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ive been doing this since i was a kid, so its been thorugh alot, but awhile ago i started a new incarnation of it, it uses WWE superstars from past and present, its divided into SD! and Raw and, yes you can laugh, the drafts are completly random, also the pay-per-views are every now and then dual-branded, but mostly one branded, sd! PPVs are on Saturday, and the Ra wones ar on Sunday, theres 3 weeks between each, and ill take negative critisicm, rosters: (ill explain each superstars storyline's if they are in one)

Bobby Lashley-WWE Champion, hes Eric Bischoff's pet and his past 3 title defeneses he has won because of bischoff interefering.
The Hardy Boys-World Tag Team Champions, they are a member of Punks straightedge society, and jeff feuded with matt and the SES until he lost a match to CM Punk At Judgement Day where the stip was, he had to join.
CM Punk- IC Champion, Runs the SES and him and the entire SES are rivals of Bischoff and Lashley

The Rock-Nothing at the moment, but feuded with Punk and got a shot at lashley at NOC
Orton- Feels that he is underused by Bischoff
Cena- Bischoffs most hated superstar, hasnt got a shot at Lashley yet, and just reutrned fro ma 3 motnh injury at lashleys hands
Taker- Got a shot at Lashley but lost, is currently using the American Badass gimmick
Snitsky- Mid-Carder
Mike Knox-Mid-Carder
Cody Rhodes-Mid-Carder
Chavo Guerrero- Jobber
Brock Lesnar- Is currently feuding with the Big Show
Evan Bourne- Mid-Carder
The Big Show- Is currently feuding with Brock Lesnar
Kane- Mid-carder
ADR- Mid-carder
Uso's- Havent debuted yet
Koslov- Mid-carder
Mark Henry- Mid-carder
Batista- WWE Title Contender
Kurt Angle- Mr.MITB
Rob Van Dam- Mid-carder
R-Truth- Mid-carder
David Otunga- Jobber
Dolph Ziggler- Mid-carder
A-Train- SES's Muscle
Tommy Dreamer-Jobber
Brian Kendrick-Jobber
DH Smith- Jobber
Steve Blackman-Jobber
Kenny Dykstra- Jobber
Funaki- Hey you cant have a succesful wrestling company without a stereotype here and there
Tajiri- Jobber
Finlay- Mid-carder

No Way Out
Hell In A Cell
No Mercy
The Great American Bash
One Night Stand
Breaking Point

Ik its cheesy, so tell me all the critisicm, this isnt a completely serious company just from my imagination lol

BTW sorry if i spelled anything wrong i typed this fast


Triple H- WH Champion, feuding with Christian, Sheamus
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara- WWE Tag Champs
Chris Masters- US Champ, Undefeated, Feuding with the Miz

Daniel Bryan- Mid-Carder
Edge- WHC Contender
Shelton Benjamin- Feuding with Steve Austin, US Title Contender
Steve Austin- US Title No1. Contender (he hasnt established himself yet as a main-eventer)
John Morrison- Feuding with the Miz, former WWE tag team champs with him
Christian- WHC Contender, Feuding with Triple H, Sheamus
The Miz- Feuding with John Morrison, Chris Masters
Sheamus- WHC Contender, Feuding with, Christian, Triple H
Kofi KIngston- Mid-Carder
Wade Barrett- Mid-carder, in Un-Americans with William Regal
JUstin Gabriel- Mid-Carder
Tyson Kidd-Mid-Carder
Heath Slater- Jobber
Booker T-In Harlem Heat With Ezekiel Jackson
Chris Jericho- US Title Contender
Jack SWagger-Mid-carder
William Regal- Un-Americans with Wade Barrett
Santino Marella-FBI With Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo
Mr. Kennedy-Mid-carder
Big Daddy V-Mid-Carder
Stevie Richards-Jobber
Elijah Burke-Jobber
Super Crazy- Jobber
Hardcore Holly- Mid-Carder
Eddie Guerrero- US Title Contender
Jamie Noble-Jobber
Zack Ryder- Jobber
Chuck Palumbo-FBI With Nunzio, Santino Marella
Nunzio-FBI With Chuck Palumbo, Santino Marella
Paul London- Jobber

Bad Blood
Judgement Day
Over The Limit
Fatal 4 Way

Edge: ECW Champion(Last), Mr.MITB, WWE Champion x , World Tag Team Champion, World Heavyweight Champion

Shelton Benjamin:United States CHampion, WWE Champion, ECW Champon, Mr.MITB, World Tag Team Champion x 2, ECW Tag Team Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion

John CEna: WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion

Batista: WWE Champion x 2, World Heavyweight CHampion (first) x 2, ECW Tag Team Champion (first), World Tag Team Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion

Randy Orton: IC Champion, WWE CHampion, World Heavyweight Champion x 4, ECW Champion

TRiple H: WWE Champion x 4, World Heavyweight Champion x 3, World Tag Team CHampion, WWE Undispiuted Champion

Chris Jericho: World Heavyweight CHampion x 3, IC CHampion x 2, WWE Champion, Mr.MITB

CM Punk: World HEavyweight Champion x 2, IC CHampion, ECW CHampion x 2, ECW Tag TEam CHampion

Kurt Angle: WWE CHampion, World Tag Team CHampion, WWE UNited STates CHampion x 2, WWE Tag Team CHampion, WWE UNdisputed Champion(last), WWE IC CHampion, Royal Rumble Winner(third), World Heavyweight Champion

Christian: Royal Rumble Winner(first), WWE Champion, World Tag TEam CHampion, IC CHampion x2, World Heavyweight Champion

Brock Lesnar: Royal RUmble Winner(second), WWE CHampion, WWE UNdisputed Champion,WWE IC CHampion, World Heavyweight Champion

