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The WWE writer may use this because this is absolutely moronic.

First off, I'm unemployed and am offended by this. Santino Marella is not the American Dream! He does not represent the poor.

Santino marella represents everything that is wrong with WWE fans. An embarrassment to pro wrestling if you are over the age of 16 and like him. He's not funny anymore. He has lost to women. And he continues to turn everything given to him, into garbage (ie: Santino's Tea time and any guest host segment he was a part of).

If this truly was a story of the American Dream. Look no further than.... The All AMERICAN AMERICAN Jack Swagger. He has a sandwich named after him and it's called the Swaggie. And dammit, it tastes like freedom.

Santino has a sandwich too. It's call the Shitburger. And guest what? It tastes like shit!
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