow him, but the bell is called for. The referee goes into the ring (he was outside the ring the whole match) and raises Williams hands. AJ Styles looks angry, and pushes Williams. Williams just holds up his championship belt in front of AJ Styles, and leaves the ring. He looks back at Styles and once again points to his head.

WINNER: First Platinum Champion: Douglas Williams

Jeremy Borash puts over the work of Daniels and Styles, and says that the finish was embarrassing. Mick Foley comments that Williams is smart, and he got the job done. Borash says he doesn’t feel taking advantage of an unconscious Daniels is right, and of course Styles would make the save. Foley says that Williams had no other choice, and would be facing a 2 v 1 if he went to the ring quickly, and would be silly to not take advantage of Styles friendship with Daniels after he eliminated Daniels. Borash says he disagrees, but says there is no doubt that the match was an interesting one, and he can’t wait to see the title defended.

Cameras are in the office of Angle, where Angle is on the phone. He tells the person on the phone that there will be a 6 team tag match, gauntlet style. He says that the order of the teams was determined by a random drawing. A knock on the door is heard, and Mr. Anderson comes in. Kurt tells the person on the phone he will call back, and hangs up. Angle asks Anderson why he knocked if he was just going to walk in anyway. Anderson said it was because he was an asshole, and he did what he wanted. Angle asked Anderson why he was in his office. Anderson says he is upset that he wasn’t going to be in the World Championship match. Angle says that Anderson will get his shot, and to be patient. Anderson asks what was planned for the US Championship match, and Angle says that it was filled up already too. Anderson asks if he can wrestle tonight, and Angle says of course. Anderson says he wants to be in a meaningful match, because he is a selfish asshole. Angle says that Anderson will fight Samoa Joe, and the winner can have a title shot for the World Championship at the January 29 PPV: “Hard Beginnings.” Anderson says that it sounds like a plan, and he will let Angle get back to his business. He goes to leave, turns around, and asks Angle what is on his suit, and points to his tie. Angle looks down, and Anderson raises his finget to Angles nose, and says that he fooled him. Angle laughs a little bit and whispers “asshole,” as Anderson leaves.

Jeremy Borash and Mick Foley discuss the matchup of Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson for the title shot, and say it should be an interesting matchup. They also are curious who the 6 teams will be in the Tag Team Gauntlet match, and put that match over. So Cal Val announces that the next match will be for the EWO US Championship. She announces that it will be a normal match with a 20 minute time limit. She announces that the first contender is from Harlem, and the music of the Pope is heard. He comes to the ring, and the crowd is excited. The next man is announced to be from the Bowery, and Raven makes his way to the ring. The crowd boos Raven, and he seems to ignore the crowd. He sits in the corner of the ring, in what is his trademark way. The match is started and Raven doesn’t move.

Match 2: Raven vs. Pope for US Championship

The Pope makes his way over to Raven in the corner, and kicks at him. Raven mockingly pretends to go unconscious, and Pope drags him to the middle of the ring. Raven pretends to be unconscious still, and Pope looks confused. He hesitantly goes for a pin expecting something to happen. Raven doesn’t move, and Pope gets the 3 count.

WINNER: First US Champion The Pope

Pope celebrates with the title, and makes his way out of the ring. Raven is still in the center of the ring appearing to be unconscious. He gets up and goes back to the corner of the ring and sits down. Don West comes out and gets near Raven. Don West asks what Raven was doing. Raven says that he isn’t going to entertain these in grateful pricks, and he is unhappy about the way things are being run around here, and Don West tells him to elaborate. Raven says that punks like Shannon Moore and Gregory Helms have jobs because of their friends, but no one gives a crap about what Raven wants. He says Raven doesn’t want to be in the US Championship match, he wants to be in the World Championship match. Don West asks if Raven thinks that is a little bit demanding for the first night. Raven says that he is better than Desmonde Wolfe, and way better than any friends of Kurt Angle. He says that he will delay the show until Angle comes out here and explains to him why he isn’t in the world title picture.

