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The wwe Has Just come off wrestlemania. Here is the roster of how the WWE Stands

Raw GM:Shane Mcmhan
Mick Foley
Triple H
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho
Shelton Benjamin
John Cena
Shawn Michalels
Gene Snitsky
Mark Henry
The Hurricane
Sylvain Greiner
Robere Conway
Tyson Tomko
William Regal
Val Venis
Steven Richards
Simon dean
Muhammad Hassan
Trish Stratus
Stacy Kiebler
Molly Holly
World Heavyweight Championship :Randy Orotn
WWE Interconintental Championship :Shelton Benjamin
World Tag Team Championship :Tyson Tomko & Christian
Womans Champion :Lita

Smackdown GM:Stephine Mcmhan
Al Snow
Big Show
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Buuba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Carlito Carribean Cool
Charlie Hass
Chavo Guerrero
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
John "Bradshaw" Layfield
Josh Mathews
Kanzo Suzuki
Chris Benoit
Luther Regins
Mark Jindrak
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
The Undertaker

WWE Championship :The Undertaker
WWE United States Champiohship:Edge
WWE Tag Team Championship :Rey Mysterio & RVD
WWE Cruiserweight Championship :Billy Kidman

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Raw Results
April 4th
Opening Promo:The New world heavyweight champion Randy Orton Enters the arena after a magnificent victory over the game at Wrestlemania 21 while walking in to the arena he is approched by the GM of Raw Shane McMahon.He congrulates orton on his win at Wrestlemaina and tells him that he will be in action tonight against evolutions animal batisa.

1st Match Thriple Threat no1 contenders match for the womans title. . .

due to Lita win at Wrestlemaia Trish had lost her title and vince said that this is trish's last chance to win the woman's title and if she lost she would not get a shot at the woman's title again

the match started of with Molly and Trish Double teaming Victoria.Both Ladys then went for the pin cover but were unsucceful. Molly tried to to go for a early win by using the molly-go-round on victora but was draged of by thrish. trish and Molly started arguing on this which gave Victora time to catch her breath on the outside.Trish had the advantage all the through the match before she tried a leap fom the top rope to the outside on Victora, She missed and her chin landed straight onto the barricade.The end of the match came when Molly attempted to go for the molly go round on victoria once again but missed then victoria hit molly molly right on the side of her face with a strong kick and got the 3 count.


so Victoria will go on to Backlash to Face Lita for The woman's title

Commercial break

Backstage Randy Orton was confronted by evolution. They tell him to be careful out there toninght when he faces batitsa because they were allowed at ringside and they will do anyhing to make sure that batista wins tonight.

2nd Match Christian and Tyson tomko vs La Resitance for the World Tag Titles

La Resitance were looking to end Christian and Tomko's 4 month title reign

Rob conway and Christian started of this Match. It match a slobber knocker of a match with Both teams really giving it there all. Midway through the match Tyson Tomko went for a boot on Sylvain Grenier but sylvain ducked and Tomko accendentily hit the Ref. La resitance then hit the Au Revoir on Tomko but there was no ref to count.Then for the second time in the match Tomko went for a boot and missed again but this time he hit his tag team partner christian. Conway then knocked Tomko out of the ring and la resitance hit the Au Revoir on christian just when the ref regain concenious and the ref counted 1...2...3 and we have new World tag team champions.

Winners :la resiatnce

Commercial Break

Shane McMahon called kurt Angle and asked him why he interfeared in John cena Interconternetal title match match at Wrestlemania.Kurt said because he hates John cena because of what he did to him at the RR elimating him for it. So shane made a match against hom and Cena for Next weeks Raw.

