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The first thing I did with my new roster was make a drastic cut. The people below are simply taking up space on the roster, as well as taking money that they don't deserve after every month. The first show is coming up!!

Superstars fired:
Brooklyn Brawler
Doug Basham
Linda Miles
Orlando Jordan
The Damaja
Rob Conway
Boss Man
Brian Kendrick
Dawn Marie
Jackie Gayda
Mark Henry
Mark Jindrak
Nick Dinsmore
Bill DeMott
Billy Kidman
Eric Angle
Johnny Stamboli
Mr. Black
Rodney Mack
Theodore Long
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Chris Nowinski
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
Jeff Hardy
Rena Mero
Big Show

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(Planned on doing that on the first Raw, Which is right now.)

-The show opens with Eric Bischoff in the ring.-

1. Rock hits the ring
Bischoff: Welcome to a new era in World Wrestling entertainment, everyone!! This RAW will prove to be an unbelievable one. But first, in a surprizing turn of events, the WWE was forced to fire one of the main eventers... None other than BILL GOLDBERG. Goldberg is no longer on the RAW Roster, or the WWE roster for that matter. However, one man has taken his place, and I know he will give nothing but the goods... The man is... STING!! Sting will prove to be a major part of the RAW Roster... Speaking of the roster, I know there has been a lot of confusion going around about just WHAT the roster is after the drastic cut made earlier this week... Well, I'm here to tell you the RAW Roster...

Al Snow (F)
Batista (H)
Booker T. (F)
Bradshaw (F)
Bubba Ray Dudley (H)
Big Valboski (H)
Chris Jericho (H)
Christian (H)
D-Von Dudley (H)
Goldust (F)
Hurricane (F)
*Jazz (H)
Kane (F)
Lance Storm (H)
*Lita (F)
*Molly (F)
Randy Orton (H)
Ric Flair (H)
Rico (H)
Rob Van Dam (F)
Ron Simmons (F)
Scott Steiner (F)
Shawn Michaels (F)
*Stacy Kiebler (F)
Sting (F)
The Rock (H)
Tommy Dreamer (F)
Triple H (H)
*Trish Stratus (F)
Undertaker (F)
William Regal. (H)

Bischoff: As you can tell, RAW has all the weapons to be successful. And I, Eric Bischoff, will be the one lea...

**IFFF YA SMMMMELLLLL... What the Rock, Is Cookin'...**

-The Rock walks out onto the stage, mic in hand. He paces back and forth like a caged tiger, sizing Bischoff up. Finally, he stops and raises the mic.-

Rock:Woah Woah Woah, Bitchoff.. The Rock doesn't mean to inturrupt your little introduction... But did you say YOU would lead RAW to success?? Did The Rock hear you correctly?? No way in hell are you gonna outshine The Rock!! See, tonight The Rock is gonna whip Sting's Candy ass all over this arena. What is all the hype about Sting for, anways? The Rock will always be better than him.... And you'll all find that out tonight.
-Show fades to a commercial-
Rating = 100

2. Dudley Boyz vs Kane/RVD
World Tag Titles

Each team went at it all out. When the Dudleyz got the upper hand, Kane brought in a chair to take care of business. He swing was ducked, and connected with RVD's head/ D-Von took care of Kane and Bubba got the pin.
Rating = 79

*Post Match*
RVD sat up and stared Kane down. Rob reached his hand out for Kane to help him up, but the big man simply walked away.... Did he hit Rob intentionally??

3. Trish Stratus vs Jazz
Women's Championship

Both of the women had a goal in this one... Trish, to keep her title... Jazz, to take it. Jazz had the upper hand early on, but after some StratusFaction through a table, it was all over.
Winner - Trish Stratus
Rating - 75

4. Jericho/Taker Angle

Jericho was in the ring doing the Highlight Reel going on and on about himself. His guest, The Undertaker, decided to come out a little early and a brawl commenced. After a Vicious Last Ride, Taker left the ring and Jericho behind and headed to the back.
Rating = 98

5. Christian vs Booker T

Booker T. completely dominated this match. After a botched clothesline that took out the ref, Christian pulled a pair of knucks out of his tights and knocked Booker T. out. He made the pin, and the ref eventually counted, having not seen the cheating ways of Christian.
Winner - Christian
Rating = 80

6. Interview with Sting

-Sting is in the back talking to Coach-
Coach: Sting, tonight you make your official debut here in the WWE against one of the best this business has ever seen. What are your thoughts?
Sting: The Rock, one of the best? Ha! Tonight, I will beat him and he knows it. You'll see.
Coach: What makes you so confident?
Sting: What makes you doubt me? I am not intimidated by The Rock's former success. I am here now, and any success he had is now gone. I am going to beat him tonight. Interview over.
Rating = 98

7. Goldust/Hurricane/Dreamer vs Evolution

Goldust, Hurricane, and Dreamer seemed to be competing as a veteran stable, but Evolution was just too experienced. With a few slick moves from Ric Flair from the Outside, and after a chair shot from Orton, HHH hit the pedigree on Hurricane to seal the victory.
Winners - Evolution
Rating = 75