The music of Angle is heard and he comes to the ring. Angle tells Don West that he will do the talking from here, and thanks West as he leaves. Angle calls Raven crazy and says that there was a whole locker room of people that would have loved to be in the match for the US Championship. He says that the World Title is a prestigious title, and you have to work to get a shot at it. Raven says that you might think your little friend deserves a shot, and Desmonde Wolfe deserves a shot, but what about him? Angle says that after the stunt Raven pulled tonight he is lucky to have a job. He continues by saying that if Raven wants a World Championship shot, he will have to earn it. He says that next week Tyler Black will be on Rampage, and if Raven can beat him at the start of the program, he will get a title shot in the main event next week. Raven says that two matches in one night is unfair and that Angle doesn’t want Raven to succeed. Angle says that the offer is on the table, take it or leave it, but get the hell out of the ring, and quit whining like a bitch. The crowd cheers loudly when Angle says this, and Angle leaves without his music playing. Raven thinks for a second and gets up, and tells Angle (whose back is to him) that next week he is going to destroy Tyler Black – whoever the hell that is, and then capture the world championship. He finishes by saying, “and so it is written, and so it has come to pass, quote the raven, nevermore.” He leaves the ring.

Jeremy Borash asks Mick Foley if he has ever heard of a title being this sought after. He brings up the fact that already Anderson and Raven have basically demanded a shot at the title and it has been less than two hours since it was introduced. Mick Foley says that people like shiny new things, and nothing in the world of professional wrestling is as new or shiny and as great of a reward as a brand new World Championship belt, especially with the talent that we have seen already.

So Cal Val announces the next match will be between Mr. Anderson and Samoa Joe for a title shot at the first pay per view. Both men are announced and make their way down to the ring.

Match 3: #1 Contender Match for World Championship Belt: Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe

(The following is how normal matches will be done to avoid being too lengthy, the previous matches were written out in their entirety because of the special over the top rope battle royal, and the second being extremely short)

Match Review: This match was a high powered matchup that started off with Joe trying to use speed, but Anderson not allowing it. Joe seemed to get frustrated and stopped using his agility when Anderson kept leaving the ring, or moving away from Joe. Because of this, the two men fought strictly with a lot of power.

Conclusion: Samoa Joe gains the upper hand over Mr. Anderson after a belly to belly suplex. Joe picks Anderson up and sets him up in the corner. He sets up for a Muscle Buster, but Anderson rolls off his back, whips Joe around, and catches him off guard with a Mic Check. He goes for the pin and gets the three count.

WINNER: Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson celebrated and left the ring. As he went backstage, Samoa Joe got up and looked furious. He walked towards the back and destroyed some speakers on the set, and ripped up a piece of scenery. Cameras followed him into the back as he continued knocking stuff over, and destroying things backstage. Joe is screaming where is Anderson.

Borash and Mick Foley comment on how upset Joe is, and wonder what will happen next. Foley says that he understands why Joe is so angry, with victory being so close. Borash says that he definitely feels the same way, but there has to be some consequence for him destroying company property the way he did.

So Cal Val announces that the next match will be the Guantlet match for the Tag Team Championships. She announces that two teams will start in the ring, and when one team is eliminated either by pinfall, or submission, another team will come out. The last team left, will be crowned the champions.

Match 4: Tag Team Championship Match – Gauntlet Match

First out is the Motor City Machine Guns. The crowd cheers loudly for the group which heads straight for the ring anxious to see who they will have to face first.

A creepy laugh is heard, and spooky music is played, and out come Vampiro and Gangrel. The Motor City Machine Guns look at each other and laugh, and the anxiousness goes away.

Elimination: The rust of Vampiro and Gangrel is evident, and they clearly don’t work as well as a team as the MCMG do. The MCMG prove to be too fast for the veterans, and they work to take Gangrel out, and do their double kick to Vampiro and quickly take the two out.

Out next is the Hardy Boys to a even bigger pop than the MCMG got. The crowd chants that they must be dreaming. Borash excitedly explains that the Hardy Boys are in EWO. Mick Foley says that as a wrestling fan he always wanted to see the MCMG take on the Hardys.

