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Unemployment in the United States as of December 2010 is 9.4 percent. The number of Americans who went bankrupt last year was 1.53 million, up 9 percent from 2009. A record high 2.9 million properties received foreclosure filings in 2010, up 23 percent from 2008.

People all over the country are out of work, facing the very real possibility of losing everything they have. Their faith in their futures, their hopes for their children’s futures, everything they believe in, has been shaken to its foundations. For many, their dreams are all but dead.

Think and remember about the American Dream and the mighty and eternal struggle between self-made men and the arrogance of the well-born. The pure essence of USA and the base of US spirit. The possibilty to improve in adversity or even in an economic hell.

As you probably all know now, Santino almost won the Royal Rumble versus Del Rio. This win seemed impossible and unrealistic but it gave me an idea to improve this wrestler and to revive the American Dream. I present you.

Destiny versus Destiny (or the tale of a self made-man Santino Marella)

A wrestler beginning a jobber, hated and discredited by his gimmick and his bad results. Humiliated, he fights back against destiny, against all odds. Secretly coached by his best friend (Kozlov), he is able to move mountains and to improve his wrestling. He comes backs. Slowly he gains your hearts and wins matches against better wrestlers.

At wrestlemania he is a new man, a real man, not a wrestler but a champion.

He is the People's champion, like you, like poor and unlucky Americans who fight economic difficulties but will rise again.

He is Wrestlemania Champion. He is Santino Marella.

Next Raw in New York

In a promo Del Rio speaks about his destiny, his luck, his wealth and his family grandeur. He brags about his rumble victory and calls Santino into the ring and humiliates him. He can verbally and physically bully him, reminding him how he began in WWE and screwed his own destiny completly, calling him a loser, a jobber only able to distract people by cheap and bad humor. He should have refused the challenge, he won. How he is simply a shame for Italy and for his family who should have aborted him. He insults him , calling him "un mono de teatro" (a theater monkey) and a trash child who doesn't honour the past of his ancestors, his country and his parents.

Suddenly Santino rebels, speaks crying about his poor family, how his mom and dad worked hard to fight poverty in the downtown. His mama who sold pizza, prostitued and washed clothes to gain money when his drunk dad worked as a builder. He explains how he was beaten by his dad. He had no destiny, no highly famous ancestors, no fortune. no wealth. He fights back and heavily punches Del Rio who flees in shock.

A newly serious and proud Santino speaks :

Signore Del Rio ...

I swear that I will improve and you know what i will even win the Wrestlemania title to prove and definitely show you that destiny is nothing, that ancestors and wealth are nothing. Those things aren't what make a real man.

I will show you that American Dream still exists. This fantastic dream about the possibility given to the poor to become richer, to the weak to become stronger, to any men to improve. My parents told me that here in USA : Life could be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement. A place and a country where you can pursue your dream and live in happiness. My cousins, the italians here in New York, the immigrants and everybody here in the arena are the proofs you need.

I promise to you WWE fans, in front of America, in front of New York and Lady Liberty and in front of the World. I will win at Wrestlemania and I promise to you Signore Del Rio that I will beat you and stop your arrogance.*

You have that here. We have Del Rio, the aristocrat, the rich, destined to be great by his birth and we have Santino, the self made man, the unknown man who won a title against of odds, the man who can build himself alone and win against all adversity, against his current jobber life. A phoenix. We have here the American dream, USA people confidence rising again.

* You have to add italian words for realism. The discourse should be read crescendo from low almost crying tone to strong man and decided voice.

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