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Hi I will be having 3 shows a week Monday Night Raw, Thursday Night Smackdown, Wednesday Night Fury

I will start from my version of Wrestlemania21 results also I am not very good at writing out match results so when i do my frist Raw please take that into consideration also all the superstars go to each roster so for example HHH can go to Raw Fury and Smackdown

Wrestlemania21 Results

Christy def Trish for the womens title
Christian won the money in the bank match
RVD def Matt Hardy
Rey def Eddie
Superheros def Regal/Tajiri to win the world tag titles
Undertaker def Orlando Jordan to become US champ
Chris Benoit def Shelton Benjamin to earn a shot at his belt
HHH def Batista to retain the WHC
JBL def John Cena to retain the WWE championship

Champs after WM21 results

Womens: Christy Hemme
World Tag Team: Superheros (Hurricane & Rosie)
WWE Tag Team: MNM
Intercontinental: Shelton Benjamin
US: Undertaker
World Heavyweight: HHH
Crusierweight: Rey Mysterio