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Randy Savage left the WWF on bad terms because Vince wanted to phase him out of the main event picture in favor of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Diesel and The Undertaker but Savage could still go in the ring despite being early into his 40s.

In 1994-95, Randy Savage joined WCW and took the Slim Jim sponsorship deal with him. He remained a face since after 1991, so Savage immediately teamed up with Hulk Hogan at Starrcade '94 versus what should've been Curt Hennig as the masked man who ambushed Hogan but ended up being Brutus Beefcake instead.

For most of his initial face run in WCW, Savage remained a colorful ballistic 1980s character, yet was loved by WCW fans. In 1995-96, Savage teamed up with Hogan, Sting and Luger at the 1995 WarGames vs. Dungeon of Doom. Luger turned heel on Hogan as he took on Jimmy Hart as his manager for The Alliance To End Hulkamania until Uncensored 1996.

And to cap off the 1996-97, Savage, Sting and Luger were representing Team WCW versus The Outsiders (Hall & Nash) until the highlight of the Hostile Takeover match featured Hogan's epic heel turn via triple Hogan Leg Drop on Savage. Because of Hogan's heel turn, Savage and Piper were given instant added credibility as faces.

As it looked like Savage was going to continue leading WCW in Sting's absence for much of 96-97, he lost his WCW World Heavyweight Championship match against Hogan with the NWO interference. And then, Bischoff barred Savage indefinitely until he joined the nWo. With Piper's arrival in WCW and Luger & DDP having taken over the reigns for Team WCW, Savage became a heel for the first time since 1991 when he joined the NWO at SuperBrawl VII (7) by helping Hollywood Hogan beat Roddy Piper via brass knuckles.

In 1997-98, Savage and Elizabeth spent most of the year feuding with DDP and Kimberly along the way. When Savage wasn't fighting DDP, he fought The Giant at Road Wild '97, The Four Horsemen at Fall Brawl '97 as an nWo member, The Steiner Brothers & Ray Traylor at Starrcade '97 teaming up with Scott Norton and Vincent, Lex Luger at Souled Out '98 and Sting at SuperBrawl VIII (8) before imploding and restarting his feud with Hollywood Hogan over who was the leader.

Eventually, when Scott Hall showed up to the Spring Break episode of WCW Nitro 1998 too drunk and was sent to rehab and after Syxx was fired from WCW via injury FedEx, Kevin Nash was also on the outs with Hogan, as the final Original NWO lineup consisted of Hogan, Hall, Nash, Bischoff, Norton, Bagwell, Savage, Elizabeth, Konnan, Hennig, Rude, Beefcake, Brian Adams and Scott Steiner.

The breaking point for the New World Order came when Savage had a No DQ match against Hogan on the Nitro after Spring Stampede. It involved Hogan and Beefcake decimating Savage until Nash came to his rescue, and then Bret decimated Nash with the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Belt to allow Hogan a victory.

The following week, the nWo were now split into two, with Hogan leading the NWO Hollywood faction composed of himself, Bischoff, Bret, Adams and Beefcake while Nash led the NWO Wolfpac composed of himself, Randy Savage and Konnan along with Miss Elizabeth, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude and Scott Hall.

Savage's first PPV opponent as a Wolfpac member would be NWO Hollywood associate Bret Hart at Slamboree '98 followed by a friendly rivalry with Team WCW face Roddy Piper at The Great American Bash 1998 before going on hiatus due to a Torn ACL that required knee surgery that sidelined him for a large chunk of 1998-99.

If you liked those points about Randy Savage's WCW career up until mid 1998, name a kayfabe and a real-life reason why Savage turned face at Spring Stampede 1998 and joined the NWO Wolfpac shortly before Slamboree '98.

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Great OP, just a few corrections;

1. Starrcade '94 was a singles match between Hogan and Beefcake. Savage did a run in after the match but wasn't in it officially.

2.Savage wasn't part of team now vs. The IV Horseman at Fall Brawl '97. He was part of a tag team match with Hall vs. DDP and Luger

3. Superbrawl 8 was Luger vs. Savage, not Sting vs. Savage. However, Savage did cause Sting to beat Hogan after he hit him with a can of spray paint.

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Kayfabe reason is Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan had been at each other's throats for some time and Randy Savage had just done what Hulk Hogan couldn't do in beating Sting albeit with interference, Hogan desperately wanted his title back and beat Randy Savage and remained heel especially after beating Savage with heel tactics so Savage naturally became babyface.

Real life reason was WCW wanted to build towards Goldberg being top babyface alongside Sting and being world champion and the best option was for Goldberg to beat Hogan, doing Sting/Goldberg as a big babyface vs babyface match wasn't an option as one would look weak and Hogan beating Sting would undo all the prior work so Savage was used as a transitional champion from Sting to Hogan so Hogan could drop it to Goldberg.
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