Elimination: Jeff and Matt Hardy get off to a fast start, but in the end Jeff and Alex Shelley start brawling outside the ring, leaving Matt Hardy and Chris Sabin in the ring. Matt Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate, but Sabin reverses it and gets a Cradle Shock, and follows up for a three count.

We are the Champions is heard, and out next is The Kings of Wrestling: Claudio Castignoli and Chris Hero. They make their way to the ring, to a choir of Boo’s. Hero flips off the fans, and brushes his shoulders off.

Mick Foley says that he is absolutely shocked that this group is here. Borash says that this is yet another dream matchup. Inside the ring the two teams stare each other down.

Elimination: The MCMG start by getting man handled by the KOW. However, they make a comeback and are looking to put the KOW away. Shelley goes for a super kick, but Castignoli uses the referee as a shield, and the referee goes down. The four men brawl in the ring, and Chris Hero gets taken down and thrown out. Shelley and Sabin hit the Made in Detroit on Castignoli, and go for the three count, but the referee is knocked out. Chris Hero comes in with a steel chair, and hits Sabin who was trying to wake the referee up. Sabin is thrown to the outside of the ring. Hero hits Shelley, but as he does the referee slowly raises his head and sees Hero with the chair and Shelley knocked out. He calls for the bell and the KOW are disqualified.

Beer Money Inc. make their way down to the ring, laughing cheerfully.
Mick Foley says that they are hearing word that something is going on in the back. Cameras cut to the back where Mr. Anderson is getting taken away in an ambulance. Angle is looking on in disgust and asks if anyone saw what happened. He asks everyone to keep an eye out for Samoa Joe, and if seen don’t let him leave the arena.

Elimination: Back in the ring Beer Money are playfully acting like it’s a lot of work to take out the unconscious MCMG. They do their Beer Money chant and Roode pins Shelley with one finger.

Mick Foley says that he wonders what is going to happen to Samoa Joe after the attack on Anderson. Borash says that there is no evidence that Joe is behind the attack. Mick Foley says that it is no secret that Joe was extremely upset after the match, and did a lot of damage to company property. He continues by saying that Joe was looking for Anderson.

Out next the nWo music is heard, and Vicious and Delicious come to the ring. The crowd doesn’t seem to be too happy to see them, with an awkward silence filling the arena. In the ring Beer Money is laughing.

Elimination: Beer Money works on the neck of Buff Bagwell and takes him out quickly. They have a little difficulty with Scott Norton, but they get him down. James Storm goes to get his beer from So Cal Val, and Roode walks over to pin Norton. Out of nowhere Bagwell gets up and jumps to the top rope and delivers a Buff Blockbuster to Roode, and scores a pinfall.

WINNERS: First Tag Team Champions: Vicious and Delicious

Mick Foley is concerned about the nWo music. He says with Bischoff’s past with politics this is what he was scared of. Borash agrees that this could be bad, and isn’t particularly happy about this. Borash says that Bischoff isn’t too fond of Anderson, and wonders if he has anything to do with what happened to Anderson. Mick Foley says that Borash shouldn’t talk like that, it could cost him his job.

So Cal Val announces the main event of the night will be for the EWO Title. Out first to the ring is Desmond Wolfe. The sound of a cash register is heard, and out next is the Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin.

Match 5: Shelton Benjamin vs. Desmond Wolfe: World Championship Match

Match Review: This match saw the quick style of Shelton Benjamin and the technical style of Desmond Wolfe clash. It saw a lot of back and forth action, with Benjamin taking the early lead, but Desmond Wolfe eventually grounding Benjamin. At that point Wolfe took control of the match, and despite several attempts from Benjamin to gain momentum back, he couldn’t get very far.

