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Hi I will be having 3 shows a week Monday Night Raw, Thursday Night Smackdown, Wednesday Night Fury

I will start from my version of Wrestlemania21 results also I am not very good at writing out match results so when i do my frist Raw please take that into consideration also all the superstars go to each roster so for example HHH can go to Raw Fury and Smackdown

Wrestlemania21 Results

Christy def Trish for the womens title
Christian won the money in the bank match
RVD def Matt Hardy
Rey def Eddie
Superheros def Regal/Tajiri to win the world tag titles
Undertaker def Orlando Jordan to become US champ
Chris Benoit def Shelton Benjamin to earn a shot at his belt
HHH def Batista to retain the WHC
JBL def John Cena to retain the WWE championship

Champs after WM21 results

Womens: Christy Hemme
World Tag Team: Superheros (Hurricane & Rosie)
WWE Tag Team: MNM
Intercontinental: Shelton Benjamin
US: Undertaker
World Heavyweight: HHH
Crusierweight: Rey Mysterio
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I am writing it now so as soon as it is finished ill post it

Also seeing in as there is three shows a week i will do a PPV every three weeks also i have changed Smackdown to Friday nights and i am an Australian so expect the results for the shows to be up the day before when you look

WWE Owner Greg McKenzie

June 20th

JR: Welcome to Monday night raw

Eric Bishoff appears on the top of the stage and annouces tonight will be Chris Benoit verses Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental strap also the main event is HHH and JBL taking on Batista and John Cena if Batista and Cena win they both get rematches for the belts

Bishoff leaves as a commercial comes on

JR: Welcome back

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Rey Mysterio © vs Tajiri

Match finishes with Tajiri locking in the tarantula he then gets inside the ring and knocks Rey out with a kick to the head cover 1….2…..KO Rey gets back to his feet Tajiri runs at him Rey drop toe holds Tajiri into the second rope he nails the 619 he then bounces off the ropes and attempts the west coast pop but Tajiri sprays mist into his face and the ref calls for the bell

Winner via DQ Rey Mysterio ©

Backstage Maria is with JBL

Maria: How do you feel about defeating John Cena last night thanks to the cabinet

JBL: John Cena is a street punk I would have won without the cabinet in case you don’t know Maria and I am sure the obese fans in this arena would know that I am John Bradshaw Layfield longest reigning WWE champion in a decade and a true wrestling god

Maria: …..

John Cena walks up to JBL and the fans go mad

John: JBL I do admit you beat me last night but tonight I will beat you just like Kyile Minouge beat breast cancer

Cena leaves JBL with a shocked look on his face as the next match starts

William Regal vs Maven

The match finishes when Regal hits a high knee lift and covers 1…..2……KO Maven then gets back to his feet and nails Regal with a dropkick Tajiri then comes through the crowd and distracts the ref as Regal uses the power of the punch but Rey comes from the ramp and hits Regal with a chair and drags Maven on top of Regal ref turns around 1….2……3

Winner via pinfall Maven

Match aftermath
Tajiri gets in the ring with a mic and starts yelling in Japanese
Rey grabs a mic
Rey: Wednesday on Fury Maven and I challenge Regal and you to a tag team match
Fans go wild
Tajiri nods as a commercial is shown

Edge is backstage in Eric’s office

Edge: Last night I got screwed out of my match I should be the number one contender

Eric: Edge you want it so bad then defeat Christian in a ladder match and you can have it by the way the match is up next

Edge walks out looking furious

Ladder match for the money in the bank briefcase
Edge vs Christian

The end comes with Edge hitting Christian over the head with a chair and climbing one of the ladders there is one big one and one small one Edge is on the smaller one he is slowly climbing up he has his hands on the briefcase but out of no where comes Christian from the bigger ladder using Edge’s on move the spear straight down to the canvas both men look at cold as Christian finally gets back to his feet and nails Edge with the unprettier and climbs the ladder to keep his briefcase

Christian gets a huge standing ovation from his peeps as he goes backstage and the ring is cleared for the bikini contest