3rd Match 15 men over the top rope battle royal for the ic title

The match started of with steven richards going for a cheap shot on shelton benjamin but ended up going right over the top rope before the bell went.after steven richards elimation everyone went after shelton benjamin and tried to elimanate him quickly.as the match went on more people got elimanted. the final 4 superstars were shelton benjamin, christian, Eugene and Ryhno for the belt. The three of them all went onto Eugene and elimanted him from the match within 5 secs. We were down to the final three superstars. shelton Benjamin and Ryhno went and double teamed Christian. Ryhno went to elimanate christian and was just about to do so before shelton pushed him over the rope and elimated him for the match. christian was on the ring apron and shelton was just about to elimante him and retain his ic title but then shelton was just about to knock him off then Christain ducked and grabbed shelton out of the ring onto the ring apron. sheton benjamin then did a modified versin of the t-bone suplex to chistian off of the apron and retained his ic title

Winner:shelton Benjamin

Commercial Break

4th Match HHH & Ric Flair vs John cena & Chris Jericho

Flair and Jeicho started of this match.Throughout most of the match HHH & Flair were in control until HHH was going for the flying knee kick on Cena but Caught The Ref by accident.Batista came down to the ring with a steel chair in hand. He knockes out Cena and then HHH held up Jericho but Jericho dodged the Chair shot
and Hit HHH instead. Furiouas at this Flair was shouting at Batista and then just when the ref regained concenious a pissed off Batista smacked Flair over The head with the Chair and the Ref called for the Bell. after the match HHH and Flair had to be taken to the back .

Winners:HHH and Ric Flair by DQ

Commercial Break

5th match Batista vs Randy Orton

Batista stayed in the ring and waited for Randy Orton to enter.

Batista took full control of the Match throught until HHH found out that it Was Batista who hit him over the head with a Steel chair. Fuming HHH Made his way down to ringside and attack Batista with a sledgehammer. Flair tried to calm down The Game but it Wasen't working. just then Randy orton turned HHH around and gave him a RKO but Flair attack orton from behind with a low blow.Cena came to the Rescue of Randy Orton by taking out ric flair but then out came Kurt Angle to even up the odds. We ended up seeing a brawl between HHH ric Flair and Kurt anlge against Batista, Orton and Cena. HHH and angle got Rid of Cena and Orton and Batista was left in the ring all by himself. The Three of them took out batista and then standing over Batista HHH spoke into the mic and said that He was no longer a member of evolution and that his replacement was the one the only Kurt Angle. Anad that is ow Raw went if air

End Of Show

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Nice start, but 3 or so pages for a Raw is not enough.

All is set out well, matches are of a satisfactory length for a Raw telecast. If I were you however, I would write out the promos in full, commentary in full, as it makes it look a whole lot better.

However all in all, it's a good start and I look forward to reading Smackdown where maybe my comments can be adheard to...

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Good for a first show. I think it would be better if there were more promos. And I was surprised to see that Kurt Angle joined Evolution.

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Smackdown Results
April 7th
Just before the show music they repeated the SD main event from wrestlemania when JBL's cabinet turned on him and cost him the wwe championship.

Stephanie McMahon- Welcome to Smackdown. What a night we have got for you tonight. There will Be a Ladder match for the United States Title, The Tag team Champions will Face Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki in a Non title match and The former wwe Champion JBL will Face The Basham Brothers, Orlando Jordon and The Man that beat him at wrestlemania the Undertaker. We know kick off with our fist Match of the Night a over the top rope Cruiserweight Battle royal for the Cruiserweight title

* Billy Kidman's Music Hit *

1st Match cruiserweight battle royal for Cruiserweight title
Billy Kidman vs. Paul London vs. rey mysterio vs. Shannon Moore vs. akio vs. spike Dudley vs. funaki vs. Chavo Guerrero

The match started of with all the cuserweights going straight after billy kidman
and trying to elimanate him from the match early on.he manged to get away from them and catch his breath.akio and shannon moore were the first cuserweights to be elimanted from the battle next paul london elimanated funaki by throwing him right over the rope onto the apron and then dropkicked him of. rey mysterio then elimanted spike and they were down to 4. the 3 of them went after kidman and somehow managed to elimanate him a cost him his cuserweight title.rey mysterio fooled london into helping him and then tossed him over the top rope and out of the ring.we were down to two and only one question remained. Who would be the cuserweight champion. in the end we had are answer when rey mysterio went to the tope rope but was then pushed of by chavo to the outside.