***During the main event match Eric Bischoff joined commentary. Before he got there Foley said this was going to be bad, and says Bischoff probably heard what they said earlier in the broadcast. Bischoff gets there and says he couldn’t help but join commentary while the first World Championship match was going on. He thanked both Foley and Borash for their excellent job tonight, but informed them it would be their last time announcing after what they said earlier in the broadcast. He continued by saying he was just joking and laughed about it. He said he understands both of their concerns, and says he is extremely angry about the nWo music being played. He says he could get a lawsuit for the music being played, and he doesn’t want any factions in the company. He says that he know his history is linked to nWo, but he says now that he is an owner, he has responsibilities, and plans on performing them. He then says that Samoa Joe would be punished next week on Rampage, as he left the arena after the attack, before people could discover it. Borash asks if they know for a fact it was Joe. Bischoff says that all signs point to it.***

Conclusion: Wolfe hit Benjamin with a head butt, and followed it up with a Tower of London. He got the three count. As Wolfe celebrated, Mr. Anderson’s microphone lowered and Wolfe first looks concerned but than just laughs and walks away. This concludes the show.

WINNER: First World Champion: Desmond Wolfe

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Entertaining show, I like the name Rampage.

Interesting first championship, is the Platinum Championship the equivalent of the X Division or TV Championships of TNA and what do you mean when you say the belt will shift shapes based on the current champion, does this mean you have a unique championship for any superstar in the roster like say a Yin/Yang symbol based championship for RVD? Nice to see a US title, Raven cutting a promo on how he should be in the world title picture makes me think how far you're willing to go with this. Anderson winning the #1 contender spot, again makes me think how far you're willing to take Raven to be a Main Eventer in EWO. Surprised Beer Money didn't win, interesting choice in Vicious and Delicious as the tag champs. and Finally Wolfe as the first champion is a good choice, but I'm surprised you didn't put Styles, Daniels or Joe in the main event scene seeing as this is a relaunch of a failed TNA and they were the more than obvious choice to be World Champion here in EWO, so I'm looking forward to seeing how you handle his reign.

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Entertaining show, I like the name Rampage.

Interesting first championship, is the Platinum Championship the equivalent of the X Division or TV Championships of TNA and what do you mean when you say the belt will shift shapes based on the current champion, does this mean you have a unique championship for any superstar in the roster like say a Yin/Yang symbol based championship for RVD? Nice to see a US title, Raven cutting a promo on how he should be in the world title picture makes me think how far you're willing to go with this. Anderson winning the #1 contender spot, again makes me think how far you're willing to take Raven to be a Main Eventer in EWO. Surprised Beer Money didn't win, interesting choice in Vicious and Delicious as the tag champs. and Finally Wolfe as the first champion is a good choice, but I'm surprised you didn't put Styles, Daniels or Joe in the main event scene seeing as this is a relaunch of a failed TNA and they were the more than obvious choice to be World Champion here in EWO, so I'm looking forward to seeing how you handle his reign.
Thanks for the review, I am glad I have you interested. I am going to try to hit all your points, sorry if I give too long of responses.

I kind of made the explanation of the Platinum Championship more complicated than it had to be. The shape shifting comment was really just a more vague explanation of the sentence that followed. By shape shifting I mean that depending on who holds the belt the rules will change, as they have a lot of power over who they face, and by what conditions. The only thing that limits the champion is they must defend it every 2 weeks (pretty much every other Rampage- minimum) Say Shannon Moore gets the belt, and says that his stipulations are that his opponents must be under 225 lbs. That makes the Platinum belt into a Cruiser weight belt during his reign. Say Raven has the belt and makes his stipulations that all matches are no DQ, now it is a Hardcore Belt. Maybe Samoa Joe gets the belt and says the belt can only be won by submission, now we have a submission belt during his title reign. My inspiration for the belt was the X-Division, and in particular the storyline they ran when Williams had the belt and was "cleansing the X-Division of the high flyers" while the X-Division guys were trying to preserve it. This storyline had so much potential and I feel that TNA dropped the ball, so I am starting my own spin on it, where whoever gets the belt gets to make the division his own, until he is beaten at his own game.

I am a huge mark for Raven, and I do think the guy still has talent, especially on the Mic. This makes me a little biased. I try to not let my bias get in the way of my writing (completely buried Shannon Moore for example). Whether or not he will progress far into the World Title picture, you will have to read for yourself!

As for the tag team division, I will say that there is good good reason why I didn't have some of the younger tag teams win. I don't want to give too much away, but think about the MCMG vs. Beer Money best of 7 series in TNA. MCMG were already the champions, were just given the titles for the first time ever. Did anyone actually believe that Beer Money would beat them for the titles that early into their reign? There are some dream match ups that I want to book, and I don't necessarily want the outcome to be predictable, so I am not putting the belts on those teams, so there is no inkling on who will come out on top.