8. Sting vs The Rock

The Rock's WWE Veteranship proved to be ever helpful in this match. Rock always seemed to be one step ahead of Sting. But slowly, Sting mounted a comeback. He hit several of his trademark moves. When attempting a Stinger Splash, The Rock pulled the ref in front of him. He was sandwiched between Rock and Sting. Amidst the confusion, The Rock pulled out Brass Knucks and nailed Sting in the jaw. The ref saw it as he was falling, and called for the bell.
Winner - Sting by DQ
Rating = 95

Show Rating = 87
TV Rating = 5.80
Earnings = $420,720

Show fades out.

(-Please put your thoughts!! Smackdown and/or WWE Roster updates coming soon!-)

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On the Wednesday before the first Smackdown, Orlando Jordan was signed. As you remember, Jordan was one of the many who were released when the promotion started. Jordan has been sent to OVW to develop more before he makes his Smackdown! Debut, which is rumored to be around the end of the year. How is the WWE Planning on using this up and comer? We'll keep you posted!!

(-Smackdown Coming soon-)

Your feedback is encouraged!!

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Smackdown comes on the air with Stephanie McMahon in the ring. She has a list in her hand of the new roster for Smackdown.

Stephanie: Welcome to Smackdown! everyone!! Tonight is going to be an explosive event, as Steve Austin will make his official return to Smackdown competition! He will be facing none other than Kurt Angle in tonight's main event. But before we begin tonight's show, I have a list of the new Smackdown! roster that I would like to read off to all of you.

Smackdown! Roster
Billy Gunn
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chuck Palumbo
Eddie Guerrero
Ernest Miller
John Cena
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
*Major Gunns
Matt Hardy Version 1.0
Nathan Jones (Development)
Orlando Jordan (Development)
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Sean O'Haire
Shelton Benjamin
Stone Cold Steve Austin

1. Interview with Austin
After Stephanie's ring time, the camera changes back to Stone Cold's locker room. Michael Hayes is outside his door to get an interview.
Hayes: First things first, Steve... Welcome back to Smackdown.
SCSA: Thank you.
Hayes: Your first match is going to be against Kurt Angle. What are your thoughts going in to this match?
SCSA: What are my thoughts? I think I'm gonna open a can of whoopass on The American Bald Ass.
Hayes: Most people are intimidated by Kurt's in-ring abilit--
SCSA: Intimidated? Do I look intimidated to you? Oh Hell No!! Kurt Angle, and anyone else for that matter, will never intimidate Me. And that's the bottom line... Cause Stone Cold Said So.

Rating = 93

2. Eddie/Edge vs Haas/Benjamin
Table Match
WWE Tag Team Titles

This match was owned by Haas and Benjamin early on, each using their technical abilities well. But Eddie and Edge proved to work well as a team. After hitting a spear on Benjamin, Edge set Haas up on a table and Eddie Hit the Frog Splash to gain the victory at 7:32.
Winners - Edge/Eddie

Rating = 77

3. Austin Out
Backstage, a crowd is forming around Steve Austin, who has been knocked unconscious and left down and out. Paramedics come over to help, although nobody seems to know who was responsible for the attack.

Rating = 92

4. Rey Jr vs Matt Hardy vs Chavo Guerrero vs Tajiri
Fatal 4 Elimination
WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Rey, Chavo, and Tajiri all ganged up on Chavo early on, hitting him with an array of cruiserweight moves. Tajiri hit the buzzsaw kick at 3:20, made the pin, and eliminated the Guerrero. Next to go was Tajiri, after Matt hit a twist of fate and Rey let him make the pin. At 7:22, Rey Hit the 619/West Coast Pop to secure the win, and to claim the title.
Winner - Rey Mysterio

Rating = 80
After the match, Matt grabbed a mic when Rey got to the top of the ramp. He demanded a one on one rematch for next week, and Rey Jr nodded in acceptance.

5. Austin still up for the match??
A very dizzy Steve Austin is backstage with Vince McMahon, who tells him that there is no way he can compete without medical clearance. Austin is obviously pissed about this, but there is nothing he can do but wait to be cleared.

Rating = 87

6. Interview with Kurt

Kurt is backstage with Hayes.
Hayes: Hey Kurt. What are your thoughts on Stone Cold being attacked earlier?
Kurt: Oh well...
Hayes: Oh well?? Did... Did you have something to do with it??
Kurt: Of course not, ass! Why would I attack Stone Cold on the night he was scheduled to debut?
Hayes: Maybe because he was scheduled to debut against YOU...

Kurt Storms off and the next scene begins.

