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Sorry if this doesn't belong here. Ok I ordered the WHC adult replica belt and used my PO Box as my shipping address, then later on I noticed it said belts can only ship via UPS so please no PO Boxes for the shipping address. But it only say's that in the WHC belt descriptions it doesn't say that in any of the other belts descriptions. I emailed them at customer support and they sent this
Thank you for your email,
We apologize but we do not quite understand where you saw that belts can only
ship UPS. We can ship belts through standard mail as well. Your order is
already in our warehouse and has been picked and packaged, we are just
awaiting the payment to go through and your order will ship.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

Anyways maybe that was an error on the WHC belt page, have any of you guys had any replica belts sent to your PO Box? also its shipping through FEDEX smartpost do they deliver directly to your PO BOX?
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