Bikini Contest
Torrie Wilson, Lillian Garcia, Dawn Marie and Stacy

Each lady strips to her bikini as Viscera’s music hits the pa all the ladies scatter apart from Lillian who is announced the winner

Match Aftermath
Viscera and Lillian kiss as Gene Snitsky comes to the ring and takes Viscera out he tries the pump handle slam but cannot lift the big vis Viscera then hits a step over wheel kick on Snitsky and then a big splash the fans go wild as Viscera take Lillian away in his arms as there is a commercial

King: What a night we have had

JR: Yes welcome back as King rudely never said up next we have the intercontinental championship between Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Chris Benoit vs Shelton Benjamin ©

The end comes with Benoit reversing a t-bone suplex and locking in the crossface Benjamin is about to tap out but Muhammad Hassan comes in with a steel chair and absolutely destroys Benoit and Benjamin EMT’s attend to the two as Bishoff comes over the titantron and announces a triple threat cage match at Backlash for the intercontinental championship Benjamin vs Benoit vs Hulk Hogan??? And as punishment for you Muhammad Hassan will face the texas rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin Wednesday on Fury

JR: Hassan is leaving and looks irate he and everyone else thought Bishoff would putting him in the cage match at the Backlash but instead puts the returning Hulk Hogan in the cage match

King: Should be one hell of a match at Backlash and up next is the main event

Main Event
HHH and JBL vs John Cena and Batista

The end comes when JBL takes Batista out with a clothesline from hell on the ramp and John Cena nails the F-U but the ref is trying to sort Batista and JBL out and Cena turns around and gets the hell pedigreed out of him as JBL screams at the ref to get in the ring and he does so and HHH covers 1…..2……3

Winners via pinfall JBL and HHH

Main Event aftermath
JBL gets inside the ring and gets a mic
JBL: Hunter there is only room for one champion in the WWE and that champion is me
Bradshaw hits the clothesline from hell on HHH as his music plays in a background a masked man appears and decimates JBL with a jacknife powerbomb he then takes the mask off to reveal himself as none other then NATHAN JONES?????

JR: O my god Jones is back

Jones grabs a mic

Nathan: Bishoff said if I destroyed you Bradshaw and made an impact then I would face you at Backlash for the WWE championship so John ill see you then

Nathan Jones throws the mic down and stomps on JBL as his music plays Raw goes off the air

Feedback would be nice and yes I already know I need to improve on my match writing and the length of my results but remember this is my first show

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June 22 WWE Fury Preview

Monday night on Raw after the main event Nathan Jones returned and did a post match beating on JBL annoucing that he would then face JBL for the WWE championship at Backlash what will JBL have to say about this? Also will John Cena gain retrubution on HHH as Eric Bishoff annouced to the live after Raw went off the air that HHH and John Cena will go one on one in a non title match. Stone Cold returns to the wrestling ring Wednesday all strapped up and ready to put a beating on Muhammad Hassan. In other action Tajiri and William Regal will take on Rey Mysterio and Maven which promises to be one hell of a tag team match. What will Shelton Benjamin have to say about being put in a triple threat cage match at Backlash against the hulkster and Chris Benoit for his championship? All this and much more be sure to catch WWE Wednesday Fury live tomorrow night where Fury will be broadcasted from Rob Van Dam's home town of Battle Creek Michigan

Thank You,
WWE Owner Greg McKenzie

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June 22, 2005

WWE Wednesday Night Fury

King: Welcome everyone I am sure tonight is going to be one hell of a show with Stone Cold taking on Muhammad Hassan

JR: And also the explosive tag team match between Regal/Tajiri and Maven/Rey Rey

Viscera w/ Lillian Garcia vs Gene Snitzkey

The end comes when Gene stares at Lillian who is on the outside he turns around and reverses a hard scoop slam nailing Viscera in the head with a big boot and hooks the leg 1….2…KO Viscera gets up looking mad he blocks a few right hands from Snitzkey and kicks him in the gut he then nails a clothesline Viscera jumps up and lands straight on top of Gene nailing the big splash he hooks the leg 1…2……3