Joe is definitely in the main event scene, he just lost to Anderson for the #1 contendership. I put a lot of emphasis on the AJ - Daniels fight for a reason, and combine that with what I said about the tag titles and you get a similar reason why they arent in the world title scene right now at least.

Any other questions/tips etc. please feel free to ask, I am new to this and am all ears. If you have a BTB send me a link and I will gladly review your show! Thank you again for reading, and commenting, that encouraged me to get this show up this quick, and I am not far off from Week 2.

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EWO Rumor Mill:

* It is being reported that rights to nWo was indeed bought from the WWE by Bischoff. Sources from inside EWO are saying that he paid a lot of money, and that a few bad weeks could mean the downfall of the company based on how much of the budget was spent on getting trademarks to the nWo, its music, and all other aspects of the stable. It is also being reported that other aspects of WCW were part of the transaction, including PPV names (rumored to be War Games, Halloween Havoc, and Souled Out) Bischoff apparently wanted Starrcade, but Vince would not sell it to him. Company officials are concerned that Bischoff wasted money, and dont believe that the nWo will be a draw in 2011, unless a fresh spin is put on it.

* Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are reportedly in talks with the company to be part of the nWo stable.

* Sean Waltman contacted the company about trying out, but was told they had no spot for him right now.

* It is being said that plans originally called for Shelton Benjamin to win the championship, but EWO is in negotiations with Charlie Haas, so they didnt want to put the world championship on Benjamin, in case Haas does in fact come in, which would push Benjamin into the Tag team picture.

* A new member of nWo is supposedly coming this week, and more are said to be debuting at the PPV, Hard Beginnings.

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Dont worry for the lenght of the responses between you and I as I enjoy in depth conversations with people, it lets me know who's worth having as a potential friend.

Now the Platinum Championship makes sense, it's good you enjoy a wrestler such as Raven and its your BtB and you should do as you please with Raven. The Tag Team Division is a thing I hope you keep as entertaining as possible for as much as I enjoy a good main event or mid card match a good tag team match can steal the show if done right. Everything else I'll keep a good open mind as everyone has talent and if people shut it down because they dont like what they read, it goes to waste unnecesarilly.

I don't have a BtB just yet but I am thinking of one to start it next month. Once I finish it I'll be sure to let you know. Looking forward to the next show.

Money in the Bank.
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I love that a few new created feds are popping up around the traps. It's great to see. I really want to give you some more in depth feedback, but I don't have the time or the brain power at the moment.

I will give you one piece of advice though, everything is very bland, and very monotone at the moment. Remember, your BTB is not a colouring book, so don't go fucking crazy with colours now like some of the other wankers around here do just because I've told you this, but you need to add some colour - maybe just one or two - bold some stuff, use italics, use quotes, just do SOMETHING to make it look attractive. Make it appeal to people.

I'm sure you've heard of the old phrase "don't judge a book by its cover", well i'm gonna give you a cold hard truth. Fact is, around here, people do. If it looks like shit, people won't bother with it and whilst yours doesn't look THAT bad, it could look a whole lot better. If it looks good, if it's easy on the eye, people are drawn to it.

Just some advice, whether you take it on board is up to you.

I hope this goes well for you. You've got potential. Hope it succeeds. Stick with it bud.

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EWO Rampage: Episode 2: January 13, 2011 – Clearing the Air

A video package airs emphasizing what happened last week concerning Anderson, from the conversation with Angle, to the match with Joe, to being put in an ambulance. The video shows Joe breaking stuff and screaming where’s Anderson. It moves on to the Platinum Division, and highlights from the Battle Royal. It puts extreme emphasis on AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Highlights from the Tag Team Title Gauntlet is shown, and the video concludes with Norton and Bagwell, and Bischoff saying he doesn’t want factions.

