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I will write the Nevada Championship Wrestling. NCW will be a product of UWA, which is a chain of territories that will have there own rosters, with there own wrestlers. To totally under stand the concept of UWA, just read "The rise of Ultimate Wrestling Alliance." Nevada Championship Wrestling is a territory that is located in the Nevada area (mostly Vegas.) NCW will have an old school/ indie feel to it because the places they wrestle at are casinios and small places like that. The roster will be:
Kevin Nash
Shelton Benjiman
Spike Dudley
Big Show
Hardcore Holly
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Rene Dupree
Shark Boy
D-Ray 3000
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-von Dudley.
And just to let every one know, Triple H is the UWA champion and he will go to each territory's major shows.
If any one would like to join the UWA, then just PM me. Please post a reply on what you guys think.

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Here is the first UWA NCW show. So I hope you all like it.
Nevada Championship Wrestling

The camera shows 3 guys sitting at a table. The one on the left is a big fat man with a black cowboy hat on, the one in the middle is a skinnier guy with dark hair and a gotie, and the guy on the right is a older man whose hair has a large balding spot on the top of his head.

Man in Middle: Hello and welcome to the first every Nevada Championship Wrestling show. I am keith Harmon, and with me is George Thomas (left) and Dr. Orwell (right.) Today we are at Ted's Bingo Hall, and what a show we have for you all.

Dr. Orwell: Thats right Kieth, today we have "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash vs. the Big Show.

George Thomas: Ha ha ha, I love to see those big guys going at it.

Keith: But lets not forget about the main event. Spike Dudley, Scotty 2 Hotty, Nunzio, and Shannon Moore will all face of in a 4 way dance elimanation match.

The cameras go to an above screen of the arena. There is olny about 24 people in the crowd, all sitting on metal folding chair. There is no barrier between the crowd and the ring. The ring canvas is a ugly tannish color with the letters NCW in the middle of the ring. The ropes are kind of sagging and the bottom rope is obviously just two ropes tie to on an other. There is a folding wall seperating the room because the is some convention on the other side.

Shark Boy and D-Ray 3000's music plays and the go down to the ring and the fans start to cheer. Then the Dudley Boyz music plays and they walk towards the ring and on there way, they start to yell at the fans.

MATCH - Dudleys were dominating the whole match. Many tags and many double team moves pulled off.
ENDING - D'von and D-ray are the legal men in the match. Bubba picks up Shark Boy and gives him a Bubba Bomb. D'von trys to pick up D-ray but D-Ray pulls off a small package for the win.
After the match, Bubba close lines D-Ray and then Bubba Ray Powerbombs him. D'von and Bubba stair at each other and Bubba pushes him and and Bubba and about 10 other fans yell "D'VON, GET THE TABLES." D' von goes out side the ring and grabs two tables under the saggy bottom rope. Bubba sets up a table and D'von irish whips D-Ray 3000 against the ropes and the Dudleys preform a 3D through the table. They set up an other Table near the turnbuckle. Bubba Ray sits on the tope rope and D'von lifts Shark Boy up on Bubba Ray's shoulder. Then Bubba slams Shark Boy through the table with a Superbomb.

Keith Harmon: I can not believe those damb Dudleys.

Dr. Orwell: I even have to admitt that it went to far.

George Thomas: What are you guys talking about? Dudleys had to make a name for them selfs and teach thoughs punks some respect.

Keith Harmon: Well, we have Ted Parker with Keven Nash in the locker room.

Cameras go to a dirty looking locker room with Ted and Nash standing in view. In the background there is a pipe that goes from the ceiling to a wall and it in leaking.

Ted Parker: Nash, every one wants to know, why is such a huge superstar like you, in a small promotion like this?

Kevin Nash: Well Ted, all I have to say is there's no place like Vegas. I mean want place in the world has more fun, more excetment, and better parties then Nevada. No, come on Ted. What place?

Ted Paker: I don't think there is one.

Kevin Nash: Your right Ted. There is none. Now I have to get ready.

Ted Parker: Well, thank you for the interview. Back to you guys.

Keith Harmon: Thank you Ted. We will be back before the break.


The show comes back with Shelton Benjiman, Rene Dupree, and Hardcore Holly are all in the ring for our next match.

Shelton Benjiman vs. Rene Dupree vs Hardcor Holly
Match - A even fight through the whole match. Each wrestler had a point in the match where they were on tope. Many pin attempts.
ENDING - Hardcore Holly drop kicks Shelton Bejiman. He gets back up and gives Dupree a Alabama slam. Shelton gets up, turns Holly around and gives him a T-Bone suplex and goes for the pin. 1....2....3.

Dr. Orwell: What a good match. Shelton won fair and square.

George Thomas: What do you mean? Shelton is a lucky wrestler. Luck. That's it.

Keith Harmon: That was not luck. That was talent. He is a talented wrestler.

George Thomas: Whatever.

Dr. Orwell: Well right now is the battle of the Titans. "Big Sexy" Keven Nash will take on the angry giant, The Big Show.

Big Show's music plays and he walks to the ring and starts to talk trash to the crowd. Keven Nash's music plays and he goes down to the ring.
MATCH - Nash and Show were trying to prove to every one that they are the superior beast. A few covers, but none were successful.
ENDING - Big Sexy irish whips Big Show to the ropes and gives him a powering big boot. Nash picks him up and goes for a JackKnife Powerbomb, But once the Giant is in the air, he gives Nash a vicious punch to the head, and Kevin Nash just falls flat on his back. Big Show picks him up and gives him a choke slam. Show goes for the cover. 1..........2..........................3.

Big Show leaves the ring and Nash is starting to get up. A man walks into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Man: Could every one shut up! We are next door trying to have a convention, but you stupid wrestling boneheads are to loud!

Nash stands up and the man turns around and Big Sexy knees the man's stomach and gives him a JackKnife Powerbomb. He taunts for the crowd, then he walks into the crowd of 20 some people and starts to say that he is going to stay in Nevada.

George Thomas: Nash is a poor sport.

Keith Harmon: What are you talking about.

George Thomas: He lost to Big Show, so he attacks that man.

Dr. Orwell: George, stop talking. We will be back after a word from our sponsors.


The show comes back to Spike, Nunzio, Shannon Moore, and Scotty 2 Hotty in the ring ready to start the match.

MATCH - It is a even match up. After about 10 minutes Spike was elimanated because Nunzio hit him with a chair behind the refs back. Then 13 minutes into the match, Nunzio was elimanated by Shannon Moore because of a leg drop off the top rope. Scotty and Shannon battled it out for 10 more minutes.
ENDING - Scotty ran against the ropes and gave Shannon Moore a bulldog. Scotty jumps up and realizes that Shannon is in the perfect spot for a WORM. He does the dance and when he gets close to Shannon Moore, Moore jumps up and gives Scotty 2 Hotty a swinging fisherman leg hook neckbraker. Shannon goes for the cover. 1.........2...........3.

The screen turns black and the words "This has been a Ulimate Wrestling Alliance production" appears on the screen.
Could people please reply to my first UWA NCW show. Thank you.

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Well the use of color was nice.

But I seen a few flaws but they can be corrected. You misspelled some of the wrestler's names and that is never good. Just get those corrected and those will be fine.

Also, work on the match length. It needs to be a little bit longer, trust me I know from experience. I know it is indy style but just a little more description would be nice.

It looks as if you are giving Shannon Moore a nice push.

Just work on some of that stuff and you'll be fine. I'll continue to read.
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