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Neville is Dynamite...

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In the recent months I have read a ton of hate on this guy and to be honest I just don't get it. His mic work has been ripped to shreds and I just don't get it. Neville is by far the best wrestler this company has had since Dynamite Kid. Let me explain. Dynamite Kid came onto the scene with work that no one had really seen before in American Pro Wrestling. Even the best ring workers will tell you, Dynamite Kid started it all. He was a pioneer. Since then we have been privileged to see plenty of high flyers, or acrobatic wrestlers in the ring. Dynamite's speed, agility, movement, and tenaciousness was a breath of fresh air. He influenced so many, like Chris Benoit and hundreds if not thousands more.

What I see from Adrian Neville is rare. The moves he does aren't things we haven't seen done before, but it's how he executes with precision. All of his speed and energy are constant, or always in motion. Gravity certainly forgot this man, but it's not just the high flying moves that impress me. Adrian Neville can do it all. It's very obvious he is strong enough to perform powerful moves, or fast enough to make a simple leg bar take down look amazing. I find that his moves are explosive like a stick of dynamite. Very few folks can do what he can do in the ring consistently with hesitation. Respect the real "Best in the World".
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He may be one of the most talented athletes in wrestling but I don't see him going far. I can very easily see him end up like Evan Bourne. I can't see Neville come anywhere near the WWE main event picture.
...dude, he's gonna be way better than Evan Bourne. I mean he already is, he's the nxt champion.
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