Jeremy Borash welcomes the viewers to Thursday Rampage as pyro goes off in the background. Mick Foley says that tonight should be interesting, as last week left us with a lot of questions. Mick Foley says that he wants to know what will happen to Samoa Joe, after the horrible beat down he gave Anderson. Borash says that he talked to Joe, and Joe said he would make some things clear tonight. Borash says he is more interested in what will happen to Bagwell and Norton, who caused controversy by coming out to the nWo theme. Mick Foley questions whether or not they are even allowed to say that on air, as it is trademarked and owned. Jeremy Borash says that Raven is going to get a big opportunity to shine this week, taking on Tyler Black, and if he wins, he will take on Desmond Wolfe later on tonight for the World Championship. So Cal Val announces that the first match will be scheduled for a one fall and introduces Tyler Black who comes down to the ring to a cheer from the audience. The audience chants please beat Raven, and Tyler gives a thumbs up. Raven is out next, and he grabs some signs from the audience and rips them up before proceeding to the ring.

Match 1: Tyler Black vs. Raven

Match Review: This match was billed by Mick Foley as the match of the DDT as both men are known to use the move, although different formats. Tyler Black seemed to have trouble getting any momentum on the veteran Raven, as his experience clearly paid off.

Conclusion: Black puts a few forearms to Raven’s head, who just laughs at the kid’s attempt. He counters with some elbows to Tyler Blacks head and a kick to the midsection. The kick forces Black to bend over, which sets up the Raven Effect and a pin fall.


In the back Kurt Angle is talking on the phone with Eric Bischoff. He says he has control, and that he doesn’t need to come in if he has other things to take care of. Angle asked if Bischoff read his e-mail about Williams, and asks if the stipulation Williams calls for is allowed. Angle continues by saying that he has informed the production crew that the nWo music is not to be played, and will be taking care of Samoa Joe. Just than Joe comes through the door and tells Angle he won’t be taking care of shit. Angle gets wide eyed and tells Bischoff he will call him back. Angle asks Joe why he stooped to the level he did and attacked Anderson after the match. Joe says he does what he wants, when he wants, but says that he didn’t attack Anderson. Angle brings up the fact that Joe was looking for him last week, and was gone after the Angle attack. Joe says he wouldn’t have left if he beat up Anderson. Angle says he likes the competitive nature of Joe, but he has to understand that backstage attacks won’t be tolerated, and explains that if he wanted a rematch with Anderson he could have just asked. Joe gets ready to talk, but closes his match, and walks away. Angle tells Joe as he is walking away, “your punishment is that you will not be able to win an EWO title for 30 days. He clarifies that Joe is not suspended, so if he wants to get paid he is still going to have to show up, but Joe keeps walking.

Raven walks into Kurt Angle’s office. Angle congratulates Raven for his victory, and says he earned his title shot. Raven asks Angle if he is surprised. Angle says Raven is a great athlete, but admits he is a bit shocked. Raven says that Kurt Angle is just as dumb as all of the people out there if he thought a rookie was going to beat him. Raven says that the World Championship is his, but he doesn’t want to wait until the main event, he says he wants his match now. Angle, taken back, says that the World Championship should always be the main event because of the importance and the prestige that goes along with being a World Champion, or even getting a shot. Raven says that Angle and EWO can take their prestige and shove it, and to make his shot happen now. Angle tells him to get ready, and that Wolfe will be told to do the same.

So Cal Val announces that the next match will be a #1 Contenders Match for the Platinum Division Title, and will get their shot next week on Rampage. Out first is Jay Lethal, who enters through the crowd to loud cheers. Out next is Gregory Helms, who seems to have kind of a punker look, hinting at the friendship he has with Shannon Moore.

Match 2: Jay Lethal vs. Gregory Helms

Match Review: A high energy high flying match between the two of them. The two emphasized the turn buckles, and did a bunch of high flying moves whenever they had a second to climb up without their opponent noticing.

Conclusion: Jay Lethal has taken a clear cut lead over Gregory Helms. He irish whips him into the corner, and follows it up with a clothesline. Helms drops to the center of the ring. Lethal climbs up the turnbuckle and hits an elbow drop, and gets the cover.