Tony Chimal - Your winner and New Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero

order of elimanation
Shannon moore
Spike dudley
Billy Kidman
Paul London
Rey mysterio

Commercial Break

*JBL storrms into Stephanie McMahon Office*

JBL - How could you put me in a match with my former Cabinet and The Undertaker tonight when just 4 days ago I had a Last Man Standing match with the Undertaker

Stephanie - Well your Former Cabinet Members wasn’t very happy with the way they had been treated by you. At wrestlemania they begged me for this match.

JBL - but why did you Put the undertaker in the match with them

Stephanie - why not put him in the match. your not afraid of him are you


Stephanie - So there is nothing to worry about. so you better get Ready for your Match.

JBL - But you can't...

Stephanie - Either get out of my office or get out of Smackdown

* JBL Leaves Stephanie’s Office *

2nd Match Chris Benoit vs Heidenriech (wrestlemania Rematch)

The match started with Chris Beniot trapping Heidenreich into the corner and giving him hard chops to the chest.Heidenreich pushed him away several times but Benoit just kept coming back with the hard chops. Heyman kept coming onto the apron and helping Heidenreich to get the advantage. after a while of interfering the referee sent heyman to the back which caused a lot of problems for Heidenreich. Chris Benoit got back advantage of the match. Near to the end of the match Heidenriech knocked out the referee with a strong missed Clothesline.heyman came back out to ringside with a steel chair and was about to use it on Benoit but accidently hit Heidenriech.Heindenriech was knocked out in the middle of the ring then benoit took the chair of heyman and hot heyman with it. he put heyman next to heidenreich head and gave them a double headbutt .after that he tossed heyman out of the ring and pinned heidenriech just as the ref regained concenious and counted 1 2 3.

Tony Chimal - Your Winner Chris Benoit

Commercial Break

* Jesus and CCC Chatting Backstage *

CCC - I finally get a shot at the U.S Title after 4 long Months of waiting. I will Finally win back the U.S title after that thug John Cena stole it away from me and there is No Theodore Long to stop me from a title shot.

Jesus - Do your best out there tonight and once you win back what is rightfully yours we will go out and will party all night long.

Tazz - I Can't wait to see those to go at it tonight. It will be one hell of a match cole

Cole - you got that right tazz but right now we are about to see RVD and Rey Mysterio take on Rene Dupree and Kenzo suzuki. If Kenzo and Dupree do win they will get a title shot in two weeks time right here on Smackdown

Tazz - you got that right cole but i doubt that they will be able to win. They Haven't been on the right track since No Way out after Hiroko cost them the tag titles

* RVD's Music Hits *

Cole - Well here comes RVD now so lets find out if they can win tonight

3rd Match Renne dupree and kenzo suziku vs Rey Mysterio and RVD

Dupree and Mysterio started of the match. Kenzo and Dupree took advantage of the match early on. They kept mysterio in the ring long enough to weeken him down so that to make a tag they would have to stop wrestling. The match ended when kenzo distrated the ref and Dupree bought one of the tag belts into the ring and hit mysterio over the head with it. he got rid of the belt and covered mysterio for the 3 count.