Winner via pinfall Viscera


Edge is in Eric Bishoff’s office

Eric: Edge tonight you want and think you deserve a shot at the world heavyweight championship well I tell you what instead I will put you in a match against JBL and if you win then you will be added to the WWE championship match at Backlash

Edge: I will win believe me Eric

Eric: As for the world heavyweight championship tonight HHH will defend the belt against a superstar which is to be named later on I know Cena was going to face HHH tonight but I have moved that to next week

Edge: Why aren’t I in that match

Eric: Just be happy with the match you have now get out of my office

Edge storms out

Backstage Christy and Trish are arguing

Trish: Why don’t you go and see your parents or something we do not want a slu* like you in our locker room

Christy: You want me out fine only if you go one on one with me for my title

Trish: Fine your on

JR: What a match Christy and Trish for the womens title

King: PUPPIES!!!


Christian is in the ring with a mic

Christian: I am here tonight to tell all my peeps that at Backlash I will cash in my World title shot and face the champ but this will not be no ordinary match see in my contract it states I can decide the stipulation and it will be a ladder match so HHH get ready because Captain Charisma is taking your title


HHH walks down the ramp and into the ring to a round of boos

HHH: Christian you actually think you can defeat the best wrestler alive today at Backlash well you got another thing coming because I am a ten time champion and I am not about to give it up to some wannabe kid take it

Christian and HHH come nose to nose yelling at each other then out of no where comes Ric Flair and low blows Christian HHH pedigrees him

Batista then comes racing down the ramp as Flair and HHH scamper he checks on Christian as a commercial is shown

JR: Christian is defiantly pissed off after that beating I hope who ever faces HHH tonight will teach him a lesson

Nathan Jones vs Chris Benoit

The end comes with Benoit trying for the crossface but Jones powers out and slams Benoit with a side walk slam he then nails a super kick which busts Benoit open Benoit then stumbles to his feet and gets a massive power bomb from Nathan Jones and he easily gets the 3 count

Winner via pinfall Nathan Jones

JR: He has just beat Benoit and believe me Benoit is no easy man to beat I think Nathan Jones is going to make Australia proud

King: I agree on that one

Backstage Coach is with Maven and the cruiserweight champion Rey Mysterio

Coach: Do you two think your going to win tonight

Maven: Coach we know were going to win

Coach: Why did you make this challenge Rey

Rey: Because I am sick and tired of those two cheating there way to all the wins they get

Coach: Are you making a permanent team

Maven: We might be depends on how this match goes and that match is up next Coach so get out of our way

Maven and Rey head to the ring

Maven and Rey Mysterio vs Tajiri and William Regal

The end comes when Tajiri tags in Regal he gets taking down with a drop kick from Rey who then tags in Maven who is on fire taking Tajiri over the top rope and out as he turns around and reverses an STF by Regal and he hits the fishermen’s suplex and covers 1…2…..3

Winners via pinfall Maven and Rey Mysterio

Stone Cold’s theme hits and he walks down the ramp and into the ring grabbing a mic

Stone Cold: Tonight I return to the wrestling ring to kick Muhammad’s if you want to see Stone Cold open a can of whoop ass give me a hell yeah

Hassan attacks Austin from behind as the bell rings

Stone Cold vs Muhammad Hassan w/ Davari

The end comes with Davari getting on the apron yelling in Arab allowing the Hassan to low blow Austin and roll him up the ref counts 1….2…KO Austin gets up on fire stomping a mud hole in Hassan Austin goes to the outside and starts beating on Davari he then rolls in the ring and Hassan stands up out of the corner and gets a stunner Austin covers 1….2…..3

Winner via pinfall Stone Cold Steve Austin

Match Aftermath: Austin gets a mic. Austin: I just served justice and you know what I will serve justice again at Backlash where Bishoff said I can have any type of handicapped match against you two clowns and seeing in as the will already be a cage there it is going to be Stone Cold against you two jackass’s in a cage match

Austin drops the mic and leaves


King: We still have the womens title match and the Edge vs JBL match which is up next

Edge vs JBL w/ Orlando in a non title match

The end comes with Edge attempting the spear but Jordan distracts the ref and no one believes there eyes as Christian comes to the ring and nails Edge with then unprettier and JBL connects with the clothesline from hell and covers Edge 1…..2…..3

Winner via pinfall The WWE Champion JBL

JR: We have one more match before the main event

I am a real American comes over the pa as the lights turn off and Hulk Hogan is in the ring with a mic

Hogan: My return match will be at Backlash for the Intercontinental championship where the hulkster will run wild all over Benoit and Benjamin brother

Fans cheer

Hogan: ….