WINNER: Jay Lethal

After the match Douglas Williams comes out with his Platinum Division Title. He congratulates Jay on his win, but warns him that he is going to be much more of a challenge than the spot monkey he faced tonight. He brings up the fact that he can name any stipulation he wants, and says that if anyone goes to the outside of the ring, or climbs the turn buckle, they will be disqualified. Lethal is in the ring looking confused, but Williams points to his head again, wishes Lethal luck, and leaves.

Borash says that must be the stipulation that Angle was talking about, and Mick Foley says he likes it. Borash says he doesn’t understand why Foley would like this, and says it’s a ridiculous stipulation. Foley says that the Platinum Division is meant to give the champion the advantage, and Williams is clearly playing to his strengths, and limiting Lethal’s strengths. Borash says that he sees what Foley means.

In the back Christy Hemme is with Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton who are wearing nWo shirts, and holding their title belts. Christy Hemme asks Bagwell if he feels that winning the belts was somewhat of a career revival for the duo. Bagwell says that they didn’t need the career revival because they are nWo, and once you’re nWo you’re nWo for life, which means you’re successful for life. Christy asks Norton if the nWo is just the two of them, or if there will be more. Norton asks Hemme if she is a wrestling fan, and tells her to look up the history of the nWo, he tells her to clean her ears out and Buff just said once you’re nWo you’re nWo for life. Hemme asks if we will be seeing all of them in EWO, and Bagwell quickly says, just because you are nWo, doesn’t mean you have to be active in nWo, we do have an alumni list. Hemme asks who would get the first title shot at the EWO Tag team titles, and Buff Bagwell says the goth guy and the vampire next week on Rampage. Buff continues by saying that they got some business to attend to, but if Christy wants to come she can.

Jeremy Borash says that it seems that the nWo seem to just be a tag team for now based on Buff’s answer that there is an alumni list. Mick responds that the nWo is sneaky, and he never said more wouldn’t be coming so he wouldn’t trust them.

Match 3: Raven vs. Champion: Desmond Wolfe for World Championship

Match Review: Raven starts off hot, but quickly burns out. Desmond Wolfe has the chance to put Raven away, but seems to be making an example out of him. Extremely one sided match.

Conclusion: Desmond Wolfe hits a Tower of London on an already unconscious Raven and scores the pin fall.

WINNER: Desmond Wolfe

Jeremy Borash says that Raven seems to have been put in his place, and probably should have had a better attitude and he might be the US Champion right now. Mick Foley says that Raven is stubborn, and he doubts that we have heard the last of Raven. Borash says he is getting word that there is a conflict in the back.

In Angle’s office the Kings of Wrestling and the Motor City Machine Guns are arguing with each other, and complaining to Angle. They are both saying that it is an outrage that Vampiro and Gangrel are getting the title shot next week. Angle says that this is a new company, and that you have to earn your shots. He says that he personally wouldn’t have even given Vampiro and Gangrel a shot yet, and that was totally up to the tag team champions. They then argue about who should get the next title shot. Angle interrupts them and tells them he said they would have to prove they deserved it. He says that there are two more Rampage’s before the January 30 PPV, Hard Beginnings. He says that he will have a four team tournament for the next title shot. Both those two teams will be in it, and the Machine Guns will face the Hardy’s in the first round, and the Kings will face Beer Money. He tells them to get out of his sight, before they both are disqualified. Both teams seem to be happy with the decision. Angle gets on the phone and tells someone to bring him the nWo.

Match 4: Fatal four way Platinum Division match – first count wins – AJ Styles vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Shannon Moore vs. Christopher Daniels

Match review: It was announced that the winner of this match will get a title shot at the first PPV. At first Styles and Daniels beat up on Kendrick and Moore, but once it was just them two up, they met in the center of the ring and left off where they started last week. They had a high speed combination of technical wrestling and spots, with a lot of reversals, and anticipation of moves and counters by both men. Kendrick and Moore fought each other, with some spots, and some mat wrestling (mostly by Kendrick) but it was clearly not the attraction of the match.

