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Need help Nitemare/Amish/Anyone!

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this is just incase you (Nitemare) don't check your PM's.

I changed my username yesterday, but it missed someof it out, and just put Adam. Seeing as there was already an Adam username, I cannot access the boards because my password now does not work. I had to register again to tell you about it.

Please could you change the Adam with the england flag to "Adam Meek" so I can come back on?

You can do what you want with this username when you've changed my old one.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Nope, sorry. I cant help ya. Only admins can change users names and info and such. All supermods can do that is different from other mods is moderate all forums. Nitemare will be back Monday(tommorrow) so just hold on until then.
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