The lights turn off when they turn back on Sting is behind Hogan with a baseball bat


Sting nails Hogan with the bat he then sends him into the corner and nails the stinger splash and then the death drop as the fans give mixed reactions

Eric Bishoff appears on the titan tron

Eric: Sting you finally got here I never thought you would come next week will be a one on one match between Sting and Chris Benoit with the winner being the third man in the cage match


JR: I don’t believe what we just saw two legend return to the WWE we all knew Hogan was coming back but Sting former 6 time WCW champion this is his first time in the WWE

King: I knew it was going to be a crazy night tonight and now we have our main event after this break and remember Flair is banned from ringside


Main Event
World heavyweight championship
HHH © vs ???

HHH is in the ring waiting as everyone goes quite ONE OF A KIND!! Comes over the pa system as Rob Van Dam comes out to the biggest pop of the night

Main Event
World heavyweight championship
HHH © vs Rob Van Dam

The end comes with HHH trying to use the sledgehammer but the ref takes it off him and HHH then nails the pedigree on RVD with the ref still distracted down comes Christian to a huge pop hitting the game in the head with a sledgehammer of his own and then lying down as the ref starts the count with RVD and HHH both down 1…..2……3……..4……5…….6…..7…..RVD gets to his feet he drags HHH up HHH tries for another pedigree but has lost a lot of blood and RVD reveres and then hits a huge straight kick to the temple he climbs the top rope and hits the pedigree and covers 1………………..2……………………………………………………………………………3

Winner via pinfall to become the new world heavyweight champion Rob Van Dam

The arena erupts with cheers as streamers fall from the building the ref hands RVD the world title as he has tears in his eyes

JR: NEW CHAMP NEW CHAMP I CAN”T BELIEVE IT What an emotional victory in his hometown for Rob Van Dam who becomes the new world champion it looks as though the game has ended for HHH and it is now RVD vs Christian in a ladder match at Backlash both of these men are experienced in ladder matches it will be a hell of a battle

Christian gets in the ring and shakes RVDS hand as RVD poses with his belt the streamers still coming as the fans take to the ring putting RVD on there shoulders Raw goes off the air with a new World champion

In off air notes the women's tite match was postponed until next week

Feedback would be nice

WWE Owner Greg McKenzie

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I have changed Smackdown back to Thursday instead of Friday

June 23
WWE Smackdown Preview

Wednesday on Fury Rob Van Dam defeated Triple H to become the world heavyweight champion thanks to a sledgehammer shot from Christian. What will the game have to say when will he cash in his rematch we already know at Backlash it will be Christian vs RVD for the world title in a ladder match. Instead of next week the following matches will be on smackdown Christy vs Trish for the womens title will this rivalrary end between these two after this match. John Cena vs HHH will Cena gain retrebution over the game. Who will be the 3rd entrant in the 1st of 2 cage matches at Vengeance when Shelton Benjamin will defend his IC title against Hulk Hogan and the winner of the Sting vs Chris Benoit match Thursday night. Another two title matches after the womens championship will be Undertaker vs Orlando for the US title. Hardcore Holly and Charlie Hass will have there last chance at the tag titles while ever MNM are champs this week on Smackdown

Tune in Thursday night for all this and much more

WWE Owner Greg McKenzie

Smackdown Card for 23 June

Chris Benoit vs Sting (Winner is added to steel cage match at Vengeance)
John Cena vs HHH
Trish Stratus vs Christy (c) (Women's Championship)
Undertaker (c) vs Orlando Jordan (United States Championship)
Hardcore Holly/Charlie Hass vs MNM (c) (WWE Tag Team Championship)

Main Event
To be annouced live on the show

WWE Owner Greg McKenzie
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