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1 Road Dogg (c) def. (pin) Gangrel hardcore
WWF Hardcore Title
2 Test def. (pin) Billy Gunn
3 Steve Blackman def. (DQ) Dan Severn
4 Mankind def. (DQ) Big Boss Man
5 Al Snow def. (pin) Goldust
6 Chyna def. (pin) Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson handicap tag

7 Kane def. (DQ) The Rock
im looking for this episode but when i went to weeklies these were the only dates in january close to it

XtremeWrestlingNetwork.info - WWE Raw - 1-11-1999.avi
XtremeWrestlingNetwork.info - WWE Raw - 1-18-1999.avi

i downloaded 1-11-1999 but its not that

can sum1 help me plz? cheers
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