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Need help finding a vid/fed...

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I saw a video linked from this forum aaaaaaaages ago, been trying to find it recently but can't remember the names of any of the guys or the fed involved, so if anyone can figure it out please let me know!

The vid's from an indy show, outdoor, with a couple of the local wrestlers and eventually someone from the crowd seriously beating on a guy, apparently due to him strong-arming a friend of theirs (I think a female wrestler) at a different event and busting their face up before they were gonna get a shot at a bigger fed. Think it was a shouth-east fed.

Anyone got any ideas?
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It's pretty brutal, and although I don't know if I can stomach the whole thing again, I'm really interested in this side of indy wrestling just now (although I'm not sure how common it is these days, the whole 'deathmatch' thing seemed like a very quick-lived fad, mostly).
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