Tony Chimal - Here are your Winners kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree

Tazz - Well that was one hell of a match but lets see if they can keep it goin in the Title match in 2 weeks

Cole - for they Sake i hope they can keep it togather for next week

* CCC & Jesus Coming towards the Ring *

Cole - well there you see Carlito and Jesus coming down to the ring for the ladder match for the U.S title. after the Break

Commercial Break

Tazz - well here we go

Tony Chimal - The following match is the ladder match for the U.S title

CCC Vs Edge for the U.S title

The match started with edge taking the advantage early on and getting the ladder into the ring.Edge looked more likely to win because this was CCC first ladder match in the wwe.CCC took the advantage when edge was climbing the ladder and he just pushed edge off and edge landed on the ropes.Middway through the match CCC had the advantage and could of climbed the ladeer,if he had climbed the ladder then the way edge was looking he wasen't getting back up but CCC instead went after edge and attacked him a bit more. After beating Edge up a little more CCC finally went and climbed the ladder.CCC was just about to win the U.S title belt back but then Edge climbed by into the ring and pushed him off the ladder.CCC went flying out of the ring and through the spanish annouce table. This game Edge the perfect chance to climb the ladder and win the belt but then jesus picked up CCC and climbed the ladder with him on his shoulder and CCC somehow grabbed the belt and won back his belt bloody and battered.

Tony Chimal - Here is your Winner and new United states Champion Calito Caribbean Cool

Tazz - What a match cole that was so Hellacious. Carlito was bloody Edge was in so much agony and there is still one more match to go that i would of hated to be in.

Cole - Same here Tazz, JBL will Face the Bashams, Orlando Jordon and The Undertaker in a 1 one 4 handicap match

* JBL Backstage getting ready For a match *

Tazz - There he is cole the former wwe Champion

- Well we will see that match after the break

Commercial Break

Cole – Well tazz It’s time for the main event of the evening. JBL will face his former Cabinet and the undertaker

5th match JBL vs The bashams, Orlando Jordan and the Undertaker

It was always obvisious that from the start of the match that the bashams, jordan and The undertaker had one thing on there mind. To hurt JBL.They didn't care about the match. After 5mins Orlando hit JBL over the head with the ring bell and got DQ.

Tony Chimal – Here is your winner by DQ JBL

Tazz – Well That match was a quick one for sure but I wish I had seen more of it

Cole – Same here Tazz, wait who is that coming down to the ring with a steel chair

Tazz- I don’t know Cole. What a Chair shot to the undertaker by that mysterious man.

Cole – Wait a minute is that, Is that Christian

Tazz – I Think it is Cole. What is Christian doing here on Smackdown

Cole – I don’t know Tazz but I think that we are just about to find out

* Christian Picks up a Microphone *

Christian – Say hello to the newest superstar on The Smackdown Roster. ME

Cole- Whoa, Christain is the newest member on the roster, I can’t believe it.

Tazz- Believe it Cole I can’t wait to see him on Smackdown every week

Cole- Well goodbye to all you Smackdown fans out there until next week

End Of Show

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Great to see that you took some comments on board!

Commentary was satisfactory but could be longer. Great to see some promos in there aswell. Hopefully Benoit will be pushed out of an aweful low-mid card.

Let's see what you can do with Christian on board.

Overall, it's getting better but try longer shows and more in-depth shows.

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dats pretty daft edge should be challenging for world title and u give him U.S. tittlehe is bigger than that and besides that u did'nt even put him on one of the rosters it seems u underestimate edge.DON'T. he is awesome and on RAW in japan he should win world title. But i agree wid u when it cums 2 taker bein champ

I take back what i said my friend at this point when i posted what i said first i had only read da 1st 1 but u got good writing skills but u need to add a little more and beniot should b challenging taker or orton cos he is good enough to be on top of WWE and i think he is a betta heel than the job he is currently doing i wanna see him heel anyway u got some good writing skills but there is always room for improvment.

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WWE Raw Week 1

-People aren't actually talking. Just "Shane congratulates Randy Orton."
-No commentating.
-Unclear where matches are.
-Some areas where capital letters are missing.
-Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Title.
-Lack of backstage segments.
-No interviews.
-Length of the shows.

-Your choice of champions.

Overall: The show was good but there are areas for improvement, in particular the length.

Smackdown Week 1

-Not typing names out in full (for example: Cole, instead of Michael Cole).
-Capital letters missing in some places on Smackdown as well.
-Ladder match on Smackdown.
-No interviews.
-Lack of backstage segments.
-Having a 4 on 1 handicap match.
-Length of the show.

