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I am going to try this one more time I am starting a thread intitled N.E.W or the New Era of Wrestling.

Background Story:Shane Mcmahon frustrated that Stephanie had the power backstage and he couldn't make decisions on big matters within the company so he starts telling wrestlers about a NEW wrestling federation and the deal that they would get if they joined it and Vince heard about this and sent Shane home.

Triple H
Randy Orton
Kurt Angle
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Shawn Michaels
John "Bradshaw" Layfield
Orlando Jordan
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Rob Van Dam
Mark Jindrak
Shawn Stasiak
Rene Dupree
Johny "The Bull" Stamboli
Billy Gunn
Lance Storm
Mike Awesome
Sean O' Haire
Chuck Palumbo
Nathan Jones
Matt Morgan
Jerry Lynn
Ron Simmons
D-Lo Brown

Super Crazy
Juventud Guerrera
Jarelle Clark
Jamie Noble
Ultimo Dragon
Amazing Red

John Bradshaw Layfield & Orlando Jordan
Shawn Stasiak & Mark Jindrak
Natural Born Thrillers (Sean O' Haire & Chuck Palumbo)
Lance Storm & Mike Awesome
Nathan Jones & Matt Morgan

Commentators:Mike Tenay & Paul Heyman

Titles:N.E.W. Heavyweight Title
N.E.W. T.V. Title
N.E.W. Tag Team Titles
N.E.W. Cruiserweight Title

More info. Coming Soon.....

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I have a question - why would Triple H go to NEW if he is married to Stephanie? It doesn't really make any sense, so if you could touch on it it would be nice. Other than that, it is pretty good. Hope to see your first show.

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N.E.W. The New Era of Wrestling


Pay Per View Schedule Announced:
Feburary 13,2005/N.E.W. Genesis (New York City,NY/MSG)
April 17, 2005/N.E.W. Vendetta (Las Vegas,NV/Thomas and Mack Center)
June 19, 2005/N.E.W. Scars and Stripes (Washington D.C./MCI Center)
August 21, 2005/N.E.W. HeatWave (Tampa Bay,FL/ClearWater Beach)
October 16, 2005/N.E.W. New Blood Rising (Calgary,AL,CA/SaddleDome)
December 11, 2005 N.E.W. The New Era (Houston,TX/Reliant Stadium)

Tickets Go On Sale Next Saturday @ the ticket office @ MSG for N.E.W.

Shane McMahon is supposed to make announcements on tommorows N.E.W. Revolution broadcast so make sure to read it.
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