Rating = 86

7. Kevin Nash vs Sean O'Haire
First Blood Match

Nash had the upper hand early on, and he maintained it throughout most of the fight. The two men were trading punches left and right as they made their way up the ramp towards the stage. O'Haire jumped off of the stage and rummaged around underneath it until he found what he was looking for... A long strand of barbed wire... He laid it down on the floor and pulled Nash down there, hitting a suplex onto the wire at 10:47 to secure the win.
Winner - O'Haire

Rating = 72

8. Replacement for Steve

Vince comes down to the ring and announces that Stone Cold's replacement in the main event will be none other than the Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar... In a Submission Match!!

9. Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar
Submission Match

The match started with Angle in control. He hit several back suplexes and the like before finally mounting a comeback. With Angle in the corner, Brock rams hs shoulder into Angle's gut repeatedly. The match continued to go back and forth, but in the end, Kurt locked in the Ankle Lock at 13:02 and pulled out the victory much to the dismay of Steve Austin. After the match, Brock offered a handshake, but got a palm full of Kurt's spit instead!!
Winner - Kurt Angle

Rating = 86

Show Rating = 81
TV Rating = 5.23
Earnings = $422,640

-Show fades-

Feedback would be great!!

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I was almost scared to read through your rosters after the quite large cut you made leading the promotion into a new era, since I noticed you made the cut from alot of big Heels. You surprised me, and both sides seemed to have a significant amount of Heels for you to work with.

I am quite happy that you decided to give Bill Goldberg up, the guy never really got my attention at all; but, as you fired one man I dislike another one sprouts up in the WWE roster in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin I absolutely despise the man. Let's see if you can turn my opinion around in your promotion. Heh. I was also a bit made about you making the Dudley Boys into Heels, looking back on the years as them being Heels and Faces I just can't stand not seeing them as the goodguys. But, I take the bad with the good, and I am pleased with the sad mime decked out in black, Sting, making his arrival in your promotion. Cudos.

I think RAW was done fairly well. You sparked little matches of curiousity in my head throughout the entire program; Did Kane intentionaly hit Rob Van Dam with the chair? What's up Undertaker's butt to make him attack Chris Jericho (besides his constant rant about himself heh) Sting's attitude are you foreshadowing him possibly turning into a Heel in the near future or is this just a new attitude for the new era for Sting?

I am not too keen on your SmackDown! brand. All of the matches had special stimulations which are seen in WWE at the moment, but they don't have entire cards devoted to just these. One championship match, a fatal four-way championship match, a first blood match, a submission match; just a bit too much to handle. You are throwing all the wild matches seen in pay-per-views or as main events for the entire card. Putting all your bread in one basket, and the basket fails, will people settle for mere rolls? If that makes any sense to you at all. Heh.

I hope to see more of it in the near future, I am just amazed at how you can get off these two extensive cards out in the same day. Good job!

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Raw Preview

I thank you for your extensive review! I was afraid no one was reading... lol... Anyways, to answer some of your questions... I was thinking about having Smackdown based on more Hardcore wrestling... Off the wall Stipulations, and great matches. If you noticed, I am building up a SL between Kurt and Stone Cold... Was it Kurt who attacked Stone Cold?? If not, then who could it have possibly been?? All of these questions will be answered leading up to the PPV, or maybe they'll carry on into next month. I'm not sure yet...

I wanted to have an explosive first Smackdown Episode, and I think I did fairly well with an over all rating of 81. I'm going to tone things down now, seeing as my first Smackdown is over. Once again, I thank you for your lenghty review, as it gave me a few ideas for future Storylines!! I hope you keep reading, and keep enjoying!

RAW Preview
Last week on the first edition of RAW, we saw Kane and RVD lose their titles to The Dudleyz . Kane cost the Unlikely Duo the match by a miscommunication between him and RVD , causing Rob to get hit in the head with a chair. Was this an accident? Or is there tension between the two partners?

Last week, Trish successfully defended her title against Jazz . But how will she do when Lita and Molly are thrown into the mix? Fatal Four Way action for the Women's title!!

Jericho wasn't too happy about The Undertaker's brutal attack last week. After confronting Bischoff , A match has been set. Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker ! These two have nothing but hate for eachother, which means this thing could explode!

The feud between The Rock and Sting has proven to be HOT. Sting managed to win Last week by disqualification when The Ref saw a brass knucks shot from The Rock . What will happen Monday between these two?

And finally, it's been rummored that The Intercontinental title will be brought back ! There will be a 10 man over the top rope challenge for the gold. Who will come out victorious? Tune in Monday to find out!!

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Starting next month, there will be a tournament for the Vacant United States Title. A total of Eight people will be competing for the gold, and I need YOU to choose the competitors!! List as many people as you want (up to eight) to compete for the strap.

Billy Gunn
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chuck Palumbo
Eddie Guerrero
John Cena
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy Version 1.0
Nathan Jones
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Sean O'Haire
Shelton Benjamin
Stone Cold Steve Austin

You have until Tuesday, 12:00 am to make your selections, and then I will be continuing on with the shows. The eight you pick may have a shot at the belt, so choose wisely!!
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