-Adding commentary.
-Adding announcing.
-Actually having some people talking.
-Clearer where matches are.
-Choice of champions.
-Having Christian jump to Smackdown.

Overall: Another good show, which was much improved from Raw. The length, in my opinion anyway, is still an issue. Interviews would also add something to your shows.


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this has the potential to be a great show, the first two programs were promising and the points made by the readers are valid, this can become great if you follow the points. looking good at this early stage.

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Raw Results
April 11th

*Evolution's Music Hits *

JR - Heres come evolution with there newest member kurt angle and with no batista after last week

Jerry "The King" Lawler - you got that right JR. well batista would still be walking tall if he had just gave triple H the Belt at wrestlemania so that he could beat randy orton

Triple H - Say hello to he newest member of evolution. The olympic hero Kurt Angle.

* Crowd Boo *

Kurt Angle - You People are just jealous because you can't be as great as me our as Great as evolution. Batista you made a huge mistake on backstabbing The game. the man that should be the world heavyweight champion right now if it wasn't for batista. Batista you seem to have forgot that evolution is the solution.

* Batista's music hits *

JR - Looks like batista has heard just enough of kurt angle going on and on

Jerry "The King" Lawler - What is he doing here this is evolution moment he is not in evolution anymore

Batista - Will you please just shut the hell up Angle

* Crowd Cheer *

Batista - No one want to listen to you going on and on about how great evolution is and how great evolution is. All it is is that Hunter can have protection and you will found out the hard way.

Ric Flair - Get out of here you are not supposed to be here this is evolution time right here

Jerry "The King" Lawler - That is right

Batista - why don't you just shut up Ric. why don't you just stop kissing triple h's ass and leave him already

* Batista Chants *

Triple H - Shut up shut up all of yo ! you don't run the show. Evolution run the show

* Shane McMahon's music hits *

Shane McMahon - Woah Woah Woah last time i remebered i was the Genaral Manager here on raw. I Run the Show. you Know what May 1st Raw Presents wwe Backlash and right now i am making two matches for it. at Backlash it will be Kurt angle and Ric Flair to face the world heavyweight champion Randy Orton and John Cena. Also to settle this dispute Batista will face the game Triple H in a Steel Cage Match.

* Huge Cheers from the the fans *

Shane McMahon - now there will be no more arguing between you lot tonight.

JR - Two great matchs made for Backlash what an event backlash is turning out to be.

Jerry "The King" Lawler - This is not fair he can't put the game triple h in a steel cage match with Batista. He is better of fighting a wolf


1st Match Victoria & Lita vs Thrish & Molly

The Match started of with Lita and thrish who have a huge Rivalry. Thrish and Molly kept making quick tags during the match. Thrish and Molly were always gonna win the match and that is exactly what they did when thrish gave victoria a chick kick right to the left side of the face and got the pin cover.

Lillian Garcia - here are your winners Trish Stratus and Molly holly

JR - Trish and Molly is absolutely destroying Victoria. Lita in on the outside and Trish is just tearing her limb form limb.

Jerry "The King" Lawler - Wait there is lita back in th ring. She is taking both molly and Trish out.

Trish Stratus - Last week you stole my no 1 contenders stop form me and I want it back. So next week I want you in a match a match and the winner go to backlash to face Lita for the woman’s title.

Victoria - You’re on

JR - Next week there will be another no 1 contenders match to decide the no 1 contender for the woman’s title

Jerry "The King" Lawler - more diva action JR I can’t wait for that one next week.

* Backstage Interview with Triple H *

Todd Grisham - Triple H we have just learnt that you will face the former member of evolution Batista in a steel cage match at Backlash. Your thoughts

Triple H - You want to know how I feel Todd I feel like a cheated man. First I
Got cheated out of the world heavyweight title by that man and then Shane rewards him by giving him what he wants.