Shawn Michaels(reitred): World Tag Team CHampion x 2, WWE CHampion, Mr.MITB, WWE TAg Team Champion

The MIz:ECW CHampion, WWE CHampion,MR.MITB x 2, World Tag Team CHampion

The Undertaker: World Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WWE CHampion

MVP: WWE CHampion, WWE IC CHampion, WWE US CHampion, WWE Tag TEam CHampion

Rey Mysterio:WWE US CHampion x 2, WWE IC CHampion, ECW CHampion, Royal Rumble Winner( fourth), WWE TAg TEam CHampion, World Tag TEam CHampion

THe Rock: WWE CHampion x 3, WWE IC CHampion, WWE TAG TEam CHampion

Rob Van Dam: WWE IC CHampion, WWE US CHampion, WWE Champion

Mick Foley: ECW Champion, ECW Tag TEam CHampion, WWE TAG Team CHampiom

sorry for the caps, i was typing fast and capitlizing at the same time lol

Tag TEams
FUnaki & tajiri

dolph ziggler & cody rhodes

the usos

the hardys


sin cara and rey mysterio

booker t and ezekiel jackson

kofi kingston and justin gabriel

wade barrett and william regal

nunzio and santino marella

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Um, sorry but why couldn't you have included all these in the opening post? It just confuses me as to why you had to make four different posts...

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JR: Ladies And Gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw!
King: We Just came off of an amazing Night Of Champions Pay-Per-View, with the Straight-Edge Society winning The Intercontinental Championship, And the World Tag Team Championship.
JR: One can only wonder though King how long the Hardys can hang on to the titles with their on-again-off-again relationship

*Punks Music Hits, and he comes out with all of the SES*
*Fans Booing*
Punk: Why are you all so mad? you should all be happy, because now The SES has breathed some much needed fresh air into into this bland show, you should think of us as saviors to this show, i mean lets take a look at the former champions, first, Rob Van Dam
*Fans Pop*
I also saved him i guess you could say, because an old-washed up superstar like him cant even hold a candle to some of Raws superstars, me on the otherhand, i can step in the ring with the best of them
*RVDS music hits, fans cheer*
RVD: I May have a couple of years under my belt, but its still enough to kick your ass!
Punk: oh is that a challenge? WEll i might as well get my senior citizen boy-scout badge by granting your wish, under one condition
RVD:Which is?
Punk: That we have this match at Money In The Bank, and that if you lose, you must retire
RVD: Fine but only if none of your goons interfere
CM Punk: ill call up my grandmother, theres a spot at the retirement home for you when you lose

Commercial Break

The Dashing Ones(Cody Rhodes & Dolph Ziggler) Def. Kaientai (Tajiri & Funaki)

Commercial Break

*THe Rock Confronts Cena in his locker room*
Rock: John, i respect you, and i think that your one hell of a wrestler, but tonight in the No1. Contenders match, its going to have to come down to who wants it more, and after being cheated out of my title, i want to kick Lashley's ass all over that ring
Cena: You think i havent been cheated by Lashley?, that man put me on the shelf for 3 months, as i watched him and Bischoff run Raw with an iron fist, Rock, youve had your shot, but i need mine, its not just about that title, its about ending Bischoffs tyranny
Rock: *shakes Cenas hand* May the best man win
CEna:*Repeating* May the best man win

Evan Bourne Def. Alberto Del Rio

Commercial Break

John Cena Vs. The Rock, WWE Title No1. Contenders Match

6 Mins. In, Cena Gets Rock up for the FU, Refs. Down, and Orton comes in the ring, making cena drop the rock, cena goes for a punch, but orton dodges it, and hits the RKO then walks out of the ring, Cenas down in the middle of the ring and the rock hit the peoples elbow, turning cena over and thus winning the match, leaving many questions unanswered, but also guaranting a rematch between the rock and bobby lashley for the wwe championship at money in the bank

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Smackdown 1:

*Triple H comes into the ring with his newly crowned world heavyweight championship*
Triple H: Once again, the king of kings is on top, ive turned back christian, and sheamus, which lead sto the question, is their anyone left?
*Teddy LOng Comes Out*
Teddy: WEll Hunter first off, i want to congragulate you on your world title win, and your right, it seems like that youve turned back the best that smackdown has to offer, so since we all know that i like to do things big on smackdown, tonight their willl be a 20-man battle royal to determine a new contender!
*crowd pops*
*Christian comes out*
Chrisitan: I Deserve my Rematch!
Teddy: Well, Christian you are correct, so to coincide with the already big main0event tonight, you will get your last chance at triple h, TONGIHT
*crowd Pops*
Teddy: And Christian, if you lose then you wont get another shot at the world heavyweight championship while triple h is the champion

Tazz: Woah Joey we just had two major main-event matches made for tonight, a battle royal, and a world heavyweight title match

Commercial Break

Booker T & Ezekiel Jackson Def. Justin Gabriel & Kofi Kingston

Commercial Break

Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the 20-man over-the-top rope battle royal!
*Fans Pop*
Edge wins, eliminating Sheamus last

TRiple H vs. Christian, World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H retains his title with a pedigree, but Edge pops out from the audience, spearing the game

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Deceased wrestlers aren't to be used if it's beyond the date of their death, and considering many of these guys debuted (or perhaps didn't even start wrestling) until after Eddie died, I know that's not the case here. Read the rules and have a look around the section to understand things better. Good luck.

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Deceased wrestlers aren't to be used if it's beyond the date of their death, and considering many of these guys debuted (or perhaps didn't even start wrestling) until after Eddie died, I know that's not the case here. Read the rules and have a look around the section to understand things better. Good luck.
sorry about that, i didnt see eddie, but i released umaga afetr reading the rules
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