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[/B]Here is my first post and it takes place right after wrestlemania on raw

A promo showing clips from wrestlemania appears showing when batista pinned hhh for the heavyweight belt and rvd pinning eddie guerrero for the wwe championship

Raw song plays and the music hits the arena, crowd goes wild

JR: We are live from Atlanta,georgia, and what a wrestlemania we had king.

King: yea, JR. We witnessed history as rvd won his first wwe title and batista won the world heavyweight championship. Also, Chris Benoit beat rhyno for the i-c title in a brutal street fight match.

HHH music starts playing and half the arena is booing while the other have is chearing. He walks to the ring with ric in his wrestling gear and grabs a mic.

HHH: I have been the World heavyweight champion 10 times. I have beat the likes of Shawn Michaels, Orton, Chris Jericho and many other superstars. But last night, Batista(crowd chears when hhh says his name) somehow managed to win my World Heavywieght title! (HHH becomes furious and starts to secream into the mic) Thats my belt and he has no right to wear it
so i'm demanding a rematch against Batista, right here right now!

[/B]Batista's music plays and he comes out wearing a tux and holding his belt high above his head. He also grabs a mic.

Batista: whoa, slow done hunter. I beat you, 1..2..3, in the middle of the ring. And since you do have your rematch clause , I will fight you, tonight in Atlanta and i will still hold my belt after tonight.

Bischoffs music plays and everyone boos. He is already holding a mic.

Eric: HHH, I know you're mad from loosing your belt last night so i will give you your match.( Crowd chears) At Backlash, however.(the chears turn into boos) But you two will have a match tonight. It will be batista vs HHH and ric flair. If batista wants a partner, he should better start looking.

He smiles and leaves.
JR: Oh my god, did you hear that!
King: I sure did and i'm wondering who batistas partner will be.

A promo appears with paul heyman talking about all the people he has managed. He says none will compare to this new wrestler. A very tall man appears(He is about 7'2) and says he will make the biggest impact, because he is the giant.

Match 1- Intercontinental Championship rematch from mania, Benoit(C) vs rhyno.
Rhyno’s music plays as he makes his way down the entrance ramp to a large pop followed by Chris Benoit to an even bigger pop. The two lock up in the middle where Rhyno gains the upper hand. He rams Benoit into the turnbuckle and hits a few right hands before Benoit reverses one and chops away at Rhyno’s chest. Rhyno falls out but is caught by Benoit to receive some more chops and shortly after, a snap suplex. Benoit covers but gets a 1 ½ count. Rhyno gets up and goes to irish whip Benoit but pulls him back and nails him with a huge short range clothesline. A cover by Rhyno gets a two count. Rhyno stomps away at Benoit and lifts him up for an acecrusher but is reversed into a roll – up. 1….2….kickout by Rhyno. Benoit gets in a few right hands and chops but Rhyno eventually reverses and hits a delayed brainbuster. Rhyno then sets up for the gore. He goes but Benoit moves and Rhyno nails the ref who is now out cold. Benoit then hits 6 german suplexes but misses the diving headbutt. Rhyno lifts up Benoit and nails the acecrusher but the ref is still down. Rhyno then goes under the ring and grabs a table to a massive ECW chant. He sets up the table in the corner and the ref is still down. With Benoit on the table, Rhyno goes for a gore but Benoit once again moves and Rhyno crashes through the table. Benoit grabs Rhyno, nails him with 3 more german suplexes and a diving headbutt/Sharpshooter combination which is enough to defeat Rhyno.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, Chris Benoit!

JR: What a great Wrestlemania rematch, king.
King: I think Rhyno could use some medical attention after that gore.
Jr: This feud could go on for a while, ever since Benoit beat Rhyno for the i-c title at Armaggedon.
Batista is shown walking around the hallways trying to find a partner.

Match 2- tag team title match, E&C(C) Vs la resistance

E&C walks down the ramp and start to show off their belts ing the ring. La resistance runs in, without the flags and pummuls away at the two. The ref gets control and gets edge and conway out of the ring. Christian and grenier exchange some right hands and Christian capitalizes with a snapmare. Grenier goes for a nip up but as usuall makes an @$$ out of himself. Christian goes for a suplex but grenier punches him in the kidney and breakes the hold and tags in conway. He strikes christian with a few punches then follows up with a back drop. Conway lifts up christian and tries a chop but christian moves and connects with a dropkick then tags edge. Edge shoulder tackles conway and big boots him in the face. Edge covers, but he only gets 2. Edge tries an edgecution but conway reverses into a death valley driver. He covers , 1...2...but Christian breaks it up. Conway tags Grenier then runs over to christian on the apron and gives him a stun gun . Grenier lifts up edge and nails a devastating powerslam. He only gets a 2 count. Conwy comes into the ring and signals to grenier to lift up edge for the au revoir. They lift him up put out of nowhwere christian chop blocks conway allowing edge to get the edgecution for the 3 count.

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions, E&C!

Match 3- Lita vs molly holly( non-title)
Lita comes in first and followed by Molly, whos hair has fully grown back. The two start to chop each other until trish comes out and waits at ringside. Molly holly irish whips lita and trish grabed her foot, tripping her and the ref didnt see. Molly covers lita and gets a 1 and a half. lita kicks molly in the gut and sets here up for the DDT. Trish jumps on the ropes and distracts the ref. Lita lets go of molly and pushes the former womens champion off the apron. She truns around to see Molly on the turnbuckle, leaping at here and connecting with the molly-go-round. 1......2.......3! Molly beats the womens champion.

Winner, Molly Holly.