2nd Match Ryhno & Tajiri vs. Hurricane & Rosey

Jerry "The King" Lawler – The Game is certainly not happy about his match at Backlash and rightfully so Shane has done nothing but screw him over and over since he became GM

JR – Maybe so King but right now we are gonna find out who’s going to Backlash to Backlash to Challenge for the world tag team titles . will It be Hurricane and rosey or Tajiri and Ryhno..

* La Resistance Music Hits *

JR – Wait a minute I thought we were just about to start the Match what are these two doing out here

Jerry "The King" Lawler - Looks like they are coming out to watch the match JR nothing wrong with that .

Robert Conway – lets see who we are gonna face at Backlash for the Tag Team titles.

Ryhno and Hurricane started of the match.Ryhno and Tajiri had the advantage all the through the match and looked like they were gonna win until ryhno went to finish off rosey with the Gore but ended up hitting the ring post. Then Conway distracted the ref and Grainer hit Ryhno in the face with the Quebec flag. Rosy rolled ryhno over and got the three count.

Lillian Garcia –Here are your winners Hurricane and Rosey

JR – Thanks to La Resistance Hurricane and rosey managed to get the win


Triple H – I can’t believe That Shane Put me in a match at Backlash with Batista plus it is a steel Cage match. I won’t walk out of there alive.

Ric Flair - Don’t worry man remember you are the game you are the best superstar in the wwe today you can take on anyone. You have beaten the best in the business and you will continue that at Backlash against Batista

Kurt Angle – Yea Hunter you have beaten nearly all the superstars today you are the 10 time world heavyweight and the man who will beat Batista at Backlash

Ric Flair – I will see you guys later I got my match with the heart break kid next

* Backstage Interview with Shawn Michaels *

Maria Kanellis – HBK you are finally back into action since the Royal Rumble Match. I got to ask you how does it feel to be Back In the wwe

Shawn Michaels - It feels great to be back in the wwe Maria injury can’t stop the showstopper from competing tonight and I will go out there tonight and give the fans what they deserve to see.

3rd Match HBK vs Ric Flair

JR – Keep in mind King this is the first match that HBK has wrestled in since the royal rumble and it is great to see him back.

Jerry "The King" Lawler – Yea JR and I can’t wait to see the Heart break kid backing action

* HBK’s Music Hit *

JR – Looks like you won’t have to wait for long king cos here comes the the showstopper now

The Match started of with a stare down and then ric flair spat in HBK's face. HBK then threw strong right hands to flair. HBK had the advantage all the way through the match and was never gonna lose. HBK was just about to finish of Flair off with the sweet chin music when HHH and Kurt angle came down to the ring and attacked HBK then Orton and cena came out to even up the sides. Just then Shane McMahan came out and said that their would be a match right now. Cena vs Angle wasen't gonna happen but instead it would be Cena, Orton and HBK vs Evolution next.


JR – Welcome Back folks this the match that was supposed to be HBK vs Ric Flair has now been turned into a 6 man tag match by General Manager Shane McMahon. Due to outside interference it is now Ric flair, Kurt angle and Triple H Vs HBK, Randy Orton and John Cena

4th Match HBK, Randy Orton and John Cena Vs Evolution

the men who were scheduled for the Last match (ric flair & HBK) started the 6 man tag match off. Evolution kept making quick tags in and out of the ring. Evolution looked like they were going to win until HHH went for a flying knee kick on Orton but accidentally knocked the ref out. HHH then went outside and got the world heavyweight title belt and hit Orton, Cena and HBK over the head with it. Just then Batista came out and gave HHH a hard clothsline to the back of his neck. he then woke up the ref and got out of the ring. Orton then came back into the ring an covered HHH. 1...2... near fall. orton then got up and was setting up HHH for the RKO but he then hit Orton over the head with it.

Lillian Garcia - Here are your winners by DQ Randy orton, John Cena and HBK

End Of Show
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