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Hey folks,

I bought WWE SvR 2009 and created a Diva to use for the gender modification hack from Code-X to use with Xploder V5. Now here's what I did:

Loaded up XPloder v5 (Pal)
Went into Expert mode
Created a page for the game entitled "WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009"
Inserted the Mastercode (9016D98C 00832021) (Pal)
Interested the Gender modification code (0046EEC8 00000000) (Pal)
Saved the Cheats
Started the game

So, surely my CAW's gender should have been changed, yes?


The code never worked. I then tried adding another code from the site to make the fans boo Cena, but that never worked either.

I've had similar problems with SvR 08 and Xploder, but have no idea how I solved them.

Any ideas what's up? This is very frustrating.

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