Conclusion: Eventually Styles and Daniels made their way out of the ring and onto the floor. They continued fighting, giving them more room to work. Borash comments that both men are competitors, so even if they are friends, they both want to top the other. Back in the ring, Shannon Moore takes the upper hand over Kendrick. He gets him with a hurricanrana, and goes for the pin. Brian Kendrick somehow reverses the pin and gets the three count.

WINNER: Brian Kendrick

After the match the focus is still clearly on the Daniels Styles fight. Both men don’t even seem to realize the match is over. A referee goes down to break them up, and they both just look in the ring and hold their heads as they realize they just lost the match, and they forgot they were fighting the other two men as well. The two shake hands, and they walk out together.

In the back Desmond Wolfe is seen walking. Christy Hemme asks where Wolfe is going, and Wolfe says he already fought, so there is no reason for him to stick around. Hemme asks if she can ask him a few questions, but he replies she doesn’t have a microphone. Mr. Anderson’s microphone lowers, and Wolfe looks surprised. He says that he never thought he would say this, but he hopes Anderson can still wrestle. He says Anderson is at least a little competition, and that Raven was a wanker that didn’t deserve a shot.

Jeremy Borash says that it has come to his attention that the Vampiro and Gangrel vs. nWo would happen tonight, based on a decision by Angle. Mick says that the decision makes sense with the tournament starting next week, this way the teams involved know who they will be facing at Hard Beginnings. Mick Foley says that he never thought that these four men would be main eventing a wrestling event.

Match 5: Champions: nWo (Bagwell and Norton) vs. Gangrel and Vampiro for Tag Team Titles

Match Review: Gangrel and Vampiro seem to be more prepared than they were last week. They work well as a team, fighting nWo evenly going back and forth with them. Norton dominates the match early, but seems to get tired out and then Gangrel and Vampiro take control.

Conclusion: Norton is down in the corner of the ring, and Bagwell is getting double teamed. He is getting worked on, but tries to hold both of them off with some punches. The referee orders Vampiro to get out of the ring, and he listens. Gangrel sets up for an Impaler, but The Pope runs down from the back with a steel chair. He grabs Vampiro’s leg as he goes into the ring knocking him onto the floor. He slides into the ring and nails Gangrel with a chair. The referee calls for the bell and the match is over.

WINNER: Gangrel and Vampiro (by disqualification) still champions: Bagwell and Norton

After the match the Pope, Bagwell, and Norton stomp down on Gangrel. Vampiro comes in to make the save, but he gets beat down as well. The three celebrate over Gangrel and Pope’s unconscious bodies, as the crowd boos heavily. Some trash gets thrown into the ring. Bagwell goes under the ring and pulls out an nWo shirt, and gives it to The Pope. The Pope puts it on and does the for life hand motions. The three men raise their hands in the ring to a chorus of boos as Borash and Mick Foley emotionally scream this is disgusting, and an awful end to Rampage. They say they hope there is major consequences next week on the show, and apologize to viewers. The show ends with nWo music playing, and the three men walking out together.

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Good 2nd show, Raven fan much o_O? Lol.

The only thing that I wished couldve been done is for each inagural champion had at least a more in depth promo to show their wrestling persona, because within the roster there is no mention on who is a face and who is a heel, you always kinda tell when you're reading but it never hurts to point it out.

Especially the one from D. Williams and how he was going to defend his Platinum Championship during his reign, as much as wrestling is a big part of the BtB, a good promo is key to develop the sense in which a champion, challenger or promising talent can shine outside the ring. So if the next show could have maybe 2-3 more detailed promos that include their sense of voice, wether he is a cynic, is being sarcastic, a great face who kisses the ass of the fans, etc. is a good thing to have, especially the crowd reactions to the promo it would make a big difference, cause the people who liked to see Jay Lethal fly high cant now when he challenges Williams for the championship, his fans might've boo'd Williams just for limiting Lethal's abilities and would therefore root for Lethal more to beat the odds and beat Williams and I didnt feel the crowd doing anything theyre were: ''Meh''. Beer Money could come out next week and state that Bagweel and Norton beat them on a fluke, blah, blah, blah and they should face on the PPV, Pope could cut a promo next week, and so on and so on. Hope this helps.

But other than that good show. Looking forward to the next one.
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