Surprisingly, Vince comes out and grabs a mic.
Last year, we had a lottery. 6 superstars from each brand were drafted.
Now, one Smackdown! in 3 days we will have another lottery. Anyone can be drafted no matter who they are. Except this time, there's no going back because when the general manager says your name, you will stay there untill further notice no matter if the genaral managers decide to trade on the internet.If anyone disagrees, THEY'RE FIRRRRRED!

JR: Another lottery! This has been an historic night!
king: I know anyone can come or go! This is amazing!
Who knows what will happen next on raw!

Main Event- HHH and Flair vs Batsita and ???
Evolutions music plays and HHH And Flair come out. Next to come in is Batista. He gets a big cheer. Batista points to the stage and suddenly, all everyone can here is a car crash as mic foley comes down to the ring!
Mic starts in with flair and they start to exchange chops. Mic Goes for a double arm DDT but Flair gets out. Both teams fight back and forth for a long time untill HHH and Flair decide to do some dirty work. HHH knees Batista in the jaw making him tople onto the ref. Flair then grabs a chair and passes it to HHH. He tries to strike Batsista in the head but mick grabs the chair and hits HHH! The ref is still out cold. Flair ducks under the ring and pulls out a sledge hammmer! He passes it to HHH, Who is all bloody while mic tries to wake up the ref. HHH strikes mic in the back, knocking him out cold. Then he looks at batista. He tries to hit him but Batista got a low blow on the game. Flair tries to save HHH but all he gets his a spinebuster followed by a whip-clothesline. HHH sneaks up behind batista and gives him a low blow followed by a pedigree. The ref finally wakes up and counts; 1........2..........3! HHH beat Batista. He walks up the ramp with a beat up Flair and they look at Batista out cold in the center of the ring.

Winners, Triple H and Ric Flair.

King: YES! HHH beat Batista!
JR: What is wrong with you! Mick Foley could have a broken back! What a wild match!

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A clip showing HHH beating Batista appears and the crowd boos at Batista loosing.

Music plays and pyro goes off

Cole: Here we go! Live from the Skydome in Toronto, Canada.
Tazz: Vince Mcmahon anouncd a lottery on raw and it is occuring right now on SmackDown!
Cole: This could change the whole locker room!
Tazz: And the main event will be a tag-team between 2 of the Raw superstars that are drafted and the 2 from SmackDown!

Eric and Teddy are in the ring with all of the names in separate bowls on two stands. Vince mcmahon comes down from the entrance ramp.

Vince:I hope everyone is ready because the loterry will start right now. You may start, Eric.

Eric grabs a name from the bowl.

Eric: This will be a historic night as Raw will get some of the best superstars SmackDown! has to offer. So on behave of Raw, choose Charlie Haas!

A big cheer starts as Haas walks down to the ring. He takes a Raw shirt from Eric and walks happly up the entrance ramp.

Eric: Lets see if you can do better, Teddy.
Teddy: Well we will see about that.
He grabs a name out of the bowl.
Teddy: He,he,he.
Eric: Whats so funny?
Teddy: Well, dog. I just took one of your best athletes because I got Chris Jericho!
Eric: WHAT!!

Lockeroom is shown with a suprised Chris Jericho and his pals wishing him luck at SmackDown!

Eric: you got lucky there, and I'll make up for it by picking....
Grabs name from bowl.
Teddy: no way playa
Eric: o yes playa, and this is just the start
Teddy: fine have it your way, my pick is none other than.....Victoria
Eric: why don't ya take all my other women too Teddy?
Teddy: would if I could playa
Eric: fine now I pick....Miss Jackie
Teddy: guess were even now, playa but now I choose....the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels
Eric: NO WAY!!!

Oh Oh Shawn.... Hbk's music plays as he makes his way down to the ring and confronts Bishoff. " You know Bishoff, I've been here on Raw for a while now and it feels damn good to go to SmackDown! once again " Crowd Cheers. " You never have been a fan of the Heart Break Kid, never putting me in title matches anymore. So as a goodbye present...

Hbk pulls out a black marker and writes on his boot.

Eric: what are you doing?
HBK: Im just saying goodbye.

Hbk superkicks Bishoff and leaves the words GOODBYE on his forehead to a loud cheer from the crown.

EMT's come out and pull Bishoff out on a stretcher and Teddy clears out of the ring.

WELLLL...... Big Show and Rey head to the ring for a match, Show vs. Doug Basham. The Bashams make there way out to a loud boo. A short match and the Bashams try to switch but Rey stops them and Big Show chokeslams Doug for the 3.

Winner, Big Show

Big Show is shown backstage with Edge and Edge says Rey is using Big Show as a powerhouse and says Rey will eventually cost him the titles like he did to him.
Big Show: well see about, Edge
Edge: what do you mean by we'll? your the only one that will see.

Vince comes out to pick for Raw.

The night continues with Raw gaining Hardcore Holly, Funaki, JBL and Scotty 2 Hotty and SmackDown! gaining The Rock, Val Venis, Garrison Cade and Tajiri.

The main event was Eddie and JBL vs. Jericho and HBK with Jericho costing HBK the match by an accidental lionsalt.

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Well I know I'm new around here, but here are my suggestions. I would say definitely add more color to the show. It would make the program look alot better and organized. And, try to add more description, and longer promos and matches. But, I think you have a good thing going, just add some stuff.

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My brother helped me out and he was the one who did the lionsault thingy so dont blame me

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-Not typing people's names in full.
-No time between the World Tag Team Title match and the Women's Title match.
-Show length.
-Lack of backstage segments, promos and interviews.

-Announcing of another draft lottery.
-Return of Eric Bischoff.

I think that the show could have been better, mainly by adding in more promos, backstage segments and interviews. I'd also suggest making the show a little longer.

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