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I think we can do this WF!

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Yeah this is fun to figure out:bayley

- Asuka fighting Athena in the crowd
- Athena getting her ass kicked by Asuka in the crowd
- Bliss laying in the crowd up front (pink/black gear)
- Bayley clinging on to her belt hanging from the roof
- Dana Brooke hanging onto Bayley
- Becky Lynch getting powerbombed through a table in front of the announce desk
- Eva Marie getting suplexed in the front left corner of the ring
- Charlotte hugspearing someone out of the ring
- Nia Jax in the black gear w/ shoulderpads
- Blue Pants on the ladder
- Sasha Banks flying out of the ring on the right
- Marley laying against the apron near the front right turnbuckle

Unsure about these:
- Natalya suplexing Eva (Natalya hasn't been in NXT for over a year)
- Paige flying out of the ring with Sasha (same reason + I don't think she ever had green gear though the paleness is right)
- Aliyah being the far left one of the 3 girls catching Sasha (based on house show pics that's her gear/hair)
- Carmella up front doing a hurricarana/getting powerbombed out of the ring
- Billy Kay getting manhandled by Nia Jax

Special shout-out to the guy with the "Eva Marie wins, we'll riot"-sign, you the real MVP (cause the other one is slowly dying away in TNA).

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- Billie Kay getting germaned into the ladder
- Peyton Royce catching the girl in the green skirt outside
- Carmella under the girl in the green skirt. I think?

Not to familiar with anyone else on their. Some of them must be people that haven't been on the episodes too much.

The one germaning Billie Kay seems familiar plus that ring gear she's wearing is like one of a kind. One leg is pants and the other one is a skirt. lol

Also the one in the green skirt seems familiar too, just can't put a name to her.

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- Carmella under the girl in the green skirt. I think?
You mean this one? Pretty sure that's Marley/Daddio, judging from this pic.

You're right about Royce & Kay.

God bless reverse image search:drose

The one on top of the ladder is indeed Nikki Storm, not Blue Pants.

Apparently it's not just NXT girls, although some of them are recent new recruits.

So that makes:

- Asuka (fighting Athena in the crowd)
- Athena (getting her ass kicked by Asuka in the crowd)
- Alexa Bliss (laying in the crowd up front)
- Bayley (clinging on to her belt hanging from the roof)
- Dana Brooke (hanging onto Bayley)
- Becky Lynch (getting powerbombed through a table by Paige)
- Paige (powerbombing Becky Lynch through a table)
- Eva Marie (getting suplexed by Natalya)
- Natalya (suplexing Eva Marie)
- Charlotte (spearing ... out of the ring)
- Kairi Hojo (hits Nia Jaxx with an elbow from the top turnbuckle)
- Nia Jax (gets hit with an ablow from Kairi Hojo)
- Nicki Storm (on the ladder)
- Billie Kay (getting suplexed into the ladder by Act Yasukawa)
- Act Yasukawa (suplexing Billie Kay into the ladder)
- Io Shirai (moonsaulting onto Peyton Royce & Hikaro Shida)
- Peyton Royce (catching Io Shirai - left)
- Hikaro Shida (catching Io Shirai - right)
- Sasha Banks (flying out of the ring onto Aliyah, Starfire & Evie )
- Aliyah (catching Sasha - left)
- Starfire (catching Sasha - middle)
- Evie (catches Sasha - right)
- Marley (laying against the apron near the front right turnbuckle)
- Meiko Satomuro (powerbombing Chelsea out of the ring)
- Chelsea (getting powerbombed out the ring by Meiko Satomuro)

So the only one left would be the girl with the purple hair in red ring gear getting speared by Charlotte:hmm:
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